Truthseeker - NATO's 'Gladio' Army in Ukraine

RT host, Daniel Bushell, talks about WW11 Nazi war criminals being smuggled out of Europe to the US via 'ratlines'. What is not mentioned is that the Vatican ran many of these 'ratlines' and supplied many false passports to these mega criminals. The book, "Unholy trinity : how the Vatican's Nazi networks betrayed western intelligence to the Soviets" by Mark Aarons and John Loftus, details the operations.

At the end of the Truthseeker show, Willian Engdahl pulls no punches when he describes the psychopaths in power creating all this mayhem.


mind reader!

doesn't that tie nicely in with my blog post?
Why would anyone believe that US/UK stopped doing this kind of stuff?

Sometimes... just my opinion here
these tidbits of truth are leaked out in books and committees so that people will think- this is exposed and therefore is doesn't happen anymore because people know about it


there is absolutely no reason to think/assume that this has stopped
going to watch that vid shortly
thanks! smiling

You're right!

Yes, Pen, there's something about history. Like we're smarter now, or something. That sort of thing couldn't happen now, could it? smiling or should that be sad ?

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