NATO 'Falling Forward' On The Sword That Is Ukraine

NATO is Destroying Itself

It is often said that while Russia plays chess, the US plays checkers. In checkers, or English Draughts, the players cannot move backwards. All pieces must move forwards (diagonally – zigzagging) and cannot move backwards until they reach the opponents end of the board. And so it is with the psychopaths running NATO, the British and US governments and the people behind them all; the bankers.

We have today what amounts to a declaration of war from Petro Poroshenko in his Inauguration Speech. After leading Vladimir Putin to believe he was interested in negotiating (i.e. moving backwards or, at least, standing still), he turned around and announced it would be 'forward into the Valley of Death'. Business as usual, in other words, for the psychopaths.

This is not unexpected because it is, indeed, business as usual. The bankers have been pushing this 'forward only' strategy since forever. There is one exception, some might say, to this; Syria. But it is not really an exception at all.

Obama and Cameron backed down from directly attacking Syria only after the Russian Black Sea Fleet brought down two missiles fired by the US Navy at Damascus making it clear that Russia has a vigilant anti-missile system and superior missile technology and will use it against the US. So Obama & Co went back to using proxies to carry on the war against the Syria people.

It has all been going wrong for the NATO allies since israel failed to overrun Lebanon in 2006. Hezbollah soundly repelled them and without the aid of direct intervention of Syria. Something that the israelis and the US were counting on to give them both the excuse to attack Syria. Attacking Syria would have brought Iran into the war because Iran has a mutual defence pact with Syria. Attacking Iran would have, in turn, brought Russia into a war with the US. At least that was the plan. But it didn't work out that way. So did israel, NATO et al back away from their plans to attack Syria after the Lebanon debacle?

No. They set about attacking Syria using mercenaries and religious nutjobs. When the nutjobs were clearly being defeated, the US attacked with two missiles initially and would have no doubt followed with many more had the Russians not shot them down. Notice that Russia did not go on the offensive after this but simply held their ground. Did NATO back away from their plans after another defeat?

No. They pressed on to Iran regardless. They raised the offensive rhetoric to ever higher levels. When it became clear that they were not going to provoke Iran into acting hastily, they negotiated. Russia made it clear that Iran, like Syria, was under Russia's nuclear umbrella. Iran can defend itself against the US unless the US uses nuclear weapons. It was at this point that Russian proclaimed that Iran was under its nuclear umbrella. Up till that point, Russia was not going to intervene and neither it will unless Iran is threatened with nuclear weapons which it cannot defend itself from. So no-go there for the US crazies. But they are driven so they looked elsewhere to advance. If they could not 'zig' then they would 'zag'.

So repeating their practice of leaping forward even after defeat, the US/NATO set its sights on Russia through the Ukraine. Russia is the ultimate goal in any case. But, of immediately interest, the Russian Fleet that is protecting Syria from direct attack is harboured, maintained and supplied at Sevastopol in Crimea, a part of Ukraine.

The US State Dept had been investing money for many years to destabilize Ukraine. Plans were brought forward. A victory was urgently needed because astute observers were seeing the emperor had no clothes. Or, at least, its bark was much worse than its bite. Time to shore up the omnipotence image. Besides, things were sliding backwards at high speed in Syria. Soon the liver eating mercenaries and fellow crazies would be routed completely from the soil of Syria.

The US firmly believed they would be able to topple the govt of Ukraine, put their crazies in power and have them throw Russia out of Sevastopol. Such was their hubris, the US Navy even put out a notice for tenders to renovate certain buildings in Crimea in advance of all this happening. In their psychopathic minds, it was a fait accompli. Didn't happen. Not they way they wanted, at least. They lost the whole of Crimea to Russia. The psychopaths miscalculated . . . . again.

There's a simple reason for this continued miscalculation and for the practice of continually 'falling forwards” or “Fuite en Avant” (fleeing forwards) as Saker quotes a French saying. It is to do with the condition of psychopathy.

Psychopaths are deficient in some human qualities. It is well known that they have no compassion for others, no sense of guilt or shame. This allows them to do things that ordinary human beings are inhibited from doing. Psychopaths are very aware of this and see it as a freedom and a winning advantage over the rest of us. And there is some truth in that. But there is another side to the condition.

Psychopaths do not learn from their mistakes like we do. Because they have no inhibitions and no internal brakes on their thinking and behaviour, they are unable to self-reflect. With no sense of guilt or shame, there's no imperative or desire or perceived need to reflect on their behaviour. In their minds, they are never at fault, anyway. Therefore they cannot integrate the lessons that you or I would learn from and use.

Another reason is because they do not believe in an objective reality. Every thing is subjective to them because they have this firm belief that they can shape reality to their will. “We are an empire now and when we act we create our own reality” so sayeth Karl Rove.

So if you think you are able to shape reality, you can leave out the consequences you don't like as if you were writing a script for a teevee show. Therefore, in their minds, should anything actually go wrong that they didn't foresee, no troubles, because they can deal with it because they shape reality, right?! Of course! People generally applaud thos that refuse to accept defeat. But it can be a sign of madness and/or psychopathy, too.

Now, in practise, they often do avoid consequences but they do so by putting them onto other people. Or more accurately, by bluffing other people into accepting the adverse consequences as their own. Hence the constant tactic of 'blame the victim'. This reinforces the delusion for the psychopaths and disempowers the victims. And it works for a time but not for the reasons the psychopaths think. It only happens with the vicims' co-operation – witting or unwitting. Eventually, the victims shoot back or the psychopaths run up against someone who doesn't buy the omnipotence 'schtick' (the spell) that the crazies project. Enter Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin does not have to battle the US/NATO crazies in the way many think. For the most part, he has simply to allow them to wear the consequences of their actions. And we are seeing that happen now. The psychopaths in Kiev, and increasingly those in Washington, are being seen for what they are and their power, which relies heavily on image, is waning fast. Their image relies on deceit. Consistently telling truth to the people and to the psychopaths breaks that spell. This is one of the things that Putin is doing.

I have said Putin does not bluff, and he doesn't. He does what he says. His opponents don't always understand what he says at the time but they do in hindsight. He is extraordinarily difficult for the crazies to deal with. No wonder Obama doesn't want to be in the same room with him talking one on one. He knows Putin sees straight through him. Putin does not buy the image of Obama and the US at all. This leaves Obama feeling very exposed. Which he is. Increasingly, the rest of the world will see what Putin sees through watching and learning from what Putin does; that there is an effective alternative to coercion and violence.

We in the “West” are being shown the most valuable of lessons if we but have eyes to see it.

But Obama and the psychopathic bankers who own him won't back away quietly. They are still firmly in the grip of their delusion of power over reality and are driven by their compulsions. The common saying, “there is no rest for the wicked” is very true. Any addict is a slave. And these particular slaves have given over their free will and with it the chance to back away.

So they will continue to 'fall forward' lurching from one disaster to the next impelled by their nature and never learning; sinking deeper into the quicksand with each new twist and turn.

Putin is way ahead of the game here and is giving the psychopaths room to fall forward. Like the master martial artist that he is, he will continue to side step their onrush and use their inertia and their delusions against them and exposing their blunders and bluster for the whole world to see.

We have today the spectacle of President elect Petro Poroshenko virtually declaring war on Eastern Ukraine. Putin has offered to negotiate, even after all the provocation, to no avail. Now he will allow the fascist forces to advance to their demise. Russia will intervene in Ukraine if the massacres persist. He will allow (and has been allowing) the self defence forces to battle the fascists while ever they have been capable of doing so. If the self defence forces are overcome by a force beyond their capacity, then he will step in. But not before. The reason is that to do so would be to take away the free will and freedom of action of the people of the Donbass. He would also take away their self respect if he was to do that. This is what he did for the Crimeans. He neutralized the Ukrainian military in Crimea and let the Crimeans deal with the rest. He showed them respect.

The Russians will be seen to perform an economic miracle in Crimea. They will help with money and expertise, of course, but it will largely be the doing of the Crimeans. They are a proud and highly motivated people now. They have been transformed and the greatest resource any country has is its people. A people with a broken spirit cannot be helped. But a people with pride and heart are unstoppable. The people of Crimea and Russia came together as equals - each proud of the other.

This will all be repeated in the East of Ukraine albeit with more bloodshed unfortunately. The Kiev junta will advance into the Donbass using their air force for cover. I expect the Russians to neutralize the Ukrainian air force one way or another leaving the self defence forces to deal with the Nationals and Right Sector. There may emerge evidence of more massacres having taken place and even taking place. In that case, especially if the self defence forces cannot hold then I expect the Russians will occupy the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts.

But however it pans out, Russia will only use the force that is necessary to preserve lives and then only using force that does not involve losing even more lives than are being saved. In other words, Russia's actions will be defensive and protective at all times as they have been up till now. Though there could be circumstances in which to defend the Russians in East Ukraine from massacres, it will be necessary to severely damage or even destroy Ukraine's offensive capacity as happened in Georgia.

Through observing Vladimir Putin's consistent behaviour throughout his political career, it is clear to see that he has endeavoured to defend and nurture the human spirit while those he has consistently opposed have at all times endeavoured to exploit it if not destroy it.

These psychopaths, including this junta, remaining true to their 'falling forwards' compulsion, will try to occupy other oblasts in the East and the process will repeat. Eventually, Russia will one way or another ensure the freedom of the East whether that means joining Russia or not. Inevitably the US will be screaming about the murderous Russians invading Ukraine and trying to resurrect the USSR.

By this stage though, the people in Europe, at least, will clearly know the US and their tactics for what they are. The US will not have the propaganda coup that they expect. One of the reasons is that these psychopaths simply do not understand how normal people feel and think, together with the fact that psychopaths cannot foresee or accept the consequences of their actions.

Again, we in the “West” are being shown the most valuable of lessons if we but have eyes to see it.

We need to pay attention because one day, and probably not too far away, it will be our turn. But we can start now, as individuals, to practice in our daily lives what Vladimir Putin and many Russians are teaching us; to respect others autonomy yet protect them, as we are able, from what they cannot deal with; to challenge lies, including our own, whenever we hear them and not be afraid to speak the truth to anybody. This will prepare us and those around us to be calm in the face of adversity and for the better world that is coming.


Very informative article

I agree with you, James. Evil always ends up destroying itself.
"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Thanks, Jody. Yes, evil must

Thanks, Jody. Yes, evil must be true to its nature and destroy even itself. That's a great quote of Gandhi's. Worth sticking on the wall!

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant analysis!


Thanks very much for the kind words and for taking the time to comment

New stuff at last

James, thanks for posting the info on the US missiles and Syria. Is it entirely credible do you think because I've long been suspicious about Miliband's sudden change of opinion in the key vote in the UK's Parliament? The tender document is dynamite - what are they like! I agree completely that Counterpunch authors fail to understand finance and you cannot understand neoliberalism without properly understanding how Wall Street operates. I have had articles that discuss the tensions between bankers and industrialists rejected by this website. Military-industrial companies with their hefty lobbies are an interesting exception. My own specialty is how finance sector captured the non-financial sector through shareholder value (listed companies at least). I have always looked at the bankers through the greed angle but I increasingly come across the psycho/sociopath point of view that you put forward.

Thanks Nicholas

The British Parliamentary vote was an extremely cynical exercise, in my view. Leopards do not change their spots so you were very right to be suspicious, Nicholas. I'll post another comment later today (my time!) with more details.

Your experience with Counterpunch is very interesting as it confirms what I can otherwise only observe from 'the outside'. Thank you for that.

Britain and the US (bankers) have run their manufacturing sector into the ground with the very obvious exception of the armaments and associated industries. The resulting unemployment has allowed these nations to build up a 'volunteer' army without having to resort to the risky alternative of conscripts.

They have turned these nations into focused war machines at the expense of the industrialists and the general public, of course. So they have common cause. It will be interesting, to say the least, if capital and voting numbers can come together to 'throw the bums out'!
Actually, I think it will be crucial.

Timeline of British parliamentary vote and the US missile firing

Nicholas, here is part of a timeline that McJ (another blogger here) and I put together some time back. It clearly shows that the British vote and Obama's response to refer the decision to attack to Congress was before the firing of the missiles. Almost everybody remembers it the other way around.

I believe what this shows is that the British and US moves re the votes were a feint to lure Russia into dropping its guard. Why else would Britian and the US defer an attack and then attack?

They've done this before. Saakashvili proposed a ceasefire and talks with Russia the day before the Georgian Army (aided by US and israeli specialists) attacked South Ossetia. All with the US's knowledge and direction.

Anyway, here's the timeline-

False peace overture-
August 29th British parliament vote no on Syrian attack

August 31st Obama refers Syrian attack to Congress
The British and American moves to have their elected representatives place a hold on any attack was designed to have Syria and Russia drop their guard somewhat before the attack. It didn't work fortunately.

September 3rd Russia reports ballistic missile launch from Mediterranean.

The missiles were ballistic missiles which are not only much faster (4x) and harder to intercept but have a high trajectory - something that would be necessary if they are going to shoot these missiles over the heads of the Russian Fleet. They wouldn't want Russia to think the missiles were aimed at them and start immediately sinking US ships.

Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina Deputy Commander of US Stragtegic Command is suspended.
The highly unusual action against a high-ranking officer at Strategic Command was made more than three weeks ago but not publicly announced at that time.The command is located at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Neb.
Giardina has been the deputy commander of Strategic Command since December 2011. He is a career submarine officer and prior to starting his assignment there was the deputy commander and chief of staff at U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Strategic Command oversees the military's nuclear fighter units, including the Navy's nuclear-armed submarines and the Air Force's nuclear bombers and nuclear land-based missiles."

September 5th Israel lies about Med missile test.

September 6th G20 begins

September 12th Al-Manar reports that Russia shot down the two missiles (al Manar and Dublinmick links)

(the al Manar link above was originally provided to us by Dublinmick = link also above)

James, thank you so much for

James, thank you so much for all the info. A friend watching the news live at the time in the Middle East saw a news alert come up that Russia had identified two missiles heading to Syria. Three minutes later another news report declared that the missiles had been electronically intercepted by Russia with one destroying itself and the other landing in the Med. He interpreted the action as testing the water - would Russia react or ignore it?
I see on Saker there are people who are just not getting what is going on i.e. Putin's failure to invade E. Ukraine and seemingly cow-towing to the West. China and Russia have decided that the US weakness is financial and certainly not military so it is logical to attack on that front. That is where their energy is going (pun unintended). So this from TASS: "Dyukov (Gazprom) said nine of ten consumers had agreed to switch to euros." It was echoed in the FT on Sunday last but only one country has so far been identified - Belarus. So who are the other eight? Here is a link to a discussion of this:
The demise of the dollar will be slow to begin with but could easily gather speed as smaller countries lose their very justified fear.

You're very welcome,

You're very welcome, Nicholas. That's very interesting about the news reports in the Middle East. It wasn't in Lebanon, by any chance? Also good confirmation that it was electronic interception. After the Russian fighter jet's demonstration of completely disabling the USS Donald Cook's radar and electronics, it seems that the Russians have total control of the "air waves". I would not be at all surprised if this control extends to US communication and command satellites, too, on which they are so dependent. It has to be something of this order for the Chinese to throw their lot in with the Russians so completely.

Gazprom Neft is a subsidiary of Gazprom, but you can 'take it to the bank' that Gazprom itself will follow suit shortly. I guess some of the nine customers mentioned would have to be European companies and maybe a government or two! Thanks very much for the link.

Russia and China have targeted the international bankers as the enemy and are intent on destroying them. The challenge is to get the European and perhaps US corporations and industrialists (those not completely controlled by the bankers) on board with this. Indeed, it is in everybodies interests to combine against the bankers. Most people don't understand this and so don't understand Russia's moves to isolate the bankers from the rest of the business world and, of course, then don't understand Russia's behaviour. I'll try and include some of this info in my writing over the next week.

Many at Saker's, as you rightly note, don't see the financial aspect in its full importance and they have succumbed to the massive fear campaign that has been unleashed in the media and on the internet including in the comments at Saker's and at other's blogs by the tools of the bankers. Fear is their number one weapon. No one seems to be asking why Putin is showing no fear? He's concerned, of course, but still confident. They are also forgetting that the same thing happened before Crimea formally joined Russia including Putin saying next to nothing to the media!

We are so used to our politicians talking non-stop that it is unnerving when someone as important as Vladimir Putin keeps quiet. It must unnerve the bankers and the neocons, too, of course. They have to guess then and, as they say in poker, "guessers are losers" smiling

"Now, in practise, they often

"Now, in practise, they often do avoid consequences but they do so by putting them onto other people. Or more accurately, by bluffing other people into accepting the adverse consequences as their own. Hence the constant tactic of 'blame the victim'. This reinforces the delusion for the psychopaths and disempowers the victims."

Thank you so much for writing this. Those who "blame the victim" help the psychopaths by giving them a two-fold advantage: they make the victim feel guilty and helpless, even as they enable the psychopaths by letting them feel vindicated. I hate when people place their anger on the citizens rather than where it belongs. Nothing positive can come about if people blame one another.

I am so glad I followed the links you provided at The Saker's blog, because you are providing some good insight. Not only on what you have written in this column, but also in your "Sanctions and Isolation" column, where you write about the separation of the interests of industrialists and bankers:
"The bankers and the industrialists have mutually exclusive interests and the struggle is on."
I find the industrialists to be more benign ("benign" probably isn't the right word, but hopefully, you know what I mean). I've always thought there would come a time when the 1% started eating its own. Maybe that will happen down the road.

Again, thanks so much.

Thank you, Madisolation

You are very right in that those that join in on the chorus of "blame the victim" side with the very people who harm us all. It is a problem that grows out of a society that worships power and despises weakness, in my view.

"I hate when people place their anger on the citizens rather than where it belongs. Nothing positive can come about if people blame one another. "

Well said!

I know what you mean about industrialists being 'more benign'. Some are owned by the bankers, of course, and there will be a fair sprinkling of psychopaths amongst them, too. But ultimately, their interests are not served by dying economies. So, we have common cause in some things. I've written more about this in my latest here

The 1% are indeed already "eating their own" as you put it. And it has been happening for some time now. The carnival show that was the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a struggle over control of the European Central Bank which is now playing such a pivotal role in impoverishing Europe.
The Smolensk plane crash that killed the heads of the Polish government, armed forces, central bank and the Polish church was about control of Poland and another result of the internal war between factions within those that presume to rule over us.

Well written, and a fascinating analysis

I've just come to your blog the first time today, and I enjoyed reading this article.

Putin is not a saint; but he's for Russia and Russians. I don't know him; but from what I can observe, he's not a psychopath.

Your use of that word is very important; in fact, I think it's the most important lesson humanity can learn in this cycle.

That is, that all of history could simply be rewritten as the story of a battle between us, the empaths, the 98%...and them, the psychopaths, the predator-parasites, the psychic vampires that have preyed upon us for thousands of years.

Recognize it. Face it. Wake up to it. Because it truly is a battle of good versus evil, and we're getting an opportunity to see it so clearly on this cycle. If we get it right, humanity will enter an era of prosperity and peace like the world has never seen.

Get it wrong, and our species may disappear from the earth.

I entirely agree, Libertatis

I like to characterize the psychopaths as the 5% who cause 95% of the trouble in this world. I'll be posting an essay on psychopaths after the next one, so you must be prescient or psychic or something smiling

It is, indeed, a cosmic battle.

Because it truly is a battle of good versus evil, and we're getting an opportunity to see it so clearly on this cycle. If we get it right, humanity will enter an era of prosperity and peace like the world has never seen.
Get it wrong, and our species may disappear from the earth.

Perfect observation and succinctly put, Libertatis.

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