Crimea Marks The End Of An Era For Russia (and the US)

Below is a 70min lecture from Russian historian and sociologist, Andrei Furzov. I found the link in a comment left by New Insight at Vineyard of the Saker.

New Insight left the following summary of the lecture-

"There is a LOT of information in this talk.
Make what you will of it … Major topics:

04:30 Overview of the major oligarch clans in Ukraine : Akhmetov (mining & steel), Yanukovych (administration), Kolomoisky (banking), Firtash (energy).
Akhmetov backed Yanukovych, while Kolomoisky backed Yuschenko and Tymoshenko. Firtash works for the Rothschilds. Several more powerful domestic and foreign players in Ukraine. Kolomoisky is said to be the motor behind current events.

12:00 Foreign oligarchs have moved in to control large sectors of Ukraine. At the same time all the big western intelligence agencies have had a free hand since the late 90s (CIA, FBI, MI6, BND, plus one mid-east country), including preparing the Banderite underground for the recent take-over.

24:45 The under-recognized significance of the Lebanese diaspora and Hezbollah in South America and Africa, and how they have gotten in the way of the global hegemon.

28:45 The Banderization of Ukraine is an instrument to conquer Russia and weaken China, lest they become strong enough to challenge the Atlanticist hegemony.

37:30 While the West has been effective for years in steering developments in Ukraine, their Russian counterparts by comparison have been a pathetic failure and need to learn from the West.

43:30 In the last 200-300 years Russia has endured numerous aggressions from the West, while Russia conversely has done virtually nothing against the West. Western expansion is “aggressive” while Russian expansion is “defensive” (buffer).

49:00 The EU intends to bury nuclear waste on the site of Chernobyl, which in a few years will cause massive depopulation of Ukraine (or neighboring Belarus and Russia). The waste train is waiting at the Polish-Ukrainian border. It is speculated that Muzychko was assassinated for knowing too much about this.

53:35 Nato's genocide of pro-Russian Serbs by dropping uranium and infertility agents. Cancer now widespread.

58:45 A Rubicon has been crossed with the February-March events of 2014. Relations between the West and Russia have passed the point of no return. The gloves are off. Russia's “era of defeats” is over. The return of Crimea demonstrated that Russia will not only stand up to aggression but unexpectedly take the initiative.

1:00:30 Next steps for Russia: eliminate the fifth column, reconfigure the economic and social framework, leave anti-Russian international structures, take the initiative against the Western aggressor, and, finally, prepare the domestic population to be ready ... "

I found the lecture to be very enlightening and with lots of solid information.


thanks James

Appreciate your efforts

You're very welcome!

You're very welcome!

James, I do so envy you and

I do so envy you and Penny, Saker and a few others for you ability to consentrate and compile such wonderful blog posts.

I've watched the video in part already and had stared making an outline of top dogs and who and what they control.
This sure is one huge boondoggle smiling and it's truly amazing the consequences arising from it.

Did you happen to notice the name of Kolomoisky's Oil/ Media concern ? UkrNAFTA It just jumped out at me ! Our old friend NAFTA which my step father and I had numerous heated arguments about ( my first time to stand up to him politically ) He was 100% for it and I was dead set against it and all my perdictions came true, unfortunately.

Sure hope Europeans wake up about TPP or their goose is really cooked.
Just wanted to say hello, and enjoyed your input, as always in comments at Penny's.

You do a wonderful service and I'll try like heck to get more people over here to learn from your efforts.

Boondoggle (great word)

Thanks for the kind words, Karin, and any promotion is greatly appreciated.
" I've watched the video in part already and had stared making an outline of top dogs and who and what they control.
This sure is one huge boondoggle smiling and it's truly amazing the consequences arising from it. "

Corruption gets complex very quickly. But when things go wrong it all falls apart equally quickly.

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No I didn't see the name of Kolostomy's business. Pretty 'in your face', isn't it?!

Did your stepdad acknowledge the correctness of your predictions?

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