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update 6/25: OK I've moved the whole site to a different server where it has a longer life expectancy. so if you are into such things, please post / comment / repeat / enjoy!

<--- I was informed today that this blog has only about a week to live, if that. Apparently the server space is needed for something newer, shinier, and more important. I doubt anyone will miss it, although I've been enjoying the convenience of the blogroll links. Ah well, such is life... --->


that's a shame

I'll miss it ...even though I haven't been able to contribute much to it ... maybe we can do something else instead ... let me stew on that one for a while ... and many thanks to NJT for all the effort that's gone into this.

please don't read my blog

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well possibly

I could try to move everything to another server, but with the lack of activity I didn't know if it would be worth it.
Hey at least you're writing on two or more blogs every day! One day I may get into the swing of things, for now I appreciate that you're writing so often WP!


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Well, I've just been over to WP's and found he has comments turned off and is apparently 'attacking his own blog' ohhh sure smiling . Then I tried his new K & V blog and found that it has been removed. Then I come over here and read this news. ARRGH

Thanks for hosting this NJT. I still think it is an excellent idea. I wish I would have had more time (and talent smiling) to contribute to it.

I'm feeling sad...and hoping this is all just coincidence....

"They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they put you in jail. Steal a lot and then they make you king" ~~Bob Dylan~~

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coincidence yes

This site is just on an old server in borrowed rack space and the space is (understandably) no longer available for free loan, so nothing malicious going on there. And since no one's been using it much at all, I figured no one would miss it. But seeing what's happening (again?) at WP's blog, I may try to relocate it to another server, if it's not too late. And even if it is too late, I still have the domain name and will plan to get something going again as soon as time allows.
In the meanwhile, you could try Emailing WP and perhaps he can explain what he's up to.

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site has been moved

if you see this comment, you're seeing the site on the newer server.
Transition more or less complete, fairly painless...


I am glad this site has found a new home. Thanks again to NJT.

I'm not sure I could ever "explain" what I'm "up to", but I'll try to keep posting there, so please don't read my blog.

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