Why Russia?

(This article is a follow on from Why Iran?)

In his recent speech to the Russian Assembly marking the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin made a point of the fact that Russia has suffered 'containment policies' from the West since the eighteenth century. And so it has. During this time, Russia has been ruled by Czars, Communists and now democrats of varying persuasions. Clearly these represent very different ideologies yet the 'containment' continued throughout these centuries and persists still today. It would appear to not be about ideology at all. So what is driving this persistent animosity?

Russia is geographically the largest country on earth. It has massive natural resources and also deep reservoirs of human resources. They put the first satellite into space, for instance, while having less than half the population of the US and a fraction of its wealth. Russia is now the largest exporter of oil and gas in the world.

By the early twentieth century, the jewish international banking houses had a very strong grip on the domestic economies of the West and controlled international trade through their control of the central banks of western countries and control of the gold market which affected international trade. Gold was used for trade settlements between bankers. The jewish banking houses were closely networked and kept their gold within their ranks and so dominated international trade. It was their system.

All the indications are that these banking houses had made a bargain with the English aristocracy. The aristocrats moved from being agrarian based feudal lords to being international capitalists with the, so called at the time, merchant bankers. The bankers gave them a slice of the action and financed the establishment of the British Empire in return for legal protection and the military resources, particularly their navy, to make it all happen. “Britannia ruled the waves” and assured the dominance of the English aristocracy and the jewish merchant bankers. It was the jewish bankers' (fraudulent and, at the time, illegal) fractional reserve banking system that allowed Britain to overcome Napoleon eventually. Napoleon's finances were hampered by his belief that the amount of gold held determines the amount of money that can be issued. The London banks recognised no such limitation and were simply able to outspend Napoleon.

So England ascended to the top of the heap of the European colonial (and thoroughly exploitative) empires. Once any psychopathic individual or organisation attains supremacy, their foremost preoccupation becomes maintaining their primacy. 'Live and let live' is anathema to a psychopath. Rivals must be controlled and restricted if not destroyed. So we saw Germany manoeuvred into war twice during the twentieth century to circumvent their technological advancement over England.

The same logic was applied to Russia. With its huge natural resources, it must be contained or held back. Along comes the Russian Revolution followed quickly by the Bolshevik Revolution whereby a group of jews took over the revolution and imposed communism on all of Russia and hobbled its advancement.

The mainly jewish Bolsheviks brutally imposed collectivisation upon the peasants who had been freed from serfdom a mere sixty years before. The Bolsheviks were able now to exact retribution for the restrictions they suffered as jews under the Pale of Settlement. Now the peasants were serfs again except they were ruled (those that survived, that is) by the jewish Bolsheviks rather than the oppressive but somewhat less brutal Orthodox nobility. The small industrial workforce were now also effectively made serfs as well.

Communism was a jewish created ideology. Communism predated Marx but Marx was used as the theoretician for the purposes of its promotion. Marx was jewish as were 85% of the first Soviet government. Leon Trotsky was not only a jew but a New York jew at the time the Russian Revolution broke out. His real name was Lev Bronstein (also Bronshtein). He returned to Russia in time for the following Bolshevik Revolution with millions of dollars worth of gold.

This revolution was financed by jewish New York banks. This crucial knowledge is beginning to find its way into general public awareness after nearly a hundred years. Why so long? Well, the major publishing houses, the news wires (Reuters, AP etc) and the newspapers and now radio and teevee networks are owned by jewish run corporations. Here is an excellent example (link and commentary provided by McJ) of how the bankers use their media to advance their agenda and never mind the truth.

The Russian nobility's wealth was still agrarian based and they looked down on industry. Russian oil, together with an oil distribution chain, was owned by the Rothschilds through their Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, the second largest oil company the in the world at the time. Shortly before the revolution, the Rothschilds sold their oil holdings to Royal Dutch Shell in exchange for shares in that company. The sale puzzled observers at the time because the price was below market value. As the revolution began, the trade made more sense.

Little wonder then that with the end of the Soviet system the Rothschilds would once again move to own and control Russia's oil resources which by now are far more strategic than they were a hundred years ago. When Mikhail Khodorkovsky was about to be relieved of his Yukos oil company shares by the Russian government, Jacob Rothschild put his hand up claiming he was the ultimate owner of the Yukos shares. He had financed Khodorkovsky's purchase of Russian oil assets at knockdown prices. It would be reasonable to assume that the Rothschilds financed other 'oligarchs', too. These oligarchs came out of nowhere with suddenly acquired capital to not only buy state enterprises at way below market prices but had money to bribe their way to ownership and then to provide working capital for their new-found empires.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky on release from jail source

There is no way that bankers such as the Rothschilds would advance this sort of money to the likes of a business flyweight like Khodorkovsky or a car salesman like Boris Berezovsky without taking a majority equity position to protect their capital in these budding business empires. The Rothschilds et. al. also had the business, banking and distribution networks to move the raw material and refined products together with the massive profits out of the country. The oligarchs were basically minor shareholders and fronts for the jewish banking fraternity. This is how almost all the oligarchs of Russia and Ukraine happen to be jewish and happen to be connected. They are part of the one octopus.

It is also no accident that the democratisation of Russia and the privatisation of its state enterprises were pushed by a huge campaign from the American govt (paid for by US taxpayers). It is also no accident that spearheading this campaign were the jewish neocons in the US administration and that it was all promoted heavily in the jewish controlled media. It was all designed to drive state owned enterprises into the hands of the bankers via the oligarchs.

When Yeltsin came to power, American neocons decended on Moscow and wrote the legislation that turned Russia into one gigantic 'fire sale'. It's all part and parcel of a co-ordinated strategy victimising the Russian and Ukrainian people (as elsewhere) for the benefit of a few bankers and that just happen to be jewish. It all becomes very apparent once you identify the role of organised jewry at each stage and are aware that organised jewry is run by those with the most money; the bankers.

It is not so much a religious conspiracy but a more mundane one of money using cultural networks and loyalties. Of course, we are not allowed to mention any of this for fear of being considered an 'antisemite' indulging in 'hate speech'. I point out this jewish connection simply because it does, in fact, connect all the dots and provides a certain cohesiveness, understanding and motivation for all this strife. It's all planned, co-ordinated and quite simple. And it's largely hidden in plain sight because few want to point out the obvious connections both today and throughout history.

The destitution and privation of the nineties imposed by the bankers killed millions of Russians and Ukrainians. It was not unlike the Holodomor of the thirties or the earlier reign of genocidal terror initiated by the Bolshevks in 1918/19.
"We should turn Her (Russia) into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color. Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make (the survivors) shudder. The largest overseas banks will cooperate with us most closely. If we win the Revolution and squash Russia, on the funeral pyres of its remains we will strengthen the power of Zionism and become a power the whole world would drop in the face of on its knees. We will show (to the world) what real power means. By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being.... And so far our young men dressed in leather - the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza - oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian! With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia ~ officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!" ~ Leib Bronstein (also known as Lev Trotsky) (Secret Forces in History of Russia. U.K. Begunov 1995, p 148) source

Vladimir Putin is intimately aware of the predations of organised jewry and accounts for his attitude displayed towards the factory owners (including the oligarch, Oleg Deripaska) in this short video that I embedded in my last post.


Putin wrested back control of Russia's oil resources once again and used the resulting income to end the horrendous death toll from the poverty and privation that the oligarchs, the Washington neocons, the western oil companies and the bankers had imposed. Russia is back on its feet again and Putin is tackling organised crime both at home and abroad.


So, why Russia? There are many reasons. Control of Russia's oil is crucial to the bankers plans for a singular world currency and Putin wrecked those plans when he took back control of the oil and gas resources. Little wonder the bankers' western press expresses hate for him at every opportunity. I will enlarge on this in the next up-coming article

But although the oil is a major reason, in my view, it boils down to two major overiding reasons – firstly, it's a cultural war with a long history (of pogroms on one side and genocide on the other) waged on the Orthodox Christian Slavs (who traditionally view community welfare above private business profits) by Organised Jewry (who traditionally view the exploitation of the wider host community as their right as the 'chosen people' and as simply good business). These are cultural rather than religious differences. Though it has to be said that the particular readings of the respective religions plays a large part in forming their respective cultures.

Secondly, quite apart from the issue of the ownership of Russia's oil, Vladimir Putin's Russia, together with China and Iran, is in the process of bringing down the Western banking system which provides the power for organised world jewry.

This banking system is the cause of most of the ills that plague humanity – from poverty, starvation, homelessness, wars (both international and civil), destruction of the environment, down to the everyday constant competition between citizens of the same country to put food on the table because of the scarcity of jobs. This banking system transfers wealth from most of the nations on earth to a few bankers who have used this wealth to buy up all the major strategic industries and all the political and civil institutions till they dominate all political and commercial life in the West.

For all this power, the bankers are still vulnerable and at risk of losing it all unless they can control the whole world because they cannot allow an alternative banking system to flourish because the costs to everyone of the present system would soon become obvious.

This means controlling Russia, China and the rest of the BRICS nations together with Venezuela, Syria and a few others. The control of the remaining state run central banks of Libya (now lost), Syria, Iran, Russia and China is the primary cause of the wars of the 21st century. The final battle is now in process with the very foundation of Organised Jewry's power at stake. These are desperate times for them.

An examination of the mechanics of the scam that is the western banking system together with a more in depth look at this titanic financial battle (which could easily spill over into a military battle) between the BRICS nations headed by Russia on the one hand and the bankers on the other is the subject of the next article (The Root Of All Evil). The future of the world will depend on the result.

And now to finish on a lighter note, something just for fun-



Latest Crosstalk

Here is the latest Crosstalk show from RT. Well worth the time to watch

And if you haven't heard the latest from Yulia Timoshenko, this is essential listening/reading. From RT also-

And to repeat the link from McJ on the creation of propaganda by the BBC which amounts to nothing less than a war crime-
The Nuremberg Tribunal (for all its faults) correctly described the initiation of war as the ultimate war crime because it facilitates all the crimes that follow

RT is fast becoming required reading/viewing in our otherwise polluted media environment. I wonder how long it will be before RT is banned from western airwaves?

McJ's picture

Lame oligarchs

Good job putting all this together James. And a great history lesson for us as well with lots of additional info at the links. I haven't made my way through all of them yet. sticking out tongue

I watched part of the BBC documentary that was linked from that video you posted previously on Putin. I was really struck by the oligarchs. They weren't what as I was expecting and certainly didn't appear to be savy business people, ones that would be capable of building and running multi billion dollar businesses. So, I think it is more than reasonable to assume there is substancial $$'s and expertise behind them. It is interesting that the stupidity of Khodorkovsky (and he did come across as a bit duped or perhaps as someone who was enamored of his own press) drew out the Rothchilds. They couldn't have been too happy about that. smiling

"It's all part and parcel of a co-ordinated strategy victimising the Russian and Ukrainian people (as elsewhere) for the benefit of a few bankers and that just happen to be jewish. It all becomes very apparent once you identify the role of organised jewry at each stage and are aware that organised jewry is run by those with the most money; the bankers.

It is not so much a religious conspiracy but a more mundane one of money using cultural networks and loyalties. Of course, we are not allowed to mention any of this for fear of being considered an 'antisemite' indulging in 'hate speech'. I point out this jewish connection simply because it does, in fact, connect all the dots and provides a certain cohesiveness, understanding and motivation for all this strife. It's all planned, co-ordinated and quite simple. And it's largely hidden in plain sight because few want to point out the obvious connections both today and throughout history."

This is a very good point and I think you addressed it well. It is difficult to address the subject of "they just happen to be Jewish" or "it is not all jews" when you are trying to explain it to someone who hasn't done the research we have. It is actually a problem of psychopaths infecting the culture and using the religion to gain power and control over others - but hard to tackle an explaination.


I agree with your comments on the oligarchs, McJ. When you see them together they lool like a bunch of kids in a a candy store. The way Khodorkovsky responded to Putin's edict that he and the other oligarchs can stay in business but must remain out of politics shows a complete lack of wisdom and business savvy.

It is difficult to convey the complexity of jewish organisations and their economic and political manouevering. It is interesting that Khodorkovsky obviously thought the two were inseparable. He failed to realise that not everybody shares this jewish perspective on money making.

When talking about jewish control of politics or economics, one is thought automatically by many to be a bigot and an 'anti-semite' if you say anything against anyone who is a jew. The fact of the matter is that most people in the west have been conditioned by media and politics to be bigoted against anyone who speaks disparagingly at all about jews. I think the best way to deal with it is to just to point out the connections and list the benefits to the participants.

But you are right in that it is really a problem of psychopathy.

Western conditioning to avoid mentioning the Jews

The conditioning you refer to is a direct consequence of the official narrative of World War II as "The Good War". The narrative is enforced by the emotional power of its principle sub-narrative, that of "The Holocaust" - complete with de-rigeur definite article and capitalisation to reinforce it's alleged uniqueness in the annals of pure evil.

Until we can get past those entirely bogus narratives, so-called 'Neo-NAZIs' - instead of plain 'mindless thugs' - who in reality are the most potent tools of the Zionists, will continue to provide occult Judaism a get-out-of-jail-free card and effectively prevent the Left from seeing much further than the end of its collective nose.

Guido Preparata's 'Conjuring Hitler' is a Must-Read on all of this, as its his afterword written four years later.

Thanks again for the links,

Thanks again for the links, Wikispooks. I was particularly taken with this passage from Preparata's afterword-
" And since in the past several decades, the greatest fomenter of conflict in the world is the United States—a verity that no one can impugn; since the most militant, profitable and awesome myth of America’s propaganda machine is the crushing of Nazism; and since, as I have assessed after nearly ten years of study, that myth is a lie, it became imperative, for the sake of peace and truth, to proceed to challenge it, in its every part. So long as the myth stood, I thought, the United States will not cease to appeal to it in order to justify —at the discursive and demagogic level—any wide—ranging kriegspiel in Eurasia (against the “tyrant” of the day) that requires the acquiescence of its Western satellites."

If I have read you rightly, it sums up your point very well. And I agree with it. At the same time we accuse the Germans or anyone else of being "Nazis" and therefore evil, we elevate Jews to being the supreme undeserving victims and the US military (and it's overseers) as holy avenging angels. We also enshrine the sanctity of the notion of Righteous Violence. i.e. when the US exercises violence it is always carying out God's will. Sounds a lot like Old Testament stuff, doesn't it?

I also agree with your thought that the word "Nazi" (and therefore "neo-Nazi") is such a loaded term and by using either of these words we introduce into our narrative the narrative of those that would manipulate out reality for us.

Arthur Silber has talked at length how the ruling elite frame the social discourse with their terminology and how it is very difficult to refute these myths without inadvertently reinforcing them by using their terminology which are so often word symbols that introduce all sorts of untrue and unwelcome notions in their wake.

These words and terminology are indeed 'Trojan Horses' and we must treat them with utmost care.

Jewish Bolsheviks

Also, FI: On the subject of Jewish domination of the Soviet Bolsheviks, see Appendix D to Robert Wilton's "The Last Day's of the Romanovs". So far as the Bolshevik security apparatus and senior governing positions were concerned, it was not a matter merely of Jewish participation, it was a matter of near absolute Jewish dominance.

BTW - can I re-post some of your stuff on Wikispooks too please?

Thanks for comments and

Thanks for comments and links, Wikispooks. By all means feel free to repost from here. I'll be able to respond more fully tomorrow. Cheers

Russian orthodox church

There is another religious angle to this however. The Tsars and the Russian Orthodox Church would never allow a catholic foothold in Russia. During the time of Ivan The Terrible, the vatican would send contingents to St. Petersburg to incorporate Russia under the vatican.

Ivan would send them off immediately telling them that he as Tsar was the representative of God on earth. So you can see there has always been some friction there. It is similar now as Russians still do not recognize Rome.

You probably know this but there is a long list of Jewish Jesuits also over the centuries. It is difficult to say the percentage of Jesuits who are jJews. The pope does wear the skull cap/yarmulka you may have noticed. So there is also an alliance between Rome and the Jews who work together with the crown of england London District. d

In fact there are negotiations going on now to turn over the tomb of David in Jerusalem to the vatican.

Hi Mick

I don't know as much as I should about the Vatican/Russian Orthodox quarrel. As I understand it, the Vatican puts it about that the Orthodox churches split from Rome but the actuality was that they were never joined and the Vatican will simply do and say whatever advances their empire ambitions.

I don't know much about the history of jews within the Jesuits ranks except that their founder, Ignatius Loyola, was a soldier and a Mareno jew. So I could well believe it, Mick.

The late Thomas Merton, a catholic monk whom I have the highest regard for described once artful intelectual manipulations as "Jesuitical sleights of hand". A good description and a canny observation, I thought.

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