Vladimir Putin's Historic Speech

Here is RT's video and translation of Vladimir Putin's Speech on the incorporation of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol into the Russian Federation. (My apologies for the formatting but I am unable for some reason to shrink the youtube window)

When I first opened this youtube window, the viewing figure was over 1,230,000. Then a few seconds later the number shrank to 4983! They can't help themselves! Indeed, the Rusians are using this inherent irrationality and plain nastiness against them.

For instance, the Russian Parliament on hearing the sanctions against Russian individuals, passed a motion calling on Washington to impose sanctions against all the Russian Parliamentarians. Judo in action! smiling
Russian lawmakers ask President Obama to impose sanctions on them all

I found myself deeply moved when I was watching Vladimir Putin's speech. I think it was because I had a real sense that the tide of evil that has been running rampant across the world killing millions of people is turning. I can only at guess the effect on Russians, Crimeans and many many Ukranians but it must be so uplifting. I cannot find adequate words. These people have suffered such hardship, torture and death in the last century that it begars belief. Hope is turning before my eyes from a flickering flame into a fire with energy and purpose. There will be further troubles to come as the psychopaths cannot give up. They are driven by the devil of their addiction to money, power and exploitation. But the tide has turned

And finally, here is the latest Crosstalk on Crimea's entry into the Russian Federation from RT-



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Teary Eyed

I watched Putin's speech first thing in the morning and found myself all teary eyed and emotional. It took me a back as it wasn't a reaction I was expecting. I then read some of the comments over at the Sakers and others we're feeling the same way - and then you James. smiling

Finally, finally someone with power, someone who is not abusing it, standing up to the evil fuckers and saying no more. Not just that, he is winning!

Upon reflecting on his speech during the day I had the recognition that for me his words had evoked a feeling of personal power. No small feat, when considering what we are up against for someone to inspire you from despairing to believing the tide is turning and that together all of us can and do make a difference. Bravo Putin!

I am sure everyone has their own take on this and the Saker's latest is a great one. "Today, every free person in the world has won." http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.ca/2014/03/today-every-free-person-in-worl...

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