Why Iran?

This article is a follow on from "Why Syria?"

Why has there been years of threats of attacks, and possibly even nuclear attacks, on Iran? Why have there been sanctions, illegal sanctions at that, imposed on Iran by the United States?

The reasons given are all to do with Iran's nuclear power development. The US and israel claim repeatedly in the face of zero evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb. Developing nuclear power is entirely legal. It is entirely within the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty that Iran has signed. It is worth noting that israel, which has nuclear weapons, is not a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and will not submit to IAEA inspections, unlike Iran. Iran has not aggressed towards another country in over 200 years and have threatened no one while israel has threatened everybody within their missiles' range including European capitals. The brazen hypocrisy is outrageous and indicates psychopathy at work here the the parts of the US and israel.

If Iran were to ever develop a nuclear weapon, it would only make sense as a deterrent to israel and the US. For Iran to attack either of these countries with a nuclear weapon would invite their complete destruction as they could not possibly defeat the US. So if israel really is concerned that Iran will develop a nuclear weapon it can only be because they do not want Iran to be able to defend itself from a nuclear attack from israel. So if Iran is not about to rain missiles, nuclear armed or not, down on Tel Aviv, what's going on?

Iran has lots and lots of oil. It also has lots and lots of gas. It also has lots and lots of uranium. In terms of energy, Iran is a 'gold mine'. Oh, and Iran also has a government owned and controlled central bank. This means it can print it's own money at no interest or expense to themselves unlike the countries you and I live in. This means that Iran doesn't have to borrow the money they need from a consortium of international bankers (who are mostly Jewish, btw) and they save themselves a bundle in the process. They are also never kept short of capital for anything that they have all the other resources for.

The international bankers are not only in the banking business. They are into oil and gas too. The Rothschilds control a large share of Royal Dutch Shell and the Rockefellers control the Standard Oil group of companies (Exxon/Mobil etc.) The bankers are into mining and nuclear power as well as armaments. So Iran has a lot of resources that these bankers would love to get their hands on. And, of course, these bankers would very much prefer that Iran borrows their money at interest from them instead of Iran making it themselves for free. These bankers would also like to restrict the capital that Iran can use for development to slow their economy down. At present the bankers have to rely on economic sanctions to do the job of restricting their economic growth instead. Their hope is that the sanctions will hold the Iranians back economically and grind them down eventually.

Recently, Iran made huge concessions regarding their nuclear power program to the US in order to get some of these illegal sanctions lifted. (full pdf of the concessions deal with the US here)

A little ancillary benefit to controlling Iran is that the bankers would be able to pipe Caspian Sea oil straight down through Iran to the Persian Gulf or further on to the Gulf of Oman. This would save them a lot of money, time and trouble if they don't have to pipe it over Afghanistan (through the TAP or TAPI pipeline) and on through problematic Pakistan. Another not incidental benefit would be to better control China's oils supply as they buy a lot from Iran. There is a whole strategy being put in place to choke off China's oil supply.

Iran has huge reserves of natural gas second only to Russia. With over a hundred countries with proven gas reserves, these two countries, Iran and Russia, have 44% of the total reserves and dominate the world gas market. Russia supplies a significant proportion of Europe's gas needs. If the bankers controlled Iran's gas they could pipe it to Europe through their 'white elephant' Nabucco pipeline turning it into a commercial success and undermining Russia's influence over Europe and Germany in particular.

Another annoying thing (for the bankers) that the Iranians are doing is selling their oil for currencies other than the $US. Saddam Hussein's Iraq got bombed and invaded for doing just that. Selling oil in other than US currency takes power away from the bankers. I'll go further into this aspect in a later essay as it involves oil, armaments, the Pentagon, Syria, Ukraine, Russia and China and the future (or not) of the bankers' New World Order with their One World Currency.

The fact that Iran is a theocratic state and a Shiite one at that is also a problem for the bankers. The bankers are busy turning secular Arab states into Sunni/Wahabi run countries. It seems counter-intuitive for them to do this given that most of the international bankers are Jewish. But there is method in the apparent madness. Bankers have profited massively from wars and so, in turn, has israel. The Balfour Declaration which gave the green light to Jewish immigration to Palestine came about as part of the bargain between the bankers and the British Government whereby if the bankers could bring the US into the First World War, they would get their 'homeland' as reward. Mind you, the bankers had brought about the extension of the fighting to necessitate the US entry into the war to save Britain's bacon in the first place.

The Second World War saw the emergence of the 'Holocaust Industry' and the rationale for the declaration of the 'State of Israel'. The next World War we have been told now for a couple of decades will be 'The Clash of Civilisations' between (conveniently for Judaism) the Christian West and the Muslim East. But before this conflagration can take place the Muslim East has to be built up into a credible opponent. It also needs to be united. The simplest way to do that is to reintroduce the Caliphate. In the old Caliphate, all Muslims around the world recognised the headship of the Caliph (resident in Turkey, btw). The Caliphate was ended in 1924. But a new Caliph is not going to wash with Shiite Muslims these days and Iran is the dominant Shiite country. So Iran has to be made subject to the Sunnis. I've no doubt that their mortal enemies, the Sunni/Wahabi House of Saud would very gladly accept the title of Caliph. And, of course, so would Sunni Turkey. Either way, Iran is in their cross hairs as well as the cross hairs if israel and the US, too.

So the bankers have a lot of reasons (which they understandably don't want to tell you about) to want 'regime change' in Tehran. With political puppets in place, the bankers get to dictate the economic and banking policies which will turn Iran's economy into serving and enriching these same bankers. Colossal sums of money are at stake and these bankers have nothing if not a grossly exaggerated sense of entitlement to the world's (other peoples) riches.

Iran is supported economically, militarily and technologically by Russia and to some extent by China. They form a triumvirate and all are stronger for it. Iran is the weakest partner and so is the logical one to attack first. Then after Iran . . . . Russia.

The next installment - Why Russia?


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Thanks James - Looks like a beautiful place, too bad about all that 1953 business.
"In 1951, Iran's oil industry was nationalized with near-unanimous support of Iran's parliament"

In some ways I almost find it surprising that not much more than saber rattling's been going on this past decade. and that whole stuxnet thing

Iran has an extremely rich

Iran has an extremely rich culture and was an urbane and sophisticated civilisation when the Hebrews were still goat herders.
Iran is still there because it has the ability and the will to shoot back. Also because Russia has extended its 'nuclear umbrella' over it as it has now done for Syria. Iran has proven to be a tough nut for the US and israel to crack. But they will keep trying untill they bite off more than they can chew. Which they may well have done in Ukraine. We shall see in the next week or two.

Picking up on your link, NJT, the Iranians know full well the consequences of falling under the control of the US. I can understand they don't want a repeat performance!


Thanks for fixing the spam problem, NJT smiling

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you're welcome, but...

I didn't do anything - mollom must have gotten their algorithms working better. I know we were not the only one of their users suffering the onslaught.

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