Managing and Curing Metabolic Diseases Without Drugs (and a question of values)

Below are some videos that take two differing approaches to curing metabolic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's amongst others. These diseases can be managed successfully, and often cured outright, with what we feed the body both physically and mentally.

Much of this information, particularly relating to the benefits of the ketogenic diet, have been known to medical authorities for decades. Yet this invaluable information has not been transfered to the public at large. This brings in the question of values. What does this witholding of information say about the values of the medical profession?

In the talk by Dr. John Demartini, he explains very carefully how a persons behaviour illustrates their values and that when someone (or group) continues a destructive behaviour, it is always because they perceive they are gaining more than they are losing.

There is much more than this brief introduction in these videos. They are quite profound, in my view. World changing even, at least for some.

(My apologies for the formatting. I can't get the videos in a smaller frame despite the code indicating a much smaller size)

It is worth noting that in this first video, the presenter, Dr. Dominic D'Agostino explains that the medical profession uses the fact that cancer cells are heavily dependent on sugar to diagnose cancer but will not use this information, this weakness of cancer, to treat it.

The clip below includes footage from the film "First Do No Harm" about Charlie Abrahams experience at the hands of five pediatricians.

This lecture by Dr. John Demartini is wide ranging but ties a persons values to their health. He explains the physiological chain connecting these two things.
It is worth reflecting, too, on our sick society and what that says about our values.


all three great videos

Thanks for these James. The last one in particular is very thought provoking. The idea of structuring our lives in alignment with our highest values is complicated in practice -- a balancing act, but the benefit of doing so is huge.

It reminds me of something I read about the Middle Ages when the great cathedrals were built. The people in those times (artisans, etc.) could work for 3-4 months and in that time provide for their family's needs for an entire year. With their excess time they journeyed to the work sites of the cathedrals and practiced their craft. So they had fulfilled lives, they had time for learning and creating, and they left amazing structures that were the work of many hands. Perhaps someday human beings can live like that again.

Back to the future

Thanks for your comment, APea. Many people don't realise that the many saints feast days on the Catholic calendar were also holidays (holy days). We could easily recreate this today if we were only financed properly. Few people understand the real costs of having privately owned and/or run central banks. But maybe one day, as you say.

I found John Demartini's talk quite profound. I've listened to it three times now and find it compelling, provoking and inspiring each time.

McJ's picture

Thanks for the vids

Thanks for putting these videos up, James. I loved the Demartini talk and like you, I find it "compelling, provoking and inspiring". I really like that he brings the science (the biochemistry of the body) into the discussion. It dovetails nicely with the work of Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and Candice Pert (Molecules of Emotion). It makes me want more! smiling

In the second video, the comments by Charlie's physician are damning especially his answer to why he hadn't advised Charlie's parents to try Ketogenic Diet Therapy, "We hadn't exhausted all medical treatments..." (or something like that). What an outrage! He knew about it yet he didn't tell them. And further, he was prepared to peddle even more psychotropic drugs for Charlie to ingest. It is unconscionable yet the guy doesn't appear to have any conscience about it. It is a good example of the psychopathic thinking that is informing our mental health professionals. I can relate because I have been dealing with a similar situation (not epilepsy) with one of my own children.

As you know from previous discussions, I have been gluten free for three years and on the Ketogenic Diet for about a year. I wasn't dealing with any particular ailments or health concerns when I started my journey, just looking for better health as I age. sticking out tongue It has made a huge difference to both my mental and physical health. I can't recommend enough researching the benefits (to anyone) of adopting a ketogenic lifestyle.

I think you may already have gleaned my zest for this subject. It even brings me out of hiding. laughing out loud

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First Do No Harm

Hi McJ

Well, I'm glad I managed to winkle you out of your winter lair smiling

I thought that physician was going to break out in a big smile when questioned. He was aware he'd been caught out but didn't uderstand the enormity of what he had done nor of what he was saying. Socially tone deaf. He was obviously quite divorced from the harm he has caused. Such is the arrogance of power from this modern day priestcraft.

The more I find out about the ketogenic diet and the dietary base of so many of our modern diseases, the more I'm appalled at the cynical exploitation of the public at large by the various corporations and professions. As far as 'death for profit' scams go, the medical/pharma industry is the equal in scale to the banking/war scam.

Thanks very much for posting the movie smiling

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