Big Surprise: US Intel Knew Syrian Rebels Could Produce Sarin; Obama Lied About It Trying To Justify Another War

Does any of this surprise you? No matter how you answered, your comments are welcome below.



. . . not . . . The only thing that might be thought surprising, I think, is Hersch ignoring the questions you have raised, WP. But then . . . maybe not.

Intelligence agencies are no more than loaded guns that are aimed and fired by others. They're tools.

Arthur Silber has detailed many times how these agencies are tasked with 'fitting the intelligence' with the already determined cause of action - usually war.

you've nailed it!

... and not for the first time. Wink

I think you're exactly right, and if I had been able to spend more time on it, I would have started talking about all the other things they've been lying about, which Hersh has not mentioned (and probably never will). But once you start that, it could go on forever ... and alas, that's a project for another day.

I hope to get better at this as I go along.

I do not get it

I just do not understand why Obama is not called on is documented lies. They are countless with objective facts to support them.


I agree with you Chris

Unfortunately there is a long history of Presidents and other high-ranking officials getting away with all sorts of criminal acts. And I don't get why this is considered ok, either.


We don't make any money from this blog (I don't make any money from ANY of my blogs) and we don't expect (or permit) others to use our site as an advertising platform. So the last part of your comment got cut off. But I still agree with you. Wink

Winter Patriot Community

The Winter Patriot Community censors people.

@Jeff Prager

The Winter Patriot Community encourages open discussion of many issues.

It does require a certain (minimal) level of civility.

If you have a particular issue you wish to discuss, please do so.

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