Multiple Blogs Rolling

I am happy to report that in the past month or so, I have been healthy enough to get multiple blogs rolling simultaneously.

You can read all the details at my "main" blog, and, as always, your comments are welcome below.


Welcome Back

As someone who has climbed back incrementally from multiple medical insults, I applaud your return and look forward to a lot of reading.

Thank you very much

I appreciate your encouraging words and I am looking forward to contributing again.

Welcome back, Winter!

Very happy to read that your health has improved enough to allow you to blog again.

Sincerely hope that your recovery will be fast and complete.

Looking forward to reading your many new insightful posts very soon.

Best regards from the Great White North,
Political Scientist1


Very kind words, much appreciated.

I will try to write one insightful new post, and we'll see how it goes.

Best wishes to the Great White North, and more soonest.

good news

that's good news on your health and also on your return (at least for a short time) to blogging, WP smiling

McJ's picture

Glad to hear it

Glad to hear you are back and feeling better! I look forward to reading whatever you have to write. I enjoyed your recent chapters in the continuing SHATASM series. Good stuff. smiling

Thanks, James and McJ

I appreciate your kind words, and I will do my best to keep some momentum going.

More soonest.

Welcome back!

Absolutely thrilled and delighted to see you up and running again, WP!

Thanks, Paul

I appreciate your kind words and ... I hope to have something good to post soon! Wink

good news

Blue Thank You good new. welcome back .

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