The Truman Show and The Barbershop Quartet

We live in HollyWorld. It is full of different political philosophies and competing political parties. We have political commentators from every persuasion. We live in a democracy. Or so we're told. With freedom of choice. We've got so much freedom that other people hates us for it so much that they have to kill us. Or so we're told.

There's so many voices telling us all sorts of conflicting things. Who's right and who's wrong? There doesn't seem to be much in the way of consensus or common ground. Or so it seems. Like fish united by something they are unaware of because it is ever present, water, we are united by our cradle to grave culture which is built and reinforced by our media. It, too, is ever present and though we may be more aware of its presence than fish are of water, we have never experienced life without being immersed in our culture. So we remain largely ignorant of its overwhelming influence on our emotions and our thinking.

Then, like Truman Burbank (of The Truman Show), we start to notice anomalies and contradictions in people. Sitting in the audience watching the movie, we can understand the contradictions and out of character slips because we see it as a whole; as a scripted piece under the direction of one person. In our own Truman Show in everyday life we don't have the benefit of an overview from the front stalls. But we sometimes get those moments when we can see apparently competing and even warring characters all singing from the same songbook and making it plain to see the hand of the director.

In my previous article, “When the No-Fly Zone Just Won't Fly” I linked to two actors portraying News commentators, Glenn Beck and Chris Mathews. These guys are supposed to have opposing viewpoints but this time they were saying the same thing; 'Keep Our Troops Out of the War With Syria' .

Glenn Beck-

Chris Mathews (sorry I can't embed it)

McJ quoted and linked to an article featuring Zbigniew Brzezinski telling Obama the same thing. And now courtesy of Scott Creighton we have a video of the fourth of our singing quartet, Webster Tarpley, certainly no friend of Brzezinski's, praising Obama for staying out of Syria. Not only is Tarpley singing Zbig's song but he is contradicting himself from a few years earlier in his opinion of Obama. Scott Creighton features another video of Tarpley's where he says Obama is a 'Manchurian Candidate' and to beware of him. I feel for Truman. I know how he felt.

So here is McJ's quote and a link to the article on Brzezinski's latest pronouncement.

"Criticizing the Obama administration’s policies regarding Syria, he questioned, “Was this a strategic position? Why did we all of a sudden decide that Syria had to be destabilized and its government overthrown? Had it ever been explained to the American people? Then in the latter part of 2012, especially after the elections, the tide of conflict turns somewhat against the rebels. And it becomes clear that not all of those rebels are all that ‘democratic.’ And so the whole policy begins to be reconsidered.”

“I think these things need to be clarified so that one can have a more insightful understanding of what exactly US policy was aiming at,” Brzezinski added.

He also called on US officials to push much more urgently to draw in China, Russia and other regional powers to reach some kind of peaceful end to the Syrian crisis."

And a link to Scott Creighton's article and the embeded video of Tarpley advocating staying out of Syria and praise for Obama as the man to do it.

(The first 12 minutes or so ed.)

So we have four people from the four corners of the American political world all saying the same thing, albeit in different ways. The are all united in what they don't mention; Russia. How can any assessment of whether or not to invoke a 'no-fly zone' or whether or not to 'put boots on the ground' be anywhere near reality by not mentioning the biggest factor of all; Russia's refusal to permit any armed incurssion from a foreign state? And the fact that all four of our Barbershop Quartet fail to do so is clear evidence of a script writer and a 'directing hand'. But who's hand?

Just as a film's director doesn't feature in the script, the director doesn't feature in any of these commentaries. It's israel principally. Or more correctly, the zionists behind israel and the US, Britain and France, to name just a few.

So why do the zionists want everybody to believe going to war in Syria is a bad idea? I mean, these zionists and their pet israel have had an unquenchable thirst for wars fought by the US on their behalf. The answer involves another party also not mentioned in the capacity as an opponent in these four appeals from these four actors; Putin's Russia, as noted before.

Vladimir Putin has blocked israel's and the US's path to war in Syria. They will find themselves in a real shooting war with Russia if they do. Putin has made this very clear. Israel, the neocons and the US establishment can't afford to take the chance of losing against Russia or even just getting a bloody nose (see previous article) so they are backing down after all their threatening tough talk. But they are trying to save face while doing so. So we have all these media actors saying we must not have a war with Syria for a variety of reasons and none of them the real reason.

So we are going to see 'real democracy' in action where 'the people' prevail on their president to refrain from war and the president will look like a responsive, sane and reasonable man and even a humanitarian into the bargain. He's a Nobel Peace Prize winner, don't you know! Like Truman, the American public cannot see the truth of the show that revolves around them. That their beloved country, government and military is nowhere near as dominant in the world as they would like to believe.

Their self image crisis is averted as is the opportunity to seriously question the culture of 'righteous violence' aka 'redemptive violence'. This is the 'water' we swim in and are almost totally unaware of. This is the culture of solving problems with violence thinking that it is effective as portrayed in the movies and is God ordained as portrayed in the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud.

(UPDATE - Speaking of things jewish, the other thing that is not mentioned by these 'opinion leaders' is israel. Not a peep. Israel itself is lying low for a change. The choir needs a foil to argue against and it would be bad form for our singers to be arguing against israel. It could set a precedent for some people. It might also cause some people to reflect on israel's past behaviour. So lets have Britain and France play that role!)

The zionists need the American public to continue to believe in redemptive violence and they need them to continue to believe in the omnipotence of the US so they will continue to sign up for more wars. Ironically, the Powers That Be need to avoid directly fighting in Syria and thereby directly confronting Russia to continue to be able to do this into the future.

But maybe things will change and faster than we think possible. And hopefully the sentiments expressed in this video will spread and will impact our culture of violence and bring about lasting change and freedom from our everyday Truman Show where we are surrounded by controlling fiction at every turn.


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Harmony from the UK

Another good read James! smiling

And we have some harmony to add to our quartet from Lord Ashdown in the UK Telegraph. Note he's laying blame on Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Everyones singing the same song now. Sweet, eh? I wonder if it was 'all the rage' at the recent Buildabuggar's meeting in London not to mention at the G8 when the PTB's had to come to terms with Putin's and Russia's stand on Syria.

"Lord Ashdown, the former Liberal Democrat leader, spoke out against arming Syria's rebels and called for pressure to be put on Qatar and Saudi Arabia to cut off funding for arms.

Lord Ashdown described the rebels as “not a fit and proper collection of people for us to be providing arms to”.

“They do not need arms. It is an unchallenged figure that 3,500 tons of arms have been shipped in by way of Croatia with the assistance of the CIA, funded by the Saudis, funded by the Qataris, going almost exclusively to the more jihadist groups,” the former international high representative for Bosnia said in a debate.
“I know where those weapons are coming from. They are the weapons left over from the Bosnian war. They are being shipped out in large measure through Croatian ports and airports and I can tell you they are making vast sums for corrupt forces in the Balkans.”
Lord Ashdown described the rebels as “not a fit and proper collection of people for us to be providing arms to”.
Britain and France favour arming the rebels, while in a change of policy Washington recently announed it would supply direct miltiary aid to opponents of President Bashar al-Assad. Officials have said they would select “moderate rebels” for assistance."

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A song :)

Lawyers In Love ~ Jackson Browne

Great song, McJ

Psychopaths faking emotions smiling
Very apt in the face of the media exposure of these 'concerned' politicians and social leaders.

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Aah oooh....

"Am I the only one who hears the screams
And the strangled calls of
Lawyers in love"

Ooh shalala ooh oh
Ooh shalala ooh oh
Aah oooh.....

rolling on the floor laughing

Gatekeeper litmus test

It's turning into a chorus, isn't it, McJ smiling
And it is a sweet sound once you know it's all a show and you know what it means.

Like Basil Fawlty's exclamation, "Don't mention the war!" it's now, "Don't mention the Russians and their bloody S300 missiles!"

It's also turning into one of those litmus tests like the israeli organ harvesting issue where all the gatekeepers come out. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Jonathan Cook. And you, too, Desertpeace smiling )

There's more. This time from someone called Phil Greaves who apparently is important enough for Global Research to pick him up -

"But, the SAA, along with Hezbollah, are on the offensive and winning, as that trend continues and Russian support solidifies, there will be nothing left for Obama to bargain with"

That support is solid and unwavering, Phil, not solidifying! And it ain't just political support (which is how it reads). That's the only mention Russia gets and it is so watered down from the reality to be deceptive.

Here's another one from Phil, remarkable only for what it doesn't say-

No mention at all of Russia nor its commitment to defend Syria in the face of US or israeli direct intervention. It's all good intentions gone awry and finger pointing. And never a finger aimed at the elephant in the room that is Russia.

Actors reading from scripts in true Truman Show tradition. The interesting point is becoming who's in the cast/chorus line and who's in the audience?

What it means

I should elaborate on what this 'chorus' means for new readers. It means that the US's direct military/'humanitarian' intervention into other countries has finally come to a grinding halt thanks to Russia taking a stand.

The brutal US air force has been grounded, in the Middle East, at least, and likely further afield. That very brave US air force will have to content itself from now on with bombing its allies like Pakistan.

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Don't mention the war.

"Don't mention the war"


Everything (almost) is scripted

Henrik of RedIceRadio talks to Neil Sanders in an interview entitled, "The Dark Art of Mind Control", wherein Sanders gives examples of 'news' and social events that were entirely scripted from the beginning.

You can here it at this post of Penny's-

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