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French soldier attacked and stabbed in the neck

From the news article - minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told journalists near the site of the attack: "The soldier was attacked because he is a soldier.

It seems to me that whenever an official very quickly comes out with either the identity of the perp or knows their motivation before any reasonable investigation could have been done, we have state complicity.

So why would the British and French governments want their soldiers to feel unsafe amongst their fellow citizens?

I recall how during the police dragnet for the Chechen brothers that it was reported that a policeman was killed. The same thing happened during the hunt for Lee Harvey Oswald. You don't suppose it could have anything to do with the state wanting to put their police into a state of unthinking fear regarding their fellow citizens, too, do you?

Looking bewildered


Another soldier

You make a very good point here, for of course the "divide and conquer" strategy also includes dividing the police and the military from the people they ostensibly serve.

Indeed, Richard

We can't have a police state without 'Divide and Conquer', as you say.

It reminds me of Mandelbrot's fractals - the same formula repeated at different scales creating a very complex picture. But on closer inspection, it is remarkably simple once you see it; divide and conquer in family disputes, on a small scale, to the so-called "Clash of Civilisations", on a global scale.

I think this is part of the antidote

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