Those Whom The Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Mad

Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. This is an ancient saying credited to Euripides, the Greek dramatist who lived in the fifth century BC. Why would the gods, and I will take that to mean the demonic realm (and their agents here) for our purposes, want to or need to drive us mad first? People who become mad become, to varying degrees, unthinking and unable to act in their own best interests.

If we are driven mad by the powers that be, our authorities, then we could then become complicit in our own destruction. Something that wouldn't happen otherwise. And that point is of supreme importance. They can only destroy us (en masse) with our co-operation one way or another. Otherwise there would be no need for all this crazy-making stuff. Therefore, it is those amongst us that have the ability to understand what is happening that have the chance to foil the plan of the 'gods' for us all. But we need to stay sane for this to happen. We should not lose our heads or we will lose our heads, so to speak. An article that I'll link to below is well worth reading as it speaks a lot about what is happening to us psychologically. OK, I'll link to it here as well!

We've had the Boston bombing and there has been a lot of emotional fallout. So many unanswered questions and so much division has been sewn. There are those who take their thinking and perspective from the authorities and those who take their thinking from themselves, friends and alternative news sites amongst others. The major division has been over whether the bombs were fake or real; whether the injuries were fake or real. And more fundamentally, is the government involved as a perpetrator or not?

Is it possible that there was a fake bomb and fake injuries as well as a real bomb and real injuries? What if both sides of the argument are right? Each side being fed evidence to support their case? Divide and Conquer? Divide and conquer as a strategy is equally ancient as the saying that is the title of this article and has been used successfully by tyrants since at least the Roman Times.

Below are some short videos that show clearly that there has been actors involved. After all, it was announced to the crowd at the finish line that there would be a bomb drill which requires people to be acting one way or another.

Here is a video about bomb drills using actors who are amputees -

More after the jump

Here are some more video's taken at the Boston finish line

And here is that last video slowed down together with some possible explanations of why this is all happening.

Towards the end the author of this video is putting out an emotional call for people to wake up in contrast to the narration style of the previous two videos. Which is more effective?

It's important I think not to get too involved in the details of these or any other videos to the exclusion of the most important overall message that we are being lied to by the government. We are being managed and they want certain emotional reactions from us. Do something different!

These videos are available for everyone and we know that the 'authorities' can and do take down videos that don't suit them. They have control over all electronic and print media. So why are they still available? I can only think they are part of the plan to 'divide and conquer'. This terror incident has helped me see at a deeper level just how much of our environment and our thinking is controlled by those that ultimately run our society. It is a lot more than I would like to think about. The evidence comes as is usual with state sponsored terrorism through what is not there to be seen as much as what is there to be seen.

How is it that we have all these photos of the drill actors and little to no photos of real bomb victims? Where are the pictures of the one hundred plus injured? Because the authorities control what is available. Why would they have plenty of evidence of fake victims available? To lead those people who are already suspicious of the government, to claim that it is ALL fake and look like crazies to the people who believe in the government. And the whistle blowers and 'conspiracy theorists' are increasingly driven mad by the government on one hand taunting them with the evidence of the govt's own criminality and the rest of the population calling them mad and worse for having no empathy or eyes in their heads. Sandy Hook Deja Vu.

If the government wanted to simply terrorise the whole population, it would be so much easier to just blow up everybody for real. The trouble with that strategy is that since the World Trade Center demolitions, there has been a growing awareness of a section of the population about government complicity in terrorism and it would grow even larger with an ordinary false flag operation. No, what is needed is a much more sophisticated operation; one that terrorises the unaware and marginalises and destroys the ones who are aware. Well, aware to varying levels.

The level of control over what we see and not see says that there is no 'ad hoc' program going on here. For instance, the so called incompetence and piecemeal and conflicting statements that don't make sense against each other, if you think for one moment about them, are all planned. It's designed to make you shake your head and say to yourself and anyone else that will listen, "this is crazy"! It's designed to stretch our sense of order in the world; to assault our sanity.

To survive, we need to take our awareness to another level now.

Part of that awareness is understanding what the high levels of sustained stress are doing to us and what we can do about it for ourselves

This article here by Dr. Gabriela Segura MD Mass Nervous Breakdown published on the Signs of The Times website is very insightful and has some very good advice which may not be anything new to many readers but is a good reminder in any case.

Dr Segura ends her article with what happens when we are unaware of what is going on -

"It surely is no accident that a world ruled by psychopaths who are excluded from the 'limbic field' shared by humans because they have no empathy - meaning that they either lack higher cortical functions - is controlled by manipulating the emotions of everyone else, provoking them to feel rage, hopelessness, frustration, intimidation, fear, despair, or to lash out and act violently.

That's the key; the Powers that Be want you to feel upset because then you are not using your higher cortex and its faculties and you are in a stupefied and dumbed-down state, like a sheep waiting to be sacrificed. They win. You become a reactive and ineffective machine who cannot effect a creative output in the world. And creativity is what these psychopathic rulers fear the most. No matter how great our potential might be, when we are in reactive mode, we are no match for the evil that has overcome this world.

So let's all reclaim and reconnect our higher faculties. Too much is at stake here!"

Before anyone points out that the SOTT people sell the meditation program that is elucidated on at length in the above article, it is also available for free on line from them. Other methods of prayer and meditation I'm sure would be equally beneficial as well.

There remains the question of how to best go about making aware those that are still in thrall to the 'authorities'. I will leave that question for another article but the comments section is open if anyone wants to make suggestions in the meantime

I'd like to acknowledge APea of Twelfth Bough and Buelahman of Buelahman's Revolt for stimulating much thought in me and to our own McJ here at Winter Patriot Community for help in planning and research including various video links. Cheers to all!

Further reading -
Limbic Warfare and The Paranoia Switch


There is certainly truth in

There is certainly truth in what you say and I think another large part of this is simply to see how Americans would act under marshall law in Boston. Well they cheered it with thunderous applause.


Yes, indeed Mick. Again we have the split between the unaware who cheer and the aware who are alarmed at the conditioning for the future and each side calling the other crazy. We need to see that each side is being played and look for ways to mend the divide.

newjesustimes's picture

thank you James

Excellent work, an interesting perspective and it makes damn good sense. Although I despair that there's much of a chance to convince the majority of folks who cheer for their oppressors. Even presented with the hard evidence in their face they will deny it and fight the more aware of their fellow oppressed to their last breath. An army comprised of many otherwise intelligent people programmed to fight for what is wrong with society. Sorry to be depressing, it's a beautiful day out to enjoy fighting the battle against the weeds in my yard, an equally never-ending war when one is determined to entirely forsake the use of chemical weapons and instead engage in hand-to-root combat.
best wishes and cheers,

Hey NJT,

by and large you are right, of course, but I feel better when I don't pull my hair out at what others don't see. It helps to remember that there are things that I don't see, too.

Besides, I think that whenever I'm reasonable when I could be abusive, somewhere there's a psychopath that's getting pissed off with me. And that feels good smiling

Good luck with your noble and righteous battle with nature!

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Hello NJT

Good luck with your battle of the weeds! I am about to start my own battle up here in Canada. One perk is that it is much more enjoyable than these other battles we are fighting. It think it is good for our souls when we spend time in nature and besides, she is such a good and patient teacher. smiling

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Thanks for yet another great

Thanks for yet another great post James. You really have a talent for connecting the dots, giving us a view from the top, so to speak. Bogging down in the details and arguing amongst ourselves seems increasingly counter productive at this point. It's just more 'divide and conquer' fueled by a flood of disinfo mixed in with real, concrete evidence this was a deliberately planned event. It is the same storyline over and over again...same shit, just a different pile! Will we ever figure this out? For sure, all of us will come away with our own opinions but we are never going to know definetivly. And I am not sure any more, what difference it would make even if we were to produce the "smoking gun(s)".

I really like the idea of reclaiming and reconnecting with our higher faculties (not that I am suggesting you haven't.... excellent!). It seems a positive step in the right direction.

smoking gun

Thanks McJ. Well, it's the little bit of the big picture that I can see. I agree about the 'smoking gun'. It'd be ignored and/or contested in any case no matter how solid it was. I mean the WTC buildings fell at the rate of free fall. Proof positive right there but everybody is still arguing about what happened.

Better to stick with the simple knowledge that the government is one of the perpetrators at least and wants us to fight amongst ourselves to take attention off them.

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Speaking of 911...

You are welcome James. And speaking of 911 and on a somewhat related note, Dublinmick linked to this vid in the comments over on Richard Emondsons' site. Watch the actor deliver his lines at about the 1:20 mark. I can't help but laugh it is so bad rolling on the floor laughing although this evil shit really isn't funny!

picky little details

To paraphrase a comment that appeared on my blog, ages ago, in response to a piece about 9/11:

"These are the sort of picky little details that only Truthers could care about."

It's a double attack (is it not?) against objective reality as well as those who are still connected to it. And to the people who "think" that way, sites like this one must be horribly annoying.

If only we would all go to sleep and forget to check the "official" stories against the "supporting" evidence, their lives would be so much easier.

Thanks again, James

Thanks Winter

Yes, very annoying for them. To paraphrase Al Gore, the truth can be inconvenient.

Martial arts

I cannot remember the name of the martial art, but were we talking one day about looking past the opponent, to the mountain in the distance? And by having the longer focus we are able to pick up on a subtle move of the opponent against the background...? I know i had this discussion with someone and i think it was you James.

The reason i mention it is because we are indeed playing into their game by putting our focus on trying to solve their little mystery. It is not clear that even if we solve the mystery, what is to be gained since the vast number of people have accepted the narrative and moved well past this to the vast selection of other horrible stories available for daily consumption. I do not know the answer but it is least less crazy making to understand that they are trying their best to make us crazy.

Through Deception Thou Shalt Do War (against our sanity)

Great comment, APea! Yes, we've had this conversation. For the benefit of others, I'll elaborate.

If the opponent is at some distance or there are a number of them, you can focus past them and make much better use of your peripheral vision as they move.

If the opponent is 'in your face' you can focus on the bridge of their nose rather than their eyes. This achieves two things. It stops you being mesmerised by your opponents eyes and it is much easier to then let your eyes go out of focus which then allows you to see their whole body and all movements against the background as APea says.

The minute you focus intensely on one thing, such as your opponents eyes or a knife they may wave in front of you, you lose sight (literally) of everything else and are ironically in more danger. Your awareness goes down and your fear goes up.

I've laboured it a little because APea's analogy and insight is exactly applicable to our situation in dealing with the ongoing attack upon everybody by the PTB. We need to keep the overall picture before our eyes at all times otherwise we become more fearful than we need be, we then don't process new information properly and we get blind sided.

So the shills love to create controversies around details and have us arguing ad nauseum so that we don't see the larger picture and miss where they are taking us. The details, clues, slips and contradictory statements are put there on purpose for us to focus on. All this facilitates the shills who then start the controversy and use our arguments to ridicule us to the very people we want to reach. Many of us in frustration then ridicule the general population much to the glee, no doubt, of the PTB and their shills

It is all about deception through distraction and ridicule while they manoeuvre us into evermore vulnerable positions psychologically. They are isolating us and assaulting our sanity, in other words.

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speaking of Boston

here's the latest writeup over at American Everyman.

Let me know if there's any objection to adding this site to the blogroll - I think they've had good coverage of the information coming out about Boston bombings.

hi NJT

I'll email you


Wise post WP.

We have all (me certainly included) reacted in a rash way at some point especially when confronted by the enemy who seeks to destroy our freedom.

Aggression can be a powerful tool when used correctly. But that usually requires laser like precision in its application and a steady headed focus.

Easy to describe much harder to deliver.

Focus is the factor that is most lacking from the blogs.

We are all independently heading off in different directions covering this issue or that issue at any given time. Gaining focus and then losing focus. Becoming distracted, disenchanted and then suddenly finding our zeal again.

There should be more self-imposed discipline (me certainly included) whereby pressure and focus is maintained on certain specific subjects by a blogger or loose knit collaboration.

The 'devil' is in the detail. By keeping a subject under the microscope the lies and deceits contained within it will be more rapidly and readily exposed. Thereby exposing the wider deception.

I hope these observations have added to your article.

Carol A. Valentine

Thanks Carol

I have to point out that WP did not write the article. It was me, James. It's an easy mistake to make and i think common with community sites.

That said, thanks very much. Maintaining focus is a problem because we aren't naturally drawn to these topics. Psychopaths are, of course, and many know they have the advantage there and try to overwhelm our emotions. But discernment and experience with their methods can help a lot.


According to

Putin did not say how, but he did announce he had ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria.

Israeli Debkafile's military sources disclosed that the Russian leader was referring to S-300 anti-air systems and the nuclear-capable 9K720 Iskander (NATO named SS-26 Stone) surface missiles, which are precise enough to hit a target within a 5-7 meter radius at a distance of 280 kilometers.

In his phone call to Netanyahu, the Russian leader advised the prime minister to make sure to keep this in mind.

Thanks Mick

That is a very good link. I'll add it to the Syria post.


It's just a misquote. Whom the Gods would destroy they first make, arrogant. In other words, excessively vain or "proud." Think of U.S. Senators, John McCain, Hillary (pillary?) Clinton, Joe Bidden and any U.S. President in the last 150 years.

Not at all

Thanks for your comment. The quote is accurate. True, the quote used is sometimes seen with the substitute words "arrogant" and also "proud" for "mad". This blog has discussed many times the "madness" of "arrogance" and "pride". This madness is sometimes called "hubris" which better conveys the madness aspect of the words arrogance and pride.

But the madness of hubris displayed by our 'masters' is not the only aspect of the madness the 'gods' use to destroy us. The madness of the subservient is also used to destroy us. If the servants believe the arrogant are superior, then the servants also believe that they are inferior, which means they will defer their thinking to the arrogant, the mad. This is to deny reality and that is a delusion or madness. Living in delusion hampers survival for the "masters" and the "servile".

Hierarchical societies foster both sides of this madness and are therefore inimical to our species survival.

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