The Wheel Chair Guy - this IS a drill

Well, this part of the Boston bombing fiasco is a drill. I came across this must see video courtesy of McJ. There's a whole lot more to this but I'm putting this up now before it disappears.


that didn't take long...

i just emailed the url to myself to watch on my ipad and try to zoom in for a closer look, but youtube tells me i can't watch it because of "restricted content." !

this must have been taken from the camera and film guys perched on that overpass structure. excellent find! i wonder what other treasures they have on their rolls of film.

It still works from here

Hi APea, I had trouble accessing it again so that is why I put it up now. The link on this post still works for me so maybe sign in to WPC here with something other than an Apple device and use the link here.

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working in Canada

Hi Apea, It's working here in Canada. hello or goodbye I can access it from both my laptop and my iPad. I am going to download it, just in case.

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Another vid

Here is another video examining the same footage. The guy zooms in and slows it down, so you can see it better. It has the same footage from the video James linked. It's at the beginning. He goes on to discuss several other points including showing a clip of the police commissioner of Boston referring to the two suspects as actors.

Original video - Boston Bombing Finish Line Time Lapse - lots of 'stuff' to look at here. smiling

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I downloaded all of the above videos plus one other, just in case they disappear. smiling

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Arterial road?

I think what happened there is some kind of freeing up of tangled fake arteries and stuff, getting stuck around the wheels on the chair/ under the chair..during the little race there. I did notice in one of the high res action shots, that have been posted on the net, showing the theatrical mangled prosthesis, that the veiny, ripped bits seemed to be getting stuck, caught under the wheelchair as they were*frantically* pushing it..and in this pic, it looks like the guy in yellow is holding one of the prosthetic legs on to stop it from falling off...where's oscar pistoruis when you need him ??

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Hmmm...knew too much?

Hmmm...knew too much?

FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Va. coast

"Two members of the FBI’s elite counterterrorism unit died Friday while practicing how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship using a rope, the FBI announced Monday in a statement.

The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”

A law enforcement source told The Pilot the incident happened about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. The official blamed bad weather for the incident and said the agents – members of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico – fell into the water. The official said he believed the agents died as a result of the impact rather than drowning.


Last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombings."


I'm sure they did know too much, like many others. But I'll bet the difference is that they expressed concern to the wrong people.

Perhaps there were killers dressed in FBI uniforms who weren't known to them. Mossad agents perhaps? They did take charge of the investigation as I recall.

From your link, McJ-
"Glenn McBride, a spokesman for the state medical examiner’s office, said it could be months before his staff can release a final cause and manner of death for the two agents. He said they must wait for the results of routine toxicology tests."

Well, that's bullshit. And obviously so. Too obviously so. My guess is that this is a message for any others out there that this is a cover up and that means 'you'd better keep your mouth zipped'.

To me it's the same as Gareth Williams' murder in an MI6 'safe house' with all it's inevitable surveillance equipment present. To the cognoscenti, it means that MI6 was responsible. Same, same .....

Then we have The curious killing of Ibrahim Todashev who knew he might be killed by the FBI.

There's too many people being summarily killed and too many israelis running around, though. This has to be concerning for many people on the inside especially the anti-israel faction. Perhaps we will see stories being leaked at Veterans Today soon.

Something very weird is going on with Chechnya. Wouldn't it be interesting if Russia started confronting the US over their Chechen bullshit?

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