Psychopaths In Public Life

Below is an excellent one hour talk by Thomas Sheridan regarding the psychopaths' influence on our society; how they think and what their agenda is.

Thomas also explains how we are a threat to them together with some useful tips on how to deal with them (mostly at the end!).


I'd just like to call your

I'd just like to call your attention to the fact that TS himself has been all but outed as a psycho, here:,26312.0.html

All but outed?

Over the last couple of years, I've watched and listened to quite a few hours of Thomas Sheridan talking and read material on his websites. I've found nothing to indicate to me that he is a 'psycho' (I take it you mean psychopath).
The forum topic you linked to is 40 pages long! I've read the first page (including a comment from Laura) and find nothing to indicate psychopathy is suspected by any of the posters thus far.

A couple of posters take issue with his non belief in UFOs and 'channelled' material and psychopathy being non genetic. I don't see how that has anything to do with Thomas being a 'psycho'. Or even a 'shill' for that matter.

I invite you to explain your comment and to link to specific comments on the Cassiopaea forum that you feel back up your assertion.

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