Sandy Hook Inconsistencies. Or "What's Wrong With These Pictures?"

This first video comes via Penny For Your Thoughts and originally from a comment left there by the ever sharp Gallier2

This second video of parents of another child allegedly killed comes from a comment left by A13 at APea's Twelfth Bough" blog post "Missing"

Both videos show facial expressions of grief but without tears. There are lots of other inconsistencies if you look carefully. One tip is to watch without sound.

Speaking of inconsistencies, here are links to two articles found at SOTT by McJ listing some of the many
inconsistencies that have been reported.

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control

Sandy Hook massacre: Evidence of official foreknowledge?

The two blog posts mentioned above, Penny's and APea's , are well worth reading for a fuller picture and thought provoking comment; particularly on the pictures that are missing and not just wrong.

So, is it important to work out what exactly is going on or is it simply enough to know that what we are being told is not the truth and what does this mean?


Here's another excellent link. This one provided by Kenny.
From Willyloman-
Wag the Dog As World View: How PR Guys and Thespians “Contribute” To Society

Also from Kenny, some excellent background info-
The Strategy of Tension


Here's a related link you may want to check out

"Wag the Dog As World View: How PR Guys and Thespians “Contribute” To Society"

As to your last question...we know that most everything we are being told is a lie but we would sure like to find out what exactly is going on. One day the mirage will fall apart and the whole world will know. They are getting very sloppy and careless and it will be their downfall. I still have some hope left.

Good link. Thanks Kenny. It's

Good link. Thanks Kenny. It's all theatre, isn't it?! Teevee is a medium for theatre. And it's 'raison d'etre' is to sell stuff i.e. manipulate the viewers' thinking and subsequent behaviour. That is what it is and that is what it does. So obvious and openly admitted. Yet this is lost on most people.

They are getting sloppy. It is a sign of their inevitable hubris. One wonders how sloppy they have to get, though, before the majority of people have to face the fact that it is 'not grandma under that bonnet'. Anyway, I think those two video's are powerful arguments for us. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say!


Thanks for the link over, James. Carol Valentine also pointed out that Sandy is a nickname for Cassandra. And Cassandra has her own syndrome of being cursed to see the future but never to be believed. I am starting to wonder if some of the sloppiness is intentional to frustrate those of us who see but will not be believed by masses of teevee watching people. Even willy loman seems to have a hard time with the possibility of actors being involved. Apparently this will pose a bridge too far for some people.

The suggestion alone seems to infuriate some people. The question for them is what would you prefer: that the children be dead and you can be right, or that the children are alive and we were scammed?


Hi APea,
Yes, the whole thing is so sloppy you have to wonder if it is intentional. But hubris and the incompetence that comes with corruption has to be right up there too. Either way, I think we can expect the 'sloppiness' to continue to get worse (or better!).

The question for them is what would you prefer: that the children be dead and you can be right, or that the children are alive and we were scammed?

Good point!

Sandy Hook The new root of truth has an interesting take on all this.

hi wiggins

Jim Stone is very intelligent and i have read his blog. his theory came up in the comment thread at the post James linked to above. given that children are routinely sold into sex slavery, i don't see why it would be necessary to mount such an elaborate attack to accomplish something that is done every day.

gaining traction?

Are the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists gaining traction?

Looks like it to me:

From Salon: Sandy Hook truther-reporter?

And the Hollywood Gossip: Sandy Hook Conspiracy Video Goes Viral, Questions Everything

newjesustimes's picture

let me just say

i have a good friend from many years back, who lives in CT and has a good friend who lost a child there. My friend would not make this up, the child was friends with his kids. So I believe very much that innocent children were killed there that day. As to whether Adam Lanza was responsible for the murders or was himself a hapless victim of a conspiracy, I have to wonder.

diamonds and glass

hi Winter, NJT. It is getting bizarre, isnt it?

It is so hard to know what exactly went on at Sandy Hook and maybe that's the point. I'm reminded of the expression - "The best place to hide a diamond is in a bowl of crushed glass".

If it is impossible to keep a false flag op watertight, then why not plant lots of false 'tells'? Lead people into claiming things that sound outrageous and therefore impossible - to the average punter, that is.

It seems to me that history tells us that all the 'authorities' need to do is avoid the possibility of certainty developing in the minds of the public as to what happened and who did it.

Lots of arguments ensue, when all we really need to know is that the 'authorities' are lying and are therefore implicated. It follows then that they are a danger to the rest of us and it behoves us to act accordingly.

Hey everyone regarding Sandy Hook

A couple of things on my mind

1: How hard the msm is working to discredit the questions.
This is fast. And looks to be orchestrated.
I commented at AP's "who sent the memo"

2. Where is the security system footage from the school
I have heard that the school had a new security system
Anyone see or hear tell of that

3. While this was ongoing there was supposed to be FEMA drill taking place somewhere nearby
So, what if.... the shooters got into the school because the principal let them in thinking this was part of a FEMA drill taking place locally
Recall early in the reporting the shooter/s were supposedly buzzed into the school past the security
This only makes sense if the principal having been informed of a FEMA drill/ action taking place let the perps into the school.
There were also early reports the principal had survived, including giving an interview, but then she was reported dead

What if she was setting up a narrative in a 'drill' including alerting the local media, then everything goes live and obviously she would have to be gunned down....

Hubby and I were discussing this and thought it the most plausible explanation.
Think of this as a special preview I will be using this at my place sometime very soon. Hoping for some input though

Hey Pen

It all sounds very very plausible to me. A new security system which would be controlled by the CIA (or whomever) would be necessary to prevent any leakage to the public.

The FEMA exercise would function as other 'exercises' in the past have to create confusion for the purposes of getting the operation into action through the help of unwitting participants and delaying the response of those not in on the gig. You're explanation answers some troubling contradictions in the evolving narrative.

I can't offer a detailed critique as I haven't been following the saga that closely and am not familiar with all the details. But let 'Occam's Razor' be your guide. Occam's Razor states that the simplest explanation that covers all the known facts is most likely the truth.

oh and one more thing

the day of the shootings the media was hot and heavy on gun control
I don't often watch tv, but, hubby was watching
I was listening to the language being used from another room
But I said "notice all the talk of gun control'
It seemed as if the media was spinning the agenda as this was unfolding
Anyway those are my observations..

PS: Winter thanks for stopping by at the beginning of the New Year
Best Wishes to you and yours and everyone here,
May the new year be kinder to us all!
that said, it seems that it might be worse for a great many of us the world over

gun control - people control

Instilling fear and 'divide and control' are the two most effective ploys used by despots. The issue of gun control divides the nation creating a diversion and both sides looking to govt to favour their side with the most fearful demanding the govt take away their liberties to protect them from their own fellow citizens.

I don't think the US govt will take away the guns because it is too useful a tool to scare the public with - 'your next door neighbour could turn into a terrorist any day now.'

People who are fearful and angry will more readily go to war because they cannot think critically. The demolition of the WTC proved that.

I need to visit here more often.

Over at Twelfth Bough someone left a link to this very revealing video:
SandyHookRawDec142012 by Ted Shaffrey a Video Journalist for Associated Press. It is raw unedited high-definition footage from a cameraman just capturing the event without an agenda. Especially from 3:15 on it shows real people demonstrating real heartbreaking grief, not like the actors presented by the MSM. Yet if we look closely we see that these are the very same people that we have seen either showing no emotion or an inappropriate levity on MSM. These people are not actors, but they were made to look that way by the MSM. The Truth Movement has been suckered.

This was a pys-op with 3 aims-
1) Create a clamour amongst the liberal left for gun control;
2) Create hysterical indignation amongst the gun-toting libertarian right that they will lose their 2nd amendment;
3) Make the Truth Movement look to the great sleeping masses like a bunch of ranting lunatics;
or as James says "Instilling fear and 'divide and control'".

I would say more but I found this talk by Max Igan who puts it better than me-
The Sandy Hook Project Explained which is a single part copy of the original multi-part video Sandy Hook - An American Coup d'état

Divide and control

Hi Freethinker.
Good to see you here. I watched both your links. I agree with Max and yourself. The whole thing is a sucker punch to everyone. The architects of this must be laughing their tits off. Until it's their turn, that is; when it is decided by the ptb that they know too much.

It is classic psychopathic behaviour. You see it over and over - drop a psychopath into any social situation and before long there are sides drawn up against each other and egged on by the psychopath, who, unbeknownst to everybody else was the cause of the antagonism. In chaos, they reign. And when it is your government, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Speaking of governments, a certain shitty little country has adopted this as their modus operandi for everything they do.

It is also like one of those Mandelbrot thingies; everywhere you look it is same pattern repeated on a hundred different scales


please do!

Hi freethinker.

Thanks for the comment, and please do visit more often.

I am still not sure what to think about Sandy Hook, but I suspect that it didn't go down the way they said it did.

I have not put much stock in analyzing the apparent grief levels of the victims' parents, so if you're correct about them, it doesn't shake my foundations very much. Something strange is almost certainly going on, though, and I appreciate people's efforts to try to find out what it is. Maybe eventually we will find out.

Thanks again for sharing the information with us, and best wishes -- to you and all our other readers.


Hi WP,
Have come through from Penny's place. Interesting discussion regarding the vicsim issue. I have found an interesting and similar ish incident that I want a second opinion on. Can I ask you to send an email through and then I can show you the details and my observations. I would be grateful for your viewpoint. PS Keep up the good work.
Best wishes, Carol.

Hi Carol

I cannot find your email address, but you are welcome to send email to me.


WP - I will be in touch - sorry for the delay. C smiling

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