What Are We Waiting For?

From the introduction to a video of Keith Harmon Snow talking at a TED conference -

"Sharing insightful personal experiences and stunning photographs from near and far, Harmon Snow explores a few pressing questions about consciousness, life purpose and the personal and societal changes that are required from all of us in service to building a better world.

A former aerospace & defense professional who later worked as a genocide investigator for the United Nations, Keith is a local small farmer from Williamsburg, Massachusetts, USA, a war correspondent and photographer. He was the 2009 Regent's Lecturer in Law and Society at the University of California Santa Barbara. He has worked in 44 countries, he is 'persona non grata' in Rwanda and Ethiopia, and he is also banned (for life) from Hampshire, Smith and Mt. Holyoke Colleges in Western Massachusetts. A facilitator of consciousness workshops, he describes himself as "... a spiritual seeker learning to breathe and feel fine while preparing for the end of the world as we know it."



This is an excellent presentation and I hope everybody watches it at least twice.

Thanks very much for posting it, James.

I think the guy is on

I think the guy is on drugs...

which ones?

caffeine? codeine? chocolate? nicotine? LSD? Lack of TV?

because he seems too human?

A little bit too real ... thinking on his feet and everything.

For me it's a refreshing change from the Barons of Bombast -- Tarpley, Jones, and all the others who are all too happy to hammer you over the head for an hour or two at a time. But that's just me.

And who knows? I may be on drugs, too. :Cool

Thanks Mick

We are big fans of Keith Harmon Snow here. In spite of his modest claims to the contrary, he is one man that 'walks the talk'.

KHS is the best.

KHS is the best.

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