Judge Awards $6 Billion In Damages In Frivolous 9/11 Lawsuit

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Holding the law up to ridicule

There's a law against that isn't there? Anyway the judge has conclusively proved that the law and the legal system is a joke. Not that this is exactly news to many people . . . especially round here.

Come to think of it, how much was Lucky Larry awarded for conspira . . . sorry. . I mean for blowing . . . no. . . for losing his investment . . er, his buildings that same day in september 2001?

come to think of it ...

I think you are onto something, James. Cui bono? Follow the $6 billion. No, not this $6 billion; THAT $6 billion!

911 is an open wound ...

911 is an open wound ...

it certainly is, Mick

It is a great horrible gaping wound at that, and it will remain open until we find out exactly what happened, and do something about it ... or until the 9/11 Liars kill all the rest of us.

At this point I wouldn't bet on either outcome, but I think our odds are probably getting better.

Good to see you back Winter

The lawsuit and decision may be frivolous but the devious propaganda and agenda behind it to destroy yet another country is anything but.

Thanks, Kenny

I couldn't agree more.

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