Setting the world a Flame

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Researchers Connect Flame to US-Israel Stuxnet Attack

Obama Ordered Stuxnet to Continue After Bug Caused It to Spread Wildly

The ongoing cyberattack authorized by Obama coincided with the Administration and members of Congress chastising China for its supposed roles in cyber-intrusions into government contractors, human rights groups and Western corporations. The Times piece notes that Obama was aware and concerned that the government’s forays into cyberattacks would give justification to Iran, China and other entities conducting similar attacks against the United States.

Do you think?

And, setting aside, for the moment, the idea that revenge will eventually work it's way around, consider for now,

The Argument that Fukushima Was Sabotaged

From the last comment (currently) here:

No kidding. I just came across and read through the Jim Stone "report" which can be found here:

Is what Jim Stone 100% accurate? Probably not. Does that automatically make everything he said re: this matter a bunch of BS? Absolutely NOT.

* Jan 2010 Japan offered to enrich Uranium for Iran's Nuclear Program, (Israel's real happy about that right?)

* A few months later, a group of 12 Israeli's (Magna BSP security company) are hired to install "cameras" that have been pointed out look very similar to mini-nukes.

* A WEEK before the disaster, all 12 of them return to Israel. (hello? 9/11 anyone??)

* March 11, 2011. All hell breaks loose.

* report: June 2012. STUXNET confirmed to be joint US/Israeli venture. Did I mention that STUXNET infected the Natanz plant in Iran, around the same time Iran was talking to Japan about acquiring enriched uranium??

Anyone ever heard of HAARP??

* Ionosphere goes bonkers above epicenter days before quake.

So again, is Jim Stone the ultimate authority on what happened in Japan March 2011?

No. However there are enough bits of info here that have to make any objective person at least stop and think for a minute.
There are too many dots here for this to be some crazy theory or just random coincidence.

Some interesting comments here (And a lot of shrills & shills):
Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2011-08-08 15:37 Berkeley Radiological Air and Water Monitoring Forum
Cracking Stuxnet: Stuxnet malware is reportedly a contributing factor to the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Maybe the title of this post should be "America Nukes Japan, Again". Or more aptly "America and Israel Nuke the World". Dang now I have that taste of metal in my mouth. Thanks Stuxnet. America and Israel. Setting the world a Flame.

Anyhow, felt like I had to just say something, boy things have been quiet. hopefully that means everyone is mostly better.
best wishes,


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Stuxnet in USA?

I wonder if Stuxnet or it's relative might have caused the issues at the San Onofre reactor.

Agency officials say an equipment manufacturer's inaccurate computer modeling and construction shortcomings likely caused the excessive wear in steam generator tubes at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, which has been offline since January.

According to commission inspectors, who have been examining the plant since March, higher-than-expected steam flow velocities rattled tubes within the generators manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

"higher-than-expected steam flow velocities" - I wonder if that's sort of thing Stuxnet is capable of?


From memory, Stuxnet affected the operation of the Siemens controllers in automated industrial systems. So I'd say it is very possible that it is responsible.

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thank you James

I knew I had those thoughts swimming around in my head from somewhere. ENOUGH is right! But it doesn't seem to change much.
best wishes

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I'm still out here. I've been a little swamped by life help, I`m sinking but things are definitely "mostly better" these days party time!. Thanks for asking. smiling There was some good info on this subject in the comment section under this post, I believe.

And Hi James Mr. Green (cheesy grin from me), I read your ENOUGH post again. As excellent and righteous as it was the first time around dude!

Hi Winter hello or goodbye. Hope things are going well for you.

Hi to you too

Hi McJ. Thanks for the smile and the wave. I am still kicking but not well enough to blog yet. The details are painful, so I won't ... But I am still on the mend, in really good hands, making progress, and expecting to be able to resume all my formerly "usual" activities, such as playing guitars and writing a blog or two. When? That's a good one. Maybe in the fall. Maybe even sooner. Hopefully no later.

Meanwhile, I agree completely about James' post, and I am grateful to NJT for keeping a discussion going here. I agree with you completely, NJT, and I wish I could do more.

I hope you are all as well as possible (given the circumstances) and I look forward to rejoining you (in my former virtual way).

Best wishes

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I am glad to hear you are on the mend Winter! I'll send you some warm wishes for your recovery. I look forward to your being able to blog again. I may be able to swing a post or two of my own in the not too distant future...but don't hold your breath now, will you. smiling

And my thanks to NJT as well for keeping this place afloat. smiling


hi folks

thanks, McJ and WP for the nice words. And hi NJT! I'm glad, too, to hear you are on the mend, WP, albeit slowly. But it sounds like 'surely' too which is good. I've been meaning to drop you a line and this is a good dig in the ribs smiling
I, too, have a post in the oven but the timer is stuck!


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great to hear from you

Hi McJ, Winter & James
great to hear from all my favorite winter patriots smiling
I haven't been by the blog all week, I was on vacation and then down sick with some nasty stomach bug. Finally feeling much better, now lots of catching up to do in my various computer projects, but it's good to be busy.
Very much anticipating your return to blogging Winter, but trying not to get my hopes up too much.

I'm going to put up a new post with a couple topics i read about while down and out this week.
cheers beauty, eh beauty, eh

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