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Don Smith left a really good comment on Winter's post on the 10th anniversary of the demolition of the three towers at the World Trade Center which can be read here.

Don started by saying-
"To even think about the possibility that the government,(George Washington, the cherry tree, Abe Lincoln, emancipation, the red white and blue, it's a grand old flag,etc), has set us up as suckers in a big con game is too painful to contemplate for most." read the rest here

It prompted me to enlarge on his insightful comment with my own thoughts on the subject.

The PTB know that if we make what we think is a free choice, we will defend it against all logic to the contrary. It is one of those nasty perversions of theirs where they use our human nature against us. Free will is foundational to us being human beings and we perceive this one way or another - usually intuitively. And because we think we are exercising free will in our choices, it is this free will that we think we are defending when we perceive we are being attacked for those choices from the people or the circumstances around us. Hence 'brand loyalty', 'party loyalty' and many other conditioned responses.

The spooks know this and use it to their maximum advantage. A case in point is the so called voluntary army that they have these days instead of a conscripted army. Economic conditions have (deliberately) taken a lot of options away from a sector of society so that the military is the only perceived option or choice available for many. So having 'chosen' to enlist, these recruits are far more loyal to their own decision than if they had been overtly conscripted. They then willingly accept the conditioning of their training (because they've chosen it, right!) and they're now snookered as far as critical thinking goes.

Off to war they go and the reality is pounding on the doors of their consciousness but most have no way of assimilating this confronting truth intellectually. This truth that is confounding their 'choices' and the basis of their self concept and their wider (conditioned) reality. So mental breakdown and mental 'illness' is the only outcome possible for a very large proportion of them.


The open air asylum they are living in in the war zone then is apparent. This asylum then extends for them when they get home. Our society, too, is seen (or felt) for what it is; hypocritical, illogical and self defeating i.e. mad, in a word.

And all because of the foundational lies that our societies and the individual's self image and self worth are based on, as Don points out so well.

Add to all this the lie that was never spoken to them. The lie that they chose freely from all the other possibilities (which have been largely taken away) to become a paid murderer, a terrorist and, they think, a spiritual leper.

But it is the people who control our societies and our culture that are the true spiritual lepers. They are the cause. Everyone else, from the conditioned psychopathic special forces troops to the 'support our troops' soccer moms, although they are not without responsibility, are largely the effects.

Those that are left with mental conditions are then seen as the 'mad' ones by the rest who are living in and supporting this totally insane thinking of the 'movers and shakers' in our society that has infected everyone else. And we are all infected with insane, oxymoronic ideas; ideas such as "righteous violence", for instance. These painfully damaged people then are acting out society's insanity because their humanity can no longer accommodate the murderous illogic of it all.

It is mind bending, indeed, to be faced with the evidence that in trying to intuitively defend what they thought was part of their humanity, their free will, they have helped destroy part of this same humanity both in themselves and often all of it in others. Thus, the destroyers are destroyed.

It's all back to front, upside-down and inside-out. This is the hallmark of evil.

Welcome to the programme.



great insight James and Don

this is a huge problem. it applies to young, middle aged and older people as well. i have noticed with many older generations that the barrier to entry, if you will, is just too high. for people who have spent their entire lives believing in the goodness of the USA, the greatest generation, the boyscouts in the military, the poor jews, democrats and republicans, and their modern presidents especially from Truman through Reagan, etc etc etc etc., they really can't come around to even *considering* something like 911 being anything other than what they were told it was. everything is so baked in, there are layers and layers of supporting lies. when one thinks about the CARE that was taken to stack all these lies so carefully, like cord wood from hell, over decades, it is quite breathtaking, but all consistent with the scope and breadth of evil as one can begin to comprehend it once we are open to accepting the truth, no matter what it requires us to sacrifice of our cherished beliefs. then you add to those people the young ones, which you have described well, and the middle ones who are clapping along because they have mortgages to pay and children to put through college, and they perhaps may be the most invested in keeping the illusion going. it's quite a lot of people who, for one reason or another, perceive that they need to resist the truth or lose their mind.

great line, APea

"it's quite a lot of people who, for one reason or another, perceive that they need to resist the truth or lose their mind."

Your closing line, APea, sums it up beautifully.

Good stuff

Many thanks for the post, James, and the comment from Don that started it, and a very insightful comment from AP. A great discussion so far.

I hope this is not too far off topic, but I couldn't help thinking that this new article is an appropriate companion to the comment from A.P. about Americans not being able "to even *consider* something like 911 being anything other than what they were told it was" ...

From half a world away, at least (!), Zan Azlee in the Malaysian Insider, reporting from Afghanistan: ‘9/11? What’s that?’

Corrective lenses

thanks Winter. From your link-
"I knew it was dangerous, but after a decade of US presence in the country, I would have thought the situation would be much better. "

haha - the sound of grim laughter! Here's a man who doesn't know which way is up. Or should I say, which way is down, in this upside-down evil world. He needs corrective lenses, it seems. Just like so many others that APea refers to living in this guided existence.

Ten years of the presence of the most destructive force on the planet doing what it does best and he thinks things should be better for the Afghanis!!!

"The real issue now, after talking to these Kabul-ites, is the fact that the US government, who had so eagerly entered the country in 2001, is now not fulfilling its obligations."

Obligations to whom?

The US Government is primarily obligated to those that have bought and paid for it - those corporations that supplied the electoral funds and other 'non-declarable sundry benefits'. And I would suggest that they are fulfilling those expectations and obligations perfectly. If they weren't fulfilling these obligations, things would change tomorrow because they have the power to do so.


you know, just when you think you've seen it all...

i'm reading this guy, Zan. talk about going merrily along. he's young and full of fun and he wants to do a travel documentary on Afghanistan. hey, that's a great idea.....

"My name is Zan Azlee. I’m a TV/FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, VIDEOGRAPHER and WRITER (not just for the screen, but also for print). I’m involved in JOURNALISM both for broadcast and print, a content developer for NEW MEDIA/INTERNET, and a CONTENT CONSULTANT. I'm also a mass-comm LECTURER at a local university. I run FAT BIDIN MEDIA."


clients include: Global Post, Al Jazeera. wow he must be talented. but could he be any more naive and unprepared, and uneducated about the situation? no worries! he has a passport and he has connections with NYT journalists. evidently that's all it takes for some people. my God isn't he worried that he will get on some no fly list for visiting afghanistan? i guess not. his work is sanctioned. it's a free world, right? anyone can go anywhere they want, right? i'm so glad i finally applied for a passport. maybe next year i will go jetsetting off to all the countries i would love to visit, the countries i have studied. oh wait i have no monies for that. what have i done wrong? how exactly does someone like Zan do it?

"I picked up the phone and called Ahmad Bilal Raghbat, the fixer whom I had hired to help me during my stay in Afghanistan. Bilal, as he goes by, was highly recommended by a New York Times journalist whom I had come into contact with while researching the country."

this is the sort of thing that makes me just shake my head. i mean no offense to the guy, i'm sure he's delightful. the problem is that there is no meaning to effort and talent anymore. it's all who you know. if we see him as a CNN correspondent next year i would not be at all surprised.

Ode to Zan the man

Zan Azlee
is ashalee
quite perfectly
suited to the job I see
till the day he sees
the world is crazy-ee
then we'll see
if it is so easy
to pocket the money-ee.
"Oh woe is me
no more perks for free
including the evening company.
look what you've done APea!"

haha, but oh we can't ode him yet

he's got a documentary to produce. and i mean, in his defense, how many people who enter the machine actually reach the day when they can't take the money... ???? i think the odds are in his favor. he's gonna be a star. look at that smile. he is just adorable.

Conventional Prizes For Conventional Behavior

The Kabuki Theater of electoral politics here in teevee land seems to hold sway as yet. I observe "liberals"still looking for new SCOTUS appointments to bring back liberty and justice for all, petition drives to persuade our solons to respond to the will of the People, signs in the street demanding that money not be the prime factor in a "free" election.
Somehow, the excesses of the consumer economy might be repaired, electric cars for use upon the interstate roads, range free chickens in every pot to cut back on the chemical and biological poisons now being sold as food, green clothing, green energy, green capitalism.
Then, in the fullness of time, a new way of dealing with the economy and the world will magically evolve, allowing all a chance at "stardom".
It ain't gonna happen- those in power do not even try to hide what they do, knowing that there is no recourse for those seeing the madness of the system, those in power will not legislate away that power, never have, never will.
I am old enough to remember the killings of JFK,RFK,etc. 911 is the most "in your face" act in U.S. history, it was not sufficient to rouse a populace which is now conditioned to instant news and is uncomfortable with introspection in any form.
Not to mention a police state which may grab up whomsoever they choose, exactly like the "fog and night" rules of the Gestapo.

newjesustimes's picture

Good observations

Thanks Don, and James, A.P. & Winter.
Good observations Don, "a populace which is now conditioned to instant news and is uncomfortable with introspection in any form. Not to mention a police state which may grab up whomsoever they choose, exactly like the "fog and night" rules of the Gestapo."
It's truly terrifying to contemplate. wish I had more to say, other than that I'm looking forward to reading further observations and thoughts on ways forward.

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