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So it seems the movement is still moving... I received this in my Email today,

From: [AE911Truth]
Date: November 7, 2011*
Subject: Urgent Action in NY - Occupy Building 7

To all those who continue to fight for the truth about 9/11 to be revealed:

It is time for us to occupy.

• March from Liberty Plaza to WTC 7 at noon each day.
• Occupy the park in front of WTC 7 until nightfall.
• General Assemblies will be held at 2pm each day to discuss the direction
and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after 11/20. *

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a much needed response to decades of
growing inequality, financial deregulation, and zero accountability for the
crimes that brought about our current economic crisis. Millions throughout
the nation and across globe who feel they have no voice in our political
system have come to embrace “Occupy” as an expression of their anger,
frustration and hope.

Ten years later, it is time for us to give voice to our own growing
frustration by aligning firmly with the Occupy movement and making 9/11 one
of the key issues the Occupy movement stands for.

We are attempting to get Occupy Building 7 on the official Occupy Wall
Street calendar, and we anticipate being joined by hundreds of Occupy Wall
Street protesters. Most of the protesters at Liberty Plaza are keenly aware
of 9/11. A lot of them already knew about it; others have been educated
over the last several weeks thanks to the 9/11 activists who have given
their time and energy to be there. Let us hope that by the time November 19
rolls around, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of Occupy activists
eager to help us make Occupy Building 7 a part of the broader Occupy

If you can make it to New York on November 19, please meet us at Liberty
Plaza at noon, and let’s make history.

View Action Alert online
Urgent Action in New York


will be interested to see how it goes.


New info is coming out all

New info is coming out all the time regarding 911 ...for instance ...

It's official

In case anyone was wondering if the PTB were bothered by the OWS crowd, it is now official news that they are not now (if they ever were). The OWS leadership is 'in the bag'.

'TIME' names "The Protester" 2011 Person of the Year

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