Ten Years Of Murderous Nonsense

There's a new post at my main blog. Among other things, it says, "Tomorrow will mark ten years of murderous nonsense. The official story of 9/11 is impossible to believe, yet it is promoted more brazenly than any contemporary truth."

You can read the rest here, and your comments are welcome below.



Astonishing picture of WTC 6.

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thank you winter

I wish you were healthier, for your sake and ours.
I owe you a great debt of gratitude for all you have written exposing and confirming the truths of this murderous nonsense.
thank you kindly, as always.

Watch this video re WTC

Watch this video re WTC 6...

"9/11 ACI - Unknown Rising Plume of Smoke "


Ten years of murderous nonsense

Here's the answer to your question about toasted cars at the WTC.
Prof. Neils Harrit speaking at the Toronto Hearings. Specifically mentioned at just after 52 minutes, but the entire lecture is worth hearing.

a little light reading

Hope your health is improving WP.
thought this might be of interest http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29103.htm


really glad to see you active again, Winter Patriot. Hope you are well these days.

Fear and security

To even think about the possibility that the government,(George Washington, the cherry tree, Abe Lincoln, emancipation, the red whiteand blue, it's a grand old flag,etc), has set us up as suckers in a big con game is too painful to contemplate for most.
Generations have been programmed by teevee and movies to believe that all the actions of freedom loving U.S. agencies are for the best, and probably blessed from on high by the Big Spook and all the winged spooks of the holy choir.
A now deceased friend of mine was an antiaircraft gunner in the Hitler Youth at thirteen, he believed that Hitler would win the war even as the American troops rolled over his home town deep in Bavaria.
Faith trumps facts most of the time.
Most of us decide what we wish to believe and then spend our time finding things which reenforce our beliefs. Logic has little to do with this, succesful politicians know this and exploit it.
The wealth of information which exists which brings into question many of the Big Lies are all about if one looks for them, from JFK,MLK,RFK,Malcom X, 911 , Sen Wellstone, and much more.
The bottom line is that one must recognise that the existing set up precludes any action for justice, the next step is a matter of personal courage, in that it guarantees exclusion from the conventional frame of society, a kind of exile in which one sees very few fellow exiles.

good one, Don

great comment, Don. You have prompted me to write. Thanks smiling
Cheers, James

Flight 93

I see no reason to doubt the official US government claim that UA93 crashed at Shankesville, that over 90% of the aircraft (60 tonnes) was recovered (although we have no photographic evidence of that amount) and that it was returned to its owners, United Airlines, just three weeks after 911 (I am sure the FBI had good reasons for releasing primary evidence from the largest terrorist attack in US history). One could quibble with US government records obtained under FOI revealing that three of the 911 flights, including Flight 93, were not flown commercially anywhere in the US in the 9 months preceding the attack (undoubtedly they were in maintenance somewhere), or that neither the FBI nor the NTSB conducted investigations on the crashed 911 aircraft that were required by law.

No, what makes the case for me is one photograph only, government exhibit P200057 from the Virginia trial of al Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui. It is an aerial photo of the Shankesville sight showing the impact zone together with several vehicles nearby, their lengths 4 meters. The hole in the ground is 5 car lengths long = 20 meters. UA93, from wingtip to wingtip, was 40 meters wide. 20m hole, 40m plane. Draw your own conclusion.


Ten Years of Murderous nonsense

Ok Merica time to wake up! If we don't speak up know we are all doomed.

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