Yemen, Syria, and other places not yet invaded by NATO

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In the US, we don't hear much about these places, until people start dying violently.

from rawstory

Syrian security forces intensified their assault on protesters calling for President Bashar al-Assad to quit, killing at least 34 demonstrators in the latest crackdown in the city of Hama, activists said.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets after noon prayers on Friday in defiance of security forces determined to crush an 11-week a revolt against Assad's 11-year rule.

Security forces and snipers fired at tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the city of Hama, where 29 years ago President Hafez al-Assad, Bashar's father, crushed an armed Islamist revolt by killing up to 30,000 people and razing parts of the city to the ground.

and also from rawstory

Yemen's embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh was wounded on Friday along with his premier and other officials as shells struck a mosque in the presidential palace compound, a security official told AFP.

The mosque attack came as fighting that has killed scores of people in north Sanaa spread to the south of the capital and the poverty-stricken Arabian Peninsula country teetered towards civil war.

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we've got to be careful

We never hear about these places where people die violently all the time until Israel and the US decide that these countries need to be bombed and invaded, at which point raw story and huffington post and all the other zionist propaganda merchants who pose as investigative journalists and/or independent bloggers suddenly become quite happy to tell us all about them.

well ... not ALL about them, but all that they want us to know.

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thanks winter

raw seems better than huff in that at least they allow 9-11 truth and some sort of legitimate debate in their comments. don't they have a few honest and real journalists there? but yeah, i hear you. thanks! - now I'm off to read the new chapter...


well ... not ALL about them, but all that they want us to know.

Enough to control the narrative, anyway. Anyone for tennis?

It's worth noting that Yemen is situated by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden


and Syria is on the Mediterranean Sea which NATO is surrounding

These Seas are both strategically important sea routes.

We aren't hearing much about Algeria. Will we be hearing about it from the Huff Post soon?

Egyptians on the move again

From DP News

Via Uprooted Palestinians

Cairo - About one million people gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square and across Egypt May 27 for a "Friday of Anger" that showed that the revolution against dictator Hosni Mubarak and his regime has reached a new stage.

The May 27 demonstrations were called by left organizations in defiance of Egypt's military rulers -- as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and liberal groups that were part of the mass protests against Mubarak in February.....

.........Organizers of the Friday of Anger said they were demanding that the Supreme Council: 1) try Mubarak for murder; 2) end the use of military trials against activists and revolutionaries; 3) abandon its authoritarian monopoly over major issues in the transition to a democratic system; and 4) begin a process of redistributing the country's wealth toward the poor by setting a living minimum wage.

The demonstrations were a huge success -- and, considering all the attempts to derail them, a blow to the Council and its supporters, including the Muslim Brotherhood......

....Other more hard-line fundamentalist groups -- known collectively as Salafists -- also declared that they would not participate in the demonstration. .....

......The crowd chanted over and over about the Muslim Brotherhood's betrayal: "Where is the Brotherhood? Here is Tahrir!" The protests all ended peacefully, with thousands reserving the right to come back and reoccupy Tahrir in the future if necessary. ....

There's something very different about Egypt and Egyptians

More here

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The Bombing of Al Fateh University in Libya

REPORT FROM TRIPOLI: More NATO "Humanitarian Intervention:" The Bombing of Al Fateh University, Campus B

by Cynthia McKinney

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