7/7 Ripple Effect

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An excellent (albeit 4 year old) video about the 7/7 attacks in London. Back in the news since the maker (Muad'Dib) was recently arrested, for - get this - “intending to pervert the course of justice,” extradited from Ireland to England and held for 5 months, before being released after a jury hearing.

More details here http://mtrial.org/
Thanks to flogging dead horses for the news.


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IMF head arrested, accused of

IMF head arrested, accused of sexual attack

"NEW YORK—The managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was taken off an Air France plane at Kennedy International Airport just minutes before it was to take off for Paris on Saturday and arrested in the sexual attack of a maid at a Midtown Manhattan hotel, the authorities said."

Read More: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/991579--imf-head-arrested-accu...

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IMF chief ?

doesn't he have the money to hire a professional, of which i imagine there are many in manhattan (hey it worked for Governor Spitzer, until he was busted in the press); why accost the maid instead, does this add up, Is he just so crazed with power that most maids do his bidding, but this time he met his match in the big apple?

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IMF chief...

from the reuters,
"arrest on sexual assault charges removes the toughest rival to French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the 2012 presidential race"

The scandal could also help far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who likes to paint herself as a woman of the people in contrast to an elitist political boys' club.

"This has turned the campaign completely upside down. It changes the stakes for everyone," said political analyst Jean-Thomas Lesueur at the Institut Thomas More think tank.

"(For Strauss-Kahn) it's finished. It's an axe that's come down on his campaign. It's incredible."


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more hmmm on Strauss Kahn

From Penny -Dominique Strauss Kahn arrested- IMF names replacement? http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2011/05/dominique-strauss-kahn...
I.M.F. Names Replacement as Chief Awaits Arraignment
Strauss- Kahn, has not even been arraigned and he is out!
John Lipsky is in.
"Mr. Lipsky, the I.M.F.’s first deputy managing director
, is a former U.S. Treasury executive and onetime banker at JP Morgan. William Murray, an I.M.F. spokesman, said that Mr. Lipsky, who has been overseeing the logistics of the bailout of the Greek economy, would meet with members of the I.M.F. board in Washington later in the day, according to Reuters."

And more hmmm....
From the Wall Street Journal May 13, 2011 - the day before Strauss Kahn is arrested.

IMF deputy managing director John Lipsky to step down
"JOHN Lipsky, the International Monetary Fund's No. 2 official, said today he will step down after his term expires at the end of August.
The unexpected move by the fund's first deputy managing director re-opens the controversial question of IMF governance and the institution maintaining its legitimacy in a new world of burgeoning emerging market economies.
"It will be interesting to see if the US gives up its prerogative to appoint the No. 2 official," said Eswar Prasad, A Cornell University economist and former senior IMF official."
"Mr Lipsky's announcement comes ahead of what many IMF watchers say is also an expected early departure of managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Although he has declined to say whether he'll run as a candidate in the French presidential elections, a raft of polls have him sitting ahead of other candidates, including incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.
Mr Strauss-Kahn has indicated that he's made a decision, however, that he will announce in July, a date that coincides with the deadline for him to submit his candidacy, analysts say.
That has stirred discussions of who will replace Mr Strauss-Kahn, or rather, where he or she will hail from: another western European country or an emerging market nation?
"It's going to be very difficult for the US, given that it has been pushing very hard for governance changes at the top at the same time it should maintain the number two position," Mr Prasad said."

Swallow ?

This is looking like a set up ...its hard to "swallow" .
Wonder if the "maid" has other paymasters ?

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I'm thinking 'swallow' as well.

I'm thinking 'swallow' as well Mick. By whom and why? Rothchild's JPM? Europeans? CIA/MIC? Puzzled

From the Market Oracle http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article28147.html
"From December 2009, Strauss-Kahn went public with his new money initiatives, under the imprimatur of the IMF, with the Green Energy Fund proposal to fight climate change in low income countries with a fund built from the IMF's own printable money - SDRs - starting at the equivalent of $ 100 billion. Other versions of this plan by Strauss-Kahn and his personal team were advanced, at growing scales and declining credibility, through March-April 2010, but were each time shot down by capital surplus countries led by China and including the Arab petro states, Russia, India, Brazil and Argentina.
Each time, the Straus-Kahn target was to exchange US dollars for new money, and dissolve US debt in new and printable fiat paper money. recycling wealth from the few capital surplus countries to the OECD debtor countries, headed by the US but including all EU27 states and Japan.
From mid-year 2010 the European PIIGS crisis only got worse, as US debt also worsened, forcing Strauss-Kahn to shelve public airing of his pipedreams and concentrate on saving both the euro and the dollar. The role of recycling and siphoning capital surpluses from smaller players with big holdings, starting with the Arab petro states and small island tax haven states, became more important than ever, as remarks by Strauss-Kahn and variable geometry allies and friends like George Soros, at the 2011 Davos Forum suggested to observers able to cut through the counter-noise. Likewise the role of SDR allocations and plans for radically increasing the production or issuance of SDRs most surely placed Strauss-Kahn in private conflict with very big players, starting with the US and China.
The latest plan was almost ready for launch, 14 May. Federal officials invited Strauss-Kahn to New York, arranged the hotel and travel, and set the agenda for a final review before going public on Strauss-Kahn's last plan to roll US debt into European debt, in which the Federal Reserve, and all its State banks, as well as European central banks would disappear. We know what happened, next."

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IMF chief Strauss-Kahn caught in "Honey Trap"

IMF chief Strauss-Kahn caught in "Honey Trap"
By Mike Whitney

May 15, 2011 "Information Clearing House" --- I have no way of knowing whether the 32-year-old maid who claims she was attacked and forced to perform oral sex on IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is telling the truth or not. I'll leave that to the braying hounds in the media who have already assumed the role of judge, jury and Lord High Executioner. But I will say, the whole matter smells rather fishy, just like the Eliot Spitzer story smelled fishy. Spitzer, you may recall, was Wall Street's biggest adversary and a likely candidate to head the SEC, a position at which he would have excelled. In fact, there's no doubt in my mind that if Spitzer had been appointed to lead the SEC, most of the top investment bankers on Wall Street would presently be making license plates and rope-soled shoes at the federal penitentiary. So, there was plenty of reason to shadow Spitzer's every move and see what bit of dirt could be dug up on him. As it turns out, the ex-Governor of New York made it easy for his enemies by engaging a high-priced hooker named Ashley Dupre for sex at the Mayflower Hotel. When the news broke, the media descended on Spitzer like a swarm of locusts poring over every salacious detail with the ebullient fervor of a randy 6th-grader. Meanwhile, the crooks on Wall Street were able to breathe a sigh of relief and get back to doing what they do best; fleecing investors and cheating people out of the life savings.

Strauss-Kahn had enemies in high places, too, which is why this whole matter stinks to high-Heaven. First of all, Strauss-Kahn was the likely candidate of the French Socialist Party who would have faced Sarkozy in the upcoming presidential elections. The IMF chief clearly had a leg-up on Sarkozy who has been battered by a number of personal scandals and plunging approval ratings.

But if Strauss-Kahn was set up, then it was probably by members of the western bank coalition, that shadowy group of self-serving swine whose policies have kept the greater body of humanity in varying state of poverty and desperation for the last two centuries. Strauss-Kahn had recently broke-free from the "party line" and was changing the direction of the IMF. His road to Damascus conversion was championed by progressive economist Joesph Stiglitz in a recent article titled "The IMF's Switch in Time". Here's an excerpt:

"The annual spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund was notable in marking the Fund’s effort to distance itself from its own long-standing tenets on capital controls and labor-market flexibility. It appears that a new IMF has gradually, and cautiously, emerged under the leadership of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Slightly more than 13 years earlier, at the IMF’s Hong Kong meeting in 1997, the Fund had attempted to amend its charter in order to gain more leeway to push countries towards capital-market liberalization. The timing could not have been worse: the East Asia crisis was just brewing – a crisis that was largely the result of capital-market liberalization in a region that, given its high savings rate, had no need for it.

That push had been advocated by Western financial markets – and the Western finance ministries that serve them so loyally. Financial deregulation in the United States was a prime cause of the global crisis that erupted in 2008, and financial and capital-market liberalization elsewhere helped spread that “made in the USA” trauma around the world....The crisis showed that free and unfettered markets are neither efficient nor stable." ("The IMF's Switch in Time", Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate)

So, Strauss-Kahn was trying to move the bank in a more positive direction, a direction that didn't require that countries leave their economies open to the ravages of foreign capital that moves in swiftly--pushing up prices and creating bubbles--and departs just as fast, leaving behind the scourge of high unemployment, plunging demand, hobbled industries, and deep recession.

Strauss-Kahn had set out on a "kinder and gentler" path, one that would not force foreign leaders to privatize their state-owned industries or crush their labor unions. Naturally, his actions were not warmly received by the bankers and corporatists who look to the IMF to provide legitimacy to their ongoing plunder of the rest of the world. These are the people who think that the current policies are "just fine" because they produce the results they're looking for, which is bigger profits for themselves and deeper poverty for everyone else.

Here's Stiglitz again, this time imparting the "kiss of death" to his friend Strauss-Kahn:

"Strauss-Kahn is proving himself a sagacious leader of the IMF.... As Strauss-Kahn concluded in his speech to the Brookings Institution shortly before the Fund’s recent meeting: “Ultimately, employment and equity are building blocks of economic stability and prosperity, of political stability and peace. This goes to the heart of the IMF’s mandate. It must be placed at the heart of the policy agenda.”

Right. So, now the IMF is going to be an agent for the redistribution of wealth.... (for) "strengthening collective bargaining, restructuring mortgages, restructuring tax and spending policies to stimulate the economy now through long-term investments, and implementing social policies that ensure opportunity for all"? (according to Stiglitz)

Good luck with that.

Can you imagine how much this kind of talk pisses off the Big Money guys? How long do you think they'd put up with this claptrap before they decided that Strauss-Kahn needed to take a permanent vacation?

Not long, I'd wager.

Check this out from World Campaign and judge for yourself whether Strauss-Kahn had become a "liability" that had to be eliminated so the business of extracting wealth from the poorest people on earth could continue apace:

"For decades, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been associated among anti-poverty, hunger and development activists as the poster child of everything wrong with the rich world's fiscal management of the rest of the world, particularly of poor nations, with its seemingly one-dimensional focus on belt-tightening fiscal policies as the price of its loans, and a trickle-down economic philosophy that has helped traditional wealthy elites maintain the status quo while the majority stayed poor and powerless. With a world increasingly in revolution because of such realities, and after the global financial crisis in the wake of regulatory and other policies that had worked after the Great Depression being largely abandoned, IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn has made nothing less than stunning observations about how the IMF and the world need to change policies.

In an article today in the Washington Post, Howard Schneider writes that after the 2008 crash led toward regulation again of financial companies and government involvement in the economy, for Strauss-Khan "the job is only half done, as he has been leading the fund through a fundamental rethinking of its economic theory. In recent remarks, he has provided a broad summary of the conclusions: State regulation of markets needs to be more extensive; global policies need to create a more even distribution of income; central banks need to do more to prevent lending and asset prices from expanding too fast. 'The pendulum will swing from the market to the state,' Strauss-Kahn said in an address at George Washington University last week. 'Globalization has delivered a lot . . . but it also has a dark side, a large and growing chasm between the rich and the poor. Clearly we need a new form of globalization' to prevent the 'invisible hand' of loosely regulated markets from becoming 'an invisible fist.'" (Link---http://wcampaign.org/issue.php?mid=625&v=y)

Repeat: "...a fundamental rethinking of economic theory".... (a greater) "distribution of income"...(more) "regulation of financial companies", "central banks need to do more to prevent lending and asset prices from expanding too fast".

Are you kidding me? Read that passage again and I think you'll agree with me that Strauss-Kahn had signed his own death warrant.

There's not going to be any revolution at the IMF. That's baloney. The institution was created with the clear intention of ripping people off and it's done an impressive job in that regard. There's not going to be any change of policy either. Why would there be? Have the bankers and corporate bilge-rats suddenly grown a conscience and decided to lend a helping hand to long-suffering humanity? Get real.

Strauss-Kahn broke ranks and ventured into no man's land. That's why he was set up and then crushed like a bug.

(Note: Strauss-Kahn has been replaced by the IMF's number 2 guy, John Lipsky, former Vice Chairman of the JPMorgan Investment Bank. How's that for "change you can believe in"?)

Damn ...it would seem that he

Damn ...it would seem that he who rocks the boat gets drowned before the status quo is altered .

What hope does "change" have against all those filthy rich entrenched interests ?

hope of change = ?

none, IMO.

The best we can do is the best we can do, and we've been doing it for years, and nobody really gives a hoot except for a few of us, who are already doing the best we can do, IMO.

Sorry to be so blunt

I am sorry to be so blunt ... but I am not about to start lying to you now.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have decided that I have to get healthy again and get blogging more frequently, not because there is any reason to hope that any change will come of it, but because it's the right thing to do.

I used to think of mankind as an organism, and individual truth-telling as therapeutic, perhaps the most powerful therapy imaginable. Now I still think of mankind as an organism but the relationship between truth and power has been obvious for a long time, and I have finally come to grasp the inequality. Truth-telling is not therapeutic anymore. It's palliative.

A few cells in the organism diagnosed the fatal disease but by then it was so far advanced that none of them could stop it alone. And the disease progressed by dividing these cells from one another, and killing off the most potent among them, so the survivors couldn't work together to stop it, either.

I don't always agree with Arthur Silber but it seemed to me that he was on the money when he said, "The system eats itself. End of story."

I continue to look for signs that both of us are wrong.

Scary that not only did the

Scary that not only did the victims of this event not get justice but that the glaringly obvious need to find Peter Powers employers has not seen official investigation and disclosure .
This harks of 911 ,"its not the crime but the cover-up " has failed us also.

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i agree mick

the 7/7 event seems quite connected to the 9/11 event (not to mention OKC); same modus operandi. kill the innocent, blame the patsies, control the press, smear anyone bold enough to publicly ask obvious questions as "conspiracy nuts".

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Muad'Dib is calling on millions of people to peacefully surround the Houses of Parliament in London, England -- on the 5th of November, 2012 -- to clean it of corruption and treason, making it a day that present and future generations will never forget.

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