Double Bogus When Lit

The stories don't need to be credible. They only need to exist.

Double Bogus When Lit: Obama Campaign Begins, Reality Obliterated


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"The point is: because the fiction is officially sanctioned, it will not go away. Therefore, to the politicians, it might as well be used. The Obama campaign to get re-elected in 2012 has begun."

Such a powerful point, Winter. It's a 24/7 managed environment. We are all in the Truman Show now. The only difference is that some of us are in on the gig and some are even being paid to be.

Fuck it. I'm crossing over! If I'm in on the gig, I may as well be paid for it. Besides, i could use the money. Well, a body's gotta eat, damn it!

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Yup, I was just saying to my

Yup, I was just saying to my daughter the other day this circus show is the official kick off to the Obama reelection campaign.

"With major distractional nonsense involving both birth and death coming so close together, it seems as though all we're missing is something about marriage. Maybe there's a great big distracting wedding of some kind in the offing. Keep your eyes open, and so will I."

rolling on the floor laughing I officially love this one. smiling


Winter, dont you count the royal wedding? I know, didn't happen at the centre of the universe but still. wink

perhaps I was kidding about the wedding

at least some readers thought so! Wink

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Speaking of weddings

Charlie Veitch of the Love Police after being illegally detained for 'pre-crime' in the wake of recent wedding spectacle over in England. IMHO really worth watching - very impassioned and powerful.

As I said to you many years

As I said to you many years ago winter it was a cynical choice to conduct the "operation" on 9/11 and it was an American that made that call. Not that of a "guy in a cave" .And from those that brought us 911 with its evidence spirited away to an Asian recycler we have the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden and once again the evidence is "spirited away" to the sharks.

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Swimming with the Fishes

Hi Winter,
Excellent post..and thanks for the link up smiling
Yes, the "other" Mr O is swimming with the fishes, way down in Davy Jones' locker...
and the marriage? mirage?..
expect something in Pakistan, but not the cricket.
and a German scenario could be on the mirage card...
There exists some information in the media already, pointing or eluding to Deutchland's "vunerabilities"..Ive' been reading the Sherlock Holmes piece you are writting, and I now find myself thinking like Watson a bit...I can't comprehend the bigger picture/ outcome..but i can see the devil in the details.
Many regards to you,

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Hey look Winter

Hey look Winter, this article that has all those things you were posting about. The death, the birth and a picture of the father of the groom with the Prez.

Palin criticises 'pussyfooting around' as President refuses to release Bin Laden death photo - but graphic images are published of three others killed in raid

"And in a speech in Alabama, reported in the New York Daily News, she linked the President's refusal to show the pictures with the furore over his birth certificate.
'Don't do kind of that birth certificate whole mocking of Americans for asking for it.'

"Barack Obama meets with Prince Charles in the Oval Office today after an interview where he confirmed no photographs of Bin Laden's body would be released."

There is just so much wrong with this, one would need to write an essay just to scratch the surface.

Here's a sample:
"Yesterday, the U.S. Attorney General declared the killing was ‘appropriate’ because Bin Laden had made no attempt to surrender.
Eric Holder, the chief law officer in the U.S., told the Senate Judiciary Committee: ‘Let me make something very clear: the operation in which Osama Bin Laden was killed was lawful. He was the head of Al Qaeda, an organisation that had conducted the attacks of September 11. He admitted his involvement.’


that's perfect!

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