Civic Duty

When you live in a pretend democracy, every now and then you have to go out and pretend to vote. Best wishes to my Canadian friends on the occasion of their civic duty.


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Thanks Winter

Thanks Winter - I put in my pretend vote today. smiling
I'll let you know what happens.

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I think I'm going to puke.

I think I'm going to puke. The Cons got a majority. Barf!

I think we're all going to puke

several times each, over the next what? five years?? Sad

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Thanks friend. I needed some

Thanks friend. I needed some solace. smiling

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It's four years till the next

It's four years till the next election if there ever is another one sad

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speaking of puking

over here in the states we are "joyously celebrating in the streets" the alleged death of the alleged 9-11 master mind. As if this death will somehow end the wars and return our country and world to the way it was before. As if it would undo all the deaths of countless victims of policy. Hooray for us, our guys killed another scapegoat!

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Evil was on display today.

I've been avoiding the boob tube so I wouldn't have to get a glimpse of it. What a sad fucking day. And I guess I was wrong about the 4 years, it is 5 years and they are also talking about 9 years (but I not sure what that is all about). I don't think it matters. Canada died today. Short of a revolution there is fuck all we can do to stop him from doing whatever he wants now. And he is one evil dude.

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Greece denies may quit euro

Greece denies may quit euro, European ministers meet

"Earlier in the day, the euro fell nearly 1 percent against the dollar and the cost of insuring Greek debt against default was quoted at a record high in response to the Spiegel report.
"The government has raised the possibility of leaving the euro zone and reintroducing its own currency," Spiegel said without citing its sources.
Despite its international bailout Greece, which joined the euro zone in 2001, has been unable to cut its budget deficit as fast as planned amid a deep recession. It has been raising taxes and slashing spending but is still plagued by tax evasion, corruption and the economy's lack of competitiveness.
Financial markets have been speculating for months that Athens will eventually have to restructure its debt and with the political will for more austerity starting to flag, some Greek politicians have been suggesting a "soft" restructuring which might involve lengthening maturities on the country's bonds.
An exit from the euro zone could help the economy in the long term; Greece would be able to cut interest rates and having its own, weak currency would boost exports and tourism.
But there is no legal procedure for leaving the zone, and the risks and immediate costs of the process -- Greece could face bank runs, and banks around the region could be damaged -- mean the government is likely to fight hard to avoid that option.

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Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone

Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone,1518,761201,00.html

"The debt crisis in Greece has taken on a dramatic new twist. Sources with information about the government's actions have informed SPIEGEL ONLINE that Athens is considering withdrawing from the euro zone. The common currency area's finance ministers and representatives of the European Commission are holding a secret crisis meeting in Luxembourg on Friday night."
"should Athens turn its back on the common currency zone, it would have serious implications for the already wobbly banking sector, particularly in Greece itself. The change in currency "would consume the entire capital base of the banking system and the country's banks would be abruptly insolvent." Banks outside of Greece would suffer as well. "Credit institutions in Germany and elsewhere would be confronted with considerable losses on their outstanding debts," the paper reads.
The European Central Bank (ECB) would also feel the effects. The Frankfurt-based institution would be forced to "write down a significant portion of its claims as irrecoverable." In addition to its exposure to the banks, the ECB also owns large amounts of Greek state bonds, which it has purchased in recent months. Officials at the Finance Ministry estimate the total to be worth at least €40 billion ($58 billion) "Given its 27 percent share of ECB capital, Germany would bear the majority of the losses," the paper reads."

Euro Whacked by Reports that Greece May Leave the Eurozone?
"So what will they do if Greece refuses to observe niceties and bolts anyhow? Send in tanks? I’m curious as to what punishments might be visited on Greece if it chooses to exit. Iceland had a very rocky six months when its banking system failed but it is now on track for a solid recovery. This example cannot have been lost on Greece. "

I am puking for you all and

I am puking for you all and myself here in NZ. PM Key is still popular. He lies continually and gets away with it time after time as our media fawn all over the creep. NZ election's are due in November 4 weeks after the rugby world cup. Am wondering what other distractions they'll dream up before the final 4 weeks before the election. The police parking outside unit and continually driving around the communal parking space where I live without talking to anyone. Am feeling quite paranoid.
I haven't done anything but give out a tiny bit of info. Every time I do the police start driving around my unit. Most likely coincidence.

It amazes me just how brain washed people are. I used to think that people who saw the evidence re 911 would instantly see the hoax for what it was and that anyone online who didn't get the really strong evidence was a troll but in reality a lot of regular people will believe authority and media above very strong evidence.

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thank you anonymous

for puking for us all smiling

"in reality a lot of regular people will believe authority and media above very strong evidence."

disheartening, isn't it? not just regular people but exceptionally intelligent and seemingly perceptive people.

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