Can We Still Say 9/11 Was A SCAD?

Was 9/11 a SCAD?

Gloria Tatum of Atlanta Progressive News: For Activists, Architects, 9/11 Questions Linger Ten Years Later

Can we still say that?

Kenny's Sideshow: ‘Fantastical’ 9/11


9/11 WAS a SCAD


I first started to seriously question the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) several years ago, after reading your blog indicating how you started to question it: "they don't read Tom Clancy?"

It made me think back to 9/11/2001, when my wife and I saw the Twin Towers coming down "in real time" on TV, and we both blurted out "it's a controlled demolition".... twice. But, as our son worked only a few blocks away from "Ground Zero" and he rode the subway to work, our only thoughts were on confirming that he was alive and well. It took us over 5 hours to reach him (all phone lines seemed blocked), and we cried with relief when we found that he had not gone to work that day, and was far from the destruction. He was safe, nothing else mattered, and we forgot our initial "controlled demolition" reaction. A month later, when we visited him in SOHO, the air was still filled with dust from the destruction, and nearly everything in lower Manhattan was covered in a layer of fine dust. It had been a "pulverization", not a "collapse", of the Towers, but we just focused on our son's good luck, and ignored the obvious signs of the pulverization around us, and the implications thereof. Ignorance was bliss.

However, after reading your blog, I started to remember some of the parts of the OCT which I had heard or read, and which had seemed incorrect to me. Specifically, the reports about the cellular phone calls from the high-jacked planes were totally "incredible", i.e., NOT BELIEVABLE, IMPOSSIBLE, sounded like someone had made factual mistakes in the reporting.

I know, as both a very frequent air traveller and having worked numerous years on cellular phone projects, that it was IMPOSSIBLE for the reported phone calls to have occurred via cellular phones. Initially, I thought that it was a reporting mistake and that the calls had been made from the seat "Airphones". But after it was confirmed that NONE of the high-jacked planes had Airphones, I knew that the OCT story line about the phone calls was totally fake. A fractured fairy tale. Never happened. The entire OCT story started to look like the "Wag the Dog" movie (a great movie!).

(For those who don't know about cellular phone systems, there are 2 important factors in cellular network design and implementation: 1) antenna pointing and 2) signal hand-off. 1) Antennas are pointed TO the users (on the ground, not in the air) to reduce "dead spots", and 2) the Radio Base Stations (RBS's) "hand off" the call to each other as a mobile caller moves from one RBS coverage area ("cell") to the next RBS. There is NO signal from the RBS's on the ground reaching a plane at 30, 000 to 35,000 feet travelling at 500+ miles per hour. Try it the next time you're on a plane. You CANNOT make a 10 minute call (or even a 10 second call) when the plane is more than roughly 2000 feet up and travelling at a MUCH lower speed. The OCT story line about Flight 93 is TOTAL FICTION. Those cellular calls NEVER happened. It's a Hollywood script. FICTION.)

When I realized that the cellular calls were all lies, I started to look into the rest of the OCT. The "controlled demolition" memory returned. Then I found out about "Building What?" (WTC7) and the NORAD stand down. Later, I saw Norman Mineta's sworn testimony to Congress about "The Dick" Cheney's stand-down orders preventing the deployment of military interceptors against the "high-jacked" aircraft heading towards the Pentagon, and it became clearly evident that 1) 9/11 was an inside job (SCAD), and 2) Cheney was the orchestra conductor on that day.

Since then, I've spent 1000's of hours confirming that conclusion. I am now convinced that it was an INSIDE and OUTSIDE job, carried out jointly by Israeli intelligence and American war-mongers and traitors.

Thank you for having written that blog so many years ago. Now, if the rest of the American public stop believing the lies they hear on Faux Noise, the world will be far better off.

A northern fan


Thank you for sharing your memories of the day, and your in-depth explanation of how you knew the official story could not possibly be true. The phone-call issue is SO IMPORTANT, not only because it proves beyond any doubt that the official story is fabricated, but also because everything we "know" about the hijackers came into the news stream because of the "cell phone calls" made by "passengers on the planes."

When it was pointed out that cell phones do not work on planes flying that high and that fast, the story was changed, so that the calls came from passengers using airphones. Who cares that none of the planes were equipped with such phones? Who cares that some of the recipients of the phone calls said "I knew it was him because his cell phone number popped up on my call display"? Who cares if one of the callers allegedly told his mother, "Hi, Mom, this is Todd Beamer"? Do you use your surname when you identify yourself to your mother? If not, why not? Oh never mind. Who cares about any of it? The mainstream media don't. And most of the so-called "alternative" or "dissident" media don't, either. So what the heck is wrong with us? I dunno.

Yeah, I do. We have too much integrity to swallow a lie that we know to be a lie. Especially when it "justifies" the murder of countless of people. I hope to have more about this later but in the meantime I must say I am very happy to see it featured in such a place as Atlanta Progressive News. Three cheers for Gloria Tatum and her managing editor, Matthew Cardinale. And three dozen cheers for Kenny and his Sideshow.

cell calls

"Hi mom it me Mark Bingham " just saying ...great comments so far.

He's dead. It's official

Yes, Osama Bin Longdead has come back for the grave to die

This is indeed a miracle. There's talk in the Bandiwallop pub of him being beatified any day now. Anyone else heard that rumour?

McJ's picture

Their dancing in the streets...

"Yes, Osama Bin Longdead has come back for the grave to die
This is indeed a miracle. There's talk in the Bandiwallop pub of him being beatified any day now. Anyone else heard that rumour?"
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I guess the 'Merikins just couldn't stand the English royals getting all that attention.

They're dancing in the street....

Oh it doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you are there.
So come on every guy, grab a girl,
Everywhere, around the world

There'll be dancin', they're dancin' in the street.

Displacement news.

yeah there's the royals and their costumes and fantasy theatre for the masses and then there's the Dead Pope's Society with their costumes and their fantasy theatre, too.

But where did Libya go? Or more specifically, where did the news of the missiles killing Gadaffi's family go?

Methinks it isn't going according to their nice little plan if they have to resort to this bit of blatant assassination in front of the world. They knew there would be innocent family members including children there. Still they've done it before. Protecting innocent civilians my arse.


I hope that the world will soon see a live video of the freshly-killed Mr. Bin LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGdead.
Like they showed of Saddam's sons after their murder, or of Saddam being hung,,,,,,

Might be difficult though, because a 10-year-old corpse doesn't look like freshly-killed meat.....

No disrespect meant for the deceased.... only for the idjiots who came up with this latest fractured fairy tale...

the 'burial'

No, there won't be any live on the internet post mortem pathology examinations (which would have been in very poor taste)
He's been very tastefully (if i can use that word [again] in this context) buried at sea.
Pretty convenient, too. No purchase or maintenance costs with a burial plot. Always thinking of ways to save the taxpayers' money.

the stress of waiting

Well, anyway, I'm sure that this will be a relief for the Bin Layin'about family after so many years of the stress of not knowing whether or not they will be able to claim Osama, the undead's, CIA superannuation payout

it's a clear sign

of how screwed up the Obama administration is, doing their April Fools joke at the beginning of May.

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"JEREMY SCAHILL: This is a very big problem for Pakistan’s government, because had Osama bin Laden been captured in an area that the Pakistani government didn’t have control of, there would have been a very different narrative that would have unfolded. You already see right-wing commentators, Bush—former Bush officials, really ratcheting up their rhetoric about Pakistan.And the fact that he was captured in what was essentially a town equivalent to Vale, Colorado, a vacation town, really shows that he must have had some sort of protection from the Pakistani state in order to live for so long, at least five years, it seems, in this location, rather than being in a cave somewhere.

The way that this operation went down, if in fact it is confirmed that it was the Joint Special Operations Command coming in from Afghanistan, goes back to an agreement that General McChrystal brokered with then-President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan that allowed what was called a "hot pursuit" clause, which authorized U.S. Special Operations forces to go into Pakistan from Afghanistan if they were in pursuit of Osama bin Laden or other al-Qaeda leaders. And the agreement was that the U.S. could do those operations as long as the Pakistani government could then deny it. And so, it seems as though this operation was, at least in part, launched from Afghanistan into Pakistan, President Obama chairing five National Security Council meetings about this specific operation.

So, I think that, you know, there’s going to be a lot of celebrating within the Special Ops community for having taken down the man that was identified as the number one target of this operation. And it shows that President Obama has really continued and doubled down on the Bush administration policy of targeted assassination leading the way in terms of America’s response to al-Qaeda and to people it designates as so-called terrorists.

Beyond reinforcing the myth of 911 here is Scahill laying out some further narrative for us.

and look where it is ...

here is Scahill laying out some further narrative for us on the pro-Zionist "dissident" website that always gives him and other pro-Zionist "dissidents" unlimited soapboxes but will never allow a genuine 9/11 Truth advocate to speak freely. Hmm.

We sure are a lot better off with dissidents like DN! than we would be without them, eh what?

sca .. hill . . is . . a . . pup . . . pet

So why didn't the US hit 'Osama's compound' with a drone attack or missiles like the attack on Gadaffi and his family?

Kinda slipped up there. The whole thing is a joke . . . incl Scahill

What's wrong with this picture?

I borrowed this from A13's I Understand and I wish to Continue

Some of what they say is

Some of what they say is true. For instance: there is an ocean.
Credit where credit is due.

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Thanks for the laugh Anon

rolling on the floor laughing Thanks for the laugh Anon.

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Bin Laden's death

I've been trying to understand "WHY" this particular psyops has been released NOW.

We know it's part of maintaining the official fairy tale (OCT), but..... WHY NOW?

As always, the brilliant Keith Olbermann has a special comment that puts the reported events into a logical perspective:

Numerous news reports, carried by international media since late 2001, stated that Bin Laden had died and was buried near Tora Bora, Afghanistan, in mid-December 2001 (including by the less-than-reputable, but occasionally accurate, Faux Noise, on December 26, 2001,,2933,41576,00.html).

I would be greatly surprised if Keith doesn't know that OBL met his Maker in 2001, but he avoided getting into the morass of that discussion. Instead, Keith's comment seems to explain why Bin Laden was "killed" a few days ago and his body "dumped at sea". Although nobody can confirm the recent death, Bin Laden is very definitely dead and buried, somewhere. Officially.

NO more Rita Katz "SITE Intelligence" fake OBL videos. NO chance that he will will rise from the dead again. He can no longer be used for partisan political purposes. His nine lives are exhausted. The boogeyman is dead. Finito. Kaputz. Fini.

Now, can we please bring our brave soldiers back from Afghanistan?
The purpose of their mission has been accomplished. Bin Laden is dead and buried. No reason to stay.
Interesting Olbermann approach.

Would appreciate other thoughts (yours, dear reader). Thanks.

Silence of the lambs

Hi Northern Fan. Thanks for your cell phone info, btw. Illuminating!

I've been trying to understand "WHY" this particular psyops has been released NOW.

Usually there are multiple reasons behind big psy-ops like this. The immediate advantages are that it takes attention away from Libya and Fukushima and the fallout from both (pardon the pun!). Neither reflect well on the power elite and continued reflection on them may lead some people to start thinking that something is seriously wrong with our world and our leaders and with what they are telling us. “My what big teeth you have Grandma. Say, you aren't really . . . . ” Can't have that, really.

Then there is the re-election campaign that Winter has written about in his last post. This re-election is very important stuff . . . . if you are on the blue team . . . . . and have a front row place at the trough.

There is also the aspect of 'retribution' for Osama's 'death' that is being 'floated' around in the media which likely means a false flag op is coming our way. This will set up more 'retribution' on the part of West's Alliance of the Wilful which, of course, is the point of the whole charade. Now this will have it's own timetable so this curtain raiser of Osama's 'death' has to be timed in accordance with that.

“I would be greatly surprised if Keith doesn't know that OBL met his Maker in 2001, but he avoided getting into the morass of that discussion”.
Yet there is no mention of it in the media. Surely that is the big story. Yet Olberman is focussing on a very secondary issue. The big story leads to a huge conspiracy by the government and the media to massively deceive the public and the question then is “Why would they do that?” Huge questions with massive ramifications but what do we get? "Can we bring home the troops now?"

I think what Keith Olberman doesn't say is far more interesting than what he does say.

Keith Olbermann

Greetings, James,

Many thanks for your thoughtful comments.

I concur that this obvious pysops was, in part, intended to boost Obama's position for his re-election campaign, but I'm surprised it came so early. Usually, these Goebbels-types like to time the release of such B.S. much closer to the target event. For example, in the case of Bush's "re"-election campaign, Rita Katz's "SITE Intelligence" released her home-made "scary OBL" video only a few days before the election, so that most observers would not have sufficient time to determine that the video was a a blatant P.O.S. fraud., and the mass of credulous sheeple would swallow it whole, a la Monica Lewinsky.

So, it doesn't fit their M.O. in respect of the re-election campaign. Far too early.

There has to be another much closer upcoming event that they are going to implement, and state that some issue arising from the OBL assassination justifies such (future) US government atrocity.

After my initial reaction of "why the f&%$ didn't Keith state that this was a very obvious psyops, and OBL is already deader than Elvis"????", I came to the realization that Keith decided to obviate a useless debate on OBL's real date of transmutation, and instead called the propagandists' bluff, in asking for the immediate return of our troops from Afghanistan, since the purported mission has now been officially confirmed as "accomplished". OBL is never going to rise again. No more Rita Katz fake OBL videos released just in time (JIT) to influence an important election. No more GOPWhoooores' claims that Osama is "soft on terror". No more excuses to invade yet another innocent country that "is definitely" harbouring OBL, cause he's buried at sea.

All good, but too noble for this band of sociopaths, and all in clear conflict with Obama's M.O. to-date. He has been upping, not lowering the fictitious "threat level" (now burnt orange with luminescent red polka dots), and "killing" Emmanuel Goldstein Bin LOOONG DEAD, goes against the M.O. . OBL's theatrical understudy doesn't have the essential stage presence for scariness. He's a mere kid with a non-threatening "book-worm" image. Hardly what's necessary for the daily "2 minutes of Hate".

So, apart from capitalizing on the fact that the very large majority of AmuriKKKans are too obtuse to recognize the blatant B.S. (Big Size) that they are being fed by Obama and the sycophantic (@$$-licking) MSM about this psyops, what are the puppet-masters specifically trying to achieve with this P.O.S. (Piece Of Scheiss) AT THIS TIME???

I smell another false flag coming.....far too much "commentary" on how the Pakistanis HAD TO KNOW that OBL was living it up in a "mansion" just a few hundred yards away from Pakistan's "West Point" equivalent.
Never mind that the CIA, US Military "Intelligence", the Mossad, and ALL the world's other intelligence agencies couldn't find, in TEN (10) years, a former CIA asset allegedly hiding in luxury in the middle of a major city in Pakistan, with a US$ 25 Million bounty on his head!! The "locals" are FAR too rich to bother trying to collect US$ 25 Million tax free, simply for making a few phone calls. And the Mossad can hunt down ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, ANY TIME, but couldn't find the guy who destroyed Larry Silverstein's "valuable" properties???

What shame!! What incompetence!!! What embarrassment!!!! What a gigantic waste of tax payers' money!!!
After all, just a few puny Arabs with $1 box-cutters ($20 total) could find THEIR targets, cause US$Billions of destruction, evade ALL US defenses, and kill nearly 3,000 innocents, all in less than 4 hours, but US and Israeli "Intelligence" needed TEN (10) YEARS to find and kill a single guy "hiding" in plain sight?

Maybe instead of "killing" him, they should have hired him to work for the CIA!! Oh, he did?!?!?!? My bad.

BTW, the pictures of the interior of Bin Ladin's "mansion" show what looks like DUMP, not a luxurious mansion.

These guys can't get their stories straight even if they have to "kill" someone to do it! (Pun very obviously intended.)

More thoughts??

A Northern Fan

thank you

What a great comment. This whole OBL death thing has ruined by bliss(just back from 11 days hols- no internet not tv, except the wedding smiling). I needed a giggle. The whole thing reeks of the farcical.

Plenty of thoughts ...

more thoughts than I can type. Perhaps I will make a post about them -- if I can corral them all and if I can manage to type for a good long while. But then again, if I can type for a while, I would be better off writing the next chapter, otherwise the chapter-book will never get finished, right? ... so don't wait for a post from me on this subject, but instead, read what aangirfan has been posting lately and extrapolate from there:


Our Man in Havana

Northern Fan, i think we are agreed that there are multiple reasons for the release of the 'We killed OBL" story and perhaps Barry's re-election was not the primary one. And perhaps the possible, make that probably, false flag op is the primary driving force at play.

Regarding our man Keith, though, i think we have differing views on him. Image Keith is in the room with Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. . . er, Grandma. Would LRRH be better served by Keith pointing out the flaws in Grandma's reasoning or by exposing her as she really is, i.e. not Grandma but the Wolf? By exposing the very basis of 'grandma's story as a lie?

I think you'll agree that once LRRH sees that grandma is really the wolf, nothing else needs to be explained to her. She will instinctively and immediately take what measures she needs to protect herself.

So why doesn't Keith do that? Why won't he expose the government for the terrorists that they are? That they are lying from start to finish over OBL and his supposed killing? Here's a great opportunity to do that , surely. Then everyone would realise that every talking head who has been supporting this narrative is a liar. All trust is gone then. All influence is gone then.

Why won't he do that then? He won't have a job if he does, that's why. So he does what he can to further the cause against the wolf and for LRRH given his constrained circumstances. Right?

Wrong. If LRRH is starting to question what is going on here -i.e. 'something's not quite right here' sorta thing, would she be well served by Keith involving her in the intricacies and contradictions of 'grandma's' story, the wolf's narrative?

I think you'll see that it would not be serving LRRH's best interests at all because she will spend time pondering these thoughts and it is precious time she needs to get the fuck outta there, if she wants to stay alive, that is.

So Keith, in my view, is working for the elite (he is on their [the media's] payroll, after all, working for Al Gore, no less, via Current TV) rather than working against them. He is delaying the enlightenment of those that are questioning the officials and their narrative and maintaining their (our) dangerous position. It's not what is said by guys like Keith, it is what is not said that is the problem and the danger.

I could go on but i'm likely to get very profane from here on in smiling

McJ's picture

To What Extent Was Mossad

To What Extent Was Mossad Involved in the Events Leading to 9/11?

Keith Olbermann

Greetings, James,

Many thanks for your thoughts. Certainly worth ruminating over.

Let me first confess that I'm a big K.O. fan, going back to when he started to flagellate mercilessly the puppet moron Dubya over his war crimes, sociopathic behaviour and really stupid actions and statements, at a time when K.O. was the only MSM "news commentator" who had the "cojones" to stand up to the rabid war mongers and their steamroller MSM propaganda machine.

No one, not even Rachel Maddow, has come close to "speaking truth to power" as has K.O. . Of course, Keith did not just "speak" it, he screamed it, sometimes violently, directly in Dumbya's and "Big Dick" Cheney's faces.

At times, I was concerned for his physical safety, fearing that he would be "suicided" a la Dr. David Kelly (murdered by Tony Blair's goons for revealing that Blair had "sexed up" the claims about Saddam's alleged WMD). His special commentaries contained far too much truth to be allowed to continue, so the war mongers who control the MSM had to muzzle him. They did.

Keith now has to return to the speaker's podium, almost from the bottom. He has to avoid becoming another Bill Maher, a former critical thinker and commentator who is now a total MSM Wh0rE and a "left-wing gate keeper", obediently serving his new imperial masters like a yappy lap dog, without thinking or questioning blatant stupidities that he's been instructed to defend (like the 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory). Maher is a eunuch. No cojones. A ventriloquist's dummy. Irrelevant.

I can only guess that Keith wants to ensure that his voice is not cut off again, even before he returns to the airwaves. He has to pick his fights carefully. I believe that's what he did in his latest special commentary. The best is the enemy of the good, and he probably decided that it was better to try to win a smaller, but very important, victory (OBL is dead, mission accomplished, let's bring our troops home from Afghanistan), rather than trying to change the entire War of Terror in one single commentary to a small audience on the Internet.

Master Sun Tsu would probably agree with that strategy. I do, but I'm not K.O.

Best regards,
A northern fan

some of each, perhaps?

About Keith Olbermann, I think I disagree with both James and the North, although mildly and not on the same points.

I had the occasion to correspond with Mr. Olbermann for a short time in late 2004 and early 2005 (mostly about the stolen presidential "election" of November 2004 and why he personally and his network in general were not about to cover any of what we bloggers were saying) and I came away from it thinking he was full of shit right up to his eyeballs. Perhaps I was too harsh. Maybe "cheekbones" would have been a better estimate.

I did not have any previous impression of him (I hadn't even heard of him, to be honest) so perhaps it is easier for me to say this than it would be for someone who had known and admired his prior work. But he made it quite clear to me that there are places where he is not prepared to go (and not even prepared to contemplate going) and that it didn't matter to him whether his reasons for not going there were plausible or otherwise. And this is too bad in my opinion (which I know James shares) because the places where he won't go contain most, if not all, of the interesting stuff.

As for the question of whether he is a force of enlightenment or a force of darkness, I have mixed feelings. I agree with James that the things he doesn't say are the most important and that he is doing his viewers a disservice by not saying them. But what if he did say some of them? He'd be gone the next day and his chair would be occupied by someone who would never say any such thing again. So what would we have gained? Not much.

I know from experience that many (most?) people cannot handle the whole horrible truth all at once. People who know nothing except what they see on mainstream TV news are for the most part incapable of taking in the sorts of things I write about, and my view is quite mild compared to some other writers on the Net.

Some people have to read me for quite a while before they can handle reading these other writers; in much the same way, some people have to watch Keith Olbermann for a while before they can handle reading me. So I think it's true that he plays a positive role for some people, who without him would never hear anything sensible from their televisions at all, ever. I do believe they'd be better off without the TV entirely, but I'd rather have them watching Keith Olbermann than Beck and O'Reilly.

You may disagree with me on this, and it's fine by me if you do. Some days I disagree with me too.

Keith Olbermann

Greetings, Winter,

Hope you're doing well. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this thread. Very glad to read your views.

I've never had the opportunity to deal directly with KO like you've had, so I bow to your greater knowledge of the man.

Again, like you, I felt disappointed that he was not more direct/blunt about the B.S. propaganda oozing like stinky slime from all the pores of the MSM, particularly with respect to the blatant false flag psyop which was 9/11, and all the evil that subsequently flowed from it. My heart sank at seeing man's inhumanity to his fellow man.

But, being involved in international activities for over 50 years, I've come to realize that sometimes the "fastest" path between 2 points is not necessarily a straight line. I used to rage against the injustice of the event which I saw or faced, while at times missing that a greater injustice was happening out of my line of sight. I want to make the world a better place, but I realize that one man, even of the stature of KO, cannot single handedly change everything that is wrong in one fell swoop (or one special comment). We have to pick our battles. Sometimes, others might think we picked the wrong battle, or the wrong strategy. But we have to live with the consequences of our decisions, good or bad. And we have to live, to be able to fight another day.

I used to admire Bill Maher. Then, he got kicked in the groin by the Powers That Be (PTB), and sent off to Purgatory for an extended period. He was allowed to return to the MSM (and collect a paycheck), but he came back a eunuch. Now, I think he's a paid MSM Wh0rE. No credibility. No cojones. No morals. But I'm certain that HE believes that he NEEDS to do his wh0ring to pay his bills. After all, that's the only reason why wh0res do what they do. Maher is a wh0re. But, were I in his situation, would I behave differently?? I like to think so, but taking care of my family has always been my top priority. What if I had to become a wh0re, to take care of my family?? A conundrum. Sophie's choice. Quien sabe?

I have a feeling (without foundation, just a feeling, which can be totally wrong, like I was with Obama) that KO has understood the Bill Maher transformation lesson, and doesn't want to repeat it. Again, nothing but a feeling.

Maybe I've put KO on a pedestal, since he had the cojones to say to the Dumbya's face what I wanted to say, but had neither the forum nor the opportunity to do so. Maybe he's like Michael Moore, who first raged against the many injustices that he saw and felt without a political party slant, but who, since he's become part of the wealthy minority, is "measuring" his criticism, and even going along with the OCT and some of the other propaganda B.S. . Power (and money) corrupts, and many of these former "valiant knights" have become common low-class wh0res. I think KO is smart enough to avoid falling into that black immoral hole.

At least, I hope so.

A Northern Fan

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