NO! I Do Not Support Obama On Regime Change In Libya


Slave Trade and Empire Building, Barry O

I conclude the Empire Building of the European Criminally Insane: NOT learned the Egypt lesson,

let people go.

Until drug testing is demanded and of course complete psychological profiles, on the so-called American Presidents, then we do not vote. Or vote our conscience and know we lose when other than the sickest human chosen to be U.S. Presidents, clearly, by Henry Kissinger, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Queens Beatrix and Elizabeth and then we get the paedophilia cultists in robes, the Pope and our court system.

Think about the BAR, British Accredited Registry. Do we really think we have a system of democracy?

Slave traders long before the 1500s, Europeans watched Egypt in its 1200 or thereabouts building of quite an empire, too.

African Chiefs were traded the cheapest goods from Europe for human being energy to build Empires.

Your health decline is from the chemicals in our skies, water, food, et cetera. Wasting disease.

Poly-addicted druggies are what they are and handlers like the European "elite cannibals" [ie Israel], love to get humans addicted [see the people of Israel and know the drugs carried globally during the global war on terror were amongst the 20 somethings of Israel, peddling wares for peace of course while "doing other countries."]

America is in need of healing. Elijah Cummings of the House Reform is who we must talk to.

SEE THE PORTLAND ALLIANCE, also. Going forward in the Stump Town of more demonic plague of Barry O than one human can begin to tolerate.

Clifford C. Walker, Iconoclast and bumper stickers already made:

Rev Jeremiah Wright Ain't Wrong!

Let me know you've received. I LOVE your writing, thank you so much for continuing to be an energy in the chaos of change, when your verve is as I know, so low. Be careful and stay STRONG.

Global fractional reserve currency

The key domino in getting the world to accept a global fractional reserve currency is China.

Don't misunderstand, global currency is 100% suicide and will lead to an effective one world government by the oligarch banking families.

The private central bank in China is rumored to be 50/50 rather than 100% Rothschild owned as it is in the other 192 of 197 countries. Therefore, it is slighly harder to implement the private fractional reserve global currency in China than elsewhere in the Rothschild empire, excluding Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba.

George Soros (Swartz) has the job of selling the Evelyn Rothschild (Bauer) plan for defacto global autocracy as instead being the salvation of the economic crisis.

event - reaction - solution

debt suffocation - fear of devaluation - global fractional reserve currency (world government)

Once the China domino falls, the door will be wide open to implement a private global currency in 193 countries. It will be touted as "gold backed" instead of "fiat", but actually will only be fractionally gold backed at less than 1:100.

More importantly it will be a private currency - meaning that Rothschild and the oligarch banking families will be able to create money autocratically with out input from the people of the world who use it.

This 'gold backed', fractional reserve, private global currency will be lent out to governments and individuals with usury. Thus ensuring literal debt slavery from cradle to grave for individuals and countries.

As the life blood of any society, Rothschild will hold everyone and every country in the palm of his hand. And once implemented, anyone who dares to oppose him can be taken off the grid with the flick of a key stroke.

Worse than heroin. As bad as cancer. Manifest dictatorship disguised as "economic freedom". Orwellian doublespeak - 100%.

Don't do it, ever.

Chinese central bank

hi Mouser, thanks for your comment. You won't strike any argument here smiling
The central bank of China is the Peoples Bank of China. If you have any links that can state categorically whether it is state owned, partially state owned or privately owned and by whom, i'd really appreciate you posting them here.

Wikipedia intimates that it is state owned and controlled. Regarding it's management, it has this to say-
"The top management of the PBC is composed of the governor and a certain number of deputy governors. The governor of the PBC is appointed into or removed from office by the President of the People's Republic of China. The candidate for the governor of the PBC is nominated by the Premier of the State Council and approved by the National People's Congress."

It sounds like it is govt owned. But the Bank of England, which is privately owned, has the same description of it's management and is, in their case, a definite ruse.


and thanks very much for the kind words.

Personally, most of my health problems are because of a spinal injury from which I am struggling to recover. But when I get through this rehab, I will once again be in a place where most of my health problems are caused by chemicals in the air, the water, and the food. So you are mostly right about that one anyway.

Watching our demise unfold before our eyes is no fun at all, but I will try to resume some sort of commentary on it as soon as possible. In the meantime, be careful and stay STRONG yourselves. All of you.

Obama and Libya

Greetings, Winter,

I hope that your health recovery is progressing well, and that you'll be able to continue both your excellent blogs and the Gareth Williams case.

I fully share your frustration about Obama, particularly as, unlike you, I had been fooled by his eloquent oratory prior to the elections. I had strongly urged all my family and friends in the US to vote for him, not only because it would be the end (or so I thought) of the Cheney/Dubya war crimes cabal and war-mongering policies, but because the US would once again have an intelligent President who did not reflect the worst traits of the US Government and the American people.

I remember reading your concerned, distrustful comments, and thinking that you were seeing him wrong. In fact, I was surprised by your position, as I had seen that you are a very knowledgeable and critical thinker, but I began to question your analysis. I apologize. You were very right. We (not you) did get fooled... again.

Obama has not only continued the worst aspects of the sociopaths before him, he has increased the number of war crimes and victims. Libya is the current one. I wonder who will be the next victim. Very sad.

Keep up your noble blogging. We all benefit from it.

A Northern Fan

McJ's picture

Never doubted it

I never doubted where you would come down on this issue Winter but thanks for saying so!

I remember the days on your blog when readers were arguing the merits of Obama 'the great black/white hope'. There were many who did not want to have the obvious pointed out to them. They wanted to believe the system worked and that their guy was going to be better than the other guy. I also remember readers thinking you went too far in your strident and unwavering stand against war and the US military. It was easier for me to discern of course, being Canadian and watching it from a distance. We have a similar scenario unfolding in Canada these days tho it plays out differently because of our parliamentary system. However, we have the same false dichotomy happening with the so called "progressive left" lining up against the "nutballs" on the right. They think their guys are different.

I was horrified to learn that Canada was 'leading' the NATO mission in Libya. In the online community, you will hear some 'progressives' condemn this mission yet in the next breath they will post some plea for everyone to 'support the troops'. Worst yet, a good majority of them believe we are helping. They may see the evil of the US military machine but can't extend it to Canada. Canada wouldn't do that, we're the peace keepers, we're the good guys so what we are doing in Libya must be good.

I am thoroughly enjoying your book and I look forward to every new chapter.

thanks very much, you're very kind

I wish I had been wrong about Obama. I wish I had been wrong all this time about the US military. I wish I had been wrong many years ago when I was designing anti-nuke posters to carry at protest rallies. I wish I had been wrong about a lot of other things too.

But it doesn't look as if the things I've been right about are going to change anytime soon.

On the personal side, I am still getting better (albeit gradually) and I still believe I will be able to be more active in the blogosphere fairly soon. I hope I'm not wrong about that.

I know it won't make much difference, especially compared to all the warfare and other deliberately man-made disasters in the world. But that's no reason not to do it.

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It makes a difference to me.

"I know it won't make much difference..."

It makes a difference to me. smiling

Here, this may cheer you up a little. It put a smile on my face.

Palin, Breitbart booed at tea party event

"Not everyone at Saturday’s tea party gathering in Madison, Wisconsin were fans of Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin.
The two popular conservatives had to talk over the boos of about 3,000 pro-labor supporters at the Capitol.
“Shame, shame, shame!” the crowd chanted, according to The Progressive.
“Tax, tax, tax the rich!” was another chant heard there.
“Go to hell!” Breitbart shouted back at the protesters

nothing and everything

If nothing else, you've given me so much confidence in my suspicions that they've become beliefs.
It helps and it hurts, but on some level it heals, reading what you wrote. I miss those days.
thank you

A13's picture

Hope you are well :)

Hi Winter,
I had no idea that you were unwell, I hope your recouperation goes well and i'm just starting to get into reading your Sherlock holmes book...bloody excellent.
Get well soon, many regards to you.
Cheers A13 smiling

thanks again

I appreciate your support and I'm sure it makes my rehab go a little better.

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