Radiation - Invisible Nightmare

Radiation kills silently, invisibly. Information as to the dangers and the incompetence of the designers and the operators of nuclear power plants has also been invisible. This lack of information also kills. Many people died from the radiation from Chernobyl because of lack of timely information which was withheld by the authorities. Keith Harmon Snow reports that nearly one million people have died from the Chernobyl disaster as of 2004. This is in stark contrast to the 4000 deaths 'officially' admitted to.


From Vladimir M. Chernousenko, Scientific Director of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Physics in Kiev's Task Force for the
Rectification of the Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident and author of Chernobyl, Insight From the Inside

 If we feel, therefore, that we do not now have the ideas and resources to create absolutely effective radiation safeguards, then it would be better to call a halt today. Tomorrow may be too late.

         Unfortunately, international public opinion has already been confused by the myths concerning the causes and scale of the Chernobyl disaster and its consequences for millions of people. Probably, the birth of these myths may be traced back to the articles published in the Soviet press in May 1986. The public was assured that "the heroes of Chernobyl" were "entering the Zone", "studying the situation", "bringing the reactor in Block 4 under control", "bringing the situation under control".
          In reality, no means were available to bring the reactor or even the whole situation under control. The reactor was dead. Its radioactive core had already been torn apart by the explosion. Almost all the radioactivity it could release, had already been set free by May 10, 1986. Millions of Curies of radionuclides from the gutted reactor had been scattered across the face of the earth. A transnational nuclear disaster had already happened.
          Then was not the time to save the nuclear power station, but to save the people -- those living far beyond the boundaries of the 30-km Zone. However, the Government Commission charged with the rectification work (the "Liquidation of the Consequences of the Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station" (LPA) "Likvidatsiya posledstvii avarii", stubbornly concentrated all its attention on the tiny 10-km Special Zone. It was into this small area that all the material resources were thrown, along with thousands of untrained and unprotected soldiers and reservists. The politicians had decided that the remaining three blocks of the station had to be brought back on-line, whatever the cost.
          Hence, the birth of the myths of Chernobyl. A wave of disinformation swamped the Soviet press and then washed over the Western press.
          A new wave of myths rippled out from the official report given by the Soviet (nuclear industry) representatives at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) conference in August 1986. The report was full of vague formulations, unchecked data, and false conclusions as to the causes and scale of the disaster. Apparently, the IAEA was quite satisfied with it. All indications were that these conclusions were perfectly acceptable to top officials of the IAEA.

The same pattern of behaviour is being repeated in Japan. From Natural News on the 13th March, two days after the disaster started-

”The conflicting reports coming out of Japan over the last 24 hours point to the very likely possibility of a massive Japanese government cover-up where government officials are telling the public everything is fine while desperately pumping sea water into the reactor cores to prevent them from going Chernobyl.

While it's important to be optimistic in such circumstances, the Japanese government is performing a great disservice by not disclosing the full truth about what's really happening there. If a core meltdown is underway -- as has now been admitted -- people need to be evacuating the entire Northern half of the country (as that's where radioactive fallout will have the worst impact if a total core meltdown does occur).”

(UPDATE- Crane collapses on fuel rods at Fukushima TWO WEEKS AGO Must read - unbelievable! Link via Twelfth Bough -Plutonium-Primer - highly recommended)

We have heard much about the dangers from nuclear bombs but not so much about their equally destructive siblings, nuclear reactors. It seems that nuclear power plants that run on uranium and also plutonium are a necessary part of making nuclear weapons and probably the main reason other forms of nuclear fuels like thorium and the technologies to use them have not been developed.

From Australian ABC News

”If the Fukushima nuclear reactors were based on thorium instead of uranium, the current nuclear crisis in Japan right now wouldn’t be happening.

Thorium is a superior nuclear fuel to uranium in almost every conceivable way, yet we hear almost nothing about it in the contemporary hubbub about nuclear power. If there is such a thing as green nuclear power, thorium is it.
For one, a thorium-powered nuclear reactor can never undergo a meltdown. It just can’t. This is because thorium is slightly lighter than uranium and is not fissile – meaning you can pack as much of the stuff together as you want and it won’t undergo a runaway chain reaction.

Instead, you need to inject a smidge of energy into a thorium reactor to kick it off. Some designs use uranium or plutonium as a seed. An even safer design uses a particle beam to trigger the reaction. If there’s a problem, you switch off the beam, and the reactor cools down of its own accord. The meltdown is averted by simply doing nothing.
That’s a fundamental about-face compared to the current uranium reactors, where the normal operating state requires constant intervention to actively prevent a meltdown.

Thorium is also thoroughly useless for making nuclear weapons. That was once seen as a barrier to its adoption for electricity generation because, after all, the nuclear power industry was originally an offshoot of the nuclear weapons industry. Uranium was chosen as the fuel of choice precisely because its by-products, like plutonium-239, could be made into atomic bombs.

From Vladimir M. Chernousenko again

Accidents at nuclear power stations happen.
Between 1971 and 1986, in 14 countries,
there were 152 accidents.
From information provided by the
International Atomic Energy Agency

Nuclear waste from nuclear power plants is a problem. There's no way of disposing of it safely. There's no way of disposing of it all really which is why all those 40 years worth of spent, but still radioactive, fuel rods were stored above the reactor in the fukushima power plants waiting for something to go wrong. I wasn't quite truthful when I said there was no way of disposing of this nuclear waste. There is one way and it is quite profitable. Selling it to armaments manufacturers.

From GlobalResearch


"[uranium tipped missiles] fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way... I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people." Marion Falk, chemical physicist (retd), Lawrence Livermore Lab, California, USA

”In the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. These massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, all contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads.
DU is the waste product from the process of enriching uranium ore. It is used in nuclear weapons and reactors. Because it is a very heavy substance, 1.7 times denser than lead, it is highly valued by the military for its ability to punch through armored vehicles and buildings. When a weapon made with a DU tip strikes a solid object like the side of a tank, it goes straight through it, then erupts in a burning cloud of vapor. The vapor settles as dust, which is not only poisonous, but also radioactive.
An impacting DU missile burns at 10,000 degrees C. When it strikes a target, 30% fragments into shrapnel. The remaining 70% vaporises into three highly-toxic oxides, including uranium oxide. This black dust remains suspended in the air and, according to wind and weather, can travel over great distances. If you think Iraq and Libya are far away, remember that radiation from Chernobyl reached Wales.
Particles less than 5 microns in diameter are easily inhaled and may remain in the lungs or other organs for years. Internalized DU can cause kidney damage, cancers of the lung and bone, skin disorders, neurocognitive disorders, chromosome damage, immune deficiency syndromes and rare kidney and bowel diseases. Pregnant women exposed to DU may give birth to infants with genetic defects. Once the dust has vaporised, don't expect the problem to go away soon. As an alpha particle emitter, DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years.
In the 'shock and awe' attack on Iraq, more than 1,500 bombs and missiles were dropped on Baghdad alone. Seymour Hersh has claimed that the US Third Marine Aircraft Wing alone dropped more than "five hundred thousand tons of ordnance". All of it DU-tipped.
Al Jazeera reported that invading US forces fired two hundred tons of radioactive material into buildings, homes, streets and gardens of Baghdad. A reporter from the Christian Science Monitor took a Geiger counter to parts of the city that had been subjected to heavy shelling by US troops. He found radiation levels 1,000 to 1,900 times higher than normal in residential areas. With its population of 26 million, the US dropped a one-ton bomb for every 52 Iraqi citizens or 40 pounds of explosives per person.
William Hague has said that we are in Libya " to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas".You don't have to look far for who and what are being 'protected'.
In that first 24 hours the 'Allies' 'expended' £100 million on DU-tipped ordnance. The European Union's arms control report said member states issued licences in 2009 for the sale of £293.2 million worth of weapons and weapons systems to Libya. Britain issued arms firms licences for the sale of £21.7 million worth of weaponry to Libya and were also paid by Colonel Gadaffi to send the SAS to train his 32nd Brigade.
For the next 4.5 billion years, I'll bet that William Hague will not be holidaying in North Africa. “

So you can see that with all these “wars for peace” going on not only is democracy being spread but so is Depleted Uranium; all over these 'liberated' peoples' countries. They are now irradiated. The cancers and deaths are rising and so are the birth defects. Radiation harms the DNA and transfers the harm from generation to generation. This is genocide. There's no way around it. The harm DU causes is well known.

From Dissident Voice

”An American General named Leslie Groves was in charge of the bomb making operation called The Manhattan Project. In 1943 The War Department knew exactly what uranium bullets and bombs were good for.

If the nuclear weapons did not detonate in Japan, the use of uranium bullets and bombs were the fall back position. It was not till Ronald Reagan was President in 1980 did the re-named Defense Department resurrect the deadly radioactive uranium bullets, shells, bombs, and missiles. No wonder his popular nick-name was Ronnie Ray-Guns.

The American Military knew the symptoms of radiation poisoning in 1943 too; starting with the irritated sore throat through to an agonizing death from being cooked from the inside out.”

A brief history of DU use in weapons

So how much of this radiation has the US dumped on countries (with little ability to defend themselves) that they have attacked?

From Dissident Voice again

”How many Nagasaki Bombs equal the Radiation in the 2003 Iraq war? Answer: About 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs.

How many Nagasaki Bombs equal the Radiation in the last Five American Nuclear Radiation Wars? Answer: About 400,000 Nagasaki Bombs.”

These figures come from 2004, seven years ago.

Progressively, the world is being irradiated and the DNA stock of mankind is being irreparably damaged.

From Stop The War Coalition

Bringing democracy to Iraq with an epidemic of birth defects

”The carnage inflicted by the US on Falluja in 2004 was one of the worst atrocities in the war on Iraq. Now another report indicates that the legacy of that attack is a dramatic increase in cancers and birth defects, with the finger of blame again pointing at the US Army's use of depleted uranium and white phosphorous weaponry.”

A war is underway against humanity and it is being waged by the psychopaths in charge of the aggressive agents of this war; the governments, corporations and military forces of the Western Powers plus Israel. These governments and organisations are deliberately using radioactive materials in missiles, shells and bullets to kill people (including their own soldiers) and to kill them for generations to come.

They must want to do this otherwise they would have found other solutions to their 'problems'. That's the way it works. If people have the power to change things and they don't, then the consequences must be seen as desirable no matter what they say. Truth is displayed in what they do.

So, if they are deliberately killing people for generations this way with Depleted Uranium, why wouldn't they want to kill people using nuclear power plant meltdowns?


Urban Survival article


Thanks for all your excellent writing of the past few weeks.

I read George Ure's Urban Survival today and he started his daily talk by quoting a Canadian researcher
Dr Abram Petkau:

"Petkau had been measuring, in the usual way, the dose that would rupture a particular cell membrane. He found that 3500 rads delivered in 2¼ hours (26 rad/min) would do it. Then, almost by chance, he tried again with much weaker radiation and found that 0.7 rads delivered in 11½ hours (1 millirad/min) would also destroy the membrane. This was counter to the prevailing assumption of a linear relationship between total dose or dose rate and the consequences"

Looks like the human race is getting much higher doses of radiation than we were led to believe

Also check out Cliff High's latest over at HalfPastHuman - related to our being radiated.

Again thanks to you and others for pulling back the curtain


valuable info

Thanks Dave. You're very welcome. That is extremely valuable information, Dave. Thanks for posting it.
It's all so insane, isn't it? But then, evil IS insane.

Good to see you're still around and sharing your sanity smiling


By including information on thorium, I am not advocating replacing uranium with it in today's reactors at all. Thorium fuel still gives off radiation and for 500 years. My purpose in including this information is to show that there were options way back and uranium reactors with all their hazards were pursued because they facilitated the production of nuclear weapons.
You'll notice that the usual suspects who are jumping up and down about Iran's uranium nuclear reactors aren't proposing thorium. They can't can they? Not without giving their own game away, at least.

It's (past) time to close this nightmare industry down.

Greenpeace tried valiantly in the Fukushima court to stop the use of plutonium in Fukushima #3 reactor ten years ago. They warned of this meltdown scenario.

I wonder if the judge in that court lives by the reactor.

Submission to the Fukushima District Court
Skip to the last few pages if short on time. But all worth reading to see how the WHOLE industry is corrupt, incompetent and criminal

Two insightful and detailed articles on the media's complicity in the destruction of Libya have been published by Medialens
'Noble' War In Libya - Part 1 and
'Noble' War In Libya - Part 2
H/T to Michael smiling

excellent as usual

it would be nice to have something pleasant to write about, wouldn't it? but it does not seem to be in the cards. i've seen some stunning ignorance in comments on different stories about this radiation story. people just don't get it, because there is so much disinfo about the types of radiation, background radiation, various isotopes, etc., and then along comes a reassuring talking head or expert to say Don't Worry and people go with that. all the military people breathing all this stuff in too -- i guess that doesn't register either. magical thinking? DU and plutonium will only lodge in the lungs of bad people? kind of reminds me of AIDS being a scourge sent from God blah blah blah. of course this problem will not discriminate. there's no place to escape from this problem, given how much of it has been distributed around the world and for how long, but after a time it all becomes plausibly deniable and just another cancer cluster. then they shake everyone down for a cure, and they put that money into cancer research so they can do more mammograms and radiation therapy. ! (and thanks for the link James.)

Magical thinking

you're very welcome re the link, AP. It's valuable reading, too. And thanks for your comment. Good point about the magical thinking around aids. And then the perps turn around and offer to 'cure' you with more toxins. more radioactivity as you point out. It's all the same.

I thought of fluoride and how the aluminium smelters are left with this highly toxic by-product, sodium fluoride, and what to do with it and think up the idea of saying it is like naturally occurring calcium fluoride and dumping it in our water supplies. More jaw dropping bullshit. And they get away with it because few can bring themselves to think our leaders in business and government would be that calculatingly evil.

Well, they are . . . . and then some.

But don't get me started! smiling

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Meltdown Snafu

Yep, it's all happening isn't it?
those evil mind bending idiots, and i'm talking about the compicit fools in the MSM,
Just parrot their crap..and like idiots, they think they are immune to the effects of this disaster.
No one is immune to death.
no one is immune to cancer caused by invisible particles winging their way across the planet.
well, a short rant...time is short.
I've linked you , james and A.Peasant up to my latest post.
Hope you don't mind.
great post BTW smiling
regards A13

skating on bullshit

Yes, I suppose the media - - (what do you call them without insulting some profession, the human body or an animal?!) ok, the media whatevers probably think they too can walk on water like their bosses seem to. Well, at least they can skate on bullshit, anyway.

Thanks for the link, too. I'm off to do some reading there now smiling

brain explosion

I just don't get it. Is there something in the description of a psychopath that states they never think of the future? It would seem that the natural imperitive to continue the species just does not/can not exist in these people(?). Do they some how think that all their money will protect their grandchildren, and exactly where to they plan on living; the moon.

mind boggling

Psychopaths typically engage in risky behaviour involving themselves and others and all done with a cavalier manner. They can be quite engaging. Think Errol Flynn.
They also have a limited idea of consequences.

They often get away with the most outrageous behaviour because few people can bring themselves to think it was anything more than an accident or miscalculation that the psychopaths claim whatever disaster it is to be - unintended consequences; unforeseen outcomes etc. You've heard the tune many times on the 'news'.

Against this we have the generational banking families that have been pursuing a plan for over 200 years. So that is seeing long term consequences but . . . . . the plan pays off in the short term as well as the long term and they don't see all the consequences and they certainly don't see what they are doing to themselves spiritually. In the end, they will be victims too.

They would have an imperative to continue their own families but not the entire human race. These people are intimately aware of the fact that they are different. Of course, they see themselves as superior rather than inferior in terms of missing something.

Because they have no empathy for others, they are emotionally 'colour blind' or 'tone deaf', if you like. They see 'empathy' (as they observe it) as a weakness. We see it as the essence of humanity.

If you want to see and hear this attitude displayed extremely well, watch the second film in the Matrix series and the scene where Neo meets with 'the architect' towards the end of the film.

Back to your questions, Debbieanne, I think they (the ones at the top that is) intend to live in the southern hemisphere. The Bushes have their Paraguayan hideaway and you could do a search on israelis + patagonia.

Psychopaths are addicted to power and most addictions carry with them a sense of grandiosity one way or another. Alcoholics think they can avoid the physical and social consequences of their addiction. This is grandiosity. Junkies are the same. Even if they could see this, the addiction drives them on to their destruction. The first thing that the addiction does is distort the addict's perception of reality and at the same time weakens their resolve (for want of a better word)

I see the psychopaths as no different. The great irony is that they see themselves as powerful when they are in fact powerless in the face of their addiction to power and the demons that drive them. But then, evil is based on lies.

Psychopaths: Where do they come from?

A good way to create a psychopath is to disrupt infant-mother bonding at the beginning of life. This is SOP in american obstetrics. See


The birth imprint is nearly universally ignored in this world, yet it is the most pivotal time in anyone's life. All mammals imprint. What humans in the "land of the free" imprint is a nightmare.

welcome and thanks for your

welcome and thanks for your important comments and the many links, Etnik.
Much appreciated. smiling

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I wish i could agree with you here..
But as an adopted person, who was taken from their mother when i was 8 weeks old, back in 1968, I'm no Psychopath..
I was put into a family, that i now think are sociopathic..but I totally rebelled from their headspace and don't really see them anymore.
I've realised it"s more nature over nurture in my case as i'm a warm and very empathatic person ( Like my birth mother!) and could never ever treat my children the way i was brought up...
But... My adopted bother and sister display signs of the elitism and the better than attitude that seem to be espoused by these people..and i no longer have much contact at all with them.
Not all people who are deprived of their "birth"mothers love turn out to be psycopaths..maybe i'm one of the acceptions?
Thank you for the links, they are interesting.
cheers A13

re: adoption

Hi A13, thanks for making that point. I am very sorry to hear you have had this experience.

I have two friends which were adopted in infancy. I don't think their mother even saw them after they were born. They were adopted by people who were (are) definitely psychopathic. The adoptive parents had connections high up in the catholic church and adopted my friends through the catholic welfare agency (if that rings any bells). This agency pressured their mother (unmarried and young at the time) to give them up.

The treatment my friends endured up until their late teens was horrendous. It was actually designed to make them psychopathic. But it didn't work. Both my friends, like you, are very empathic, indeed. They feel others pain keenly, more so than most, just as you do.

This is not an argument for or against nature over nurture. Probably both have an influence, but I don't know for sure. What I do know from the experience of these two friends and others is that a decision is made within each person, even non-verbally at a very young age, as to whether or not they will turn from love and embrace exploitation and become psychopathic.

You chose well, A13. And I'm sure that decision has benefited many many people.

A13's picture

Bells ringing...Loudly

Loud and clear about the catholic church James..lound and clear..
Same kind of story..
seems like a social eugenics program to create these Types of dissasociative psychos that they need to get things into shape for the new world order..they figured this out way back..

re: bells

Yes, A13, it's been going on for a long long time. The CC wrote the book on it all.

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Ralph Langner on Stuxnet - Japan vulnerable.

This is very good. H/t Aangirfan http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2011/04/stuxnet-worm-and-fujishima.html
Ralph Langner is a German cyber-security expert and an international leading researcher in SCADA security. He is the President of the Langner Communications GmbH based in Hamburg.
He unraveled the importance and the technical capabilities of the Stuxnet malware that inflicted mostly the Iranian nuclear program and has spread in several industrial locations across the world.

Langner says the biggest number of targets for Stuxnet are in US, Europe and Japan.


I'll have to have a look at the video later. McJ. Thanks for posting it.
I sure hope that they are going through the computer systems in all these power stations looking for the worm before they close them down.

What is it that makes me think that if they find no trace of the worm (yet) they will keep these reactors going and wait until they get infected and then run into trouble? sad

A13's picture

German Shut Down.

Hi Guys, that's precisley why i though they shut down the German reactors, as i'm sure the Germans are very suss on the fact that there might well be sitting dormant viruses, whether stuxnet based or not...ie..a Morph, like the common cold and flu can morph, to suit the enviroment and conditions..The virus it'self was very ingenious, and this is what i think has driven these shut downs..not to mention that the Israeli security company Magna BSP had friggin access to the "systems" to run their security programs...Magna BSP is situated in Dimona, Israel...funny that hey..
have a good day all smiling

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Re: German shut down

I was thinking the same thing A13. The Germans would know about this, especially if they were involved in creating and deploying this cyber weapon via Siemens and/or the German BND. Then you have Merkel's helicopter mishap coming right on the heals of this announcement plus their abstention from the UN vote on Libya. Really gets your suspicions up as to what the fuck these psychos are up to.

A13's picture

Like Minds..

I like the way your mind works McJ!! smiling
As usual, my monkey nose has sniffed out a possible conection between stuxnet and the famed israeli samson option and i've put up a quick post on it...i just can't help myslef...blogging is my new jones...aggh.
Cheers A13

McJ's picture


"I like the way your mind works McJ!! "
Well, I blame James for that. laughing out loud

"blogging is my new jones...aggh"
I don't know how all you guys keep up the pace, but I like it!

I was also speculating, that in this case with Germany (like what we have been seeing with the divisions showing between the US Gov/ Pentagon/ CIA), we are perhaps witnessing a realization by the Germans that they have been duped and are themselves vulnerable to something they helped create.

Check out this video by a guy named Benjamin Fulford. I never know quite how to peg this guy. He is a Canadian journalist living in Japan. His personal story is bizarre and he is part of the Alex Jones/Rense/Project Camelot crowd. He gets interviews with highly influential and secretive people like David Rockefeller which he posts on You Tube. So, I take what he has to say with a large grain of salt. That being said, in this video posted almost 2 years ago he says he was told that Japan had been threatened by an earthquake machine. He relates this to an earthquake that did happen 2 years ago in Nigata city, the site of Japan's largest nuclear reactor. He also talks about HAARP being the weapon that was used and that it was also used to create the large earthquake that subsequently hit China.

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A13 - Stuxnet info

I left the following comment on your post and I am leaving it here in case it gets lost in your spam. smiling

"Hi A13 - good stuff! smiling If you haven't already read my post on Siemens and Stuxnet give it a look and also check out the comment section for more info. http://www.winterpatriot.com/node/481 I have a lot of info gathered on this but it is on an old computer of mine. If I get some extra time I'll try and dig it up and get some of it to you. Siemens has been involved in a number of high profile scandals and dirty dealings over the years. I can't remember all the details I collected offhand however a couple of things of note to investigate. First, check out the executives of Siemens, if memory serves me at the time of the Cryptogate AG/Siemens scandal a number of their top officials were also connected to
German banking. As I wrote in my post, Siemens was dubbed "a secret Crypto AG daughter" being incestuously linked to the German BND, the NSA, the CIA, Motorola (which is on the BDS list and which develops and manufactures a wide range of radio communications and electronic equipment used by the Israelis) and I suspect MOSSAD. Second, Stuxnet was first discovered by VirusBlokAda, a little-known Belarussian security firm. At that time, Siemens knew that their Key or password had been divulged two years before and had not done anything about it. I actually read the forum where it was divulged and have it bookmarked (if I can find it smiling ). Second, the Stuxnet drivers have been signed by certificates from both JMicron Technology Corp and Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (This is were the stolen keys came from.) Both these companies are from Taiwan and have offices in the the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park. See link: http://tinyurl.com/2uw8zny . And Stuxnet is trying to contact servers in either Denmark or Malaysia so it can send data. Which means it is also designed to spy and steal information and I presume it could also receive information (possibly specific activation codes?) from the servers.
"Siemens also confirms that the worm is able to transmit process and production data, and that it attempts to establish a connection with the cybercriminals’ servers. At the moment, however, the servers are apparently inactive." - http://www.securelist.com/en/blog/283/Myrtus_and_Guava_Episode_5 "

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More Stuxnet on this thread

There is also more info on Stuxnet on this thread. http://www.winterpatriot.com/node/478

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A13- Siemens and German Bankers


Here is some of the information I had bookmarked on Siemens connections to German Bankers.

The Deustche Supervisory Board from the 2003 Deutsche Bank Annual Report

Dr. rer. oec. Karl-Hermann Baumann
Age: 68
First elected: 1998
Term expires: 2008
Member of the Supervisory Board;
Chairman of the supervisory board of Siemens AG, Munich

Supervisory board memberships
E.ON AG; Wilhelm von Finck AG; Linde AG; Schering AG; ThyssenKrupp AG
Other experience
Siemens AG (member of the board of managing directors), 1987-1998; Bayerische Handelsbank AG (member of the supervisory board), 1991-1998

More info on Dr. Baumann - http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?per...

Dr. Rolf-E. Breuer
Age: 66
First elected: 2002
Term expires: 2008
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Supervisory board memberships
Bertelsmann AG; Deutsche Börse AG (chairman); E.ON AG; Deutsche Lufthansa AG (member of the supervisory board until June 18, 2003); Siemens AG (deputy chairman of the supervisory board until January 23, 2003); Compagnie de Saint-Gobain S.A.; Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW); Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank
Other experience
Spokesman of the Board of Managing Directors Deutsche Bank AG until 2002; President of the Association of German Banks; German Financial Supervisory Authority (Administrative Council); International Advisory Board of MMC; CESR (member of the Market Participants Consultative Panel); International Advisory Board of Coca-Cola

More info on Dr. Breuer - http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?pers...

Dr. Ulrich Cartellieri
Age: 66
First elected: 1997
Term expires: 2008
Member of the Supervisory Board

Supervisory board memberships
Robert Bosch GmbH; Henkel KGaA (until April 14, 2003)
Other nonexecutive directorships
BAE SYSTEMS plc; Federal Reserve Bank of New York (member of the international advisory committee); GEMS Oriental & General Fund (member of the advisory council)
Other experience
Several positions with us 1970-1997, including member of our Board of Managing Directors; DEG-Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (deputy chairman of the supervisory board), 1998-2001; Karstadt AG (chairman of the supervisory board), 1988-1997; Ruhrgas AG (member of the advisor y board), 1991-1998; Siemens AG (deputy chairman of the supervisory board), 1990-1998; Solvay Deutschland GmbH (chairman of the supervisory board), 1990-1997; Thyssen AG (member of the supervisory board), 1986-1997

On 2004-10-28 Cartellieri resigned from the board of Deutsche Bank because he could "no longer support" the leadership of CEO Josef Ackermann.


Josef Ackerman a Jewish billionaire
Current CEO of Deustche Bank
And currently:
* Second Deputy Chairman of Siemens AG
* January 2003 Member of the Siemens supervisory board in office and currently as its second vice chairman.
* He is since 2010 the organizing committee of the Bilderberg conferences and member of the Trilateral Commission . [25]
* The board of the Federal Association of German Banks (BdB) it belongs to since 2005.
* Since 2008 he is member of the Supervisory Board of Royal Dutch Shell .
* March 2010 Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zurich Financial Services AG. Er wurde für 2 Jahre gewählt. He was elected for 2 years.


Josef Ackermann feted by American Jewish Committee
"The American Jewish Committee, one of the oldest and most respected civil rights and human rights organizations in the United States, presented its prestigious Herbert H. Lehman Human Relations Award to banking industry leader Josef Ackermann at a gala dinner at the New York Hilton Hotel."

Georg von Siemens was one of the founding directors of Deutsche Bank. He served as its first CEO in 1900. He was the son of Berlin Justice, Johann Georg Siemens, who introduced the major part of the original capital of the company Siemens & Halske which later became Siemens AG.

Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse -- were the largest beneficiaries of the Fed's purchase of mortgage-backed securities.

the responsible type

Seems i'm the responsible type; anything goes wrong around here, I'm responsible. Yes, blame me; poor, poor pitiful me sad hahaha.

Yeah, you've got to wonder what the deal is with Fulford.

I also got to look at the stuxnet vid, McJ. Shaking head here. You would have to presume everything about the worm was predetermined. So it's generic nature is deliberate. Meaning it is designed to create a lot of random havoc (as a decoy while they pull down some serious shit?). Which means if others clone it for their own purposes, then that's ok with the NSA et al and Mossad. Does this mean that these creeps have a code or key to identify the worm and any offspring to protect themselves?
A question for Winter? hmmm .. . . or Sherlock, even?

I was also speculating, that in this case with Germany (like what we have been seeing with the divisions showing between the US Gov/ Pentagon/ CIA), we are perhaps witnessing a realization by the Germans that they have been duped and are themselves vulnerable to something they helped create.

I was thinking he same thing, oddly! smiling The thing that constantly amazes me is that there seems to be an unending line of suckers who think they can do deals with notorious liars and profit from them.

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Stuxnet, weather and cyber wars

"Yes, blame me; poor, poor pitiful me"
Mr. Green twisted

I really don't get what Fulford is all about - CIA, MOSSAD etc. asset/agent or dupe? He says he used to be a financial editor for Forbes magazine and got involved in all this intrigue because he discovered damaging information on the international bankers. I don't know if he has ever divulged what that is tho.

"Does this mean that these creeps have a code or key to identify the worm and any offspring to protect themselves?"

And does it mean that other countries such as Germany don't have a key which may be causing some panic?

Is Stuxnet a decoy? Good question! I have thought about that a lot. I am also wondering if all the disclosure going on about HAARP and weather manipulations, earthquake creation etc. is some kind of decoy or cover up for something bigger going on. Altho, it is hard to imagine what could be more screwed up than that. I guess my main question is why are they disclosing now? Have they lost control of it? Are we witnessing some kind of weather and/or cyber war that is going on between the Evil Fuckers or perhaps between China/Russia and the US/Israel/NATO or any combination there of?

(Whew, that was a lot of 'ors' smiling ).

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What Winter said

Isn't this exactly what Winter predicted? http://www.winterpatriot.com/node/478#comment-10334

"I think it is much more sinister...
and more directed than a grenade.
However ... to continue the grenade analogy, this would be like throwing a *self-replicating* grenade -- because the survivors of the attack will have all the grenades they will need, forever.
It looks from here as if this worm is intended to knock out the Iranian fuel processing facility at Bushehr. What will it do when it gets in there? Who knows? One potential scenario is for it to shut down the cooling system and run everything else until the facility literally melts itself. Of course other scenarios are possible as well.
The 'rationale' for this 'attack' would be that if Bushehr could be demolished from within, via worm, then it wouldn't "have" to be nuked. (I don't buy the notion that it *has* to be taken out, but for those who do, this would appeal as a less violent method than a direct attack -- with less lethal fallout, at least in the short term).
But the boomerang effect of using *intellectual property* as a weapon in this way is that using the weapon gives away the "intellectual property", that is, the secrets required for the design, and therefore it empowers the "enemy" with the knowledge that previously had been an advantage to one side only."

and http://www.winterpatriot.com/node/478#comment-10324

"A computer 'worm' contains the instruction sequence necessary to propogate itself as well as the instruction sequence that does the damage. The first step significant step in defending against such a worm is reverse-engineering -- converting the "machine code" that the computer executes into "assembly code" which lists the instructions being executed.
And therefore, using a worm as a weapon of war is, in the words of one of my most security-savvy computer-friends, "one of the stupidest things anyone has ever done anywhere". It is, as he put it, "like dropping an atomic bomb, then showering the survivors with leaflets explaining how to build an atomic bomb". He reckons the probability of this worm being revamped and used as an offensive weapon by the Iranians (or terrorists connected with Iran) as 100%. "How could they NOT use it?" he asked. "They're pissed off and they have the code!"

Isn't this exactly what Winter predicted?

(sorry, McJ, this got lost in all the other things going on at the moment!)
Yes indeed, and it was very much in my mind when I made that comment. The assumption of Winter's tech friend was that the victims cloning the worm would be an unintended consequence. Hubris plays a big part in these sorts of things but ..... The question I was posing though was this -

"What if it wasn't an unintended consequence at all?"

What if they want the cloning to happen?
If so, could they have some way of protecting themselves from Stuxnet itself and its clones?
What would that protection be or what would it involve?

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Good questions!

Good questions! Wish I knew the answers. If there is something like this, it looks like the Germans or the Russians or the Chinese don't have it.

Or maybe there isn't anything and it is the Samson option?

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RE German Shut Down...

Good Morning smiling

here is something from der Speigel..

They are suggesting that these shut downs are because of concerns about a future attack by al quaida..But who are al quaida?


In addition to looking into the possible effects natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods might have on the country's nuclear facilities, the catalogue also includes checks on their ability to withstand "man-made hazards." Of particular concern are airplane crashes, whether terrorist-caused or not. The facilities' susceptibility to attacks modelled on the Stuxnet virus, which reportedly crippled Iranian efforts to enrich uranium in 2010, is also to be checked."

Cheers A13

James, McJ and anyone else

James, McJ and anyone else interested

The newest post I put up has an excellent little video and a book available for download.

If you can't get it (download limitations), I will e-mail you a copy of it. (the book that is)

Just let me know at my place. I do believe this is vital stuff or I wouldn't be here telling you that.

Though it is scary stuff too

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Japan to raise Fukushima crisis level to worst

"Japan to raise Fukushima crisis level to worst

The Japanese government's nuclear safety agency has decided to raise the crisis level of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant accident from 5 to 7, the worst on the international scale.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency made the decision on Monday. It says the damaged facilities have been releasing a massive amount of radioactive substances, which are posing a threat to human health and the environment over a wide area.

The agency used the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, or INES, to gauge the level. The scale was designed by an international group of experts to indicate the significance of nuclear events with ratings of 0 to 7.

On March 18th, one week after the massive quake, the agency declared the Fukushima trouble a level 5 incident, the same as the accident at Three Mile Island in the United States in 1979.

Level 7 has formerly only been applied to the Chernobyl accident in the former Soviet Union in 1986 when hundreds of thousands of terabecquerels of radioactive iodine-131 were released into the air. One terabecquerel is one trillion becquerels.

The agency believes the cumulative amount from the Fukushima plant is less than that from Chernobyl.

Officials from the agency and the Nuclear Safety Commission will hold a news conference on Tuesday morning to explain the change of evaluation.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 05:47 +0900 (JST)"

Scorpions to explain their heroic (non)action

"Officials from the agency and the Nuclear Safety Commission will hold a news conference on Tuesday morning to explain the change of evaluation."

Gee, that'll be informative, I'm sure!

The minute they decided to throw sea water at the first reactor instead of trying to fix the cooling system, they had decided it was lost. The meltdown was inevitable and they would have known it. Experts said the same at the time. If their motive was to cause maximum damage to the world and kill the maximum number of people, they couldn't have done a better job.

Given the constant repetition of disasters being made worse by official intervention, I have to go with that is what was, and is, going on. The failure to evacuate immediately millions of people from within a hundred kilometres of the plant is unforgivable - as is much else. I'd string them all up by there testicles, if they could be found that is.

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Due justice

"I'd string them all up by there testicles, if they could be found that is."

A happy thought and would be due justice for the evil fuckers that have done this.

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