Turning The Other Cheek - Egyptian Style

In the last article in this series on how Israel plans to rule the world, we ended up by reading the words of some of the protesters who were determined to keep control of their protest and their movement. This protest movement was at first seen as an extension of the protest movement in Tunisia which has been credited with the fall of the dictatorship of BenAli . But it soon began to follow a different course.

The same pattern of American trained social activists (see here and here) were there as they were in Tunisia (and every other 'color revolution' in recent years) but two differences stood out as events progressed.


Firstly, the protests were huge in comparison and all sectors of the Egyptian society were represented so that the American trained 'Young Turks' were swamped by the people and the local leaders that the protests threw up.

Secondly, the protesters did something very different. They stood together in the face of brutal and sometimes murderous attacks from police both in and out of uniform, from thugs and criminals deliberately released from prisons and from trained snipers. They stood together against earlier separate attacks on Christians and Muslims designed to start them fighting each other. These bombings had the fingerprints of Israel and its murderous Mossad all over them. The protesters stood together, defended and cared for each other and tendered to the wounded. They chose not to retaliate and resolved instead to come back and demonstrate again the next day in spite of the beatings and killings and to keep on doing so.

They 'turned the other cheek' and this is what made their protest powerful and released them from the grip of the forces who were not only behind the gullible American trained activists but also behind the likes of Omar Suleiman, head of the Egyptian Intelligence agencies, behind the police force, and, no doubt, behind the snipers, too. These dark forces can be traced back to Mossad and the CIA, then to their governments and ultimately to the bankers that control those same governments. They were going to crush these protesters but it relied on the protesters turning violent in response to all the provocation and so justifying their violent put down.

But the protesters gloriously didn't rise to the bait and thereby defeated their opponents in this first and crucial round. Everybody watching on was so confused as to who was going to do what next that the significance of what happened escaped most people. Perhaps because, ironically but not surprisingly, the true nature of the teaching, “turning the other cheek”, is not taught in our so-called Christian culture, observers did not recognise the power displayed through the true exercising of it.

“Turning the other cheek” has been falsely portrayed as a passive and even submissive practice or strategy but nothing could be further from the truth.
Jesus said in Matthew 5:38-39 (NIV)
“You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

An “eye for an eye” means countering violence with violence; as if this will resolve an issue. Why wouldn't the returned violence be returned again in turn? And so on ad infinitum? Yet this is the recipe preached by Judaism. How has it worked so far? It has worked extremely well for those with a vested interest in ever more violence, the psychopaths) but not for the rest of us. So let's look at the proposed alternative.

It is curious is it not that Jesus would specify the right cheek? It must have had significance for him to mention it. Most people then, as now, are right-handed and unless you are trained in the gentle art of boxing it is usual to strike someone with your right hand. So to strike someone on their right cheek with your right hand, you need to give them a 'backhander'. This is the strike of choice for superiors when dealing with people they consider to be inferior to them and insubordinate to boot. So this is the situation Jesus was teaching on; how to deal with evil people in power. When you turn the other cheek they cannot repeat the backhander, they have to punch you if they want to continue. The trouble for them then is that they lose their superior position, their perceived legitimacy, in the eyes of the audience and are reduced to brawling like common thugs. Which is what they are; thugs in fine clothes. This perceived legitimacy is crucial because any despot knows that the people en masse have the power and not him. Hence all the pomp and pageantry and all the police and military might to impress this idea of superior status and power onto the general populace. Power over others is ultimately an exercise in deceit.

Turning the other cheek is an act at once defiant and yet non-aggressive. It is in no way submissive. This action refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy or authority of the abusive power just as the people of Egypt have done. It does not accept the authority of the attack. It does not submit just like the Egyptians have not submitted. They have instead continued to demand that Mubarak's criminal behaviour cease and that he remove himself from his position of imposed privileged. They have pledged to stand there turning the other cheek until he does.

Meanwhile, Mubarak was in the midst of his own tussle with the agents of the Americans and Israelis within his government and military. To combat his enemies, he desperately needed the protesters, the people, to cease their demonstrations against him, accept his promises and go home. But they refused.


Mubarak's enemies within the gates, on the other hand, needed the protesters to turn violent to create what would look like a melting down of society and thereby give them the excuse to intervene using their own authority and attack the protesters for putting the 'security of the country' at risk and also to remove Mubarak from office at the same time for inciting the protesters with his intransigence in not resigning. (This is the reason the Israeli government was urging Mubarak to stay in office and lobbying other governments urging them to do the same i.e. to further exacerbate the situation). It would have been seen as a nice win-win for the generals just like in Tunisia except there were three differences. The first difference was that Tunisia doesn't have a Suez canal which is coveted by Israel. And likewise, nor does it have a Nile river whose water was promised to the Israelis by Sadat in the peace treaty we are hearing so much about again. This is to say Tunisia was not in danger of being invaded unlike Egypt. And finally and most importantly, the protesters refused to play ball; they rejected violence, “an eye for an eye”.

Had the protesters rioted in response to the outrageous provocations and the army marched in behind tanks with guns blazing, the rioting most probably would have spread throughout the country and Egypt would have become chaotic thus triggering the excuse for the anticipated invasion from Israel. Too late, the generals would see that they had been set up by their American and Israeli sponsors. But the overall plot and this plot within a plot were defeated because the protesters refused to “resist”. Resist in this biblical context means to stand against i.e. to “go toe to toe”, to battle with evil by returning violence.

The protesters instead turned the other cheek and confused all their enemies; Mubarak, the generals and the world dominionists working through their captive governments of the US and Israel, their agencies from Mossad to Freedom House, their agents within the Egyptian hierarchy and their at least one time dupes in the sponsored activist organisations. By not “resisting” in this manner, the protesters have saved Egypt an extraordinary amount of violence so far. Not only was it the way of peace for them but it became the way of peace for everybody. Such is its power.

It is still only 'round one', for sure, but the army is on notice that the protesters will be out in the streets again if they don't enact serious changes to the constitution and the electoral process. And concessions so far gained without firing a shot.

So what exactly transpired? How did this non-violent mass protest win “Round 1”? I've quoted Mao before saying “All political power comes out of the end of a gun”. And it is very true. Despite what may have been written in recent history, the only party in a country that can seize power from an incumbent political figure or party is that country's own military. They have the guns. (Costa Rica disbanded its army sixty years ago for this very reason).

BUT if the soldiers holding those guns refuse to shoot then the power of the military leaders evaporates. So ultimately it is the foot soldiers who have the power in these situations. These are the enlisted men or, crucially in Egypt's case, conscripted men. Soldiers are trained to return violence. When they are called upon to act “pre-emptively”, they first must be convinced through propaganda that the 'enemy' is about to become violent towards them and their fellow countrymen. But what if the 'enemy' is not some bunch of rioters but rather their brothers and sisters, their mothers and fathers and it is very clear that they are not threatening violence but quite the opposite? Then human nature kicks in (psychopaths aside) and overrides the training and the propaganda and that is when the ordinary soldiers join the protesters.

This is the very real situation the military generals faced. There were early reports that the soldiers in Tahrir Square were not issued live ammunition because of this fear of their superiors. The generals and their sponsors were put between a rock and a very hard place by the protesters rejecting violence, an eye for an eye, and chose to “turn the other cheek” and stand there with their demands. If violence was the basis of human interactions between each other rather than co-operation, then there would be no need for all the fearful propaganda that we are constantly bombarded with in our society by our political 'masters'.

The US and Israel should have seen the tell-tales that this 'color revolution' would not go as the others have but in their hubris they were blind. The tell-tales were there for everyone to see.

Back in December there were bomb attack against the Coptic Christians. These were undoubtedly perpetrated by Israel. The bombs were designed to cause splits between the two main religions in Egypt, the Muslims and the Coptic Christians. Mosques were attacked as well. This strategy of the Israelis has worked elsewhere but the response was different in this case. In an act of courage and love, the Muslim community committed to protect the Copts with their own bodies and declaring their commonality with the Copts; their commonality as Egyptians and as human beings. The significance of this cannot be overstated. This care and concern was reciprocated later in Tahrir Square where Christians surrounded muslims who were praying during the protests.


Egyptians adopted a banner that displayed a Christian cross and a Muslim crescent together. The usual suspects should have taken heed. And we the spectators of this world event should have foreseen the very real possibility of the victory that lay ahead. But we didn't. We didn't because we have not been educated to know the true power of collectively turning the other cheek. We haven't been taught it because it threatens any entrenched power that presumes to exploit us and that includes religious power; especially religious power. Religious despots will teach that “turning the other cheek' is an act of humility; an act of submission, even martyrdom. What they are, in fact, teaching is humiliation. And this is exactly what the Egyptian protesters have endured; 30 years of it from Mubarak and many more before him. But no more.

Jesus, who is revered by both Muslims and Christians, taught and granted people dignity through his words and his example. He remained dignified and unbowed to authorities throughout his entire life.

As I write this, I see that “Round 2” has started. The Egyptian protesters are out in the streets again and filling Tahrir Square demanding their fellow protesters who have been arrested be released and their torturers be brought to justice.

From the ABC News Aust-
"Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have poured into Cairo's Tahrir Square to celebrate the fall of president Hosni Mubarak and to pressure the new military rulers to deliver on reform pledges.
Influential Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi addressed the massive crowd during the prayer sermon, calling on Arab leaders to listen to their people.
"The world has changed, the world has progressed, and the Arab world has changed within," said Mr Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born cleric based in Qatar.

The scene in Tahrir Square Friday morning Feb 18th 2011


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Protesters' Camp

"...The protesters instead turned the other cheek and confused all their enemies".

This clickable picture from the BBC is a dramatic illustration of the cooperation and spontaneous organization that was fostered by the protesters' intent and desire to turn the other cheek. I thought it would make a nice addition here.

Cairo's central Tahrir Square was the focal point for anti-Mubarak protesters during 18 days of demonstrations.

You can explore the protesters' camp by clicking on the links at this BBC link.

Great find

Absolutely, McJ. It also shows the Muslims at prayer surrounded and protected by other protesters. A graphic illustration of them caring for each other. These people are far more formidable than rioters.

Brilliant James. I think you

Brilliant James. I think you may have been scooped again.
Very important article re the power of the footsoldiers, propaganda controlling them etc.


Thanks very much Sally. I'm off to scoopit now smiling

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I really like this one James.

I really like this one James. It has lots of food for thought and it is an excellent dissection of what transpired from the perspective of the protesters. The Egyptian experience is an inspiring example of what can happen when "we the people" put the power of our emotions behind a peaceful yet steadfast intent. It can literally change the world.

"The protesters instead turned the other cheek and confused all their enemies; Mubarak, the generals and the world dominionists working through their captive governments of the US and Israel, their agencies from Mossad to Freedom House, their agents within the Egyptian hierarchy and their at least one time dupes in the sponsored activist organisations. By not “resisting” in this manner, the protesters have saved Egypt an extraordinary amount of violence so far. Not only was it the way of peace for them but it became the way of peace for everybody. Such is its power."

The events in Egypt captured a massive audience with people worldwide transfixed by the coverage. It had/has the feel of a watershed moment in history and as you point out that was certainly not the intent of the planners and social engineers behind it. It laid bare the lie of scary Muslims intent on taking away our freedoms. The Evil Ones lost control of that narrative and they will find it hard to regain it. This was powerful and moving and played out in real time.

Today, there were tens of thousands of people protesting in Wisconsin over the Governor's proposed bill to strip the public sector workers of their bargaining rights. They have been camped out in the capital for about a week now. A young Egyptian protester found out about the Wisconsin workers from an American Face Book friend and when he attended the Friday protest in Cairo he had his picture taken holding up a sign that read Egypt Supports The Wisconsin Workers - One World One Pain. He posted it online and since then he has had an overwhelming response to it. The protesters writing to him from Wisconsin were really humbled and overwhelmed by this gesture of solidarity. (I read a lot of them on Twitter etc.) He responded to them on his blog with a post titled 'From Tahrir to Wisconsin' which you can read in full at the link - http://politirature.wordpress.com/2011/02/19/from-tahrir-to-wisconsin/.

"Many people thought it’s something extraordinary or something that stands out. but I really want to say that me, and many other people, were raised this way. were taught that all human beings are brothers and sisters, were taught that we live in ONE world and under the same sky, so I don’t see what I did as something “abnormal” or “super cool”.

again, as I told many of you, we are all human beings. we shouldn’t let borders and differences separate us, we were made different to complete each other, to integrate and live together. If a human being doesn’t feel the pain of his fellow human beings then everything man created and established since the very beginning of his existence is in great danger.

...So…again & again…ONE world, ONE pain, ONE humanity, ONE hope !"

I think Jesus had it right. wink


In an interesting twist some of the protesters in Wisconsin were holding signs today that read, "Walk Like An Egyptian".


Thanks McJ. I think he got it

Thanks McJ. I think he got it right, too smiling It seems the older I get the more profound his simple truths seem to be and the less it has to do with religion.

It sure is quiet round here! Lots of traffic, though.

It had/has the feel of a watershed moment in history and as you point out that was certainly not the intent of the planners and social engineers behind it. It laid bare the lie of scary Muslims intent on taking away our freedoms.

Absolutely. AP made that point, too, and it was something i hadn't considered which surprised me. But yes it will have really undone that line of propaganda and so much bullshit is built on it, too. Lies definitely have a "use-by date"!

Thanks very much for the link and pics. That's amazing. I felt my insides go "YES!" when I saw those pics. Bloody amazing. haha. So thanks for that. It is certainly good news after the killings going on in Libya and Bahrain. I think Gaddafi is panicking.

Anyway I can just imagine the boost it gave the Wisconsin workers. And good on them!!
And it gives "Walk like an Egyptian" a whole new meaning smiling

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Pizza For Protesters

"Someone In Egypt Ordered a Pizza For the Protesters in Wisconsin

Ian’s on State Street - a small pizza place near the Capitol - has been fielding calls from citizens of twelve countries and thirty-eight states looking to donate free pizza to the Wisconsinites who have congregated to protest Scott Walker's proposed legislation reducing the rights and pay of state workers. After promoting the cause on Twitter and Facebook, Ian’s gave away 1,057 donated slices yesterday and delivered more than 300 pizzas. The blackboard behind the counter now has a running list of places where donations have come from, and it includes China and Egypt."

Now that's what I call solidarity!

re: pizza

Ha! That's bloody amazing. I love it. hahaha


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One step behind

"Absolutely. AP made that point, too, and it was something i hadn't considered which surprised me. But yes it will have really undone that line of propaganda and so much bullshit is built on it, too. Lies definitely have a "use-by date"!"

While I was listening to the AJ coverage I kept thinking that the real time images and testimonials from the people in the streets had to be shattering those lies. An empathetic human being just couldn't watch that and not come away with the message that these people are not our enemies (well I am sure some people managed to completely twist what they were seeing and hearing but you get my meaning wink ). Images and emotional testimonies are very powerful messengers. I guess that's why they are abused so much, eh? The Evil Ones were missing the boat on this one seemingly one step behind, looking foolish and totally confused.

"It sure is quiet round here! Lots of traffic, though. "
Yes - lots of hits on all your posts. It must be that Scoopit. smiling

One foot on the dock and one foot . . .

The Evil Ones were missing the boat on this one seemingly one step behind, looking foolish and totally confused.

Absolutely, especially as more and more people are starting to see what is really happening.


I have been very rushed today, McJ, and forgot to thank you for your invaluable assistance (again!) in loading the pictures in the post.

Re the traffic, yes on Scoopit (thanks Sally smiling ). There are others that have put up links to this blog including Kenny and A13 of I Understand and I wish to Continue who is doing great work. I would like to reciprocate the gesture.

And AP of Twelfth Bough (link in the sidebar, folks) has very kindly reposted this and other recent articles of mine on her blog. So it's all good!

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It's all good!

You are right. It is all good and I am glad your writing is breaking out from our little corner of cyber world!
And you're welcome. Just glad I could help when you needed it and didn't still have my head stuck in a bucket. wink

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A good group

There certainly is a good group of bloggers coalescing. I very much appreciate their clear thinking and the way they cooperate and build on each others work. You included. smiling It seems to me, a very necessary dynamic if we are to have any hope of figuring out what the Evil Ones are doing and what their next moves will be.

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As you may have noticed, I've decided on occasion to the call the PTB's, the Banksters etc., the Evil Ones. I think it's fairly accurate and descriptive. wink So if I write about the EO's in comments, you'll know what I mean.

Re EO's

I think it is an entirely accurate description. I think I'll adopt it, too!!
Their whole raison d'etre is to exploit us and the environment. As such they are anti-life, therefore evil. They are the opposite of Good which is anything that enhances life.

And agree entirely re 'the group' smiling

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Adopt away!

I'm still going to call them the Evil Fuckers when I feel the need just thought I might need to clean that one up a bit on occasion.

Adopt away! smiling


Please feel free, McJ. My pure and modest sensibilities won't allow me to call these evil fuckheads, "fuckers". So you can make up for me.

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rolling on the floor laughing

Libya - the end is nigh

"Gaddafi's forces massacre protesters"


Libyan-Australian Mohammed told ABC Radio he spoke to his cousin, a doctor in one of Benghazi's main hospitals, last night.
"He told me last night it's more than 280 people killed and more than 500 people injured and there is a shortage of the blood and all medical supplies in the hospital," he said.
This morning there were reports Mr Gaddafi's support was crumbling as the violence escalated.

Members of a Libyan army unit told Benghazi residents they had defected and "liberated" the city from forces supporting Mr Gaddafi, two residents said.

Habib al-Obaidi, who heads the intensive care unit at the main Al-Jalae hospital, and lawyer Mohamed Al-Mana, said members of the "Thunderbolt" squad had arrived at the hospital with soldiers wounded in clashes with Mr Gaddafi's personal guard.

"They are now saying that they have overpowered the Praetorian Guard and that they have joined the people's revolt," Mr Al-Mana said by telephone.

Walk softly and carry a big stick

Firstly - great articles James.

I find it difficult to contain my excitement sometimes as I watch ordinary people wrestle control away from tyrannical governments. True freedom is a drug that once tasted is never forgotten.

I find myself hesitant to celebrate and congratulate these days however. I feel that some of what we are seeing is provoked and agenda serving. My natural danger/warning lights lit up some time ago.

If this is of the people we shall soon know. That the crowds are prepared to face automatic weapons while unarmed is a testament to their desire for change. I’ll still root for the underdogs while worrying that their genuine desires are being led to pre-planned outcomes.

Thanks Chuck. Great to see

Thanks Chuck. Great to see you here. There's an email on another topic winging its way to you via a circuitous route. smiling

I fully understand your hesitancy and to an extent I am with you on that. There will undoubtedly be unceasing attempts on the part of tptb to wrest control of the protests back and they may do it yet.

There's also the problem that there will remain many very corrupt and very 'bought' officials and officers left after a genuine change of government should it happen.
Then there's the problem of not having control of the issue of their own money. They need to nationalise the central bank at the very least. A tall order and maybe it will happen in time. And maybe not.

But what the protesters have achieved so far is HUGE and you summed it up very well with - "True freedom is a drug that once tasted is never forgotten." And the method of achieving it has been demonstrated to the world now and this particular genie is not going back in the bottle any day soon.

Hope started to rise in me when I saw that the protesters had specifically rejected the likes of ElBaradei and had nominated their own representatives who they considered to have integrity and had no political affiliations (I've lost the links unfortunately). That's gotta be a great start. When I saw them rejecting violence and everybody caring and protecting one another I knew nothing would be the same again for the psychopathic PTB.

My hope with this article is that many more people understand what happened, and how, so they know the power they have collectively and especially if they resist returning the violence. It is a paradigm shift that holds the key to that "true freedom" you mentioned.

You are wise to be cautious. After all, your caution is based on solid history and up till now that history has been all downhill but this is kicking back against that history of cynical exploitation and treachery and apparently against all the odds. Granted it is only round 1 but I see this as different, a turning point, and that is why I am extremely hopeful for the Egyptians' future and the future of others in the Middle East.

The US admin took up Gene Sharp's methods (I'll never forgive the man, I swear!) of non-violent revolution. It was extremely cynical but it has backfired finally, imnho. They were playing with fire and it has gotten out of control.

Sorry to rattle on. I could have made this much shorter by simply saying "I agree with you", which I do, but I'm excited. smiling My eyes, like yours, are peeled for the psychopaths next counter attack, though. What is it? Be as wise as snakes and gentle as doves?

Speaking of backfire


here was an uneasy calm in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, last night following nearly a week of lethal repression by state security forces which has left eight civilians dead and hundreds injured.
But the appalling violence inflicted by state forces seems to have now galvanized the protest movement and radicalizing its calls for the entire regime to go.
“No dialogue before this regime is removed,” is now a rallying call among protesters who are gathering in increasing numbers every day.
If the bloody crackdown last week was aimed at terrorizing pro-democracy demonstrators off the streets, then the gambit has backfired spectacularly for the US-backed regime of King Hamad Al Khalifa in this tiny Persian Gulf oil-rich state.

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters are camping at the Pearl Monument – now dubbed Pearl Square – in defiant mood after facing down riot police on Saturday afternoon. Military helicopters could be heard over the city, but it seems that the authorities have ordered the army and police to withdraw after shocking scenes of state violence in recent days failed to quell the demonstrators. . . .
. . . .

Friday also witnessed further lethal force when army tanks fired on protesters making their way to Salmaniya and the Pearl Monument.
“The minister of health ordered us to not admit people to this hospital, but we refused his order. All our medical staff remained on duty and other nurses and doctors not on duty volunteered immediately to the hospital,” said Dr Ghassan.

Many of the nurses that volunteered were not regular A&E staff and both doctors and nurses even made blood donations as the hospital became engulfed with gunshot victims.
We are demanding the health minister’s immediate resignation,” said Dr Ghassan.

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my fear on these uprisings

is that they're only getting rid of the middle-men. But what do I know?
I greatly appreciate the coverage and commentary. I've been quiet lately but I am here.
Reading lots - thanks for all the great writing, amusing commentary and educational links!

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Re: Uprisings

Hi NJT- good to here from you!

I think the goal is to balkanize these states by creating chaos. So, regime changes by these popular 'people's revolutions' are certainly to be watched with a suspicious eye. The Egyptians appear to have thrown an unexpected twist into the mix with their relatively peaceful protest and with their solidarity. So, we are all watching to see how that progresses and wishing/praying for their success.

Did you catch my wish list post in the forum? smiling Smile

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ok you answered my open thread over here

smiling maybe i should delete that, i was just testing the image upload process.
anyhow, no i must have totally missed the wish list, i'm sorry! i will look now.

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I think the open thread is fine.

I think the open thread is fine. Wisconsin is a good topic.

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Webster Tarpley Article

A lengthy and detailed article by Webster Tarpley titled: "Tarpley: Mubarak Toppled by CIA Because He Opposed US Plans for War with Iran"
Points to disagree with, points to agree with and lots to munch on.

"There never was an “Egyptian revolution,” but rather a behind-the-scenes military putsch by a junta of CIA puppet generals who evidently could not succeed in their goal of ousting Hosni Mubarak without the help of a heavy-duty ultimatum from Washington in the night between Thursday, February 10 and Friday, February 11, 2011. There is growing evidence that the threat in question involved the seizure or blocking of the Suez Canal, the Egyptian waterway which carries over 8% of all seaborne world trade, which the imperialists tried to grab back in 1956, and from which they would today like to exclude China, Iran, and Russia. As for Mubarak, there are strong indications that he was toppled by Washington and London because he opposed the current US-UK plan to organize a block of Sunni Arab states such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Gulf states — under a US nuclear umbrella and shoulder to shoulder with Israel — for purposes of confrontation and war with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and their Shiite and radical allies.

This means that, with the fall of Mubarak, the Middle East has taken a big step on the road to general war. As for the junta, they have now dissolved parliament, shredded the constitution, and announced six months of martial law."

"The evidence suggests that a convergence of two historical regional powers of the Middle East, Mubarak's Egypt and Ahmadinejad's Iran, may have been in progress, with Saudi Arabia and Jordan also participating. We are left with the impression that Ahmadinejad, for his part, was attempting to free himself from the foreign policy prejudices of the mullarchy. Ahmadinejad, himself a general, was looking more and more like a Nasserist, and was more able to get along with Mubarak. This may well be the real diplomatic revolution which the duped and hapless youth of Tahrir Square were mobilized by the CIA myrmidons to bloc.

An obvious question in regard to these diplomatic maneuvers is whether they enjoyed the support of any of the great powers from outside of the Middle East. Here it might be useful to know more about Russian President Medvedev's recent visit to the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, which had been preceded by a trip to Syria earlier last year and a meeting with Mubarak in Cairo on June 30, 2009."

egypt and more

Hello James and McJ

Good article and mcj, great pictures.
"evil fuckers"
lol, I say that all the time, but, not at the blog.
I don't want to risk and censored blog.
Egypt, obviously grew out of all proportion and beyond all expectations of the evil ones... I hope the people can keep the pressure on and work together.
I have been a bit torn on Bahrain. Not entirely sure that uprising was fomented. It is a bad time to have that kind of thing go on , in the nation that hosts the Fifth fleet and has just had the Enterprise float into the area...

I also note the heavy handedness of the Bahrain military. They most definitely have to be tied to the US military. So if they are gunning down the people, this has to be well known to the US.

Libya is definitely getting the heavy US/NATO/Israel intervention treatment. I suspected they were going to.
I saw an article today, earlier that Obama wanted a new government in Libya, or they is watching it, or considers actions...
It is obvious what the US/Israel/NATO group is up too..

The pictures of the protest are great, they really got themselves well organized. I was reading that the Egyptians were under the thumb of the brits and realized they have never actually had the run of their own nation.
God these miserable a-holes!
They sure as hell don't believe in live and let live, do they?

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Thanks Penny

Thanks for the thanks Penny.

James picked the pictures, I just helped him with some technical difficulties he was having getting them into the post. My contribution was the clickable picture and the two in the other comment. sticking out tongue

"I also note the heavy handedness of the Bahrain military. They most definitely have to be tied to the US military."

No doubt! I also heard on Al Jazeera that they had lots of 'help' from the Saudi Security forces and the soldiers that were responsible for opening fire on the crowd were not regular army from Bahrain but rather made up of special forces from several different countries. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and Greece were some of the names I believe I heard mentioned. Same thing in Libya, it was not the regular army shooting people. In fact in Libya there are reports of the regular army defecting and siding with the people. So, I think this is a strong indication there was 'outside help'. In Bahrain, at least, it actually sounded like they were some combination of Mercs and Special Forces. That was my take on it anyways.

"Egypt, obviously grew out of all proportion and beyond all expectations of the evil ones... I hope the people can keep the pressure on and work together."

Me too! We shall see how they do in Round 2.
Down with the EO's ...or EF's if you like. smiling

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Reports from Libya

I moved this comment over to forum and am adding to it. You can find it at link - http://www.winterpatriot.com/node/540

Keep in mind that most of these reports cannot be confirmed by AJ as most forms of communications are cut off in Libya right now. There are some reports and video getting out over pockets of limited internet connections, by internet telephone calls to relatives living there and by Libyans that have flown the country.

Al Jazeera is reporting that they are firing on protesters in Libya from warplanes and helicopters.
Two pilots (senior colonels in the air force) have landed in Malta rather than carry out their orders to bomb the protesters.
They are some reports of planes bombing the protesters.
Heavy military equipment such as anti-tank missiles used in Benghazi
Groups of Gaddafi thugs have attacked the crowds using machine gun fire.
Reports of naval ships firing on Tripoli. 250 people are reported killed on Tuesday.
There are cars full of armed mercenaries roaming the streets attacking homes, killing people and raping women.
Al Jazeera is not showing some of the pictures because they say they are too graphic.
There are large numbers of people fleeing over the border to Tunisia.
The UN is said to be considering instituting a no-fly zone over Libya and the security council is holding a closed door meeting on the situation today.
There are calls for the US and NATO to intervene as the situation is out of control (surprise, surprise).

"The unfolding situation in Libya has been horrible to behold. No matter how many times we warn that dictators will do what they must to stay in power, it is still shocking to see the images of brutalized civilians which have been flooding al-Jazeera and circulating on the internet. We should not be fooled by Libya's geographic proximity to Egypt and Tunisia, or guided by the debates over how the United States could best help a peaceful protest movement achieve democratic change. The appropriate comparison is Bosnia or Kosovo, or even Rwanda where a massacre is unfolding on live television and the world is challenged to act. It is time for the United States, NATO, the United Nations and the Arab League to act forcefully to try to prevent the already bloody situation from degenerating into something much worse." http://lynch.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/02/21/the_libyan_horror

Libyan State TV JANA is reporting (another surprise) that the government was fighting an Israeli-inspired scheme to create anarchy in the country. It said that there were no genuine popular grievances behind the protests. Israel is financing "separation" forces in the Arab region, JANA added. Al-Shams newspaper, which is controlled by an arm of the information ministry in Tripoli, reported online that the government has exposed "foreign network elements" in several Libyan cities." http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/features/2011/02/201122113343795447...

Some notes: (Here we go again I may have to move this to the forum. We'll see how it goes smiling )

That envoy of peace Tony Blair and his foreign policy success in Libya...

"Colonel Gaddafi is understood to be on first name terms with Mr Blair, who saw his work in Libya as one of the great foreign policy successes of his premiership.[...] Mr Blair's trip to Tripoli in 2004, where he shook Colonel Gaddafi's hand and declared a 'new relationship'. The meeting led to lucrative Libyan oil contracts for Shell.
A month before stepping down as PM, Mr Blair visited-Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli again at the same time that BP signed a $900 million deal with the Libyan National Oil Company.[...] Since becoming a part-time Middle East peace envoy on leaving office in 2007, Mr Blair has exploited his contacts to amass a personal fortune in excess of £20 million.
He has a lucrative contract to advise JP Morgan, which pays him £2million a year. Part of his job for them is to develop banking opportunities in Libya. It is understood that British firms Mr Blair is linked to are also being given contracts to tap Libya's massive natural resources, and to help rebuild the country's outdated infrastructure.
The details are sketchy because he has built a labyrinthine business empire of interlocking partnerships designed, it seems, to conceal the sources and scale of his income."

Balkanization ??:

"...there is unemployment, as in most Arab countries where there is a bulge in the youth population.
And there is the traditional enmity between Libya’s eastern Cyrenaica region and the western region of Tripolitania. “They still remember that Gadhafi overthrew King Idris who was born in [Cyrenaica],” said Israeli historian Yaakov Hajaj-Lilof, a specialist on Libyan Jewry.
But when protests started more than a week ago in Benghazi, capital of Cyrenaica, the Brotherly Leader failed to nip them in the bud. "

Sept. 2, 1969 Herald Journal

"A third of the population in Libya, and fewer in Sudan, are still affiliated with the Sanusi organization."

"Libyan State TV JANA is

"Libyan State TV JANA is reporting (another surprise) that the government was fighting an Israeli-inspired scheme to create anarchy in the country."
"Israel is financing "separation" forces in the Arab region"

MCJ: I absolutely would not doubt that for a second!
Did you happen to catch the post I did on Sudan?
There was extensive documentation of Israeli involvement over decades.
Israel has long, long been known to operate in Africa.
So if the Libyan media is reporting this, they are quite correct.

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"Did you happen to catch the post I did on Sudan?"

No I didn't. I'll check it out later today.

I know nothing about the history of Libya. I did a bit of checking yesterday and it seems to me it may be ripe for balkanization which seems to be a US/Israeli/NATO specialty for stealing resources and grabbing power. It was colonized by the Greeks, then the Romans, retaken by the Arabs, became part of Ottoman Empire, split up by the Allies after WWII and had just about everyone else messing around in it over the centuries. In 1969, when Gadhafi seized power in a coup that overthrew King Idris, I read somewhere that it was four states. So, I am thinking that one report likening it to the Kosovo or Serbia is an interesting analogy. Sans the oil of course, which makes Libya an especially juicy piece of real estate for the evil ones to salivate over.

Here is a snip from a BBC Timeline:

4th century BC - Greeks colonise Cyrenaica in the east of the country, which they call Libya.
74 BC - Romans conquer Libya.
643 - Arabs under Amr Ibn al-As conquer Libya and spread Islam.
16th century - Libya becomes part of the Ottoman Empire, which joins the three provinces of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan into one regency in Tripoli.
1911-12 - Italy conquers Libya.
1942 - Allies oust Italians from Libya, which is then divided between the French, who administer Fezzan, and the British, who control Cyrenaica and Tripolitania.
1951 - Libya becomes independent under King Idris al-Sanusi.
1956 - Libya grants two American oil companies a concession of some 14 million acres.
1961 - King Idris opens a 104-mile pipeline, which links important oil fields in the interior to the Mediterranean
1969 - King Idris deposed in military coup led by Col Muammar Gaddafi, who pursues a pan-Arab agenda by attempting to form mergers with several Arab countries, and introduces state socialism by nationalising most economic activity, including the oil industry.

Tony Blair

serves his banker masters well-scum.

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Pictures From Christchurch, NZ

Some pictures from Christchurch, NZ after the earthquake there yesterday.


Libyan blood

Libyan Interior Minister Abdel Fatah Yunes has resigned as protests against embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi continue, despite the government's violent crackdown.
"I announce my resignation from all my duties in response to the revolution of February 17," AFP quoted Yunes as saying on Tuesday.
Yunes also called on the army to join the people's revolution.
The interior minister's resignation comes as the harsh repression of protesters continues.
But Gaddafi remains defiant, vowing to use all his power to crush the revolution and saying he will fight “to the last drop of his blood.

I think that should read, "he will fight to the last drop of their blood

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He's a lunatic

Ya, I heard him say that and thought the same thing!! He looked like a lunatic - which of course he is.
But that is not to say that he has not been set up.
I started a Libya post in the forum because my comments were getting too long again smiling which you can find at link. http://www.winterpatriot.com/node/540

Libyan mutiny

The crews of two Libyan warships have mutinied and are refusing to obey Muammar Gaddafi's orders to attack the eastern port city of Benghazi.

"When the only tool in your bag is a hammer, you tend to treat every problem as a nail". Paraphrase of Someone Famous.

And when it doesn't work, you obviously aren't hitting hard enough.

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Libyan ships

I wonder if one of those ships is the one that is reported to be off the coast of Malta and has the Maltese and Italian armies on red alert. They have been unable to contact it to find out what it is doing there.

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Iranian Ships

Two Iranian ships passed through the Suez Canal on Tuesday en route to Syria.

"Israel has voiced discomfort at the arrival of the Iranian frigate and support vessel, which passed through the Suez Canal en route to Syria on Tuesday in the Islamic republic's first military use of the strategic waterway in Egypt.
"This is a cheap provocation by Iran. The passage of the ships does not in itself present a threat on our region, but the real threat, clear as a warning light, is to Europe and the entire world," Peres said in a speech during a visit to Spain."
"...Allowing their Suez transit was a difficult decision for Egypt's interim government, in power since the Feb. 11..." http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/peres-iran-ships-in-suez-s...
"The ships entered the canal at 5.45 a.m. (10:45 p.m. EST on Monday) on Tuesday and passed into the Mediterranean at 3.30 p.m. (8:30 a.m. EST), the Suez Canal Authority source told Reuters. "Their return is expected to be on March 3," the source said." http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110222/wl_nm/us_egypt_iran_suez
"A recently completed Israeli war game, the first since Mubarak quit Egypt's presidency, concluded it would boost military preparations but try to avoid confrontation unless it sees a greater threat from Iran.
Separately, Israel announced on Tuesday that its Arrow II missile shield had aced its latest live trial, shooting down a target missile off a U.S. military base on the California coast.
Israeli defense official Arieh Herzog said the test marked Arrow's upgrade "to contend with new and additional threats" in the Middle East.
"Arrow can intercept all of the weapons arrayed against it in the region, including those that are liable to come from Iran," Herzog told reporters.
Egypt's ruling military council, facing its first diplomatic headache since taking power on February 11, approved the Iranian vessels' passage through the canal, a vital global trading route and major source of revenue for the Egyptian authorities.
The decision was difficult for Egypt's interim government. Cairo is an ally of the United States while its relations with Iran have been strained for more than three decades."

Naval Drivel

This drivel is so patently absurd that I can only think the target audience is the israeli public who must be so riddled with fear from their own government by now that they are ready to shoot anything that moves (so long as they don't shoot back, that is smiling )

It might be worth opening a Libyian open thread on the front page, McJ.

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Pomoted to the Front Page :)

I put the forum post on the front page. I found out I didn't have to move it to a blog post. I just "Promoted" it to the front page under the Publishing Options link. Which I think is a good idea for posts like this because the Forum is categorized and a good place to keep long posts with lots of links and research etc.

Israeli Embassy under siege

From Uprooted Palestinians

Embassy under siege
On the very same day of April 8th and as Egyptians were protesting in Tahrir square demanding that Mubarak and his inner circle of aids to be put on trial and as the news of the Israeli attacks on Gaza made its way to the square at the heart of Cairo, thousands immediately took to the district where the Israeli embassy in Cairo is located.

......On this very day, April 8th since 41 years the Israeli air force struck the village of Bahr el-Baqar – an Egyptian small village near Suez Canal. The raid resulted in the total destruction of an elementary school full of school children.
Egyptians marching to the Israeli embassy in cairo,
protesting over Israeli strikes of Gaza.

Five bombs and 2 air-to-ground missiles struck the single-floor school. Of the 130 school children who attended the school, 46 were killed, and over 50 wounded, many of them maimed for life. The school itself was completely demolished.
That tragic day marked the first encounter of the Egyptian people with the brutality and the indiscriminate aggression of the Israelis that targeted the innocent and unarmed civilians. This air raid demolished not only the school building but also the remains of any hopes for Israel to be seen as a friendly neighbor state.

Cairo Protesters Defy Military

More than 1000 protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square vowed on Saturday to stay overnight in defiance of the military after a protester was killed the night before when soldiers dispersed a similar sit-in.
At least one person was killed earlier in the morning when troops and police stormed the iconic square to break up an overnight protest demanding the trial of former regime officials......

..........On Friday, tens of thousands had massed in the square calling for Mubarak and his cronies to be tried for corruption and criticising the military rulers for stalling on reforms in what was dubbed the "Day of Trial and Cleansing".
Some were also demanding that 75-year-old Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, Mubarak's defence minister for two decades and the man who replaced him, also step down.
Several hundred camped out in the square overnight, and witnesses said soldiers, backed by riot police, fired live rounds, mostly into the air, and beat protesters.........

Seven army officers had defied a warning from the ruling military council and joined the protesters on Friday, calling for a "purification" of the army.
"Our demands are your demands. We want a civilian government. We want to try corrupt people," one officer said to loud cheers.
At midnight on Friday, the officers gathered in a tent surrounded by more than a dozen protesters who wanted to guard them against arrest.

McJ's picture

I find myself liking the

I find myself liking the Egyptians more and more as this unfolds! Thanks for posting this and keeping us up to date.

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