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Frequent guests and members may have noticed recent changes to this site. This came about because of comments left expressing confusion and through discussions among the administrators. We hope these changes improve our site.

The first thing to notice is that our name has changed. We are no longer Winter Patriot dot com. We are now called Winter Patriot Community Blog. The URL is the same. This site was originally created as a place for readers of the Winter Patriot to post comments on his writing. It has since grown into a blogging community. The Winter Patriot maintains his own blog separate from this site. When he posts to his personal blog he leaves a summary post here authored by Winter and posts a link to his blog. Comments on his writing are left here at the Winter Patriot Community under his summary post. He is also writing a fascinating online novel called Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery which is a story about the mysterious death of British Intelligence Agent Gareth Williams.

Many members have posted content to their blogs since this site was created and still do from time to time. However, the most frequent bloggers are McJ (that's me), James, NJT and of course Winter (who we also call WP).

Any authorized member can have their own blog and post content to this site. You will find the links to do this on the left sidebar under your name. For instance to create a new blog post click Blog entry which is located under Create Content. Only Blog posts are shown on the front page.

Members can also post content to the Forum. We have mostly used the forum to store lengthy articles, pictures, maps, videos etc and for administrative purposes but there are no rules about this. (Some members who were not comfortable with having their Blog post show up on the front page have used the Forum instead). You can find links to the Active forum topics on the right side bar below the Blogroll. As forum posts do not show up on the front page, when we create a new forum post we usually post a comment to alert other members.

Note: The Forum can also be accessed by it's link on the top menu bar. By default, forums posts do not show up on the front page, however you can choose to 'promote' them to the front page by checking the 'Promoted to front page' box under Publishing options.

There is a new section on the right sidebar just below Recent comments named Content List. This includes:

All Comments - a linked chronological list of all comments including their Subject, Author, Post Date and the post replied to. This makes it easy for you find where you left that comment.
Blog Entries List - a linked chronological list of all the blog post entries including Title, Post date, author's Name and Comment count.

Note: To show the entries in reverse chronological order by date click the arrow at the top of the Post date column. To show the list sorted alphabetically by author or name click the arrow at the top of that column.
The All Comments and Blog Entries List can also be accessed by their link on the top menu bar.

Monthly Archive - a linked Archive list of blog posts by month.

The last change to note is the Blogroll feed which is located on the left sidebar. This is in four sections - Blogroll feed, Poor Richard, Crooks and Liars, Google News 911 & False Flag. Notice beside each feed entry there is a small blue box with a 'b' in it. If you click this box it will create a new blog post for you allowing you to easily use the content from the linked article.

Also, please note that if you are not a member of the Winter Patriot Community Blog your comments will be moderated so it may take some time for them to show up. Membership has it's advantages. smiling

We welcome new bloggers! Blogging here may be different to what many who use eblogger etc. may be familiar with however, it has lots of nice features and possibilities. If you need any help getting started (it's easy), please leave us a comment or send us an email. The site administrators are NJT, James, McJ and Winter. (You could also use your Winter Patriot Community Blog for cross posting by writing a summary and then linking to your personal blog.)

Many thanks to NJT for all the changes and the behind the scenes work he does to keep us up and running.

We hope this helps to clear up any confusion for our members and visitors. Leave any comments or suggestions below. smiling

UPDATE: Feb 22, 2011
We now have a Chat Room for instant messaging. You can find the link at the top of the right sidebar. You can join a chat by clicking on it's link or you can create a new chat. Chats can have multiple users or you can choose to have a private chat.


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Thanks McJ

beside each feed entry there is a small blue box with a 'b' in it.
note, that 'b' is only there for logged in members

If you've tried to create an account and are "waiting for approval" please post an anonymous comment so we know to approve you, thanks!

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