Live Blogging Al Jazeera's Coverage Of The Events Happening Now In Egypt

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This is a live blog of Al Jazeera's coverage of the events that are happening in Egypt. I don't have time to edit this as I go, so there are lots of mistakes in spelling etc. This is actually harder than it looks smiling. I now have more appreciation for the people that do this for a living. I can't catch all the names of people that are being interviewed and at any rate I don't know how to spell their names so if you see something really egregious let me know, otherwise I will just leave it as it is.

As I write this, numerous international reporters have been attacked, harassed, had their equipment, film etc. stolen and some, including 3 Al Jazeera reporters have been arrested. Today in Egypt has been dubbed "The Day of Departure" and it is expected to attract the largest crowds of anti Mubarak supporters yet. The attacks on reporters are an ominous warning and I am not sure how much live coverage there is going to be. Al Jazeera still had some reporters positioned in the 'Freedom' square and a satellite based live feed going but I don't know if that is still the case. I will get back to this as soon as I can so keep checking if you are interested.

I have put the previous days into the colored insert boxes so you can read them chronologically. The current day's entries are the one's starting just below this introduction. Hope that makes sense.
This is getting kinda long. smiling

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Feb. 11
Earlier today from a comment I left.

Just catching a bit of AJ coverage now while I am online for a few minutes. Mubarak gave his live speech. I just caught the last bit. He says he is not going and has no intention of going anywhere until September. Says he has a plan to resolve the crisis. He is not taking orders from anyone. (They are questioning whether he means he is not taking orders from outside forces such as US.) "He was born and lived in Egypt and he will die in Egypt." He is making some concessions but reporters say these do not go near far enough and were already in the works. The mood in Tahrir square has turned "extremely angry". You can hear there shouting from a mile away. AJ is confused and can't understand why the military came out with the statement saying there were taking over. Did they read the signs wrong is there backstabbing still going on in the back rooms, etc.? No one seems to know what is going on. AJ reporters and talking heads, experts etc. are wtf.

The people are really offended by Mubarak's speech. The crowds in Alexandria have moved onto the street and are marching to the military base. Reporter doesn't know why they are going there thinks the people on the ground are fed up with the army not taking a position so I guess today the signals from the military seem like a betrayal.

See the military vs military speculation that AP commented on in her latest post.

1:21 am UTC

Al Jazeera is reporting that the White House is just as confused about what is happening as everyone else. smiling

On the not so funny front some protesters are talking about going and dragging him out of the presidential palace themselves.

1:48 am UTC

Activist telling that the army is involved in the crackdown on journalists, foreigners and protesters. The military is trying to say it is for their own safety. See this NY Times article from two of their journalists that were arrested.
There have been lots of reports over the days of protesters being detained. The ones that the anti-protesters handed over to the army were taken to jails. Parents are spending days looking for their children and not finding them. Some sadly are finding them dead in hospital morgues etc.


Protester on the phone now telling of being arrested on his way home on Wed. He was taken by police with a group of others who were all blindfolded and then beaten.

Protesters (about 200) are gathering around the Radio and Television building which is seen as the propaganda arm of the regime. It is extremely heavily guarded. They are bringing sleeping bags and it appears they are planning to start another protest camp there.

There are some indications that the military was blindsided by the announcement that the VP was assuming more power and not them.

Reuter's poll shows that the majority of Americans they polled were not in favor of democracy in Egypt and other Middle East countries because they fear Islamists will gain power.

Reporter from Jerusalem saying the Israeli gov is watching and waiting just like everyone else and appear to be following the American's lead.

Israel not happy that Suleiman is now being associated with Mubarak by the protesters. For now they have no comment but you can bet their comment will be "swift and loud" if things don't go their way (so to speak - I'm paraphrasing smiling )

2:50 am UTC

Clips of talking heads on - one says that Mubarak speech appeared to cede most if not all of his powers to Suleiman. Apparently, there was one sentence in the speech where he said this and it has everyone scratching their heads.

3:15 am UTC

Presidential Guard are said to be loyal to Mubarak and much more willing to engage the protesters will be a problem if large numbers of protesters march on the Presidential Palace.

From Kenny: A 'Mubarak Moment' smiling

"A 'Mubarak Moment' could become a new pop phrase for when everyone from the media to the president appear to anticipate and report something that doesn't quite end up as their talk suggested.
Today was almost one of those "Dewey Wins" days.
Maybe it's the move that those in the background actually wanted. Give some power to the CIA helpmate Omar Suleiman and hopefully buy time to get their plans straight. It gives the appearance of appeasing Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Or maybe it's an attempt to really stir up the protests? How are those in the streets and the military going to react? Peaceful, repression, chaos? Will Egyptians kill more Egyptians? Send a message not only to the other restless Middle East countries but to Americans that taking protests too far will have consequences? Mubarak hinted at it."

And don't miss Penny's take on this.

"Mubarek stays in "power"
Breaking news: Mubarek refuses to "step down"
The announcement was made via a previously recorded message.
(The western media is reporting it as live, but, Al Jazeera live coverage had reported it as previously recorded)I believe that it is previously recorded.
Because in my opinion, Hosni Mubarek is not in Egypt any longer. And if he is, he is not in power.
Which is nothing new or shocking, because he never was the REAL power.
He has always been EMPOWERED by the US and Israel.
His willingness to serve his masters in the US and Israel is how he gained and kept power.
The 'precanned' message was also released at about 11:oo pm Egyptian time.
Which means many people in Egypt are unaware of this latest news.
And this gives the army time to prepare for the inevitable surge in protest tomorrow."

Now, that would explain all those reports yesterday that Mubarak and his family were packing up and transport was being arranged to get them out of the country.
And perhaps today's miscues by the Military?

6:02 am UTC

Thousands of people gathered already. There is confusion over who is in power after the Mubarak and Suleiman speeches last night and the reports from the Military council that it was taking over power.

Reporter who was in the square yesterday said that a high level commander in the Egyptian military had come down to the square last night and told the protesters that their demands would be met.

Mubarak transferred some powers to Suleiman however he still retains:
Power to alter the government
Power to dissolve the government
Power to alter the constitution

11:21 am UTC

Absolutely enormous crowds in Cairo and Alexandria this morning with thousands more coming. The Tahrir square looks full and the side streets and bridge are full. Protesters also barring entrance and exit to the Radio and TV building and are also massing at the presidential palace. Some angry verbal exchanges with high ranking military officials. The military also issued another statement saying they would insure the people's demands would be met. It is not playing well with the protesters considering they are not helping to get Mubarak out. They are still sitting on the fence and it is very frustrating for the protesters who see the military coming on their side as being there only hope.

6:39 pm UTC

Big developments while I was offline!!! 3 hours ago Mubarak stepped down and the military (The Council of Armed Forces) has taken over control of the country vowing to implement the protesters changes. Massive celebrations going on now around Egypt. Millions are said to be celebrating across Egypt. Suleiman made the announcement over state TV.
The cabinet has been thrown out and the upper and lower houses of parliament have been dissolved.

A Swiss bank has frozen the assets of Mubarek. Hamas is welcoming his resignation and calling for the new gov. to lift the Gaza blockade.

There are saying that the people trusted the military and the military is being perceived as 'having delivered'. One thing I will note here is that yesterday there was much talk of how senior military leaders were concerned Mubarak be allowed to 'leave with dignity' (this had also been iterated by the Saudi's) so something obviously shifted in the military's position that mitigated that sentiment.

Mubarak has left Cairo is in some place on the Red Sea (couldn't catch the name - Saudi side perhaps??)
They just re aired Suleiman's announcement of Mubarak leaving. It was a couple of sentences long. He didn't look very happy. sticking out tongue

Reporter saying that the protesters are suspicious of the military ruling them however they felt it was their only option and for them it is a victory.

Some American woman being interview is talking about how Obama and US did not support the people of Egypt in their efforts for democratization and being on the side lines of history. She says the US wanted the CIA point-man in Egypt Suleiman, to take control and they did everything they could behind the scenes to bring this about. The idea that they sat idly by on the sideline is pure BS. smiling Smile

They are saying that the old guard of the military came under massive pressure from the younger guard. I am also wondering about the US Military involvement here who are said to have been "advising" the Egyptian military during this crisis.

Question to self:
Is this exposing a divergence in foreign policy aims between the US civilian Gov (the Obama Gov) and high ranking members of the US military? Is it a message re: Israel?

Sailors in Alexandria handing out food and drink to the protesters.

Oh puke sick! - Cameron says Britain stands ready to help and this is a precious moment for Egypt.
Biden now talking about the how the guy who set himself on fire in Tunisia ignited the passion of the people that set this movement on fire yadayada.

Iran calling this a great victory.

Someone from the MB on the phone from Alexandria. Just a note here - The MB seemed to have been much more out front and center in the protests in Alexandria than in Cairo. He is saying that they are more happy today then when they won the war against Israel in 1973 (The Yom Kippur or Ramadan or Arab-Israeli war).

El Baradei ready to help were ever he can to "do whatever people want me to do".

From Anti-War Feb. 10
Testimony: Egyptian Military Torturing Hundreds of Protesters
Claims of 'Neutrality' Fall Flat in Face of Grim Reality

5 - military members on the ruling military council
General Tantawi - the Egyptian defense minister - opposed economic and constitutional reform - guy in charge
General Enan - Chief of Staff - said not to be interested in power
Chief of the Air force, Chief of Army and Head of Presidential Guard??

Suleiman is out of the picture.

Police force will be back in a few days - they are the symbol of the old regime so not a popular move.

I think what may have happened is power was transferred to the Speaker of the House which is where it goes if not transferred to the VP. He must call an election in 60 days. If the speaker steps down (which I am assuming would happen or has happened) the power goes to the president of the constitutional court who is a judicial figure head that would be tasked with looking after the transfer of government.

Alternatively, they could also use a council of 3 persons to run the gov for 60 days or 90 days.

The corrupt oligarchy could still be protected by a new regime with the new faces.

The constitutional change the protesters want was basically the constitution they had two years ago that was amended by Mubarak. They would need additional laws to clarify elections, parties etc.

Feb. 2
3:30 pm UTC

Pro Gov't forces are 'commandeering' army vehicles that have been 'abandoned' to force their way into the center of the square (a position which they are holding).
Army soldiers say they have no orders to intervene.

3:37 pm UTC

Buildings on fire. Smoke can be seen rising from the Egyptian Museum which is being held by the 'pro' forces. Army standing by on top of the building.
Army is controlling the entrance and exits to the square. Pro forces on top of buildings throwing petrol bombs onto the 'anti' forces below.

3:45 pm UTC

UN reporting up to 300 killed or at least 500 injured.
Anti Mubarak supporter that was guarding the exit/entrance reported that they are finding police ID on 'civilians' trying to enter the square.
The fires that were reported as buildings on fire are wrong. The fires are the results of the petrol bombs that are being thrown. The reporter believe they are being thrown by the pro supporters in response the anti supporters gaining ground.
Emergency vehicles are trying to get into the square.
Peaceful anti supporters were charged by men on camels and horseback. Many of them were trampled.

3:54 pm UTC

Lots of gunshots heard. Reporters say they were the army firing warning shots. The 'anti' supporters were attacked with knifes, sticks and rocks etc.

4:03 pm UTC

Military denies firing shots.
The riot started when several hundred pro supporters entered the square. The anti supporters say these forces were sent in by Mubarak because they are taking police ID off of the pro supporters. They have these id's and have displayed them to the press.

4:11 pm UTC

Security forces now using water cannon in an attempt to control the fighting. It is not working. Lots more petrol bombs being thrown now.
Some talking head named Jackie floating the theory that the pro supporters have showed up now because the anti supporters had vehemently rejected the 'solution' that Mubarak gave in his speech last night.
Some witness says the army tried to position themselves between the two groups when the clash first began. Sounds like the pro group was made up of ordinary civilians who were there simply to demonstrate and a group of armed thugs (provocateurs/Mubarak security forces?) among them. He says he doesn't think the crowds are going to disperse as lots more people are trying to get into the square.
Some American reporter is saying that "today is exactly the day that the US Gov't was worried about" say what!!?? She says Obama was initially caught off guard but now there are serious things happening in the US Gov..
Good - she's gone now!

4:26 pm UTC

They still don't have any idea what has happened inside the square (I guess they mean injuries). Allan Fisher reporting says the army initially kept the two side apart and then they let the pro supporters in. I am assuming this is when the mounted charge began.
British PM Cameron says if they find out that Mubarak had anything to do with sending in security personnel to attack the peaceful protesters that this would be unacceptable.
Some European Union official saying it is essential that restraint be exercised and it is not for her to call on Mubarak to stand down.

4:33 pm UTC

The pro Mubarak crowd is massed near the Egyptian museum. Dozens and dozens of petrol bombs have been thrown at the anti supporters. Anti supporters can't leave easily because the pro supporters are blocking their exit. There are other ways to leave so they are not exactly trapped.
Lots and lots of debris on the streets. People seem to be cleaning it up or may be looking for something to throw? It's hard to tell.

Al Jazeera reporter talking to Mahmoud Ali Sabra (former Director in Mubarak gov) - Says "I would rather die than live under a dictator". Says he will continue to protest. Al Jazeera reporter keeps cutting him off and taking a pro supporter position.
Some witness now on phone saying that are lots and lots of injuries -says at least 60 in last half hour - as a result of the petrol bombs being thrown. There is no one to help.

4:51 pm UTC

There were thousands and thousands of pro supporters that entered the square initially. Their chants and mood were markedly different from the peaceful demonstrations that had been evident up until that time.
Right now the main square has thinned out but there are still thousands of people on the perimeters.
There was a fire at the Egyptian museum set by the petrol bombs. The military put it out.
Some man was captured and was being roughed up but now he looks to be getting injuries attended to. I think it is the anti Mubarak supporters that grabbed the guy but it is hard to tell.

5:28 pm UTC
A former general in the army (Mohar?? he was in intelligence) is being interviewed. He says the timing of the attack reflects the schizophrenic nature of Mubarak. The army did not engage because they did not have orders. They did not want to engage in the violence. The army is committed to protecting the people. He says Mubarak is no longer the legitimate leader of Egypt. Calls him paranoid, and a schizophrenic again. The army offered Mubarak a safe exit without any trial but he refused to go. Says we call on the people in the street to remember you are all Egyptian (think he wants them to get away from the the museum??) El Baradei needs to think carefully about what he is doing. Egypt has a big roll to play and he wants the opposition party to take this into consideration before causing trouble.

There soldiers now traveling through the streets in an open vehicle shouting at residents to get in their home. They are firing shots in the air?? There was a police van that has also entered the square moving towards the museum. Sound of a large explosion.

Some guy from the Brookings Institute (Martin?) being interview. Starts out whining that the reporter introduced him as a formerly having worked for AIPAC. Says Obama has been successful in getting the military to exercise restraint and get Mubarak to agree to leave but if this situation keeps on it is going to be difficult for them to do anything about what happens. Says Obama has come out (after a slow start) as a big supporter of the Egyptian people and democracy. The US Gov. position has changed dramatically over these fews days from when the demonstrations started. Rah Rah America and freedom and democracy etc. He hopes that what comes out of this is free and fair elections and there is good relations with the US and that they don't have to get into nasty discussions in Washington if this situation (ie anarchy) continues. This would be bad for Egypt and the region. Hopes the Egyptian military will act like the Tunisian military did. He is basically saying Mubarak has to go but I am not sure when he means. Talking about transition gov't and elections in Sept.

6:34 pm UTC

Ministry of health says 403 injured and 1 killed.
#'s of Pro Mubarak supporters increasing. Seem to be organized. They are handing out leaflets. A couple of streets have been barracaded. Petrol bombs still being thrown. Army still hasn't moved from their positions. Mosque has been set up as temporary hospital.

US Press secretary on now, is saying the time for transition has come and this time is now. If any of the violence has been instigated by the government it must stop now. I think he is saying Mubarak was involved in instigating the violence. A lot of political gobblygook to basically say Obama told Mubarak he has to go. A BS non answer to some question...yadayada...hedging on whether they will cut off aid to Egypt. It's constantly under review etc. Avoiding reporters direct question of whether Obama told Mubarak to go. Hahaha talking about universal rights needing to be respected. Events are happening quickly, they are planning for these events and there are going to be talks on a whole range of issues...entry points and moving aid (don't know what the fuck he is talking about here). Hedging on direct question of whether Mubarak is a dictator. yada yada events like this haven't happened in thousands of years, Obama is dedicating to watching and taking note of and responding to what is transpiring. OMG what bullshit this is...I haven't watched one of these for awhile smiling Governments have to be responsive to the people....even AJ has cut away from this crap and is now talking to Mark Ginsberg (former something or other now a talking head) to get commentary on it. hahaha He is noting that the press secretary didn't say when the transition should take place. Its a delicate balance yadayada freedom, democracy yadayda but not the Muslim brotherhood I take it as they are virulently anti American. He is a little testy over these questions about the MB. Transition, transition that's the word...but when is the question.

6:42 pm UTC
Witness says there is shooting going on. She is at temporary hospital. Says there are three dead. Had to hide from the violence as she made her way to the temp. field hospital. It is calmer on the streets right now. Reporter is asking if she can confirm that some building was set on fire. She didn't see it so doesn't know. She says there are rumours that the pro forces are gathering up to make another attack. She says the anti supporters won't leave and plan to stand their grounds. Ambulances havin a hard time making their way to the wounded. Field hospital is all volunteers. They have 5 doctors there. They are bringing in what medical supplies they have. Checkpoints are being manned mainly by civilians (anti supporters) but a couple are manned by the military.

Feb. 3
9:00 am UTC

Dialogue started between Suileman and opposition parties. Pro supporters being paid between 300 -500 dollars.
7 confirmed head many injured.

Petrol bombs still being thrown. Army is taking a little more active role. They have repositioned themselves.
Mood of the anti supporters has been dampened but their resolve is stronger. Holding the capital has been a huge achievement. More supporters heading to the square with medical supplies. Barricades have been set up.
Lots of movement of people now and chanting. They seem to be gathering. Very loud now.
Reporter from square - scene of recovery and defiance in the square. People are continuing to pour in. Everyone is bringing in supplies, med supplies, water food etc. They are using whatever they can find to build a barrier or can throw as a projectile. He says they believe yesterday the objective of the pro supporters was to break up the crowd. Only one entrance is left open to the square all the others have been blocked off. He says the anti supporters are saying that they refuse to be violent. They are still checking everyone who comes into the square for weapons. Wouldn't even allow a pair of scissors in. I think he is talking about the guy who was grabbed by pro supporters yesterday and roughed up. He was taken to the army where he was allowed to leave the square.

9:20 am UTC

Foreign journalists have been harassed and attacked by the pro supporters. Military did help some that were being attacked.

Reporter in square questioning who is behind the pro mubarak supporters. They were very organized. Had printed t shirts and posters, horses, camels, weapons etc. - asking why they came to the square - it has the hallmarks of the Ruling Democratic Party.

9:24 am UTC

Politicians scrambling for some resolution.
PM has apologized for what happened yesterday. Rumors that pm and vp may be resigning. VP meeting with opposition parties?? there is some confusion about this. meeting is apparently underway. Mubarak has asked cameras to accompany him to parliament today. Military saying government was not behind attacks yesterday. Stock markets to open on Monday - giving the impression things will be wrapped up by then. Any support pres had garnered with his speech giving concession has been wiped out by yesterdays events. Looks like he is scrambling to pull together some legacy before he has to go.

Thomas ??? , an Egyptian being interviewed. - The movement is gaining momentum

lost the AJ feed - it is trying to reconnect - ok back again

people are calling for departure Friday - says the protest may move by then to the parliament

some regular programming on now.

9:46 am UTC

According to Russia Today the army has started to arrest anti mubarak supporters.

10:00 am UTC

5 barricades have been erected to keep out pro forces. It is like a battle zone. Lots of wounded still being treated there. People know what is at stake here - it is not just politics but a matter of life or death. They would rather die than go back or loose an inch of what they have gained. That is why people keep moving into this battle zone. Violence is not deterring them. What the gov?/security forces?/ pro supporters tried to pull off yesterday did not work. The people are not deterred.

Witness says people were shot last night. Gunmen on a bridge? One person shot thru the head.

Politicians are scrambling in Egypt. Rumours that Mubarak and sulieman may step down are not true. It sounds like the Pres is acting separately from VP. The reporters are not clear what exactly is going on in the Gov. Calls for the VP to take charge by some Europeans ?? who are calling for Mubarak to step down.
Suieman says there will be no negotiations until the violence and protests end yet is talking to opposition members (MB??)

They are all praying now.

10:31 am UTC

News conference may happen soon? Govt denied being involved in violence yesterday and have called for an investigation. #'s of people coming into square continues to increase. Mood inside the square is tense. The actual pro supporters that caused all the troubles numbered only in the hundreds. They were all armed with knifes, sticks, fire bombs etc. = hired thugs mentioned.
Sanitation is a problem, there are not toilets or running water. The chances of running into violence are high when you leave the square. The pro supporters have moved outside the square - stopping people from bringing in supplies. People inside the square are concerned that the are area could become an area of siege esp with army or police not intervening to maintain control.

Lots of tension building outside of barriers of the squares. Concern that the violence will now move outside the square to the side streets. Lots of intimidation going against people who are coming in or going out of square by armed individuals. Shops in area are closed and residents are staying inside. People not participating in demonstration are becoming frustrated that their lives are becoming so difficult. People saying i can't even trust my own neighbour.

10:55 am UTC

Egyptian press slant is that it is foreign interference that is fueling the protesters. a private channel apparently interviewed a woman that said she was an American who had been trained in Israel to be a 'protester'. They are saying the protesters are anarchists etc. supported by Iran...

There were lots of reports yesterday that the pro protesters were brought in on govt trucks and buses.
The reporter is making the point that the pro supporters tactics follow the familiar tactics of the ruling national democratic party. Says the Egyptian media 'on cue' as the attacks started began reporting that the pro supporters were there to restore order from the anarchy of the anti protesters.

5:52pm UTC

Clashes going on all day between two sides. These are happening away from the square - 1/2 km. Army tank has moved thru the crowd firing warning shots every few mins. Snipers shooting anti protesters using high powered rifles. Pro supporters appear to have faded away. Journalists continue to be intimidated. AJ has had their equipment seized. Their feed is from internet satellite so pictures are not great quality. Reporter saying that authorities are putting out propaganda that Israelis have infiltrated the crowds and some are posing as journalists. Some journalists have been detained or arrested. They showed pictures from some clashes earlier. It looks like a war zone.

6:20 pm UTC

There are reports of up to 10 people having been killed by snipers using high powered rifles. AJ can't confirm but they can hear the shots.
Army is starting to intervene more.

AJ definitely has a tendency at times to side with pro gov propaganda, so to speak. (ie they are always posing the "be reasonable" side of the argument, "they got their point across, why don't they go home" etc.)

According to doctors on the scene. 10 people have been killed and 1000 injured. AJ can't confirm numbers.

Crowds in square have been able to organize early warning of trouble coming as well as reinforcing their positions.

Reporter thinks tomorrow (Friday for them which should start in a few hours) will be a big day because they have labeled it "The Day of Departure". They are looking to get the largest amount of people out tomorrow.

There were some incidents of small arm fires by the pro supporters. The witnesses say this is when the military began shooting warning shots in the air.

Reports of mobs hunting the opposition. Just actually seeing pictures of Suleiman speech he is looking very "presidential" sitting in a brocade chair, with the Egyptian flag behind him. smiling

A little side report on the Iraqi middle class leaving to go back to Baghdad because they are afraid of what is going on there. Interviews with them suggest they have seen the way violence can escalate and they don't want to stick around for it. They are actually feeling Baghdad may be safer right now.

6:50 pm UTC

Reports that some of the organizers of the anti supporters have been arrested - starter of FB page etc. The internet is coming back online across Egypt. This has been the biggest shutdown of internet in history.

Video from yesterday of pro supporters making petrol bombs.

Things are relatively calm right now.

6:02 pm UTC

Three AJ journalists have been arrested doing their job.

US Press conference with Cowley - says Wisner is back in Washington now after talks with Egyptian govt. Won't answer whether US told Mubarak to go. Says they are bracing for big events tomorrow with increased #'s of protesters on street. Spoke about the conditions journalists are working in. Journalists being harassed in their hotels, having their equipment and materials taken etc.

The anti supporters have set up an address system and are have witnesses come up and give testimonials. They are also giving instructions etc. The numbers of protesters are the largest tonight that the reporters have seen. Thinks that is because they are afraid to go home. I guess because they are being attacked when they leave. The atmosphere tonight is serious and sombre and they is more anger and passion.

Feb. 4
1:50 am UTC

Gov is saying they have started dialogue with opposition parties and representatives of the anti protesters. Protesters say this is not true. Egyptian ministry of health says 13 dead and 1100 injured. US Gov is said to be working on a proposal for Mubarak. Mubarak says he is "fed up" with public service. If he leaves there will be chaos (unlike now I suppose) haha. Clashes in Alexandria said to be instigated by pro government forces (armed thugs, security/police etc).

There is no live feed of the streets right now so I don't know if that is because they have special programming on now or if they have lost it.

AJ not naming any reporters over fear for their safety. They no longer have the live feed because it is too dangerous. Reporters are still there. They report it is really quiet at the time. Very few military vehicles left on the streets. Very few people on the side streets mostly people manning the entrances/exit. Reporter says it is the most peaceful scene since he arrived Cairo. (Calm before the storm?). Some commotion now. People running towards reporter. You can hear gunshots and shouting in the distance.

2:17 UTC
Gangs of thugs blocking every entry to the square. Photographer who had been at the square since the beginning says he had to leave (camera in backpack) because it was just too dangerous to stay there. Former protester on the phone now says that the protesters are completely different during the night than the daytime. I am not sure if he is saying they are different people but I think he is intimating that. Reporter presses him on this and he says the conversations are different, what the people are saying is different, the political talk is different. He has left the square.

2:25 pm UTC

Talking head or maybe gov official from Washington on now = he says the protesters are more radical now (or maybe he means there are more radical protesters there - I didn't really catch how he worded it.) US has finally, FINALLY, come to realization that Mubarak is a liability. Says you can't believe anything Egypt Gov is saying. Says Mubarak isn't listening and thinks he can ride this out.

Showing video of todays protests in Yemen. They look like large crowds. There were apparently 10's of thousands of pro goverment supporters in the streets. Talking about the Yemeni pres saying he won't seek reelection or have his son take over. They frequently refer to how these 'flower' revolutions are following the Tunisian model.

Reporter who worked for the state TV quit because they were censoring so much material. She had calls from state security. She was threatened, told she could disappear from the face of the earth.

Another reporter talking about how quiet it is inside the square. I don't think any of their reporters are inside the square any longer. They are all saying they are just on the outside of it.

Thousands of foreign citizens are leaving or trying to leave.

Talking about how the US position is in constant flux - showing clips of different officials making statements. Ends with US gov insists it never saw this coming. hahaha

2:42 AM UTC

Doing tweets now - bloggers have been arrested, detained and interrogated including Egyptian and foreign bloggers. Some journalists and bloggers still missing.

Tweet from inside the square says they are OK= things are peaceful now.

A lot of repeat stuff now, reports that I saw already this morning.

4:25 am UTC

Morning prayers are over. Dawn is breaking in Cairo. Below are some pictures of Tahrir Square (Liberty or Freedom square.) I have been trying to get a sense of what could happen today so I have been looking at some pictures of the area. According to AJ reports 5 entrance/exits to the square were blocked. I can't seem to figure out who is/was blocking these entrances the pro forces or the anti forces. I think maybe both. The pro forces were in the back streets stopping people from getting to the entrances which are manned by the pro supporters. The military is at at least one entrance. The orange/pink building you see at the far left of the first picture and the top of the last picture is the Egyptian museum which was the position held by the pro forces yesterday. They since have faded back and are roaming the back streets as armed gangs of thugs intimidating and attacking people trying to get in. The military is also said to have pulled back. So, I am thinking all those people could possibly be trapped in the square surrounded by the military and pro forces (police/security/paid thugs etc.). In addition, there have been reports of snipers positioned near the square (perhaps on the surrounding buildings and overpasses) that are/were shooting (random?) people. The pro forces were also positioned on what I think are the road overpasses just outside the square (towards the Qasr El Nil Bridge which you can see in the picture below). Towards the bridge, I am thinking, would be the only or most likely escape route if need be. It would just take a few people being shot as they exit towards the bridge to create mass panic. Hope this ends well.


7:00 am UTC

The curfew is lifted and people are starting to come to the square. Traffic picking up now. The night was very calm and it is a clear morning. No reports of clashes last night. Witness saying that this is the largest crowd yet for early morning. She is saying that this is the day they plan to march to the presidential palace but doesn't know if that will happen or if they can get out of the square. Says the army is confusing and she does not know where they stand. They have stayed relatively neutral but yesterday they were arresting people. They do not have any confidence in them. There are two field hospitals set up in the square as well as another on a side street set up in a mosque.

In an interview, Suleiman says they will not force the people to leave the square. Reiterates it when he is pressed by the reporter. I notice that he appears to be the spokesman for the gov. He is front and center in their coverage of the gov. The only coverage of Mubarak they are giving (over and over) is that he says he is fed up with gov. and had nothing to do with the attacks over the last two days. Says he doesn't want to see Egyptians fighting. Also reported that he has ordered an investigation into the attacks. I think yesterday it was reported that opposition parties refused to meet with him, however there were numerous reports that the opposition was meeting with Suleiman. I don't think AJ knows what is going on. They are giving conflicting and confusing reports.

There is lots of security this morning around the presidential palace.
They talked to a reporter at the airport saying that lots of Egyptian were coming into the country. In England, it is reported that many ex-pats are buying tickets to get to Egypt and attend the protests.

Joe Biden is reported to have told Suleiman to start the process of building a transitional gov.

The reporter says the pictures on the screen are live from the square. There are lots and lots or people there. I think they may have a live feed back but I am not sure. They are still also showing lots of pictures from the last couple of days.

Guy from the Hudson institute saying that the military doesn't make good rulers but may have short term role in the transition.

Former military general saying that something/someone outside the gov was behind the attacks, letting the prisoners out etc.. He is saying that some other country is messing around in Egypt. No shit Jack! He seems to be blaming Hezbollah because there were Lebanese prisoners that were let out of prison that are now in Lebanon. A political analyst is saying it is forces within the government - part of the regime (ie security forces). Says it is a dilemma for the military which side to take. General talking now - he is very hard to understand because of his accent I don't really know what he said. Hudson institute guy is saying that Egyptian army would be taught that it is illegal to fire on the citizens. The General is saying the military will be there to protect the infrastructure, buildings etc. but they may intervene to push people away if they start destroying things (I think that is what he said anyways smiling ). Analyst saying that the VP and the PM will be important in the transition and they will have to work with the military. Transition, transition, transition...same old actors....Suleiman, the PM, el Baradei, MB the military etc to direct the transition show.

8:00 am UTC

Tens of thousands gathered in the square already hundreds of thousands expected. It is 10 am Feb 4 there. Rallies are also planned in Yemen, Syria and Jordan. The army has positioned themselves (they say) to keep the two sides apart. Looks like they are in riot gear.

A guy near the museum speaking via telephone now. Says people are flooding into the square. He says there is not much resistance given to people getting into the square. He is about to go thru another checkpoint as he is not yet into the square. It is very noisy. He says people are being very cautious as they try to enter. There is a feeling that this will come to a head today but he is concerned the army will not be able to stay neutral for long. He is not being allowed in thru the entrance he is trying. He has to try and get in another way. Says they are only letting people in thru a few entrances. There are barricades to keep people from entering from some areas.

AJ reporter in the square talking now - saying people flooding in. Says the army has much larger presence today (about 40 or 45 soldiers armed and in riot gear) turning people away near the Egyptian Museum. The official march is was to begin after Friday prayers (in about two hours). The social network traffic is saying that they are going to stay in the square and the march has been called off because they are concerned there could be trouble if they try to march. ( hmm interesting in light of Aangirfans post at link: There are long lines at the entrances (think she is talking about the entrance from the bridge) where people are being allowed into the square and they have to go thru two physical checks to get in. Lots of army presence there. She says journalists are getting in. It is the pro supporters that are doing the checks.

Large shift in political back story in last 24 hours. There is a split in the government between those that want to hang onto the gov and those who want the transition. They are reporting that back room deals are happening and the demonstrators are being represented. The protesters are saying that they don't know who is supposed to be negotiating for them. The reporter is saying it is secular factions within the MB and that they are bringing in several people who are not currently within the country and that the demonstrators would not know them - Someone named Usaf Nadah?? (best I can do on spelling) who is currently in Switzerland (Italy??). These people were involved in gov or were activists many years ago (1960's ?). Main thing is that whoever is 'negotiating' for the pro democracy demonstrators are people who are not known to them. sticking out tongue

He says the Minister of the Interior, Head of organization of the ruling party, the minister of housing and minister of tourism -are said to have funded the pro gov mob - they have had their bank accounts seized and are not permitted to travel. This is the split in gov he is talking about. I couldn't get their names he was talking to fast.

The European Union along with the US is calling for Mubarak to step down now and move to transitional gov. Egyptians are not paying any attention to them. They are falling over themselves to look as if they are not trying to interfere with a sovereign government.

9:00 am UTC

Huge huge crowds gathered now. Lots of signs and flags etc.

I think that guys name i mentioned earlier is Yusuf Nada (aka Youssef Nada). He is the one that is supposed to be coming back to Egypt to represent the interests of the pro democracy supporters via the MB. Maybe someone could look further into this guy who is allegedly being brought back to Egypt as a result of these back room deals.

From an article I found on him at link: . Nada is "the self-acknowledged “foreign minister” for the Brotherhood, is most well known for his role as head of the Al Taqwa Bank. Al Taqwa, which had both a Bahamas-registered bank and a Swiss corporate office, was set up in 1988 on principles of Islamic finance and had a shareholder list comprised of many Muslim Brotherhood figures including the family of global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi who also served as the bank’s Sharia advisor. Very little is actually known about the Al Taqwa’s operations but it, along with with Nada and the other directors, was designated in November 2001 as terrorist entities in connection with the financing of Al Qaida. As recent posts have discussed, terrorism charges against Nada and his associates have recently been dropped in Switzerland and Italy for lack of evidence. Nada was recently named by the Egyptian government as a terrorism financier and is being tried in absentia by a military court. He continues to reside in Campione di Italia, an italian enclave inside of Swiss territory where he has lived in a luxurious villa for many years."

From a NY Times article:
"From a building with copper-colored windows, they run an empire that had a Bahamas bank and shares of business throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with cement plants, drydocks, textile and brick factories and a division that trades steel, wheat, oil and other commodities. The lone sign for the sixth-floor office is a red placard with one word, ''NADA.'' All others ''were taken down because of the reporters,'' said a banker from another floor.
..."His investment house, Al Taqwa, meaning piety or fear of God, offers 3,000 clients investments in accordance with shariah, or Islamic law. That tenet forbids charging interest or owning anything to do with alcohol, weapons, gambling or adultery."

10:00 am UTC

Friday prayers to start any minute. Hundreds of thousands of people said to be there. It is very loud. Lots of chanting.
Reporter talking about the situation beyond the walls being ripe for an outbreak of violence. Lots of people and weapons positioned on the side streets surrounding the square.
One thing I notice that all of the reporting about the anti supporters focuses around Mubarak. He has to go etc. His leaving will signal that the people have won, democratization can start etc. There is little or no coverage on the regime as a whole. Do these people truly believe that just getting rid of Mubarak is going to make a difference. AJ never broaches this question or airs any comments on this. It is very much a black and white issue they present. Muburak against the pro democracy supporters. I am sure the people's thinking on this must be much more nuanced.

10:20 am UTC

Prayers have started. Much quieter now. The bridge is described as a human carpet. Anyone who looks remotely suspicious is taken away and handed over to the military.

The calm before the storm? Prayers going on over the address system in Arabic. The prayers are demanding regime change, a release of the prisoners and a change in the constitution. Prayers will last about 15 minutes of so (don't know if I will last, getting tired sticking out tongue )

10:40 am UTC

Prayers over now. It is really really loud now. They are chanting something. They are shouting "he's leaving" or "he must leave". The sound is deafening according to reporter in the square. The crowd are holding hands in show of unity.

10:53 am UTC

Huge demonstrations in Alexandria as well.

Egyptians of other religions formed huge guards around the Muslims as they said their prayers.

Scuffle broke out in the crowd but it didn't seem to amount to much. I think it may have been at the Alexandria protests which are also

6:50 PM UTC

Still massive crowds in the square this evening in Cairo.

Four former ministers detained in Egypt pending investigation of violence perpetrated by the pro forces.

Huge demonstrations in Yemen on their "Day of Rage". Demonstrations in Jordan and Syria. Demonstrations planned for Algeria, Syria and Bahrain.
Egyptian health minister says as many as 5000 people injured.
The anonymous hackers that have been attacking anti Wiki Leaks sites are now attacking Egyptian sites.
They are showing pictures from the demonstrations during the day they really are extraordinary.

7:50 am UTC

A witness on the phone now - says that the Anti Mubarak supporters are handing over anyone who looks suspicious or like they are a foreigner to the army who are arresting them. This is the second witness report I have heard about this today. He is also saying that armed pro Mubarak gangs are still roaming the backstreets with long daggers, sticks and other assorted weapons. The reporter asks him how they are being kept out of the square and he says it is the large numbers of people in the square that are keeping them out. He says the atmosphere outside the square is very tense and he also made a comment that sounded like he was contradicting himself re: the military. I didn't quite catch it but I thought he was saying that it was the army that were allowing these gangs to roam around.

Pro Mubarak rallies are taking place a few kilometers away from the square. Their are a few thousand protesters at these rallies. They deny allegations that they are being paid to stage the protests.

I am thinking there is a lot of throat slitting and backstabbing going on in the backrooms. I am wondering what the evil f**kers next move is. Are they thinking this will all fissel out? waiting for the protesters to leave and attack them on the back streets? The ordinary citizen (ie those not participating in demonstrations) will get fed up and turn on the protesters?

Reporter saying the mood today had more of a festival atmosphere. She said their were lots of new protesters today, people who had been reluctant to believe the protests were sincere until now.

The curfews have been eased but no one seems to being paying attention to it. The reporter is saying that the situation on the outside of the square is not as bad as in previous days. Neighboring areas are doing their own security. Egyptians are starting to feel the pinch of businesses and banks being closed - no money, little food etc. Some shop owners are becoming angry because their businesses are going bankrupt. She makes the point that the protesters need to bear in mind the effect of the protests on the lives of ordinary Egyptians. Says the govt has a very effective and persuasive propaganda machine and ways to influence the actions of these 'ordinary' civilians (the public opinion) so they are feeling very conflicted about what to think about the protests. The gov lost credibility after the violence over last 2 days and she says that is why you heard the gov apologizing to the people. She says that has never happened before. It was damage control by the gov recognizing they were loosing the propaganda war after the public perception that they had unleashed the violence.

8:40 pm UTC

Obama/Harper news conference on now. Obama taking way too much time to lay down the talking points - Mubarak has said he will step down, must be orderly transition, US can't tell him what to do, democracy and freedoom blah blah blah.
Hahaha they cut away as soon as Harper started talking. smiling

Witness on the phone saying that the pro Mubarak supporters are numbering only in the hundreds. Says the army is not doing anything about the armed thugs roaming the streets. It is the anti Mubarak protesters who are capturing these people and handing them over to the army. He said they (the anti protesters) had captured some that had Israeli passports and passports from other foreign countries (didn't say [or know??] which ones).

European countries calling for the Egyptian army to diffuse the tension.

9:20 pm UTC
hahaha - Berlusconi describes the Egyptian Pres as wise and a role model for the area.

Showing a clip on the Pro Mubarak rally. The pictures are of average looking Egyptians shouting and chanting in support of Mubarak. These look to me like they may have been organized for domestic consumption/propaganda (no wide shots and lots of tight shots on people's face and signs etc.). Witnesses have said they number only in the hundreds and not in the thousands like is being reported.

10:33 pm UTC

Report that one of the persons killed over last 2 days was a 36 year old reporter who was taking pictures from his balcony of the Pro Mubarak forces positioned on the top of buildings. He was killed by a sniper shot to the head.

Feb. 5
12:15 am UTC

haha PM Stevie Harper says same thing Obama said just doesn't take as long to say it. Transition, transition, Egyptians must decide for themselves. We can't intervene (read we can't be seen to be intervening.)

Mubarak hasn't got any friends left. The Europeans think he is a "Dead Man Walking".

Lots of repeat reports being broadcast now.

12.40 am UTC

Reports now of heavy gunfire. Reporter on the ground is saying he thinks it is the military firing to warn off Pro forces who are approaching the square. Cheers and chants in the background. Says there are reports there are more "Pro Mubarak" protests planned for tomorrow. Says the people on the streets (the ordinary citizen) is saying that while they agree with the need for change they don't know how much longer they can hang on with out access to money as the banks are closed, with shops closed and little food etc. hmmm - why are all the banks closed?? I can see that makes sense in the center of the city near the protests but why are closed all over the country?

7:00 am UTC

Reporter on the phone saying it looks likes the pro and anti sides are setting up for confrontation. Many people left the square last night. Not nearly as many people this morning. He thinks today may be a "telling day".

A number of army troops in riot gear, marching, looking like they are moving into position.

Reports of a blast and fires in El Arish(sp) in Egypt's north Sinai (near a gas pipeline). Reuter's is reporting that Egyptian state television says terrorists have targeted a pipeline in Egypt's Sinai. AJ can't confirm this yet. I

There is a good analysis of the situation from The Angry Arab called 'Some Other Perspective' at the link.

Here we go..... The pipeline is apparently on the Egypt/Israeli border and supplies oil to Israel. I think they said this is the area where the Bedouins have taken contol. Residents are reporting it was explosion and there is a massive fire.

A somewhat related and interesting link on Gazans feeding the Egyptian army stranded in the Sinai at link

7:30 am UTC

AJ is confirming the explosion in el Arish in the Sinai. The pipeline is a crucial to supplying Israel. It goes via Jordan into Israel. They are reporting that a group of "masked men" were able to set off the detonation. Egypt has a 25 year agreement to supply Israel. Last year it supplied 25 million $$ of gas to Israel. The reporter is asking 'who does this benefit'. He is struggling to understand it as it clearly would not benefit Egypt with the loss of income. hahaha

7:40 am UTC

People are tweeting that the army is trying to take down the barricades that the anti supporters constructed.

Arab Gas Pipeline in El Arish

Any guesses who blew up that pipeline? Poor reporter he just doesn't have a clue. laughing out loud

It is the Arish to Ashkelon Undersea Pipeline. The fire has now been contained. No causalities and no infrastructure damage.. The gas line is intact.(Well that is fortunate!! and convenient as well. There will be no significant loss of supply to Israel - whew... but danger, danger for them....they may need to send in the troops to protect that crucial gas supply.

Those behind the attackers were trying to send the government of Egypt a message - ya think - they are suggesting it was disgruntled local Bedouins rolling on the floor laughing This is the indications there are getting from "unofficial sources".
No group has claimed to have done this at this time. hmmm I wondered how they can conjecture this if the perpetrators were masked...

Arish–Ashkelon pipeline
The Arish–Ashkelon pipeline is a 100 kilometres (62 mi) submarine gas pipeline connecting the Arab Gas Pipeline with Israel. Although it is not officially a part of the Arab Gas Pipeline project, it branches off from the same pipeline in Egypt. The pipeline is built and operated by the East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG), a joint company of Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC - 68.4%), the Israeli company Merhav (25%) as well as Ampal-American Israel Corp. (6.6%).[10] The pipeline became operational in February 2008. Initially Egypt and Israel had agreed to supply through this pipeline 1.7 bcm of natural gas per year for use by the Israel Electric Corporation.[11] This has since been raised to 2.1 bcm per year to be delivered through the year 2028. In addition, by late 2009, EMG had signed contracts to supply through the pipeline additional 2 bcm per year to private electricity generators and various industrial concerns in Israel and negotiations with other potential buyers were ongoing. In 2010, the pipeline is supplying approximately half of the natural gas consumed in Israel, with the other half being supplied from domestic resources. The total physical capacity of the pipeline is 9 bcm/year and agreements between the two nations provide a framework for the purchase of up to 7.5 bcm/year of Egyptian gas by Israeli entities, making Israel one of Egypt's most important natural gas export markets.

Note to self- use html tags sparingly - that's a private joke to amuse myself smiling

8:45 am UTC

They are showing pictures of the pipeline that was blown. There were taken from Gaza. They are now saying it is not the Arish-Asheklon undersea pipeline but is the pipeline that goes to Jordan. The flames were huge.

Some Egyptian official is quoted as saying there are foreign elements behind this attack on the pipeline.

The narrative there are pursuing here is the tension between the Bedouins and the Egyptian gov in the northern Sinai because they say the gov has not invested the gas revenues back into the area. The Southern Sinai is ok apparently because of tourist revenue. They keep talking about there being a security vacuum in the area and about the smuggling tunnels to Gaza.

It took 3 or 4 hours to get the fire under control.
This is not the first time this pipeline has come under attack by the Bedouin tribes.
They don't know yet who did this but THE BEDOUINS DID IT.... smiling
This is a fore taste of things to come for Israel. Security is very, very important to them. They (Israel) are now talking about having to go back in and take control back of the Sinai. They are very concerned about the shrinking security area. Jesus Christ on a stick!!! This is hard to listen to.

People in Israel are very jittery. The fears of Israel have been compounded. A good friend is on there way out and they don't know what will replace it. The Muslim Brotherhood has always said Egypt should not be exporting them their oil. Reporter is questioning how they (Egypt) could be without the revenue if they quit selling the oil. The guy reporting from Jerusalem isn't giving that a coherent answer just agrees with him and then goes on to talk about Israel's fear. This explosion has just increased Israel's fear. yadayadayada

9:15 am UTC

Sunday has been designated a "Day of Solidarity" with Egypt.

9:56 am UTC

Israeli Bureau chief says the most important economic import from Egypt is gas so there is concern about that. Egypt is Israel's biggest trading partner in the region. They see the economic ties being shaken by qiz zones (Qualifying Industrial Zones) being affected (some kind of trading agreement (manufacturing??) between the two countries set up by the US ). Instability in Egypt would be bad for Egypt as well as for Israel.

Telegraph reports assassination attempt of VP Suleiman via Aangirfan -

10:38 am UTC

Suleiman said to be meeting with opposition members including MB (I think??). MB has been the forefront of the opposition. They will be in the picture and they can not be left out. The reporter is saying doesn't the MB needs to step up into leadership of the demonstrators?

AJ keeps questioning if the demonstrators resolve is waning. The guy they are interviewing is saying it is a government strategy to wear the protesters out.

Hillary Clinton is warning of a "perfect storm" in the middle east and broad sweeping changes.

Solidarity demonstrations going on around the world.

Reporter at the Rafah crossing saying that the security there is not good. Police have been attacked and are being protected by the military. They are staying indoors. Residents are forming their own neighborhood security as they have no police protection. This is being blamed on the Bedouin who are also responsible the smuggling trade to Gaza.

Showing scenes of demonstrations in New York. Lots of people, signs and chanting. Free, Free Egypt.

Feb. 6
5:42 am UTC

They are airing a documentary on Mubarak. Mubarak was (is?) very loved by the military/airforce. He was considered a brilliant military man. "He remembered the names of everyone in the air force and even new about their personal problems". He appeared unlikely to move into power as he never showed any interest in challenging it. After Sadat was killed and Mubarak took power he started off with 'acts of compassion". In the early days he was well liked by the people and not seen as someone who would naturally want to be a dictator.

Egypt was/is an autocratic democracy. He was easily elected 2 times in a row and never appointed a VP. He mended relationships with the Arab nations after the peace treaty with Israel. He was known to be highly intelligent and able to control his emotions - a good diplomat.

In 1995, an assassination attempt was carried out against him in Ethiopia. This caused the Egyptians to ask what would happen to Egypt if Mubarak were to die or be killed. Within the Egyptian system without a VP there would be no one to transfer power to and it would create a power vacuum.

The Egyptian economy started to take a downturn after this time and was very effected by the sanctions put on Iraq as much money had been coming into the Egyptian economy from Egyptians working in Iraq. Egyptians are not inclined to become involved in politics as long as there is food on the table."

back to news coverage....
6:00 am UTC

MB in talks with the government. Stand off is turning into a test of will power. Government is trying to get the people back to work. Banks and businesses set to open soon.

Talking to a protester who has been in the square since the start of the demonstration. He is vowing to stay there. The reporter is pushing him to say the protesters are fed up and want to go home. He is saying the government is putting pressure on the people to go back to work by threatening to have them fired, violence in the backstreets etc.

Alexandria is getting back to normal life. Some protests are continuing there and throughout the country. People are surprised that the MB is negotiating with the government. It will be seen as a sign of weakness and a huge concession because the MB had vowed not to negotiate unless Mubarak left. On the flip side, this is the first time that the gov has acknowledged the MB. The people are clear that it is their demands that matter and not whether or who the government is negotiating with.

There have been mass resignations in the ruling party including Mubarak's son. Head of the army met with the protesters in the square yesterday.

Demands of international community have changed again. Surprising comments by US Ambassador backing off of demands that Mubarak needs to leave right away to their needs to be an orderly transition. Suleiman said to not want to ask Mubarak to leave. hahaha

The gas pipeline explosion has now been blamed on a gas leak. hmmm I wonder what happened to those "masked men" and all them Bad Bedouins.

MB has been in Egypt for 80 years. It did not win a single seat in the last election.

Ok - so after a few minutes of watching, it is obvious that the story here is the protesters are loosing steam and the transition is underway. Nothing more to see everyone go on about your business.

The word is that if you want a seat at the table (of power) you have to get in now which is presumably why the MB has capitulated on their demands that Mubarak must leave.

They are showing pictures of a couple who got married in front of the barrier in the square.

Lots more international coverage.

hmmm This seems to be all over from AJ's perspective. Mubarak has held on to power ?? Transitional period led by Suleiman and backed by the army??

So lets see, they emptied out the prisons, got rid of a whole bunch of government members and influential people within the NDP ruling party including Mubarak's son (the heir apparent), forced Mubarak to agree to leave in Sept., had Suleiman installed as VP (who within the Egyptian system naturally assumes presidential powers from the president when he leaves or dies), left the military 'appearing' neutral in all this, started the 'Israel may need to move militarily into the Sinai dialogue', demonized the Bedouins, harassed killed and imprisoned a whole whack of people (no doubt many who were influential - journalists, enemies, dissidents etc.- but we don't know who or where they are- quote: from someone in the CIA I think - if you want someone interrogated you send them to Jordan, if you want them tortured you sent them to Syria, if you want them to disappear you send them to Egypt), started dialogues with the Muslim Brotherhood who rolled over on their demands, shut down the banks and the internet (a good test and taste of things to come?) for several days leaving the economy in a more impoverished state, and started the "orderly transition process" whatever that means. Kinda sounds like a coup d'etat to me or is it just more of the same old...? Nothing for the people yet...cue the talking heads and analysts...we shall see.

It's been an heroic effort by the people.
Viva Egypt!


I will leave you for now with this video of dramatic pictures from the protests and I'll get back to this if there are any further developments.

2:50 pm UTC

The square is still filled with people. The protesters are organizing for what to do next. They have selected about 20 people to head this effort. There are also others who are cleaning up the square as they are not wanting to be accused of destroying the public space. In other words, they are concerned with their image and how it is playing in the streets - so to speak.

Official governments figures are 11 dead however the official UN figures and estimates on the ground are 300 dead. AJ is showing footage of battles on the streets and on the bridge from a couple of days ago. You can hear all the gunfire and see that several anti Mubarak supporters being shot with others dragging them away. They also showed footage of someone who looks to have been shot by a sniper. The witnesses said it was the military.

Reports that today that the Coptic Christians were praying today alongside the Muslims in a show of solidarity.

Al Jazeera reporters are still being harassed and detained. One of their more famous reporters has just recently been taken they report "by the military" and they do not know where he is.

Reports now that the crowds in Alexandria going to move towards the Alexandria train station. Not as many people today but still many thousands despite bad weather.

Protesters in Tahrir square are going to form a coalition of 5 different groups to represent their demands. Those in Alexandria are tending to take their directives from those in Cairo but no official organization.

Someone on the phone now saying that for the first time they are confirming that it is the army that are conducting the detentions of protesters and journalists. This is a disturbing and alarming precedent. Doesn't sound good....

They had to hang up on that guy because they had someone from Israel (Tel Aviv University) on the line -:P
If Mubarak falls there will be a different policy towards Israel and the strategic partnership and special friendship are probably gone. They are shocked over the events they are witnessing and Israel is worried that the MB may be taking over and the Israelis expect great changes. Not happy about the government meeting with the MB. God forbid, if we lose the peace agreement with Egypt, we are back to square one with the Arab world. He thinks they might end up with a Turkish kind of scenario re:economics and politics. They are worried about the gas that Egypt sends them.

Just want to note here that the meeting with opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood that they are continuously reporting today was with the VP Suleiman. There is no sign of Mubarak and it is Suleiman's picture they are constantly showing. So, considering the day's developments I'm leaning towards the 'transitional period' led by Suleiman and backed by the army with Mubarak been kept around for whatever propaganda purposes they may have for him. However....(remembering that in Egypt the president has absolute power over everyone and everything and that Suleiman has been reported to have said recently that he does not want to ask Mubarak to leave) the army hereto for have been very loyal to Mubarak (and said to love and respect him) so I am not sure what to make of the developments today that the army appears to be moving on the people - has Mubarak managed to stay in control and Suleiman is just being sent out to conduct sham meetings with the opposition while the army 'quietly' cracks down on the protesters in the background. hmmmm

AP from Twelfth Bough has posed an interesting conjecture.
"How is Mubarak managing to hold onto power through all of this? He must have some powerful allies. However, is his general Suleiman one of them?
Suddenly Mubarak has no intention of transferring power to Suleiman, his Ratzinger?
Suddenly they are not so close after all?
Suleiman seems very close to the ISRAELIS.
Are we seeing a proxy battle between Rothschild and Rockefeller interests unfolding in Egypt?"

Mubarak = Rockefeller
Suleiman = Rothschild
I presume smiling


Egyptian news

thank you for this coverage!!

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Yes it would! I fear that is

Yes it would! I fear that is not the way this is going to play out.

Thu, 02/03/2011 - 14:27 — Winter
thanks for this

great coverage, far too good to be just a comment buried in another thread.

As you watch Al Jazeera, keep in mind that it is staffed and finananced by pro-Western interests.

That's why there is so much pro-Western faux-journalism coming from AJ.

It's still better than what we would get otherwise, though.

Thu, 02/03/2011 - 16:13 — McJ
McJ's picture
Absolutely, I agree. I kinda

Absolutely, I agree re: AJ. I kinda think of it as the Arab version of the BBC but still, much better coverage than anything else out there and a lot of it is from reporters on the ground, with numerous eye witness accounts. It just so happened that while I was about my business today I was listening to CNN. Wow, it just sucks. I learned that Charlie Sheen went on a two day bender and then had to go the hospital with hernia pain. Some pop singer is getting lots of hits on her sneak peak you tube video called S&M. Their was a big winter storm down there and the Democratic National Convention is going to be held in Charlotte, NC and they are really happy about it and it is going to cost something just under 50 million. Wolf was on just as I left and most of his coverage was about the journalists that were being attacked and arrested. Apparently, Anderson Cooper was attacked a couple of time. Then then there was Hillary giving a pot calling the kettle black tongue wagging to the Egyptian Government etc.

I hope to get back to this in a couple of hours or so but I am not too sure whether there will still be much coverage. I think not much for pictures but some of AJ reporters are hiding in the square and may still able to report... so we shall see.

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 02:54 — james

"There are long lines at the entrances (think she is talking about the entrance from the bridge) where people are being allowed into the square and they have to go thru two physical checks to get in. Lots of army presence there. She says journalists are getting in. It is the pro supporters that are doing the checks."

The pro supporters would only be allowed to do this checking with the approval of the police and the army. And if they are checking them for weapons and recording equipment which they would be, then this is not going to end well. Deep sense of foreboding here.

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 02:56 — McJ
McJ's picture
Comments at 4:25am

Ya - read my comments at 4:25am - just above the pictures.

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 03:00 — McJ
McJ's picture
And at 8:00 am

And at 8:00 am

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 03:47 — james
kill zone?

There are enough tall buildings surrounding the square to provide good vantage points for snipers to be able to triangulate the area. The buildings are set back so hi-powered, hi-tech rifles would be needed as would the approval of Suleiman. I would expect the snipers to be extra-nationals (wanna take a guess at which nationality?) because Suleiman would not want an approval trail left behind him; nor the snipers left hanging around in the country to talk to people; nor more people than absolutely necessary know who they were. Israel has offered this sort of 'assistance' by way of euphamism (the exact one escapes me now). No doubt, the israelis are consulting (if not co-ordinating) this 'crowd control'. They have the experience and necessary attitude (Shatilla (sp?)
Not good.

I would expect them to be targeting anyone video recording and transmitting images or audio. It would be easy enough to monitor any transmissions from the square.

the harrassment of protesters on entering the square would be to change the atmosphere from one of celebration to one of fear. Priming them for later panic. They will want the protesters to panic at the appropriate time to cause more injury and death. This is how a small number overcome a much larger number.

News reports (as reported by Aangirfan, for instance) are emphasising the economic status and division(supposed or real) of the protesters with no mention of political differences i.e. Anger at Mubarak for his complicity in the treatment of Gazans would not divide along economic status lines. But no mention of this Our perceptions are being managed.

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 04:04 — McJ
McJ's picture
I also wonder what all those

I also wonder what all those people are going to do with that energy. How long will it last and will they begin to march. I think if the crowd were to be panicked and they began to flee there would be lots of violence in the back streets. I am really hoping they prevail but I do fear for them.

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 03:53 — james
young Yusuf

Looking into young Yusuf now (He's 80yo) Here's his Wiki page-
Readers should bear in mind that Wiki is edited by israel friendly editors. There is a few ways to read the info though. For instance, his internment in a concentration camp by Nasser where many of his compatriots were tortured and some killed. He was released and thrived later economically. I am reminded of McCain's experience of being a prisoner of war and his subsequent rise in politics.

He could have been 'turned'. This is quite possible considering his rise in the commercial world plus his rise in the Muslim Brotherhood. Especially so because of the CIA influence over the MB.

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 04:07 — james

Huge demonstrations in Alexandria as well.
Egyptians of other religions formed huge guards around the Muslims as they said their prayers.

Wow. May God be with them

You need to sleep sometime, McJ smiling
Thanks you very much for the live blogging!

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 04:10 — McJ
McJ's picture
Ya I do. I am getting too

Ya I do. I am getting too tired to focus but it is fascinating to watch. smiling
Yes - may God be with them. I think I will just watch for now till I fall asleep. zzzzzzz

thanks mcj

I am just going to book mark this page, so I can come back for all the links!

McJ's picture

You're welcome Penny

You're welcome Penny. It's one of those rabbit holes AP is always talking about. I hope you can make some use of them.

McJ's picture

Israeli Spy Detained in Egypt

Israeli Spy Detained in Egypt amid unrest.


Report that one of the persons killed over last 2 days was a 36 year old reporter who was taking pictures from his balcony of the Pro Mubarak forces positioned on the top of buildings. He was killed by a sniper shot to the head.

I remember reading that it was the israelis that changed the sniper practice of going for head shots even though they are more difficult. Absolute bastards.

McJ's picture

Yes, very suspicious and

Yes, very suspicious and evil.

All the reports I have heard were that the sniper shots have been head shots. There was one account from a woman who had witnessed a man that had been shot in the head by someone positioned on the bridge or one of the highway overpasses near the bridge (I assume). She was on a cell phone call to Al Jazeera so it was hard to catch all that she was saying. That was the only time I heard about it. Al Jazeera never reported on it or replayed the call again as far as I know.

I recorded it Feb 3 @ 10:00 am

"10:00 am UTC

5 barricades have been erected to keep out pro forces. It is like a battle zone. Lots of wounded still being treated there. People know what is at stake here - it is not just politics but a matter of life or death. They would rather die than go back or loose an inch of what they have gained. That is why people keep moving into this battle zone. Violence is not deterring them. What the gov?/security forces?/ pro supporters tried to pull off yesterday did not work. The people are not deterred.

Witness says people were shot last night. Gunmen on a bridge? One person shot thru the head."

Bank closures

"why are all the banks closed?? I can see that makes sense in the centre of the city near the protests but why are closed all over the country?"

To piss everybody off so as to increase the number of pro Mubarak supporters and Divide and Rule. But I know this question is at least half rhetorical, McJ. However, I've found out a little info on the banks concerned. The National Bank of Egypt is government owned and the largest bank (23% of the market). The rest are privately owned corporations. Critically, the central bank of Egypt, named oddly enough as the Central Bank of Egypt, is privately owned with no public share issue. So who owns it? The usual suspects, no doubt.

So the closure of all the banks throughout the country would have involved the govt department responsible for the state bank (NBE) and the Central Bank board (if not the owners directly). To me this is another indication that Mubarak is in control of zippity doodah and the usual suspects have got a good grip on control of govt depts and functions inside Egypt.

I can imagine that israel urging foreign heads of state to first call on Mubarak to hang in there and now to go, is taking up all Mubarak's time and concentration, together with him negotiating a bolt hole for himself, family and his billions that he will never have time to spend if he tried. The same probably goes for his family.

McJ's picture


Ya, it was rhetorical. smiling
"To piss everybody off so as to increase the number of pro Mubarak supporters and Divide and Rule."
That's is what I was thinking.
Thanks for the extra info.
Make sure you check the live blog there are interesting developments.....

tourists in Sinai

Perhaps the unleashing of the violence against the people by the army is waiting till the scene is set in the Sinai for an israeli invasion against these masked tourists . . er . . . tourettes . . no . . terarists. Yes.

Israel are past masters of creating and using diversions.

El Arish is where the the water pipeline from the Nile finishes. Happy coincidence there for israel! El Arish is on the Mediterranean coast and a long way from Jordan. Jordan does not share a border with the Sinai. So I don't see how any pipeline can go from Egypt via Jordan to israel. Something very screwy with that.


Here's some public pre-conditioning for you

Spot the errors in the narrative.

McJ's picture

OK - here's a shot after a

OK - here's a shot after a quick read.

"This has left the Bedouin free to continue to smuggle arms into the Gaza Strip; a development the Israelis are unlikely to tolerate."

Not a development is it. They are already doing it.

"Sinai, the Egyptian Mubarak government are, in the current set of circumstances, likely to welcome the Israelis in taking control of that part the Egyptian region having virtually lost control of it themselves."

Why would they be likely to welcome the Israelis?? How would that help them? If the situation is so dire why can't the Egyptian army be sent in to establish security.

"How the Egyptian army respond to an Israeli invasion and occupation of the eastern Sinai is not known."
Doesn't appear to me that the government has lost control of the army = didn't he just stack the gov with a bunch of military men. Why is he questioning how the army would respond? Presumably, they would take orders from the gov.

McJ's picture

Do I get a response?

Now you have to give me an response to this one. smiling Smile I was just listening to the coverage about Israel's security and the pipeline explosion - unbelievable. I blogged on it and it is updated.

response, already!

It was a rhetorical question but since you've stepped up to the plate - yes, indeed, you spotted them smiling

I'd add my opinion that Mubarak has lost control. He isn't slowly losing his grip on power.

Plus, though not an error in fact, there is an error in logic. If Suleiman is fully backed by US et. al., why would there be a need to have a buffer zone if he takes over from Mubarak?

The only source he links to is the WSJ. He doesn't give a quote or qualify it at all which you would expect a 'lefty' blogger to do. His link then implies an endorsement of the whole WSJ. He does this a lot.

McJ's picture

Shrinking security perimeter

"If Suleiman is fully backed by US et. al., why would there be a need to have a buffer zone if he takes over from Mubarak?"

Some reporter from Jerusalem was just talking about this on AJ - he was talking about the shrinking security perimeter (and using other names) and how Israel is now contemplating how they may have to go back into the Sinai. It is kinda bizarre watching the social engineering unfold in real time. I added this to the live blog as well. I am having trouble keeping up and going a little buggy as well listening to this stuff - fascinating tho. sticking out tongue

another prayer!

I am having trouble keeping up and going a little buggy as well listening to this stuff

I'll add a prayer for your mind to be held safe between the hands of reason and logic against this mind bending evil! smiling

Gotta go, McJ. ttfn

McJ's picture



McJ's picture

Arish - Ashkelon

It is the Arish to Ashkelon undersea pipeline which is some unofficial part of the Arab Gas Pipeline that goes to Jordan. I have added more to the live blog. It is hard to keep up right now. Lots happening.

israel's security

You know, any other country in the world would be too embarrassed to be squealing about being afraid like this. No shame.

Jesus Christ on a stick!!! This is hard to listen to.

I'll say a prayer for you, my child, that the Lord will ease your distress and griping pain. hahaha

McJ's picture

Thanks :)

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks, I needed that.

McJ's picture

Cause this would be so much better.

Cause this would be so much better.

"Egypt crisis: US 'negotiates Mubarak exit strategy' "

Changing one psychopath for another. Ya, that'll work. Those protesters can all go home now. Mission accomplished!

No point in wasting your bandwidth on the video if you have to pay for it. It's just Hillary blabbering about responsibilities, transition and the people needing to see concrete changes.

McJ's picture

Statement of the Egyptian

McJ's picture

One of the Four Horsemen? Check out the anomaly

  • "And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
  • "And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
  • And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
  • "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

Check out the anomaly starting just after the 1:17 mark in this video clip of the protests. You see the footage of a burning vehicle and then what looks like a ghostly green horseman riding through protesters on the bridge. One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse or the upside down reflection of the flames from the burning car that a number of the You Tube comments suggest?

A remarkable phenomena, no?

And here it is again, in this clip from the Rachel Maddow Show - coming at 7:43 to 7:49

Here is a screen shot of the ghostly 'horse and rider'.


Ok, so now I am thinking about what I could do with a post using the Doors 'Riders on the Storm'. laughing out loud

"There's a killer on the road.
His brain is squirmin' like a toad.
.... If ya give this man a ride.
Sweet memory will die.
Killer on the road."

- Jim Morrison of the Doors and a member of the Laurel Canyon Crew (that's for you Joe - smiling)

the horseman knew her

I think this is designed for the fundy fruitloops that inhabit ziochristian land. Along with the UFO/light seen hovering over Jerusalem last week.
Rachel Madow isn't jewish by any chance is she?

The Book of Revelation is the Zionist/CIA playbook inhmo and has been for a very long time. So this is valuable from the point of view of how they are framing what is happening in Egypt. - part of a much larger picture - which it most definitely is.

THe Book of Revelation shouldn't be in the New Testament, imnho. It certainly wasn't written by the apostle John, as it is held to. The god in Revelations belongs in the Old Testament.

All the 'earth changes' and climatic disasters (Haarp etc) are designed to emulate the plot set out in Revelations. They are going to need the 'christian community' to do ever increasingly unchristian things in the future, so this is their way of going about that, imnho (again!)

Pardon the play on words in the title; couldn't resist - I'm weak I know smiling

admin's picture

some kind of camera reflection

Even though it's in 2 videos, I think it only happened on one camera shot (which then got re-used in the 2nd clip above) and it was like a reflection on the lens; it moves with the camera panning.
The people there in the scene don't seem to notice it at all, right? It's not like 10 people all stop and point to it...
Interesting but I wouldn't make too much of it.

McJ's picture

I'm sure it was

Oh, I'm sure it was just some kind of reflection or camera flare. I didn't mean to suggest it was a real ghost. I just wondered at what it was doing there and you never want to put anything past the evil f**kers who could have an agenda for inserting it into that clip.
I still find it remarkable. smiling

McJ's picture


"Rachel Madow isn't jewish by any chance is she?"

Nope. Irish Canadian Catholic.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Not actually, I lied. Her mother is Irish Canadian and her father has a Russian heritage. She was raised in a "stanch" catholic family. I actually don't think she had anything to do with it. Someone just used that clip to highlight it.

I'm going to take your word on the Revelation stuff cause I haven't read it and I only know the bit about the horsemen and the pestilence and stuff smiling

I see that the fundies were out in the comment section of you tube and I saw the clip of that light shooting up from the Temple Mount. Individually, these events/anomalies are easy to dismiss but there seems to be a flurry of them coupled with all the climate events (and I would add earthquakes to that list) and it gets one wondering what the masters are up to. There are also all those dead birds dropping out of the sky and mass fish die offs etc. (gulf oil spill?) I mean it is not too much of a stretch to wonder if they may have a super duper holograph machine up their sleeve ready to treat us peons to some kind of alien landing or mass witnessed "spiritual event". They would have to condition us into accepting it tho.

Thanks for the interesting comments.

McJ's picture

A somewhat related article

A somewhat related and very interesting article postulating that cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. are the earth's way of discharging electrical activity that is caused by solar activity such as CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) from our Sun.

'Cyclones, Earthquakes, Volcanoes And Other Electrical Phenomena'

Interestingly, the two recent super storms (Vasi and the huge winter storm in North America), a cluster of earthquake activity, the eruption of Mount Kirishima in Japan and an increase in UFO sightings coincided with a massive CME. On Jan 31, 2011 "a massive coronal hole opened up on the sun, hurling another sledgehammer of charged particles in the direction of Earth. This was due to impact us sometime between February 2nd and February 4th".

This event also coincided with a new moon which he explains is significant.

"It gives us tremendous bombardment after that Moon moves out of the way, the first and second day after the New Moon. That's the condition that has been identified as being one of the leading causes of kicking-off major hurricanes and storms. What it does is: The Moon is interacting with the solar electric field. It's that CHANGE which causes the storms, and causes the environment around Earth to change, and thus affects Earth weather."

He also postulates that these electrical discharges cause lots of other phenomena and anomalies. Aurora activity would be the most notable I suppose but there are others including the sometimes reported "earthquakes lights." This proposed powerful electrical activity would also be affecting the living things on earth including human beings causing health affects such as migraines, arthritis flaring up etc. And it is interesting to note that it also coincided with the recent uprising in Egypt suggesting it may influence (ie. heighten) our emotional activity.

"So while we can't make any specific predictions with this knowledge, we can track the general exchange of cosmic electrical energy in our immediate environment. Human civilization is not exempt from this energy as the mass protests sweeping the Middle East can attest. This excess of electricity from the cosmos seems to translate into powerful emotional displays at the human level - both individually and collectively. "

Rachel, Rachel, . . . Who

Rachel, Rachel, . . . Who me? . . . . paranoid? hahaha.

I have wondered for years why the holograph technology hasn't been used in the mass entertainment industry. I figured they were saving it up and developing it further. But then I'm . . . paranoid laughing out loud

Heres an interesting series of short interviews wiht protesters from Yahoo news. Who know?

There's a photo gallery attached but my peddle connection to the net is taking too long for me to view.

McJ's picture

me too

"But then I'm . . . paranoid"

me too! smiling

Thanks for the links to the short interview. I was struck by how each of them had such a practical and realistic view of the events and their possibilities for the future of Egypt.

McJ's picture

2 Detained Reporters Saw Police’s Methods

2 Detained Reporters Saw Police’s Methods

"...our discomfort paled in comparison to the dull whacks and the screams of pain by Egyptian people that broke the stillness of the night. In one instance, between the cries of suffering, an officer said in Arabic, “You are talking to journalists? You are talking badly about your country?
For one day, we were trapped in the brutal maze where Egyptians are lost for months or even years. Our detainment threw into haunting relief the abuses of security services, the police, the secret police and the intelligence service, and explained why they were at the forefront of complaints made by the protesters.

Many journalists shared this experience, and many were kept in worse conditions — some suffering from injuries as well.
...We saw more than 20 people, Westerners and Egyptians, blindfolded and handcuffed. The room had been empty when we arrived the evening before.

“We could be treating you a lot worse,” he said in a flat tone, the facts speaking for themselves. Marwan said Egyptians were being held in the thousands. During the night we heard them being beaten, screaming after every blow. ”

Mubarak's nine lives

I think Mubarak is still there. And to be able to still be there, he has to be getting help from somewhere and not just his praetorian guard.

Three things, in my view, messed up the US/israeli plans to oust Mubarak and shepherd in a MB sponsored govt which would make the appropriate 'radical' noises and moves for israel to be 'forced to invade' the Sinai and occupy it as 'a buffer zone'

1 the people took over the protest from the NED orgs and their dupes and shills and massively expanded and then refused to follow ElBaradei
2 Mubarak refused to leave and
3 Mubarak was able to split the conspirators within Egypt by revealing the deeper agenda and causing all sorts of spitting and shaking of fists behind closed doors in Egypt, israel and the US.

(the last one is obviously a guess. But after eliminating the . . . . . . !!)

McJ's picture

Edge of my seat

This has me on the edge of my seat wondering which way this is going to go. It is sunrise in Cairo right now and there will be Friday morning prayers in a few hours. I sincerely hope the protesters can keep their cool and continue their peaceful protest however, there was real anger apparent among them last night so we shall see what the sunrise brings.

It looks for now that Mubarak has managed to cling to power however I thought Penny's speculation was interesting. Last night there were all kinds of reports that he was packing up to leave but then who knows where they were coming from. And then perhaps as AP speculated the Saudi's offering to kick in the big $$'s may have given him the leverage he needed to hang on.

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall of one of those backrooms where all that spitting and fist shaking is going on?

Flies and swatters

You can run a coup d'etat and stay in control right up till the point that it looks like you may not make it and Mubarak has put some serious doubt into some people's minds, I'm sure. There's some serious downside for them. Always is in a coup.

So he is not the underdog he appears now. If he was way out gunned he'd be long gone. This man's got help.

It is a real tussle I think and I hope it ends without bloodshed. I think the chances are better than even that it will end reasonably peacefully because whoever turns their guns on the protesters will lose whatever sympathy they have from the world. Unless it is done as a false flag but it is getting harder to hide those FF ops. I don't see a good outcome for the PTB and neither do they I think otherwise they'd be making their moves.
Anyway, here's hoping and praying.

and thanks McJ

for doing more 'live blogging'. smiling

McJ's picture

I'm hooked. Good thing I have

I'm hooked. Good thing I have a life going on or my brain would be a big piece of mush. laughing out loud

The Reign of the Psychopaths

The Reign of the Psychopaths
"But as pathological as America’s response has been, the reaction has been even worse in Israel (America’s Middle Eastern "mini-me"), where the government has been openly hostile to the demonstrators and has gushed embarrassingly over Mubarak and his crony regime.

Forgetting the ruined economy. Ignoring the absence of civil liberties. Denying the torture chambers. Bibi seems mostly concerned about the effect that Mubarak’s overthrow would have on Israeli foreign policy. (Perhaps someone should ask Netanyahu how he would react if someone were to suggest that the Israelis should live in grinding poverty and without basic freedoms so that the Egyptians should feel more secure?)"
Good question!

Thanks for keeping up the blogging, McJ. There has definitely been splits "in the ranks" both in Egypt and the US, it seems to me, too. The stakes are still high so I'm wondering if there will be counter moves from within the Egyptian military supporting the protesters at the first sign of betrayal by those military leaders in charge now.

McJ's picture

Signs of a split

Yes, I think there were certainly signs that there was infighting within the military. This may have been between the 'old guard' and the 'new guard' as was suggested but I also wonder about a split between the air force and the army. Mubarak was at one point the supreme commander of the air force and a hero in the Arab-Israeli war that saw the Sinai returned to Egyptian control. He was said to have been well respected within the air force so perhaps it was the air force that was supporting him. There were also those within the military that were particularly concerned that Mubarak be allowed to "leave with dignity" which obviously didn't happen so I wonder how that is playing out behind the scenes.

As for the US, I would also say there are indications of splits within the ranks. It was repeatedly reported that the US military was in contact with the Egyptian military 'advising' them how to conduct themselves. So if we postulate that the US Gov, in conjunction with Israel, was orchestrating for the CIA/Mossad point-man, Suleiman, to assume power one wonders about top brass in the Pentagon 'directing' the Egyptian military to take control.

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