World War 111 - underway

Aangirfan has recently published a whole series of excellent articles about Tunisia including articles that presaged the coup there. This coup can be seen as another chapter in the undeclared war on Russia and China by the NATO Powers for world dominion.

The Tunisian coup has the CIA/Mossad's and NATO's fingerprints all over it. One of the points Aangirfan also made was that Tunisia had made trade agreements with China. Why would this be a problem to US/NATO? China and Russia (along with Iran which is a strategic asset to both of them) constitute the only real stumbling block to world domination by the people who control the West's economic and military forces. Principal among these people are the international bankers who have their tightest grip over the UK, the US and, of course, Israel.

Webster Tarpley speaks at length about this economic and military plan for world domination by taking aim at Russia, China and Iran at a link provided by A.P. at Twelfth Bough This video, though long, is well worth the time viewing, imo.

Currently, there are missile emplacements around both these countries with more planned. The recent sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan inadvertently exposed another missile threat to China. It seems that a US nuclear submarine was also sunk at the same time and may well have exchanged torpedoes with the ROK Navy ship. The US nuclear submarine was hiding behind a South Korean island, Baengnyeong, which is actually off the coast of North Korea and would have been undetectable by the North Koreans. It was also very close to Pyongyang, as in approximately 100mls. What wasn't mentioned in the article but obvious on a larger map was that this presumably nuclear armed US submarine was only about 500mls (as the missile flies) from Beijing in the other direction; far closer than any other possible missile emplacement. The article linked above hints at this being an ongoing situation with various US submarines on rotating duty there. Being clandestine, this submarine had no threat value for the time being, only strike value and first strike, at that. So, this is serious stuff.

There is simply no way the US and NATO could hope to invade and occupy China with its one billion plus population and its huge land area. The only way it could be done would be to lay siege to it and eventually force a capitulation. It would be quite useless for China to counter or pre-emptively attack its enemies if the enemy amounted to the rest of the world. What we have been witnessing in recent years is the continuous expansion of NATO and the forming of satellite organisations to include countries such as Australia, Japan and many Middle East Countries. So all this suggests a strategy of isolation for China from the rest of the world. And even little countries such as Tunisia are a pebble in the shoe of this plan as it goes forward. NATO has been courting Tunisian military commanders and I would expect Tunisia to announce some formal inclusion in NATO or, more likely, one of its satellite organisations during the coming year should the coup remain successful.

Tunisia, as a prosperous and socially stable country, is/was also influential with neighbouring states, Libya, (and here also) Algeria and Morocco through its prosperous example and moderate and independent politics. NATO, no doubt, wants to make a different kind of example of Tunisia. The truth may out yet and unravel this takeover. Let's hope so. Libya and Algeria have oil agreements with China and Morocco has growing trade ties with China.

Throughout all this the “Elephant in the Room' is NATO. Despite it having no ongoing purpose after the fall of the USSR, it has never-the-less expanded relentlessly not only further eastwards through Europe but throughout the whole globe. There can be only one purpose to this; the control and eventual domination and absorption of Russia and China into a formal or informal One World Government, a unipolar empire.

Though NATO is heavily involved in wars such as in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan and various other smaller conflicts around the world including skirmishes into Iran, these conflicts can in no way justify its existence. But by providing live-fire wars (even to the point of supporting the other side), these conflicts provide the excuse for inclusion of sovereign states' military forces from all over the globe into an active supra-national military force. This process conditions these countries and their military personnel to taking orders from extra-national authorities. In the process all member countries are losing their military sovereignty along with the slow ongoing loss of their economic and political sovereignty. So the "Global War On Terror" is really about turning the United States' allies into captive vassal states; absorbing them into its imperial empire and then using this empire to isolate and strangle Russia and China.

The training of this worldwide military force under live-fire conditions is swallowing lives whole and these lives need to be supplied and replaced readily. This appetite will get greater as time goes on. It will be necessary for the US and NATO to demonstrate to the Russian and Chinese governments that they have the ability to wage long term and protracted warfare if they are going to pose a credible threat to Russia's and China's survival that culminates in the capitulation of these countries to NATO. Ironically, I believe this is the reason for the de-industrialisation (war industries aside) of the US and the UK particularly; to provide the manpower for this military machine through unemployment. (World War 2, which killed millions, was preceded by the Great Depression which was engineered by a previous generation of the aforementioned international bankers).

The Vietnam War demonstrated conclusively that military drafts, conscription, don't work. The US campaign in Vietnam collapsed because the troops mutinied. And they mutinied because they were forced to be there against their will. Their choice was taken away from them. This is not a problem faced by the leaders of a volunteer army. Todays enlistees think they are choosing to join regardless of the fact that economically they don't see an alternative. And this is the key. There is a strong human reflex to defend ones choices already made even if they are detrimental to one's survival. So 'volunteer' troops are much less likely to mutiny because they feel trapped by their own choices, their own minds.

China has helped the bankers implement this plan of restricted employment options by taking over the consumer manufacturing removed from the UK/US and elsewhere so that domestic manufacturing could not compete price-wise. It has cost China, too, because this consumer production has not supplied the domestic demand in China and has drawn resources away from infrastructure development that could have has added long term benefits for the Chinese population and it would have also used up resources that could have gone into military defenses of one sort or another. Importantly for the bankers, China has become dependent on this consumer market and will, no doubt, suffer social unrest as it winds down eventually due to ever shrinking markets world wide and probably leaving many Chinese manufacturers with bad debts denominated in useless (after massive inflation) US dollars.

So the economies of the US and the UK and elsewhere have been deliberately run down to create this situation of very limited choice of employment for its citizens. The economy, no doubt, will continue to get worse to feed the growing appetite of this monster. The effect of this shrinking employment situation, the growing disincentives to travel outside the US (and tourism into the US) and the growing isolation, the growing inanity of the pubic programming, the militarization of police forces and the ominous FEMA Camps, is to increasingly turn American society into one big military encampment. It is being accomplished through increasing restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement together with increasing poverty and fear mongering.

For this drive to increasing poverty to have any credibility, there cannot be any alternative prosperous societies to give the lie to it. And certainly no prosperous societies that are outside the NATO fold and “trading with the Enemy”, Russia and China, and becoming prosperous in the process. So Tunisia was a threat in this manner, too. Other North African countries were following this example, some of them with resources, too, such as oil as noted. These would soon, if not already, show up the crime that is Nigeria and that is Egypt, too, to the rest of the world.

Other countries outside the US/NATO fold include the ALBA countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean; Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua together with Honduras until their recent US backed coup. Haiti was drawing closer to the ALBA countries until the earthquake and subsequent US re-invasion. Most of these countries have oil, too, including Haiti, believe it or not. Huge deposits apparently. My . . . , that was a close call for the US! Still, they have the unhappy prospect of Cuba exploiting its oil with the help of the Russians and the Chinese. This could lead to prosperity right on the doorstep of the US. Hmmm . . . can't have that . . . really.

I think we can expect increasing “terrorist” attacks and more coup attempts against these ALBA countries and them also being blamed for attacks elsewhere. If you read the article linked just above you will also see that peak oil is a myth and no doubt was part of the planning together with the global warming myth in justifying the ongoing impoverishment of Western societies to feed this multi-headed Hydra war machine.

Though this unacknowledged world war is in process, the NATO countries and their military forces have a long way to go yet till they are in a position to lay siege to Russia and China. There are problems ahead for them. There are shifting alliances within the Elite causing some headaches for the bankers. Also, there are still quite a few countries to subvert or overwhelm and some of them like the Latin American ALBA countries (not to mention Russia and China themselves) are getting stronger by the day. The US and the principal NATO countries also need the blind co-operation of their constituent populations. Of course, to be successful, they need to keep this information and their motivation hidden from the Western populations .

Will the cat get out of the bag?

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GlobalResearch is a great resource, isn't it?!


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Thanks for this James!

Thanks for this James! Great work in connecting the dots on the global playing board. You make an interesting point about the decline in the western economies being designed to create unemployed workers who will look to the military as their salvation. I was reading somewhere recently where recruitment in the US Military has really gone up since their economy went into the dumper.
Aangirfan's articles on Tunisia and the so called Jasmine Revolution were very informative and certainly to be recommended. I am going to make my way through your numerous links and hopefully have more to comment later.

Thanks, McJ. As usual, there

Thanks, McJ. As usual, there is lots of reading! smiling

Yes, Aangirfan has done an outstanding job reporting on Tunisia; "getting in front of the ball", so to speak, and leaving the MSM in their dust. Full marks to them.

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ditto and ditto

thanks for the great summary and links James!
and i'm a big fan of Aangirfan - simply an amazing site

Ta, NJT! More on Tunisia-

Yes Aangirfan is one of my two favourite blogs.

I just spotted this report on Tunisia. The Tunisians aren't giving up easily. The protests give the lie to the way the MSM have framed this coup.

(emphasis mine)

"TUNIS (Reuters) - Tunisia has arrested the owner of a private TV station and his son for "treason" for inciting violence and working for ousted leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali's return, the state news agency said Sunday.
"The owner of Hannibal TV (Larbi Nasra), who is a relative of the former president's wife, is using the channel to abort the youth's revolution, spread confusion, incite strife and broadcast false information," a statement citing an authorised source said. (authorised by whom? hmmm. . .ed)
"The aim is to create a constitutional vacuum, ruin stability and take the country into a vortex of violence that will bring back the dictatorship of the former president."

Veteran strongman Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown this month in a popular uprising over poverty, corruption and political repression that stunned Arab and Western governments who had long backed Ben Ali as a bulwark against Islamists. (and their masters?)

But since then, Tunis and other cities have seen daily protests against an interim government containing many loyalists from Ben Ali's era, including prime minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, as well as some opposition politicians.

Former members of Ben Ali's RCD ruling party retain key ministries, notably interior, defence and foreign affairs.

Saleh Attia, a columnist from the daily Assabah newspaper, voiced surprise over Nasra's arrest, saying he was not viewed as a regime insider and it was a sign the protests had begun to unnerve the authorities, which were divided over how to proceed.

"This is to stop the street that wants the government to fall. They are frightened of these protests which have spread to other provinces and now have reached the prime minister's office," he said.


The protests, which have not let up, have so far been peaceful with police Saturday and Sunday allowing protesters to break through barricades placed at the prime minister's compound.

The army led the way in an effort to restore order after Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, winning praise on Tunisian state television. The authorities said Ben Ali had left behind militias that clashed with the army, which has imposed an ongoing night curfew.
The Tunisian news agency said Nasra and his son had been arrested "to secure the nation's safety and the revolution's success."
"They will be transferred to the justice system for prosecution over high treason and conspiracy against the country," the agency said.

Lutfi Salami, spokesman for the channel set up in 2005, declined to comment on the charges but said the state broadcasting authorities had stopped the station's broadcast.
The station was back on the air within hours, however. Tunisian state TV said opposition cabinet minister Nejib Chebbi had intervened to ensure that Hannibal TV resumed broadcasting, and apologised on behalf of the government for the disruption.

Like Tunisian state television, Hannibal has carried discussion shows about the uprising, ongoing demonstrations and future of the transitional government.
Ghannouchi defended himself against criticisms in an interview on state TV Friday.

"There is a struggle between security, military and political circles and I also suspect there is international pressure to stop things getting out of hand," Attia said. (Yeah, i'll bet there is! I can just see the cockroaches scurrying around now. ed)

Although Nasra was a relative of Leila Trabelsi, Ben Ali's wife, he was not considered a regime insider, he added. "Why do they suddenly say this now?" he said.

Sihem Bensedrine, a rights activist harassed by Ben Ali's regime, said the move against the station was worrying.
"This is against freedom of expression. I fear now that the remains of the former regime have started a move against this revolution," she said."

"remains of the former regime" you mean like large sections of the population? May they prevail.

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I am just watching the Webster Tarpley videos (very informative) and at one point he says that there has been 1 trillion dollars put into the IMF to prop up the SDR's (Special Drawing Rights) which is to be the new reserve currency. Will that work the same as fractional reserve banking where that 1 trillion dollars becomes 100 trillion dollars to lend out (or whatever the f**k number/fraction they come up with)?

SDRs and hot air

Your comment in parenthesis says it all, ashalee, McJ. smiling Yes, SDRs are all smoke and mirrors; bluff and psychology. So, yeah, whatever they come up with! Its all hot air anyway.

I'm not in full agreement with Webster Tarpley regarding economic solutions. My memory of the video is that Tarpley doesn't advocate the use of SDRs but rather something similar and a little simpler in the use of a basket of currencies, maybe six, and periodic settlement in gold. But this is still not getting to the essence of what is needed. What is needed is nothing; for countries to simply enter into bilateral exchange agreements and that is happening particularly with China with its trading partners incl Russia. They are effectively going around the $US and any world reserve currency. The more they do this the more the $US is going to lose value because there is less demand for them. I think the dollar must be circling the bowl right about now. The bankers have missed their opportunity to bring in a One World Currency to master the world. So now they are putting more emphasis on a military solution.

AP at Twelfth Bough has picked up my post and has added some very insightful notes including quoting Soros talking about this very issue. To him, predictably, it is a disaster. No more opportunity for him and his mates to continue to be parasitical middle men ripping everybody off through speculation and running the exchange rates up and then down.-

From AP-
In the video below George Soros is asked what is his "nightmare scenario" if the US does not go along with the new financial world order. He says China will make bilateral relations, as it already does.

(Soros) "I think that a world of bilateral relations is less desirable than a continuation of a multi-lateral system. But the system we have now has actually broken down only we haven't quite recognized it. And so you need to create a new one, and this is the time to do it." (around minute 8:30)

Soros likes the system we have now, which has destroyed this country. He PREFERS the one-size-fits-all EU-style one-world-currency idea to nations acting in their own best interests and making independent, bilateral arrangements. But the system we have now is broken, and the banksters need to manage the transition to a new system.

Go here to view AP's take on it and to view the video of Soros mentioned.

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Thanks James. I figured as

Thanks James. I figured as much! What Tarpley says is that it is not the same as a basket of currencies but several currencies that would be at parity (but not fixed on gold). Which I am assuming he means there is a fixed rate of exchange between the chosen currencies and then periodically they would settle the difference with gold?

Setting prices

Thanks McJ. The trouble with this arrangement is who sets the exchange rates and who sets the price of gold? The Market? I don't think so. Wherever there are middle men, there will be the 'usual' suspects.

Plus, wherever you have gold, you will find the Golden Rule in operation; whoever has the gold makes the rules wink
And we know who controls the gold market.

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Well exactly. I was thinking

Well exactly. I was thinking that. Who gets to 'fix' the rates?

"wherever you have gold, you will find the Golden Rule in operation; whoever has the gold makes the rules"
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Gold rules

Glad you like the golden rule, McJ smiling I can't claim it as original unfortunately.
Anyway, what are you doing up at this hour? Is it too hot to sleep?

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Too Hot

"Is it too hot to sleep?"

hahaha - you are so-o funny...
And actually the temperature is relatively warm here - about 3 or 4 above zero Celsius and it is supposed to be going up to 6-8 above for the day. So warm for any where in Canada in middle of January. sticking out tongue Or were you maybe referring to them hot flashes - never get them - just the wakey, wakey stuff in the middle of the night. smiling

I fell asleep after supper for a few hours and that is never a good scenario for me. I won't be able to sleep for the rest of the night. I am getting a lot of email and comments caught up on tho. It is a productive time for me. smiling

hot logic

I meant the weather smiling.
Summer has bypassed us here at the end of the world so I figured it might have headed northwards and on seeing you up in the middle of the night I put two and two together! See, this is one of the many obvious benefits of studying formal logic.

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ya, ya, ya - nice logic.

ya, ya, ya - nice logic. smiling Summer, in the northern hemisphere, doesn't hit here until June and where I live we can have some pretty nice springs but right now it is smack dab in the middle of winter. sticking out tongue

Thank You

Many thanks for the links.

- Aangirfan

You're welcome

You're very welcome, Aangirfan. And thanks for the link in return.

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Thanks for all the work you

Thanks for all the work you are doing on your blog Aangirfan. Very informative!


As soon as I started to run this video I heard that it was an Alex Jones production. So I shut it down. Jones and his ilk are zionist shills put in place to deflect the role of Israel from 9/11 truthers. Listen to Jones' interview with Alan Hart when Hart said that Mossad was behind 9/11: Jones almost visibly sprayed out his coffee before going to a break and changing the subject. Similarly, all this LIHOP, MIHOP nonsense by Tarpley is clever terminology to disguise the role of Mossad and the fact that 9/11 was an attack by a foreign power and its in-place operators. Sensational enough to attract the fawning attention of most truthers, but a smokescreen none the less. So anything put out by this lot - to my mind - is sus.


Thanks for your comment, Paul. You'll get no argument from me about Jones but I can't dismiss everybody Jones interviews. Though, now that I have said that, I realise it is not an interview, is it? Are the videos produced by Jones? That would be quite a bit different. Hmmm . . . It is difficult for me with my computer set-up to access them now.

I have my reservations about Tarpley's economic solutions in those videos. I included the link, in the end, because he describes the problems and the overall situation very well. I wasn't using him as a primary source for my information. He happened to confirm a lot of other things that I knew. So these videos suited the purposes of my article. I haven't read much of his work and besides, many people with economics degrees disagree with me on the subject, oddly enough. smiling So I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I did have another problem with his presentation, though, which I thought was more serious and it wasn't about disinformation, as such. About halfway through the video, I think, where he is talking about General McChrystal and his use of torture, Tarpley is rubbing his hands together and has what might be described as a half smile on his face. But I didn't want to condemn the man on just that. But it made me think he is worth watching closely in the future. Thanks for raising your concern, Paul, and I have taken it onboard.

It is odd you mention Alan Hart, though. Now there's a man I do have a problem with!

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I would be very skeptical

I would be very skeptical about anything Alex Jones has to say but I am not sure about Webster Tarpley. I do believe he got hammered over the Kennebunkport warning. Winter knows more about that one because he wrote a lot on it at the time.

I am not sure about the strategy of not listening because you know/assume it is disinfo (conintelpro). I personally don't listen to Alex Jones however, good disinfo is mostly truth and Alex Jones is alleged to be good at it. smiling Are there things to be learned by what they are saying, what they are not saying, how they are spinning it etc? Wiki Leaks would be a good example of this. We know it is propaganda to form the public discourse however if no one with a discerning eye had been reading it and come to that assessment, I am not sure how anyone would have figured it out. Or take the example of Winter's book on Gareth Williams. He is sifting through a pile of bullshit (mis/dis-information) to get to the truth of what happened there. So, I guess what I am saying is that I don't think it as cut and dried as just not listening because you know they are shilling. You have to be able to pluck out them pearls of truth. Of course it helps to have a blog like this to come to where you can discuss what you think you might know, and savvy guys like James, Winter et al to set you straight when stray too far. laughing out loud

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Is this the Alan Hart you are

Is this the Alan Hart you are talking about - the BBC correspondent -

It is interesting that this information is just now breaking out into the MSM along with all the Wiki Leaks nonsense. There really seems to be some kind of controlled (or perhaps not) disclosure going on. Infighting between the big three?

Yes, he's the one! I

Yes, he's the one! smiling
I probably shouldn't have said anything as I don't have anything really concrete to point to. But something has never been quite right.
I have wondered whether he is/was a little naive or something else. Either way, I've been very cautious of him.
There's at least two ways to read his bio here-

I'm always extremely suspicious of people who play the mediator, shuffling back and forth between people especially at world politics level. They are usually put into that position by one of the parties (though it may not be public knowledge) to manipulate the outcome, knowingly or unknowingly.

Facilitating negotiations that keep the parties apart is ripe for manipulation and the 'usual suspects' are past masters of it. If you read Hart's bio it sounds like he was appointed by the UN but it doesn't actually say that. It's very vague, at least to me. It later says that he was paid for and approved by wealthy Zionists zionists! Did I see a Rothschild mentioned? Yes indeedy!!

I'm reminded of when we were talking about Arafat at the Camp David talks with Clinton playing the mediator but working towards the Israeli position. Arafat got caught again with that same strategy and though the jews were laughing at conning Clinton afterwards, I doubt he was that stupid. And, in fact, the whole scenario was really a piece of theatre to bamboozle the world public and Arafat.

The other thing that put me off him is that I have read some of his articles about the Palestinians and their plight and though he seems to favour them there will sometimes be a patronising slip somewhere in there which speaks to me of a different attitude.

McJ's picture

Being funded by the

Being funded by the Rothschilds is definitely a reason for suspicion about his motivations and working for, or being approved by the UN is another. The mediator stuff really stood out for me as well. Thanks for the info.

"the whole scenario was really a piece of theatre to bamboozle the world public and Arafat"
Ah yes, there is that Kabuki theatre again - the big bamboozle! I remember. smiling

hey james

I don't know why I find this place so confusing. I left a comment here yesterday, I thought it was in this thread. Perhaps I am mistaken.

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Penny - Your comment is under the blog post 'People's Revolution' which you can access under Recent Blog Posts in the right hand sidebar. Here's the link - I think it may have been confusing because James added the two posts, 'WWIII Underway' and 'People's Revolution', within a short amount of time.

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Hi Penny!

Thanks for your comments,

Thankfully McJ knows the way around pretty well; even knew I'd missed some comments left for me in another thread!!

I wish I knew how to make it less confusing.... Maybe increasing the number of "Recent Comments" from 10 to 30 or 50 would help?

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Well that is NJT's (Admin's)

Well that is NJT's (Admin's) area and he is online now so hopefully he will see this and respond. If not we can ask him. smiling

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hi McJ

wait i am confused...
i am njt/admin
i just set up this
and this but i need to tweak the config and i really have to get going w my day now so hope i can get back to it tonight...
thanks for all the great comments & help!

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Thanks. Have a nice day. I

smiling Thanks. Have a nice day. I have to get mine started soon but I am wanting to watch/listen to a little more of the AJ coverage.

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Crack down happening now.

The crack down happening now with 'pro-Mubarak' forces attacking the crowd. Lots of injured, some deaths and absolute chaos. Al Jazeera is reporting the pro forces seem well organized in their attack. The army is standing by watching which according to AJ is "facilitating" the attack. Tanks have moved into position behind the pro supporters.

Al Jazeera Live Stream -

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O-h-h-h - this sounds bad -

O-h-h-h - this sounds bad - people trapped - many injured and with no access to ambulance or medical care. El Baradei calling for the army to intervene.

McJ's picture

Live Blog Egyptian crackdown

I moved this all over to a forum post because it was getting too long. You can find it at the link.

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