B Minor And A Musical Grandfather

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My maternal Grandfather was a French Canadian. He lived with us until his death when I was eleven years old. He was a homesteader, a dirt farmer and a musician. He taught the neighborhood kids how to play cards. As a young man one winter, while working as a farm hand , he learned to play the fiddle from my paternal grandfather, a Scot. Along with the fiddle, Grandpa also played the piano and drums. In earlier days, he had a band. They would travel from district to district playing dances, entertaining the folks during the long cold months that are a prairie winter. I think of him most at this time of year. It is because of him that I developed a fondness for Celtic music. So, rather than post a traditional carol to wish you all best of the season, I thought you might enjoy some of the Celtic fiddle music I've been listening to this early Christmas morn.

This is a tune named B Minor from a group called Leahy. They are playing with the Cheiftans, who you see seated on the stage. Leahy are a family of eight siblings from Ontario, Canada. Each of them plays multiple instruments and executes traditional step dancing brought to Cape Breton Island, Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries by Scottish immigrants.

How did they become so talented, you may wonder? They grew up in a house without a television! (That's especially for you James. smiling ) Their parents removed it so their children would live in a creative and active atmosphere in which everyone took part. Their mother learned to play the piano and step dance as a child on Cape Breton Island and their father grew up near Peterborough, Ontario where the Irish settled, so he was an expert on the Celtic fiddle. Both were excellent musicians and provided opportunities for their offspring to take music lessons and learn many instruments. Leahy's music combines the influence of their Irish and Scottish roots. This is worth a watch even if Celtic music is not your cup of tea. It's a toe tapping, thigh slapping celebration of life.

Enjoy and the best to you all.



WoW! party time! Now that's uplifting, McJ. Thanks so much for posting it. good job

. . . .um, reference duly noted and Brownie Points have been credited laughing out loud

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Glad you enjoyed it! It makes

Glad you enjoyed it! It makes you want to get up and dance around your kitchen. Which is a good thing. smiling
And thanks for the Brownie Points. I'll be on the look out to gather some more.
Which reminds me...there could possibly be points in this tidbit of info about me. I just discovered this year that I am solidly Irish on my Dad's mothers side.
I just knew I had to have some Irish in me. laughing out loud

It's worth more than Brownie

It's worth more than Brownie Points, McJ. That Irish heritage means you are part of "The Chosen". For Gawd has written in Padraic 6:13 "And I shall make you enemies your barstool".

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Oh My Gawd!!! Really?

Oh My Gawd!!! jawdropping! Really? Part of the Chosen? I'm so excited!
Now, is it like with them other guys that are the Chosen Ones? Did Gawd give us any land? Like maybe in Hawaii?

Gawd's Own Chosen Logic

Did Gawd give us any land?

Yep. The whole planet, ashalee. Well, pretty much, anyway. See, the way it works is this: anywhere that "Gawd's Own Drop", Guinness, happens to be split on the earth, then that ground becomes hallowed. It's obvious, isn't it?. It's now Holy Ground and because the Irish being a Holy People ('coz we're chosen - it says so right here in the Book of Padraic) we have a perfect match - a Holy Ground (Land) for a Holy People. Who could argue with that?

And the Irish being what they are, tend to wander a bit and have pretty much wandered everywhere (aka the Diaspora of The Drop). And also being what they are, they tend to drink a little Guinness along the way and they tend to spill a little after a while. So we gets to claim all sorts of places. Now, not all the 'locals' understand this geological transubstantiation so they object which then makes them our enemies and Gawd has said we can now turn them into barstools and rest our feet.

It's perfect really. You can also tell it's Gawd's will because of the divinely circular logic and religious leaders throughout history have been unanimous in proclaiming it as Gawd's logic, Gawd's imprimatur proving it is written by Gawd, and if someone doesn't understand it then that's understandable, too, because we're not Gawd. Right? "His ways are not out ways" and all that. So how could we understand him. So, again, who can argue with that?

I'll need to untwist my brain before I attempt to comment further on the world according to the Telegraph. Puzzled Might need some sleep first!

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Circular logic

"Diaspora of The Drop"
rolling on the floor laughing

I have been running around this divinely circular logic and I can see that it is true!

One niggely was that I had never heard of the Book of Padriac until you told me about it. However, if you, an Irishman, one of 'The Chosen' and a holy person, have read this book and have found the proof that it is indeed written by Gawd because it says so in the book, I can see no reason to argue with any of your disclosures of it's truths.

I'm thinking I may need to buy some Guinness tho, because until now I have been drinking Canadian. smiling

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farmin' dirt

wow your grandads taught each other the fiddle? pretty cool, must have been good times.

thanks for the video - amazing what people can do in the absence of television smiling

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The Call To Dance

Both my Grandads were amazing individuals. I imagine you had to be in those days (late 1800's to early 1900's) just to survive on the Canadian prairies. I could tell you lots of stories about both of them. I never met my dad's dad tho. He died before I was born.

And yes, these young people are a great example of what you can accomplish without the old boob tube.

Here's another of my personal favorites, if you are inclined for some more uplifting. I love the title to this one. smiling And I find it so interesting that this incredible music that was passed down from the Irish and the Scots came from populations that lived through major hardships, yet were still able to create joyous and uplifting songs. It is a good lesson for all of us, I think.

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This is odd??

This is an odd thing for Julian Assange to say, considering Jack Ruby killed Oswald, the CIA pasty.

Assange said"that if [he] was extradited to the US, there was a "high chance" of him being killed "Jack Ruby-style" - a reference to the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald before he could stand trial for the murder of President John F Kennedy." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/wikileaks/8223399/WikiLeaks-Ju...

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so is it

that he would be killed in the manner in which Oswald was, or that he would die in jail the way Ruby did (insinuating that Ruby's cancer was intentionally induced)?
yes, odd I'd say.
But remembering this is coming from a man who allegedly subscribes to the official 9/11 conspiracy theory... he must not be a very clear thinker to begin with.

Bearing in mind that it was

Bearing in mind that it was published in the Telegraph (i.e. approved by MI6 and aimed at the politically naive), I'd go for the former; that we are meant to take it that Assange (if he indeed said it) wants us to think he may be killed as Oswald was and for the same reasons.

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The Wikado

Assuming it is true and he really did say it, I was thinking the former as well, but why? He is just discovering now he was being set up to be the patsy? I don't think I buy that one but it could hold some truth.

So, if it is CIA(MI6) sanctioned and targeted at the politically naive, is it to draw onto Assange's side those who have figured out this is CIA/Mossad/MI6 propaganda - to gain him some sympathy points? Or is it to change the focus? A limited hangout?

It's all Kabuki Theater for the masses. I call it The Wikado. laughing out loud

Julian gets dragged to Wimbledon

It's all Kabuki Theater for the masses. I call it The Wikado.

Yeah, good call, McJ. This is really getting speculative now but my guess is that Assange may well have said it because he is genuinely spooked now (sorry about the pun). This would not have been part of the original plan as far as he knew it to be. Otherwise, why would he have put his head in this particular noose? Patsies become patsies because they swallow the sales pitch and Julian may have been conditioned via "The Family" to accept and do what he was told.

The Telegraph may have published it because it suits MI6 et. al. in building up the controversy via an Helgelian Dialectic bit of Kabuki using him and his Rothschilds connected lawyers as the opposition 'on the other side of the tennis net'. It will reinforce Assange's defendants' case and attract even more to his camp who will all end up with egg on their faces when Julian does a plea bargain deal (keeping all the details behind wikileaks out of the public court record) and admitting to lesser than treasonous offences but embarrassing ones never-the-less. His reputation will be destroyed and he will be jailed and then released knowing he has to keep his mouth shut.

Then a year or two later succumb to a heart attack or cancer and so ironically fulfill his prophecy but not in the way he intended or foresaw i.e. as Ruby and not Oswald.

Howzat for a topspin (more puns smiling ) shot from deep behind the baseline?

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15 - love Nice shot James.

15 - love
Nice shot James.

If he is a spook/asset/patsy I would suspect "conditioning from 'the family', especially after reading some of Aangirfan's research on Assange.

The Jack Ruby angle is an interesting twist to consider knowing that Assange is now staying with Vaughn Lockhart Smith. I guess we shall see if Assange manages to keep his head. He may want to be careful at tea time (of Putonium 210 that is.)
From Aangirfan: http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2010/12/assange-shamir-disinformation-agen...
"Blackwatch (Vaughn Smith, Julian Assange, George Soros and Claims That Julian Assange is Helping The Neocons ) left us this comment:
The man that Assange may be staying with over Xmas - Vaughn Lockhart Smith - has quite an illustrious right-wing history (even more so than Jemima Goldsmith)... Interesting to see Litvinenko and Boris Berezovsky as past members of Vaughn's Frontline Club."

I am suspecting the Wikado is as much about supplying a reason to crack down on the internet as it is to promote the Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran and Pakistan agenda.

I've Got A Little List - from the Mikado smiling

little list

and none of them would be missed, indeed, McJ! wink

I think there's another aspect to the wikileaks outing of all sorts of people in that it is reminding their 'bought and paid fors' that they are on a short leash. Perhaps it could be called Wikileash. From all the tea leaves I've been able to read there is trouble in the elite ranks between the three major camps - the Vatican, the jewish bankers and the European aristocracy. There are some people who have a foot in more than one camp such as freemasons and American industrialists. And this is about Tel Aviv reminding them and others, "Who's you're daddy?"

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Wikileash You are really

Wikileash rolling on the floor laughing You are really making me laugh this season with that Ozzy humour of yours. smiling

Very good points to consider. It actually has seemed for some time now that 'disclosure' (of all kinds) is the name of the game. I am also wondering if there is a Granddaddy behind all of the elite camps and when (if) he (she, they, it) will make an appearance.

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"he must not be a very clear

"he must not be a very clear thinker to begin with"

or he is a psychopath and a paid liar? or MKUltra/mind control victim as speculated in the cases of both Oswald and Ruby?

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Happy New Year - Let The Good Guys Win :)!!

So, in keeping with the musical theme I've got going here...another video for you to wish you and yours a happy and prosperous year and a new beginning this 1-1-11. (What a good place to start, eh! wink ).
ჱܓ♥ ჱܓHappy
•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒჱܓ♥ ჱNew♥
((¯`•♥•´¯)Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒჱܓ♥ ჱYearܓ

This song is sung by Canadian musicians Tom Cochrane, Murray MacLaughlin and Paul Hyde (from the Payolas).

Bagpipes, flutes, mandolins, acoustic guitars, Canadian singers, great Celtic tune, great sentiments...what can I say - I'm in heaven. Hope this puts a smile on your face, like it does for me. smiling Smile

Let The Good Guys Win

May I get what I want, not what I deserve;
May the coming year not throw a single curve.
May I hurt nobody, may I tell no lies.
If I can't go on, give me strength to try.

Ring the old year out, ring the new year in!
Bring us all good luck, let the good guys win.
Ring the old year out, ring the new year in!
Bring us all good luck, let the good guys win.

May the one you love be the one you get;
May you go some place you haven't been to yet.
May your friends surround you, never do you wrong;
May your eyes be clear and may your heart be strong.

Ring the old year out, ring the new year in!
Bring us all good luck, let the good guys win.
Ring the old year out, ring the new year in!
Bring us all good luck, let the good guys win.

May the times to come be the best you've had.
May peace rule the world - let it make us glad.
When you see something wrong, try and make it right.
Pull the shadow-world into the bright sunlight.

Ring the old year out, ring the new year in!
Bring us all good luck, let the good guys win.
Ring the old year out, ring the new year in!
Bring us all good luck, let the good guys win.

New Beginnings

Thanks, McJ. 1-1-11 New Beginnings, indeed. There is definitely something in the air.

I particularly like the first line of the first verse of the song
May I get what I want, not what I deserve
and the last line of the last verse-
Pull the shadow-world into the bright sunlight.

Picking up from that last line and your other comment, I imagine the bun fight will increase this year and one of the things that I expect and hope will get some widespread exposure (disclosure!) will be satanic ritual abuse within the catholic church. So grab your popcorn!

And directly related, the only 'Grandaddy' that I see any evidence of is not from this world- ole Nick, hisself. The fact that there is this infighting over the continuance of the EU, for control of the Polish central bank, the pressure on the Vatican bank, exposure of Thaci and his ghoulish practices in Kosovo, South American (catholic) countries recognising Palestine as a country etc. says to me there is no one in overall control; not even satan. You just can't get good help any more. hahaha. They're all so inflated with their own self-importance! Shit For Brains must be pulling his hair out laughing out loud . And if he put in an appearance, it would be interesting to say the least!

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something good i hope

you guys are cracking me up, what I can follow anyway...
here's hoping the new numbers on the calendar bring good things to good people.

new year

I'm glad you are following it, NJT, coz I might need you to explain a couple of things to me!

Ditto on the sentiments for the new year.


For those that may not be aware, there are two more chapters up at Winter's Sherlock Holmes site

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Flooding in Queensland

78 missing as 'instant tsunami' hits Australia town
Intense deluge sparks 26-foot high wall of water; torrent heads toward Brisbane

Video of a parking lot full of cars being swept away.

newjesustimes's picture


that was a hell of a surge!

Well I finished Deep Capture, hell of a story. Kudos indeed to Patrick.

Makes me wonder if all this noise about "Wakefield" and "vaccines" and "fraud" isn't a bunch of the same sort of coordinated hogwash.

McJ's picture

Wow, indeed!

I've almost finished the Deep Capture story - what a tale!
I loved this part:
"At the beginning of March, 2006, right after Herb has a nervous breakdown about the conspiracy to get Herb, Patrick gets on CNBC. He tries to tell his side of the story, but he’s shouted down by announcer Becky Quick, who previously worked as Cramer’s producer. She simply won’t let Patrick speak, so with the cameras running, Patrick holds up a handwritten sign.
It says, “TheSanityCheck.com” - the Easter Bunny’s website."
Perfect! More 'news' guests need to employ this tactic on the Lame Stream Media.

Here is an article on the Big Pharma smear of Dr. Wakefield.

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Joe Baegant ill with inoperable cancer

Sad news folks - from Joe's site:
A note from Joe

Dear friends, associates and fellow travelers,

As you may or may not know, I have been struck down by an extremely serious form of cancer. Presently I am back in the United States receiving treatment through the U.S. Veterans Administration hospital system. Due to the nature of the massive internal tumor, I am currently unable to even carry on email correspondence or Skype conversations.

Right now I am at a hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia. Once a treatment program has been designed and set in motion, I will probably be transferred back to the Veterans Administration facility near my home in Winchester, Virginia. The condition is inoperable, but it is hoped that with chemotherapy plus the use of a pain killer such as OxyContin, I will be able to resume my online work.

As soon as I am able to sit up long enough to work online and carry on Skype conversations, I will do so. Until then, please have patience and bear with me in this frustrating and difficult time. Business correspondence and relationships will not be interrupted during this period of recovery because I have several persons willing to work with me through dictation.

Thank all of you very much for your friendship and patience.

-- Joe Bageant

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very sad

thanks for the note McJ, some days i feel like the whole world has been struck down by an extremely serious form of cancer.

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Ya, I know what you mean!

Ya, I know what you mean!

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we need to go back to the top

we need to go back to the top of this thread and listen to the music again. just to remember that not everything goes bad.

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