... Then There Was This Hole, And Then I Fell In ...

As we approach the season of seasonal greetings, I send my very best wishes to my friends and colleagues of the blogosphere. Unfortunately my writing has been exceptionally hampered lately, but I do expect to rejoin you, and as soon as possible.

I especially wish to acknowledge and thank those readers who have posted comments here or sent me email, checking in on me during my long periods of deep quiet. I appreciate your support more than I can tell you.

When my current difficulties come to an end, as they surely will, you will hear from me again on a regular basis, both here and at my current home-away-from-home, Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery.

In the meantime, I offer you some reflections on the season and its meaning, from two years ago:

Christmas And The GWOT
Christmas And The GWOT [2]: Personal Salvation And National Destruction
Christmas And The GWOT [3]: Sell Your Stocks And Run
Don't Stand Underneath When They Fly By

Best wishes to you and yours. Back soonest.


All the best to you too Winter

Your place at the table is still set and waiting. See you soon.

Christmas and denial

And that is why I choose not to celebrate.

It's not about commercialism or consumerism.
It's not about the weather.
It's not the cold or the dark.
It's not about any lack of joy in my life.

It's about the insanity .

Amen, brother.

Best wishes to you Winter and to all

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Looking forward

Tonight I upgraded our software to the latest, and have been twiddling with our css and blog feeds, just trying to get things in tip top shape for your eventual return smiling
Looking forward to it, whenever you're ready and able.
Best wishes to you and all our kind hearted friends in the blogosphere and everywhere else.
Be well and take care.

Thanks for reposting these

Thanks for reposting these pieces, I feel less alone. For the first time in my life I managed to escape Christmas. Like you said, sometimes it's just too much - too grotesque, too obscene, too insane... It sure felt good to go through it like any other day, for once.

Best wishes to you,

Gareth Williams

Gareth WiIllams was apparently involved in helping identify and capture Anne Chapman.

This [allegedly] p*ssed off the Russians so much they sent a glamourous super-spy to assasinate him...and they did it right in front of MI6 noses just to rub in it

Gareth Williams

Continuing from my previous post...

Its highly likely this glamourous super-spy convinced Gareth of the merits of getting in the bag the way he did...in order to get the 'best high'. I suspect you'll find a small cut/hole in the bag from where his intimate regions protruded out of the bag (note parallels with Michael Hutchence' death [1]. I wish people would get 'high' on drugs instead...less likely to get suffocated to death that way)

Anyway, once in the bag in the ultimate 'high' position, Gareth simply slowly suffocated to death whilst the super-spy gently teased his intimate regions. Due to the circumstances, its unlikely Gareth was even aware he was slowly suffocating to death...thus death itself was probably painless as he had probably already 'blacked out'.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Hutchence

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Hello anonymous

Absent further information, I tend to doubt your scenario - do you have any source for the claims regarding Anne Chapman or the glamorous super spy?

There's no shortage

of wild speculation regarding this case.

Some people apparently take a lot less convincing than others.

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