The Summer Soldier And The Sunshine Patriot

The post named above, the second most popular piece I have ever written, does not have a comment thread.

Until now.

You can read the post in full here, and/or comment below.


It is very odd, is it not?

This summer, Blogger added a new "stats" feature, which tracks (among other things) the number of times each blog page has been loaded, ever (i.e. since the feature was added, in July of 2010). I have not previously had access to this information, and I am amazed to see what the most popular pages are, and why.

Readers find "The Summer Soldier And The Sunshine Patriot" through Google searches in which they seek the meaning of the phrase "the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot". And my blog sees far more visitors who simply want to know the meaning of that phrase (and who never return to read anything else) than those who come for any other reason, except:

If that's not humbling enough, I can consider this: the only post I have ever done that is more popular than "The Summer Soldier And The Sunshine Patriot" is called "'Better Than Doyle': Camouflage In The JFK Assassination Would Have Fooled Sherlock", and it attracts visitors (not to say readers) who are looking for pictures from JFK's autopsy.

Fortunately, I do not write for the stats. But sometimes I wonder what might happen if I decorated more posts with pictures of the desecrated body of the young President who was executed when I was a child.

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Pictures of your cat

"I wonder what might happen if I decorated more posts with pictures of the desecrated body of the young President who was executed when I was a child."

Or maybe some tabloid style headlines with celebrity picts or better yet, pictures of your cat. They are very popular. It is odd and rather sad considering the quality of all your writing Winter. This quick post I made over a year ago has gotten by far the most "reads" of anything else I have ever posted (which is not a lot). Most get reads in the hundreds this one now has over 14,000. I don't know why- the title maybe??

Loving your series and always looking forward to more. smiling

quality, schmality!

bring on more pictures of the dead president with his head smashed open!

thank you for your kind words.

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You are too humble.

You are too humble. smiling You should read how most people write! (That's rhetorical. I know you do.) Their quality of thought is very distressing. laughing out loud
I am just in a discussion over on our Canadian FB page about what kind of language warrants a warning. So here is the gist of it. If a political party does something horrendously inexcusable you need to be warned if you use language that labels the party in an objectionable manner whilst criticizing them (ie Liberals as Libertards or Conservatives as Crapheads etc.) because that may be objectionable to supporters of the party. It's kinda like banging your head against the wall.

I need to come back here for a dose of sanity and clear thinking. Wish there was a little more action. Things are very quiet around here.

Thanks for posting. smiling

too humble?

hell, no! I am very proud of my humility!! Cool

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Oh, OK

Oh...OK then... smiling smiling


I am nearly 68 years old, and 11 years ago I NEVER would have dreamed, that the America which I grew up in, would have so greatly fallen into the rubble, the waste, and the mire in which she now she now finds herself in. Much, Much, more died on 911 than the 3000+ souls which were so horrifically snuffed out by the cunning, deceitful, treacherous, group of vipers, for I will NOT call them men, but rather I will call them and their vicious act, COWARDS, for it was as cowards they carried out their barbaric deed.

Yes, I will go on record as saying that along with the murdered mass of Americans who died on that day, that the fighting spirit which made America once great must have been killed within the hearts of most of her people at the same time. HEAR ME OUT! I do know that there are yet among us are many who have the courage to fight back, but for the MOST of what is here in America today is the Summer Soldier and the Sunshine Patriot. What will it take to get the people of this nation to stand up against this ever encroaching cancer which does not sleep, does not slow down, and does not relent in its digestion of the heart of our Nation? Oh God Almighty, give us another George Washington, another Benjamin Franklin, another Thomas Jefferson, and another Patrick Henry! May they come forward to stir up the hearts of this sleeping giant!

Wake up! America! Wake up! You Soldiers of this land, and fan the fire of freedom across this nation once more. God, give us direction and give us the boldness and courage to stand and fight against the terror which strikes with stealth and without warning, and enable us to stand forth to fight for the freedom of this land and the lives of our families. Help us Oh God to proceed with boldness against that evil which daily threatens every aspect of our lives; and strengthen our hands in the struggle against that which seeks to take both our freedom and our lives; and this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord; Amen, and amen.

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