Surprise! Canadian Forces Commander Was A Serial Killer

Like every other day, I suppose, it's been a day of sick news.

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thanks for the laughs!

"Who's threatening Iran? I don't see any immediate threat to Iran." - Shah Mehmood Qureshi
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the second story blows my mind - not that such a man exists, doing the things he did while holding the position he held - with what I've seen and learned, this is not much of a shock at all any more - what surprises me is that he prepared and kept so much detailed evidence that could be later used against him.

Not sure that I have enough

Not sure that I have enough experience of military types to make generalizations-but of the limited contact i have had with "vets" hasn't been good. One operations manager with a marine background liked to bring in his war porn snapshots from Vietnam - dead bodies- burnt bodies- obscene stuff like that- (I wonder if they trade photos of their dark deeds abroad among each other and what their wives think of this stuff?). Later- he got fired for stealing computers from the company and for using one of the vans to cruise for hookers. Real piece of work this guy- always with "in the Marines we used to do . . " this or that routine. He was like most ex-military careerist turned private sector- all talk- no action- and lazy as the day is long. And I mean lazy- like as in sleep in a truck lazy while out on a "call". Military life is in many ways just a free ride for scumbags- always has been historically- but after 50 years of stupid h-wood glitz we have forgotten what our European peasant ancestors instinctively knew about standing militaries when they came to this country- that they are breeders of amorality and societal parasites.

Somewhere along the line we got sovietized in our weird and stupid hero worship of the fed military.

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Excellent comments on the

Excellent comments on the William's case Winter. Although I haven't followed it that closely, you are right on that the coverage has been of the hand ringing, how could this happen in the Canadian military type. For the MSM it's unexplainable. So, their focus has been on William's 'fetishes' and not on his predatory behavior and why that would go unnoticed within the military.

From a Canadian Blogger:
"1. Because we need to see and understand how impossible it is for the mainstream media in general to report these kinds of cases fairly, accurately and KNOWLEDGEABLY.

For instance, I keep hearing that his fetish for underwear escalated into break-ins, photo sessions whilst modelling the undies and masturbation on camera, leaving the evidence of such behind. Now that is not a women's underwear fetish. Such fetishes are perfectly harmless.

This is the escalation of PREDATORY behaviour!

The point is not the underwear. The point is that it belonged to a girl or woman who wore it and kept it in her dresser drawer. To break into the house, the bedroom, the dresser drawer of a girl or woman, try on her underwear and spend hours taking pictures of yourself wearing it while masturbating isn't a fetish, it's a VIOLATION of the personal space and the sexualized belongings of the girl or woman. To masturbate all over her bedroom is a VIOLATION. To tie her up and take pictures of her while masturbating and taking pictures is a VIOLATION. To do the same and then kill her is a VIOLATION. This is escalating predatory behaviour, not fetishism.

2. Because we need to know that if the cops were educated about such behaviour and able to categorize it properly and make predictions on the basis of that information, THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO STOP PEOPLE LIKE COL. WHAT'S IT. And ought to have caught him before he sexually assaulted four women or, at the very least, before he killed two of them.

3. Because we need to know how easily predatory men get along in our misogynist culture and particularly in the most macho aspects of that culture which would certainly be THE MILITARY! If I wanted to be a raping serial killer I would be in the military or I'd be a cop."

And there is this commentary from another blogger on Canadian Military culture that has mostly gone unreported:

"So. How’s this for a military culture that’s respectul to women? How can we even say that in the same sentence? I thought this would be a huge story. It wasn’t. We like Russ Williams better because we think we can’t explain him. The MSM wouldn’t even publish the more egregious cartoon because they found it too offensive. Ha! What about this week?

The military has launched a purge of its classroom materials after several offensive cartoons, including some featuring women in degrading sexual situations, were used in courses for soldiers headed to Afghanistan.The drawings were part of presentations provided to instructors at the Canadian Defence Academy in Kingston, Ont.

One cartoon, intended as an example of reading body language, shows a woman at a bar piled with empty glasses engaged in a sexual act with a man on a barstool. The caption reads: “How to tell when you don’t have to buy her any more drinks. . . . ”

How to tell when you don’t have to buy her more drinks? Prelude to rape.

The officer in charge of “Conduct After Capture” training acknowledged the cartoons are offensive.

But Lt.-Col. Lloyd Gillam said he believes the illustrations appeared only in draft versions of the training materials and never made it into the classroom, where there are male and female students.

Ah, so they were only in the draft versions. So they are indicative only of what the military represents but won’t acknowledge they represent. Lest someone take issue. Appearances you know, appearances. And they weren’t used in co-ed company. Why is that important? Ah, so women can be deluded into thinking they are respected while the porno joking goes on among the jocks in their offices and locker rooms. Well, that’s alright then.

Colonel Williams can’t be explained? Oh yes he can. And we’d better explain him and the men like him and the systemic sexism that aids in his development and recreation. Because we’re spawning guys like him by the barrel every day. Of course, not just in the military.

In 2006, Nichola Goddard became the first female Canadian combat death. It was later learned that she had written home to her husband that women working on the Afghan bases were often the victims of sexual harassment and assault, In one week, there were six rapes at her camp. It is bullshit for the military or the compliant MSM to say they don't understand how William's behavior could have gone undetected for so long. It's part of the culture. And what's a little rape amongst all that killing, maiming and torturing?

From Calgary Herald columnist Valerie Fortney’s book, "Sunray: The Death and Life of Captain Nichola Goddard":

“There’s so much secrecy. I wanted to go farther into that, but I came upon brick walls every time I asked other soldiers and officers about assault or harassment.
“It’s a big no-go zone. No one would even talk off the record about it.”

Well they wouldn't want the Canadian public thinking there was anything immoral going on now would they.

Also of note in this case, Williams was reportedly a college pal and partied with another notorious Canadian psychopath and serial killer, Paul Bernardo. Birds of a feather...

"...both attended the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.
They both studied economics at the Military Trail campus during the mid-1980s.
They graduated together in 1987, Williams, 46, with a politics and economics degree, Bernardo, 45, with a commerce and economics degree.
Their families both lived along the Scarborough bluffs.

Another point of view

Very interesting topic, regards for posting.

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