Common Ground With A War Criminal

That's right: I share an important ... um ... understanding ... with ... well ... hey! Stryker Brigade Commander Harry D. Tunnell IV Sneered At COIN Doctrine, And So Do I

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Big Fat Fucking Lies

It's not just killing anymore, it's a sport. I'm surprised it hasn't been turned into a reality show. I mean, how far are we, really, from the "Running Man"?

Although sickening beyond words, it's totally not surprising that the military is producing these remorseless killing machines.

Fuck COIN. Here's the strategy. Develop a predator, the psychopathic soldier. Deploy them wherever you're empire building - a perfect tool to compliment that other predator, the drone. If a few of them go rogue (or get caught) on occasion, no problem, ya just trot out the old 'few bad apples' or 'the lone nut' excuse. Everyone has been carefully coached to buy that big fat lie. No one is going to question much beyond that.

Whose got time to think their way through the big fat fucking lies. War is hell ya know! And then there is all that fog. And there is freedom to be won and troops to support and yellow ribbons to wear...

Is there anything in our world that isn't a lie? I am trying to think of something right now but it's escaping me.

Well said McJ, I feel your

Well said McJ, I feel your anger and your pain, always! With love (if that means anything any more) Debbie

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It does! Thanks.

It does! Thanks. smiling

What is true? There's always arithmetic!

Hey McJ, you make some good points ... but when it comes down to "is there anything that isn't a lie?" ... well, there's always arithmetic!

When I find myself starting to lose my bearings in the sea of bull, I go back to the basics and remind myself of some simple truths. This helps my brain to stay on the good track, thinking true thoughts only and no false ones.

SO ... repeat after me:

1 + 1 = 2

2 + 2 = 4

3 + 3 = 9

4 + 4 = 13

5 + 5 = 22

There! You see how easy that was??

You're welcome! Wink

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rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Thanks! I see you're burning the midnight oil as well. wink

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Here is AP from Twelfth Bough on lying. I like this!

"It goes along with all those myths about American Exceptionalism and Patriotism and the whole pail of worms that our Men and Women in Uniform and all those who Serve This Country always and at every moment, at every branch of the complex decision tree in this terror-filled world which has been nurtured for our constant manipulation, the deliberate nature of this work being itself an evil beyond imagining, and yet they always do the right thing even if it's the wrong thing, because "you can't handle the truth," or some such shit like that. And when one gets caught doing something wrong, well, then he or she went "ROGUE." Because nobody ever authorized anything wrong.

I'm sorry was that confusing? Let me simplify: they fucking lie about everything. The CIA. All intelligence agencies. They lie for a living, and yes, they will lie to you, especially to you. It's all for you if you're a patriotic flag waving American."

that's BAD! ;-)

thank you for posting it


ha, thanks ; D... i think...

seriously, what is more evil? the "Human Terrain Teams" that anthropologists want nothing to do with because it's really sick to pretend to be friends with the people you subsequently murder in cold blood... or just murdering them in cold blood...? hmm. a toss up.

btw you all probably know this but the HHT is run by BAE Systems, the most prolific weapons-merchant in the world, and linked to BP and all sorts of other things. i tripped over it in May while researching the Gulf disaster (

and the whole HTT drama seems to be documented here:

my apologies if i am stating the obvious. it gets hard to tell what is obvious in this world of lies. but yes, i'll go out on a limb here and agree that ALL killing taking place in a war based on lies is totally evil. the supporting doctrine or philosophy of the people justifying it makes no difference. it can't be justified. it never could be justified. and that will never change.

Well said, AP

Well said, AP . . . . all of it

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