Sounds Like A Great Idea! But How Are They Doing It?

There's a very short new post at my blog. I can't give you any excerpts without ruining the surprise.

You can read it here if you wish, and you can comment below too. If you wish.



Interesting that this should be published in the NYT. It reminds me of the NYT's reporting of the Stuxnet worm. Is it a warning/threat to those agitating in the ranks to not mess with the jews or this will happen to you?

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From the theater of the absurd

Here is a tidbit from the theater of the absurd...
According to Israeli media reports, Ahmadinejad is going to throw a stone at the Israeli border in retaliation for the whole Stuxnet worm thing.

"Israeli media are awash with government warnings to the Lebanese authorities not to allow Ahmadinejad to tour the border between the two countries. Some reports hinted that the president's intention to throw a stone in Israel's direction was designed to escalate tensions with Israel, a tit-for-tat for Israel's alleged complicity in a cyber-attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. (

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he wouldn't dare

would he?
good catch McJ, thanks for this.

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Anti-Muslim views?

I wonder if Muslim bashing counts as racism? I notice that there are racist views and then there are anti-Semitic views (I am not sure what the difference is but apparently anti-Semitic views have there own category) but no mention of anti-Muslim views.

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Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I think they have all flown over the Cuckoo's Nest.

From Haaretz:
Nit 'n Yahoo predicted the Chilean Mining disaster over 23 years ago in his book 'Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists. He also predicted 911 years before it happened and this month he sent holiday greetings to Fidel Castro "who stated in a magazine interview that Israel had the right to exist as a Jewish state...despite the fact that [he] had denounced Israel as a "Nazi state" just weeks beforehand".

I throw a symbolic stone in retaliation

for computer hacking and i'm the bad guy?

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It's like a bunch of 6 years

It's like a bunch of 6 years in the playground. How could anyone seriously think this was some kind of threat even if he does actually intend to throw a symbolic stone and I highly doubt he does?

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