In the second of my essays below concerning Ray McGovern's articles, I pointed out that he was playing an elaborate game with Jeffrey Goldberg who was writing equally misleading statements with the view to appeal to people on both the 'right' and on the 'left' of politics. There is a deeper level to this game apart from the rights and wrongs of the various arguing points and that is putting on a show to distract people from other areas of importance and to diminish their quality of life and thinking in the meantime through engendering fear, confusion and helplessness for the purposes of social control a.k.a. social engineering. (from Twelfth Bough - it can get heavy)

It was immediately obvious that these two writers, one a citizen of Israel and the other and 'ex'-CIA agent, were on opposite sides of a controversial issue. What was less obvious was that they were, in fact, co-operating in keeping an entirely fictitious proposition in front of the public to scare the crap out of as many people as possible for as long as possible. (this fictitious proposition was the possibility of Israel launching an attack on Iran independently of the US). They were putting on a show for the public just as two tennis players might. They appear to be in competition but from a higher perspective, they are co-operating to a much greater degree just as the tennis players are for the purposes of furthering the interests of themselves and the financiers behind the event itself. As with tennis, the reason for it all is to manipulate the emotions of the audience. It is not about the protagonists or what they are fighting or arguing over.

When this 'sporting format' is applied to social/political issues or the political process itself, it is known as the Hegelian Dialectic. To recap, it was named after the German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, who proposed that history was the result of two opposing positions being taken by people on any and every issue, called 'thesis' and 'anti-thesis' or 'antithesis', and that history tended to adopt a position in between these two 'extremes'. This compromise has since been called 'synthesis' by Hegel's followers and champions of his theory. All very nice and might possibly be so in some circumstances. But the trouble for you and I is that this whole process is very easy to manipulate and manage to provide a predetermined conclusion if you can control the inputs; which is dead easy to do if you have sufficient money. The two positions, thesis and antithesis, are assumed to be at extremes to each other and all other possibilities lie between them. This, of course, is nonsense, but it is one of those great unspoken assumptions we rely on as a foundation to our social/political thinking, never-the-less.

So, in practice, two political parties will position themselves as the 'extremes' (thesis and antithesis) and political activism (including pundits, academics and activists) will position themselves somewhere on the continuum in between annunciating clearly and proudly that they stand for reality, compromise, reason and as practitioners of 'the art of the politically possible' while often apologising for an unpopular outcome saying that it is, after all, the lesser of two or more evils and all that is possible at this time, alas! Meanwhile, all the better possibilities that lie outside this deliberately limited political discourse go largely unnoticed and unmentioned. If they are ever mentioned at all, it is to disparage them as being beyond the extremes, 'beyond the pale', irresponsible and, increasingly, tantamount to 'terrorism'.

By paying for and promoting both political parties and the various political activists, commentators and academics in universities and 'think tanks' in between, the whole process devolves into nothing more complicated than a piece of scripted theatre played out in peoples' living rooms through the teevee, which is very appropriate given the 'virtual' quality of it all.

So this is how you control people. You determine what they are going to think about, first off, and then how they are going to think about that content. The latter, 'the how' is more about 'points for style' and much less important yet that is what we focus on when we are intent on uncovering manipulation and disinformation. What has far more influence on us and on history in the long run is 'the what'; the subjects that are placed before us and our engagement in them to the cost of the things that are more important and things that we might just actually be able to influence. This is controlling the curriculum. So Ray McGovern's clever dialogue is far less important than the simple fact that he is engaging us in a topic of his choosing, or his employer's choosing. So what's the gig here?

People such as the CIA, as we know, clearly have an agenda opposite to our best interests and they want us to behave in their interests instead of ours. They achieve this through instilling fear. This is a basic mind control technique. “But he's talking reason and arguing against war, isn't he?” Not really. He is warning against a possibility that can't happen i.e. Israel launching an attack by itself on Iran. He also gives a lot of space to the arguments of his apparent opposition. He restates them for us and even uses some of the propositions. He is giving these propositions lots of 'air-time'; putting these scary scenarios in front of us to consider and be frightened by. But because he didn't write these scenarios, he is not perceived to be peddling them. But he is. There they are in the midst of his writing. So they are more effective in gaining a foot hold in our minds because we do not readily perceive them for what they are. He is apparently arguing against them but the unconscious mind does not think in negatives, only positives, the opposite to what he is saying. Our conscious minds are disarmed by the 'charm and reason' and also through the presentation of some facts we can all agree with. So we give unhindered passage to these scenarios through our conscious mind to take up residence in our unconscious and once there cause us stress and confusion and so diminish our ability to think and act in our own best interests. For a fuller explanation of this, see a previous short essay here.

An unfortunate flow on of this is that many bloggers out there repeat these scenarios in their writing not understanding what is being done to them and then what they are, in turn, doing to others. One blogger I have in mind gives live links to all the articles that give air time to the propositions he is arguing against and by doing so he is furthering the cause he is apparently fighting. This is a disinformation/propaganda technique when used deliberately and is unfortunate and misguided when used in innocence. I am presuming the particular blogger that I'm thinking of does so in innocence, though, he is very consistent in his innocence.

Often times there is only one view available on a subject and that is the establishment view. Or the establishment view is actually quite revealing; "out of their own mouths" sort of thing. These articles can be referenced profitably provided a particular quote or argument is highlighted and the point of the reference by the blogger is clear. Many progressive or 'lefty' bloggers link undiscerningly to the establishment press (New York Times, the Telegraph, the Jerusalem Post and Debka etc) and as the sole source for their stories with no specific quote to identify which part of the article they are endorsing or criticising and with no qualifying or discriminating comments! Here's an example. This article was linked to by a blogger to back the claim that the Israelis had designs on capturing the water of the Litani River in Southern Lebanon (as if this needed referencing!). But there was no quote given and no qualification given on the article in question. And there should have been because, apart from mentioning the Israelis' past attempt to capture the territory up to the Litani River, it was chock-a-block fill of disinformation. An 'ounce' of good and a pound of 'bad'. Unfortunately, the writer's motivation matters not in the effect on the audience.

The effect of this practice is to engage in an Hegelian Dialectic around the topic and the particular framing of it at the enemy's choosing. Not helpful.

Why should it matter that the topic is chosen by the 'enemy'? Because we know the enemy always lies in one way or another and their whole focus is to frame the discussion to deceive the readership for the purposes of getting us to act against our own interests. Why co-operate? They publish what is in their interests and their interests are diametrically opposed to ours and it's always fearful. They own the megaphone so if it is getting airtime, it suits their purposes. Yet we forget this all the time.

There is yet another layer to what lies behind the likes of Ray McGovern and Jeffrey Goldberg. So lets keep digging. To return to my analogy, if McGovern and Goldberg are the tennis players, who are the promoters of the 'competition', 'the event'? Previously, I said in reference to the Pentagon and NATO,

“ These two military bodies, together with Israel are ultimately controlled by bankers (through such bodies as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) -where the Generals are members-, Chatham House and Bilderbergers) and therefore they can reasonably be seen to be carrying out their agenda. And that agenda is world dominion by any and all means”.

They run much else besides the military, too, because all the top and otherwise influential people from both 'extremes' in politics and everyone in between in the media, law and business in the US, British and European societies are respectively members of one or more of these groups. This means that you are not going to get anywhere in the established order of these societies if you oppose these groups or their plans or purposes. Let's take a closer look at one of these groups.

Many in the US will be aware of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to which all US Presidents and appointed Executives such as Secretary of State for governments of both parties have belonged since the Second World War (apart from John Fitzgerald Kennedy).

This body also boasts as members the CEOs of all the teevee networks and publishing houses and, indeed, all the major corporations. Senior legal and military personnel also belong, too. And religious heads as well. This CFR was been run for decades run by a banker, David Rockefeller, and together with his banking peers they own the Federal Reserve which creates all the money in the US and beyond. They have a license to print money. They also own such bodies as the New York Stock Exchange.

They control to a large extent, if not completely, the entire economy and the political process. These people control to a large degree the information you get even if you are a discerning reader. Even the most discerning reader can't choose to view news that is not available. Though, you can often work out what is likely missing and where the information controllers want to take us through using logic and inductive and deductive reasoning. Skills rarely taught these days for some unknown reason (ahem!)

As luck would have it, recently Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer blog has documented all the people involved both on the stage and behind the scenes of a mini controversy being played out in the media and shows that all parties and their financial backers are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. This is a good example of a controversy that has been entirely manufactured and is being managed from start to finish. Why? Like all shows, the purpose is to distract us from reality and to 'engage' our minds and guide, determine and control what we think for a time at least and always accompanied by fear. They are clearly trying to make our lives more fearful. This mini controversy is a microcosm of what is happening to our whole society, the macrocosm, all day, every day.

This constant diet of fear, stress and disempowerment stops us from seeing the obvious in front of us. Consider this; if we stop to think for a minute, we can now see that in America, for instance, the politics, the business, the media, the military, everything really is run in accordance with the wishes and aims of the CFR. Politics is a joke. The law is a joke. The media is a joke. Freedom of individual expression is a joke. We now know that all these functions are run by the same small group of grasping people who use it all for their own ends and against ours. Their control is pervasive and pernicious.

It has been observed that they, this CFR et. al. elite, is at war with us, the general public; that they manipulate nations and ethnic and religious groups to wage war on each other through fearful propaganda and terror at times to create profits and further their physical, economic and, most importantly, psychological control over us. And I can't argue with any of it.

So why do we put any faith in any of it? Why do we listen to it at all? Ever? Why do we repeat it to our friends and relations and our fellow workers at coffee break? “I don't”, you say? Well then, when was the last time you watched teevee? Listened to the radio? Watched the news? Today? Yesterday? If you think you are not influenced by any of this 'news and information', read on. This controlled milieu we live in is so pervasive that we don't really see or understand it most of the time and it influences us without our knowing. We are like fish swimming in water yet oblivious to its presence because it is always there and always has been. It has no external reference unless it jumps out of the water. In many ways, it really is like the 'matrix' in the movie of the same name.

Understanding brainwashing - - - -

I read a study once on the effects of brainwashing on American POWs in Korea and on studies since then it all made a huge impact on me ('twas a long time ago, so no link unfortunately). The powerful bit for me was the finding that even after the subjects of the brainwashing were aware of what had happened to them, they still held to the belief that the now known implanted thoughts and ideas in their minds were still their own and presumably also held that the thinking that followed on from these thoughts was correct. It made a huge impact on me because as soon as I read it I knew the truth of it. It is very hard to appreciate the effects on mind control on yourself and this is why it is so insidious. You think you are all right when you are not. You think you know when you do not. You think you are not being affected but you most certainly are. I can't stress this enough.

I was brainwashed or programmed as a child in the 1960's by trained personnel. Some of it is recognisably the same as MKUltra programming, an aspect of which you can read about here ("Greenbaum Speech'). I have remained sane and functioning by continually testing the validity of my perceptions and those of others. It's hard work and isolating but the upshot of it all is that I can see how we are all subjected to an insidious form of programming through the teevee.

I mention all this to establish some bona fides in this area and so that when I say you are being conditioned (programmed) through your teevee, I really do have some idea of what I'm saying. Teevee is triggering for me. The brightly lit screen is in the place of the bright spotlight. The high level of background sound is like the noise that was in my right ear and the constantly repeated bullshit messages from the ads with their increased volume and the clichéd dialogue from the content shows (programs!) are similar to the contradictory and illogical programming messages repeatedly shouted in my left ear.

These mind manipulators do it because it works. They put all these false notions in front of you and deliver them often with sexual stimulation of one sort or another and/or fear, all designed to bypass your conscious mind and lodge the messages or images in your unconscious mind to then determine your reactions and thoughts. Too easy. The flickering screen induces a state of dissociation. Again, allowing the messages to bypass the critical thinking of the conscious mind. It is startling to hear people parroting things they have seen and heard on teevee and talking as if they understand these topics and that they are speaking their own knowledge when they wouldn't have the faintest clue.

We are physically what we eat and how we use or bodies (or not!). That's it! This is what determines our physical state.
And mentally, we are exactly the same. It's what we allow ourselves to ingest by watching, reading and listening and how we exercise our minds (or not!). This determines our mental state. We wouldn't eat garbage. So why do we watch and listen to it?

Nothing of any significance is going to change until enough people change the way they think and that is not going to happen to a large enough extent, I feel, until enough people actually unplug from their teevee sets and start teaching their kids real history, real life. You would be far better off teaching your kids poker, for instance, or chess. Or some life skills such as how to budget, how to negotiate and how to use basic logic. It's a whole lot more fun, too!

An expertise in chess would give you an appreciation of how complex situations and dominance or power imbalance is most often built up from small, seemingly innocuous, moves and an appreciation that there is very little done without an endpoint in mind. One of your family might even come up with an incisive observation such as this comment from WP

An expertise in poker would be invaluable in assessing what is going on with all the sabre rattling at Iran, for instance. Though it is (deliberately) the same noise made prior to the Iraq invasion, it is for a different purpose. In poker you might set a trap for an opponent through a whole series of moves and win. If you estimate that the opponent is not smart enough to figure out what you did, you can do it again the same way. On the other hand, if you estimate your opponent to be smart enough to realise what happened, you can do it again but reverse it. In other words, if you had the goods last time, this time you can use the set-up to bluff instead. And that is what is happening in regard to Iran and it is sucking in everybody on the 'left' and the 'right'. It's a psy-op to frighten and control the public in the West, in Israel and in Iran. It works because the consequences of war with Iran are horrendous and the fear hinders clear observation and deduction. Plus, we are not educated in the ways of the psychopaths that gravitate to positions of power in our society and invariably are the ones running this psychological warfare against us.

Unplugging the teevee gives you and your family all that time to engage in learning these life skills and having fun at the same time. What's not to like!! Unplugging the teevee and unhooking yourself from the constant programming, the constant fear, the constant control of the curriculum you think about, is the simplest and most effective revolutionary thing you can do to counter the forces of violence, exploitation and destruction in your society. The rest will follow.

George Orwell said the same about speaking the truth; that it was revolutionary. But you have to know what the truth is and how to discern it, before you can speak it? And you have to understand it before it is truth to you and worth passing on. It is so much harder to sort out what is truth and understand it if you have the constant bullshit that is teevee squawking in your ear.

Go 'cold turkey' for a few days or a week (or more if you can do it) and I guarantee you that you won't want to go back to passively presenting your mind to be fashioned by these mind controllers. Get your news online, and then when you watch teevee again see if you are aware of the gap. Strive to gather your own news. If you want to stick to 'mainstream' sources, you can.

An easy way to do it is as follows:
- go to google news.
- scan the top stories.
- think about the priorities of whoever decides these are the top stories.
- click on “World”. Notice under each headline there is a line that says "all XXX news articles >>".
- pick a story that interests you and click on that. Notice that you can read news from around the world. Try it!
- If you note something that seems interesting, open a new google search and do a search on it.
- Try searching for things together like this: "thing X + thing Y." see what pops up.
- Then click on the links and read them.

Welcome to research and independent thinking. After you do that for a few days, watch teevee news and see how you like it.

The controllers in our society need your help, your co-operation, to dominate you. They need you to be plugged in. They need your help to dominate the next generation. You don't have to co-operate in this and there's nothing they can do about it! Go on, unplug!. And have some fun with your family instead.



Excellent unpacking, James. I would just like to second the suggestion of unplugging from teevee news, even for a few days. It's very important to break free of the playpen that they have people mentally cooped up in. It is possible to get news from all over the planet, so there is no excuse not to except for laziness, sad to say! I know people are busy but it's really worth it. Maybe it's like the satisfaction one gets from growing one's own food and preparing a healthy meal for the family, as opposed to swinging through the drive through window for disgusting fast food.

Fast food

Thanks very much, AP. smiling
Thats a great analogy with the fast food

newjesustimes's picture

"You think you know when you do not."

Letting go of the idea that one "knows something for certain" is so hard

Great work James

I went a good decade without a teevee in my home, it was enlightening

So right and so wrong

Thanks very much, NJT. How does it go? No one is so wrong as someone who believes they are so right!
When someone defends to the death almost some idea, I always feel that they are very afraid the idea or whatever it is is actually wrong. The anger they express is actually fear and evangelization comes from this same fear. "If I can get everyone to believe it, too, then it must be right."


Hey James!

very good indeed.
I can third that motion. Disconnect from tv, free yourself from the "programming". Cause it is called programming for a reason.

You mentioned the brainwashing done in Korea. I had, on my now crashed computer an excellent audio speech on that topic, I may have had the script also (not the right word, but, hoping you will know what I mean)

If it can be saved, I will send it to you.

The speaker went through the methodology used to brainwash the pow's and what was startling to me, was.....that it is the exact way we are treated.

I'll see what I can do!

Hey, Pen!

If you find the transcript (i take it that is what you mean smiling ) I would love to read it. (If "love" is the appropriate word here!).

I remember reading years ago a treatise on torture and brainwashing that traced it from the CIA to Korea to China to Russia to the Russian Orthodox Church to the Vatican. This was the chain of people that brought the knowledge gained from the 'scientific study' of all this by the Inquisitions. Water-boarding, for instance, was developed by the Holy Office of the Inquisition. The same Office (after a rename) that was headed by Ratzinger prior to his becoming pope.


I will let you know if I can save it, I hope so?????

Thanks for the interesting

Thanks for the interesting article!


You're very welcome, Molly. And welcome smiling


James thanks for expressing your thoughts ( chocolates and Clapton are working fine ).
When I came across an article click to read article about clothing mfrs creating the illusion of a smaller waistline by deliberately mislabeling the size it really hit me how delusional we've become.
Little wonder the master prevaricators succeed so often.
Handling the truth really can be a "bitch" in this world filled with illusions.
So enjoy the sobering thoughts of yourself, AP, aangirfan, timster, Penny .............
Still hear Dylan singing "When you gonna wake-up, when you gonna wake-up and strengthen the things that remain."



Cheezzz, I dunno?! You can't trust anyone these days. If you can't trust a sweatshop operator, who can you trust, Dave? Next they'll be telling me to keep away from Boy Scout leaders. Sorry, yeah, that was a bit over the top, I know.

Chocolates and Clapton are working just fine smiling though I should probably go with more Clapton and less chocolate!

thanks for such a nice

thanks for such a nice article.

i guess we've all unplugged :)

miss you all my friends, hope you are well

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