Hegel and Pavlov Go to Wimbledon

Hegel and Pavlov Go to Wimbledon: or watching tennis and the gentle art of brainwashing.

Ray McGovern has written a follow-up, "A Neocon Preps US for War with Iran" to his piece that I commented on in my previous post. This, too, is artfully contrived and instructive, I think, as a window into the world of mass mind control or social engineering.

Social engineering (otherwise known as brainwashing or mind control) relies on two major techniques as far as I can tell: learning through association (made famous by Pavlov - and his dogs) and restricting the “field of view'. In other words, controlling the apparent options to choose from with one, at least, presented as the 'good' option (made famous by the followers of Hegel and known as the Hegelian Dialectic). This later technique is recognised as the double bind when no options are presented as 'good'.

In all cases control is the key and using the victims own mind and nature against her or him. If these techniques can be applied whilst associated with pain or, failing that, fear, then so much the better as they will not only bypass the critical thinking faculties of the victims but will be embedded deeper into the psyche because of the thought's association with physical body memory and sensations.

It is our nature, for instance to learn by associating two events close in time. This is known as correlation. Often the two events have a causative link such as touching a stove and experiencing a burning sensation. But correlation is not always the same as causation and this can be used against the mind.

So back to Mr McGovern. He has used these same techniques to 'mess' with our minds. McGovern sets out apparently to demolish Jeffrey Goldberg. This journalistic contest is over the presumed imminent military attack on Iran. It can be seen that McGovern and Goldberg are both engaging in a little Hegelian Dialectic here; together they are providing both sides of some of the aspects of the argument and are thereby 'restricting the view'. McGovern is playing tennis with Goldberg and engaging the audience with point, counter point and keeping the audience from looking past the field of play. The topic is framed in terms of local Middle-East politics with the US as an almost innocent bystander rather than in global terms and the US as the major belligerent and threat to world peace.

The US government is portrayed as being almost benign now that Bush and the neocons such as James Woolsey and those horrid CIA analysts responsible for the 'bad intel' justifying the Iraq War are no longer on the scene. Poor Obama is left with this legacy, though, and is working against the interests of Israel. We know this because McGovern tells us that Goldberg has said Obama is unpopular in Israel. So all this means that all you Democrat voters out there can continue to have faith in the system. No need to look elsewhere.

McGovern uses word association to correlate two dissimilar events. He quotes Woolsey using the word 'blockbuster' in connection with an obvious lie and then McGovern uses this same word, blockbuster, to cast doubt by association on Iraq's guilt in connection with the gassing of Kurds in Halabja i.e. that it, too, is a lie and suggesting Iran was to blame instead.

So, from Pavlov and 'association', we go back to Hegel and his dialectic and our tennis analogy. McGovern is co-operating with Goldberg to put on a spectacle and distracting us from the bigger picture. Wimbledon is not staged each year to determine the best tennis player in the world. That is not the “WHY” of it. When we expand our view, we can see it is staged by financiers and promoters to make money and perhaps aggrandise themselves. Same here with Middle East wars!

But before we move on to this larger arena, let's have a brief look at what McGovern is trying to do within this Middle East context. If you read his article with the above in mind, I believe you will see he is trying to put these following ideas in to peoples heads -

1. that Iran was responsible for gassing the Kurds during the Iraq/Iran War (started by Iraq at the urging of the US).
2. that Iran will therefore be open to using chemical warfare in the future.
3. that Iran was, indeed, working on a nuclear weapon technology in the past prior to 2003.
4. that, therefore, it could well do so again in the future.
5. that these two indicators of Iranian thinking and motivation justify Israel's attitude to Iran.
6. that Goldberg's assertions regarding Iran have merit because McGovern does not contest them but merely restates them and thus giving them more 'airtime'.
7. that a valid and overarching reason for not engaging Iran in war is fear that the US might not win (never mind all the innocent lives lost and destroyed – and for what?!)
8. I could go on!!

Goldberg and McGovern are playing a game that parties to the 'Two Party Political System” play all over the Western “democratic” world. It is a controlled contest to 'restrict the view' and provide a limited options menu to 'choose' from or vote for. The political 'Hegelian Dialectic', keeping the ball in play but within prescribed boundaries to distract us and condition us through fear.

So what's the wider view here? It is of an increasingly turbulent and violent world and the principal perpetrators of this violence are the Pentagon (together with Ray McGovern's CIA), NATO and Israel. The Pentagon has superseded the government of the US and NATO has superseded the United Nations. These two military bodies, together with Israel are ultimately controlled by bankers (through such bodies as CFR -where the Generals are members-, Chatham House and Bilderbergers) and therefore they can be reasonably seen to be carrying out their agenda. And that agenda is world dominion by any and all means. The obstacles to this complete domination, I believe, are (in descending order) China, a resurgent Russia, Iran and an equally resurgent Latin America focussed around ALBA (the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas). The Principal members of ALBA are Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. Honduras was a member until the US sponsored coup there and Haiti was an 'observer' and recipient of aid from ALBA until the US invasion there, too. El Salvador has begged off joining since the Honduran coup.

A pattern can be seen regarding the Pentagon led hostilities world wide. Military intervention is swift against the weakest members of this 'Axis of the Unwilling' which is typical bullying behaviour. And threats and prolonged intimidation are used against those that can defend themselves in the hope of eroding their capacity and will to fight over time by exhausting them through psychological stress. (WP's chess analogy is very useful here in understanding this 'war of nerves').

The US/NATO is engaged in a long and lengthy process of encircling both China and Russia to choke them politically and economically and it is far from complete. So I don't think they are by any means ready to launch WW3 yet. Besides, Europe is still dependant on Russian oil and gas. Hence, the pressure on getting the uneconomic Nabucco pipeline into operation.

Therefore, with all this in mind, I do not think that a military attack on Iran (which would very likely involve Russia, at least) is imminent. However, the drive for world domination continues and I think a military attack is far more likely against Nicaragua instead. All the noise (including McGovern's writings) and sabre rattling at Iran is serving the double purpose of not only exhausting everybody's psychological strength but also distracting everybody away from the Caribbean. The US is right now in the process of extending it's military control down through Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean to South America and, of course, Venezuela. The US Air Force now has unrestricted access to Mexican air space, for instance.

The most likely excuse for the military intervention in Nicaragua (if it eventuates) will be the “War on Drugs”. It must be remembered that the Pentagon controls the growing and distribution world wide at one stage or another of 90% of the worlds heroin. So the heroin that is coming into the United States and is the reason for the drug wars in Mexico with all it's appalling carnage, is ultimately being provided and controlled by the US military. My estimate is that it is being transported from Afghanistan to Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan and from there to Costa Rica where C130 Hercules are a common sight at it's two major airports. There it is likely handed on to criminal/terrorist gangs with political cover to make its bloody way north through Central America and Mexico and into the US causing social destabilisation and political corruption all the way and laying the ground work for military intervention. The US Navy recently moved its Gulf of Mexico fleet to Costa Rica.

Heroin can be seen as a weapon of war. Indeed, Russia, China, Iran and now even Costa Rica have huge and growing drug problems and the attendant social destruction and political weakening. This heroin comes from Afghanistan courtesy of the US Armed Forces who are ever ready to apply their violent solutions to the violence and destruction they deliberately create in the first place.

Again, heroin is being used as a weapon of war and, ultimately, as a tool for world dominion. Of course, legalising heroin use would undo all this! Though, economic and social justice would largely eliminate the need for it. But then, economic and social injustice is the whole point, isn't it?

For background reading, I can recommend Mike Whitney's, “Is the CIA behind Mexico's Bloody Drug War?” (Read “Pentagon/CIA” for “CIA” to get my understanding of it all)
And here are three articles, all from Rick Rozoff-
"Twenty Years After End of The Cold War: Pentagon's Buildup I Latin America"

"Central Asia: U.S. Military Buildup On Chinese, Iranian And Russian Borders"

And for confirmation of Israel's Air defence being in US/NATO's hands and therefore giving the lie to Israel's ability to start a war with Iran on it's own, see-
"Israel: Forging NATO Missile Shield, Rehearsing War With Iran"


McJ's picture

It's like going to school,

It's like going to school, coming to the Winter Patriot dot com these days..complete with reading assignments.

Thanks for laying this out so well for us.

McGovern sure gave Goldberg a lot of column inches in that article and as you pointed out he doesn't really refute Goldberg's assessments, just lays them out and then says Golberg is a bad journalist. There was a whole section of the article telling us that Saddam didn't have WMD's and that Iraq didn't have ties to al Qaeda - which is hardly news, but I guess that is reinforcing the myth of al Qaeda and the war on terror. And that bad brown guys are still trying to get WMD's so they can attack us.

We also learned that integrity is back in play at the CIA, that the US military brass are afraid of the politicians and there is a "non-corruptible Director of the National Intelligence Council". Wow, who knew? I thought it was the same old, same old.

I don't have the links right now but I was just reading about Obama militarizing the US/Mexico border and also I believe there was another assassination attempt on Chavez. If I find the links, I'll post them.

I was also wondering about how Turkey fits into your thinking on the heroin trade as it is my understanding that much of the opium goes through Iran into Turkey where it is processed and then distributed.

I'm off to start working my way through those links. smiling

Re school

It's like going to school, coming to the Winter Patriot dot com
It wasn't that bad was it? crying

We also learned that integrity is back in play at the CIA, that the US military brass are afraid of the politicians and there is a "non-corruptible Director of the National Intelligence Council". Wow, who knew? I thought it was the same old, same old.

Hahaha, well said, McJ. Who knew, indeed!

Ray is dense

Once you start delving into McGovern's writing you suddenly find yourself in a thicket almost. There's presumptions piled on presumptions and all written in a seemingly accessible style. I hope they pay him well!
Like the previous article, I was tempted to take it apart sentence by sentence, even word for word. But I don't have the patience. So I'm really glad you brought up those excellent points that you did, McJ.

I like his opening sentence -
"I guess I was naïve in thinking that The Atlantic and its American-Israeli writer Jeffrey Goldberg might shy away from arguing for yet another war"
Hahaha. I wonder if he laughs as much at this stuff as we do?!

What is sad is that I first picked this up on Information Clearing House. As WP has said, he and his fellow 'steerers' get published all over the lefty news sites. Oh, well, maybe we are doing something about that here.

Yes, my understanding was that the drugs made their way through Iran to Turkey and then onto Europe. This was in the days of the Shah and also into the Ayatollahs' reign. But then they became non co-operative which pissed off the US 'powers that be' no end. But the demolition of the WTC towers changed everything with the access to military bases in Central Asian republics and Opium poppy growing getting kicked into high gear in Afghanistan under the supervision of the US Military.

The UN then helpfully paid for and built a road bridge across a steep valley in Tajikistan to facilitate the road transport of drugs through to Kyrgyzstan to the north and from there to Russia and China and by air to US bases in the rest of the world for further distribution, it would seem.
Aangirfan has noted that wherever there are large US bases there is a huge drug problem in the surrounding area.

Iran now is a target country rather than a transit country as far as I know with my limited knowledge.

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It was good

"It's like going to school, coming to the Winter Patriot dot com
It wasn't that bad was it?"

Hahaha. laughing out loud It was good.
Ya just need to put on your thinking cap and then you have to make your way through all the extra reading. Grade

"Ray is dense"
Nice one!


Goodness. It sounds like every "rogue state" has gassed the poor Kurds. Back in the days, Saddam "gassed his own people", and now it's Iran. History gets rewritten for every new war. Those Kurds sure are convenient. I'm shocked there hasn't been (m)any attempt to link Iran to 9/11. Maybe it's beyond the "stupidity treshold" of marketing, for now.

But fear not. Now that Bush is gone, replaced with a Nobel Peace laureate, everything will be alright again.

Well, ashalee, the poor old

Well, ashalee, the poor old Kurds do seem to cop it in the neck from everyone, so why not from the Iranians, too??!!

But fear not. Now that Bush is gone, replaced with a Nobel Peace laureate, everything will be alright again.

Yes, indeed, and thank fuck for that, eh? laughing out loud (Shouldn't laugh, but what else can you do?)

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Stupidity Threshold

"Maybe it's beyond the "stupidity threshold" of marketing..."
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Nice! I didn't think there was one.

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Great article James

and fascinating subject. This sentence really gets me thinking

"There (Costa Rica) it is likely handed on to criminal/terrorist gangs with political cover to make its bloody way north through Central America and Mexico and into the US causing social destabilisation and political corruption all the way and laying the ground work for military intervention. "


Thanks, NJT. It was a little rushed (I've been adjusting the wording ever since!) and could have been tighter but the ideas seem to have come across ok.

very helpful

very helpful unpacking of social engineering, the dialectic, and the element of distraction! it's so easy to get sucked into one of the many many so many ops they have going on at any one time. what was that the shrew hillary said, ... 'it takes a village...'

yeah. ha. indeed. a village of honest people slogging through the blogosphere to sort through all the options like some combination lock from hell. i'm very glad when you apply your logical acumen to these matters. - ap. (i didn't sign in...)

Third part

Glad you liked it, AP, and thanks for the kind words. This whole topic of gatekeepers and the multiple layers of bullshit is a real problem. But there is a deeper problem, too. l hope to post a third instalment sometime this weekend to this well named blog. If I can unfreeze my brain in the midst of this antipodean wet and windy winter, that is! Stay tuned smiling

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