Killing The Gulf - Updated (Again!)

This article first appeared at Rense and was copied by A Peasant at her Twelfth Bough (Wordpress) site where AP added text, videos and emphasis. These all gave added information and importance to this already very well researched and written article. So with AP's permission, I have copied her version here in the interests of spreading this important article further. It is sobering reading, indeed. I suspect that the people involved with this are taking the opportunity to wreak economic devastation so as to make ever more people dependant on the government and therefore ever more controllable. I further suspect that the 'dark forces' that ultimately lie behind these people are simply intent on killing all life on earth.

Purposely Killing The Gulf?
by J. Speer-Williams
(h/t Dublin Mick) via Rense — (A Peasant's additions in blue and emphasis in bold)

The private, foreign International Monetary/Banking Cartel controls its puppets in Washington as it controls its oil company executives. And everything the Cartel does is anti-life, there are absolutely no exceptions; and their pretended Gulf oil clean-up is a glaring case in point.

Instead of cleaning up the unprecedented catastrophe created by the Cartel’s mega-corporations (Halliburton, Transocean, and British Petroleum), these very same companies seem to be purposely killing our Gulf of Mexico, under the pretense of cleaning it up.

Instead of using safe, non-toxic ways to gather up the rogue oil gushing from their incompetence, or planned cataclysm, the private Cartel is using an extremely toxic chemical dispersant, with the approval of the Obama administration.

Alan Levine, the head of Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals, said: “We don’t have any data or evidence behind the use of these chemicals in the water. We’re now basically using one of the richest ecosystems in the world as a laboratory.”

As reported in Britain’s Telegraph, Louisiana state Secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Robert Barham reported: “We’re very disappointed in their [EPA and oil company executives] approach. The federal procedures call for a consensus between federal authorities, the responsible party and the states involved. When we met and expressed our concerns [over the use of dispersants], apparently they decided to go without us.”

And go they did. Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency allowed BP to turn our Gulf of Mexico into a toxic testing ground, instead of removing the crude oil.


British Petroleum (BP) has even refused to use their own oil tankers, lying in the Gulf, to suck up most of the runaway oil, and possibly salvage it for sale later, as was done after a Saudi spill in the ’90’s. That method was so successful, it vacuumed up about 85 percent of that renegade oil.

Nick Pozzi, a former oil pipeline engineering and operations project manager is puzzled why BP did not salvage perfectly good crude oil for later sale, and to thereby protect marine and wildlife.

What Mr. Pozzi does not know is the oil companies are owned by the world’s only legal counterfeiters ­ the International Monetary/Banking Cartel - who can “print” all the money they want, so making money on Gulf oil was not important to them. Killing the Gulf of Mexico is, apparently, important to them, for their own cryptic and esoteric reasons.


If the Cartel had wanted to save marine life, any oil they had not vacuumed up could have been mulched with any number of non-toxic materials, such as “Oil Sponge,” a name trademarked by Phase III, Inc.

Rated as the “best performing” absorbent by the US Army Corp of Engineers, Oil Sponge is 100% organic, and is made from renewable resources.


Oil Sponge is built using a microbial and nutrient package, capable of transforming oil hydrocarbons into a safe bi-product of carbon dioxide and water.

But, the governmental bureaucrats of the Obama administration, and the Cartel’s oil executives, had no interest in using an environmentally friendly product to clean up what is the greatest man-made environmental disaster of all time they seemed intent on making this unbelievable cataclysm far, far worse, and one that could never be cleaned up.

It cannot yet be proven that the Monetary Cartel purposely blew up their own wellhead, but the crimes they have committed in their so-called “clean-up” efforts are well documented, in spite of no corporate media outrage.


CEO Connie Mixon says it’s revolutionary. But while this product is used from the Middle East to Europe to Canada, it’s not being used to clean up in the Gulf. Mixon says she has not been able to garner interest from the parties currently involved in the cleanup–most specifically the Marine Spill Recovery Corporation (MSRC).

“They’re using 30-year-old technology to fight this spill…our product was invented after Exxon-Valdez to specifically deal with spills like these,” Mixon tells WSB’s Pete Combs.

After the Exxon Valdez incident of March 1989, Mycelx of Georgia developed what looks like a paper towel to soak up to 50 times its weight in oil. And while this product is used from the Middle East to Europe to Canada it was of no interest to the parties Obama charged with cleaning up the Gulf of the floating oil those very same parties caused.

see video here

Then there is the Aerohaz product manufactured by Sustainable Technologies, Inc. that encapsulates environmental contaminants, making crude oil and other oil like substances easy to retrieve.


Even hair naturally separates oil from water, leaving large tar globs, in which mushrooms can then be seeded. And as the mushrooms grow, they digest the oil, leaving non-toxic organics, which can then be composed into soil, great for growing healthy vegetables.

Anyone who has ever had a bad hair day knows how well hair will retain oil. In fact, Lisa Gautier, president of Matter of Fact (website for hair salons) has collected 400,000 pounds of hair, and stuffed it all into nylons to be used as booms near Gulf shores.

This idea could have been a shot in the arm of our dying economy, by creating organic compose for the millions of nutrient depleted farm acres in the world. Also there could have been a viable cottage industry of collecting hair from salons.

And, hair is certainly a renewable resource, with most of us contributing. But neither Obama or the Cartel has done anything for our dying US and world economy, but ensure it dies, while feebly pretending to resuscitate it.

And now that they’ve probably destroyed the tourist, shrimping, and fishing industries along the Gulf Coast, we’ll be hearing about more “stimulus packages” that will make what money we do have even more worthless as it enriches Wall Street.

But in the world of what could have been, there’s hay, sawdust, crushed volcanic rock, and even kitty litter that could have mulched with the oil on the surface of the Gulf waters, making for easy pick-up.

But, oil industry executives and their confederates in the Obama administration quickly made sure that all spewing oil would either sink well below the surface, or never rise to it, with over half a million gallons of their dispersants. Now the oil that’s been gushing for weeks can never be vacuumed up or safely neutralized.

Worse yet, these international enemies of humanity, and life in the Gulf, committed their dastardly deed of deeply submerging the floating oil with an extremely dangerous chemical dispersant that would deny all marine creatures oxygen, thus killing them, and marine plant life to boot, as major underwater currents carry this poisonous oily plume through-out the Gulf and into the Atlantic.

Trying to give this mass murder a positive spin, BP spokesman John Crabtree said his corporation had dropped more than 560,000 gallons of [toxic] chemical dispersants on the surface slicks and 28,700 gallons of the chemical at the subsea wellhead, 5,000 feet below sea-level.

Crabtree’s justification for such an insane, criminal act was that the dispersants would drive the oil well below the water’s surface, thus keeping it away from coastal shorelines. So instead of removing the oil, BP decided to make the oil even more toxic, and drive it deep into the ocean where it can never be retrieved, but will kill all marine life in its path.

Mandy Joyce, a marine sciences professor at the University of Georgia carefully chose her words about BP’s deplorable dispersants: “Anything that requires oxygen will not be able to survive that water. The food web is going to change. You could stymie the entire production level of the Gulf of Mexico. That’s a very real possibility.”

BP’s chemical dispersants contain 2-butoxyethanol, a compound that kills marine and wildlife, exactly the life our clean-up measures should try to save.

BP’s chemical dispersants, currently being dropped by airplanes, break the crude oil into tiny droplets that sink well below the water’s surface, where they form a giant cloud or plume, making it impossible to gather, as is the obvious intention.

And with this poisonous plume creating a dead zone, currently estimated to be about the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined, hidden at about 3,000 feet of water, no one can place an accurate figure on how much oil has actually rushed into the Gulf.

And once this death dealing plume reaches the large, rapidly moving Loop Current, this oily cloud of doom could swing toward Florida and Cuba, killing the coral reefs and marine life there.

According to Stephen Howden, an oceanographer at the University of Southern Mississippi, the Loop Current could drag the oxygen destroying cloud into shallower waters thus potentially impacting the coral reefs and fisheries near Florida’s coast.

University of Georgia’s Mandy Joyce said, “It’s a good thing the oil is not damaging the coast line, but to say everything is fine because its not hitting the coast is missing a very important part of this equation.”

And I would say, Ms. Joyce’s statement is a serious understatement.

Another person famous for misleading and under stated remarks is our president, Barack Obama.

There can be no denying that President Obama and his EPA regulators are accomplices to the crimes in the Gulf of Halliburton, Transocean, and British Petroleum by allowing these perpetrators of the disaster to be the ones in charge of the capping and clean-up efforts.

How much longer will our government allow these corporate criminals to fail with the capping of the oil gushers ,and making a dead zone of the Gulf of Mexico and perhaps the Atlantic ocean?

Thus far, President Obama has made a grandstand play by pretending to excoriate the oil company executives responsible for the Gulf tragedy for not taking proper responsibility.

Excuse me Sir, it’s you who should have taken control and responsibility by tasking competent individuals and companies to cap this runaway well, and to clean up the mess, without destroying the entire Gulf of Mexico in the process.

And instead of excoriating the oil company executives and government bureaucrats who dumped over a half million gallons of toxic dispersants into the Gulf, you should be arresting them for crimes against humanity, not to mention their crimes against marine and wildlife.

Additionally, Obama’s teleprompter writers had the ignorance to state the ridiculous: “I know BP has committed to pay for the response effort, and we will hold them to their obligation,” read Obama.

The very obvious point Mr. Obama, is you should have saved our Gulf of Mexico, by making sure Transocean, Halliburton, and British Petroleum had absolutely nothing to do with the clean-up efforts, rather than making them pay to turn the Gulf into a dead zone.

President Obama went on to say many parties, including the federal government should accept blame for the disaster, he stopped short of saying he, himself, should be held responsible for his part in so destroying so much life in the Gulf.

“There is oil leaking. We need to stop it, and we need to stop it as soon as possible,” said Obama.

It’s not a leak, Mr. Obama. It’s a volcanic gusher spewing out an Exxon Valdez every two to four days.(emphasis ed.)

From whales and dolphins to sardines, from starfish to coral reefs, from microscopic organisms to all the fish in the sea, the Cartel has embarked upon killing, and will kill unless they are stopped. Are you man enough for the job, Mr. President?

J. Speer-Williams


This link here at Daily Kos (something useful from Daily Kos - who knew?) explains how oil booming should work and how it is actually being done in the Gulf, right now - with pictures.
Link courtesy of Twelfth Bough

Generally, true incompetence is just that and is sprinkled in with competence. The incidence is dependent on the industry or occupation and on how high up the hierarchy you are dealing with. (The higher up a hierarchy the incompetence goes the stronger the link is between the incompetence and corruption. Till, in the end, they are one and the same thing).
But when the incompetence reaches 100%, and when clearly competent people are clearly lying, you are looking at a tightly controlled program. As an example from the linked article at Daily Kos-

Now the Coast Guard? They know booming. They know what fucking proper fucking booming looks like. Coast Guard commandant, Adm. Thad Allen should be fired. Today. Now. This minute. Before he can give another press conference echoing what BP said not five minutes before him.

One of the sure-fire ways of deducing State involvement in criminal acts or acts of terror is to look to what should have happened and compare it to what actually did happen (or did not happen). It's particularly the omissions that give the game away; the things not done. Think 9/11; think Katrina as AP has reminded us. Think through the options not used to control the oil, the exemptions granted, the help refused. Any one of which would be giving us a different outcome today.


From one of the excellent links supplied by McJ in the comment thread comes this-

The facts that have now come to light should absolutely settle once and for all the following facts.
[1]There is no energy shortage.
[2] The oil men have been manipulating us terribly for decades

[3] That solving the energy needs of the world using oil is too costly and unbelievably dangerous for us in so many ways that only a crazy
(or something else, ed.) person would try.
[4] Alternative energy is a much better option.
[5] If I was wrong it was because I was too conservative. ....

There is a resistance to thinking BP might do this deliberately because, surely, it is costing them bigtime with all this lost oil. Understandable though this line of thinking is, it is never-the-less wrong. In one very real sense the lost oil is not costing BP a cent. It may be a deferred expense but even that is doubtful for the following reason.

From one of the points above, there is no shortage of oil; the supply, in actual fact, far outstrips demand. So the value of the oil in real negotiable or cash terms is not the deposit's cubic capacity multiplied by the price in dollars but rather the amount that can be sold (i.e. the size of the market) from the well multiplied by the price. Therefore if the deal is to control the oil by owning the deposits so that others don't get their hands on it and also keeping the price high for what you do sell, the lost oil is not impacting on that financial bottom line, at all. It is not affecting sales revenue this year or next and probably never.

To put it another way, BP's financial bottom line is governed by how much of the market it fills multiplied by the price. This is determined by an arrangement between the oil majors that has nothing to do with the amount of reserves there are because the reserves are huge contrary to popular belief. So oil escaping from those reserves doesn't affect BP's profit this year or in ten years or even fifty years time because they have more than they can possibly bring to market in that time. Their sales will not be affected.
This would give a financial reason for BP's management's refusal to retrieve the escaped oil. Retrieving the oil will cost money and that will affect their bottom line profitability immediately.

Another reason a reader might think that this catastrophe is not deliberate is how would they go about causing the blowout. Would they go down 5000ft and put a bomb there or what? Maybe, but all they need do is lobby for legislation to remove safeguards like extra safety valves (which they have done), have their CEOs put pressure down the line to remove or not put the safely valves etc in place for supposed economic reasons and sit back and wait. It is all very predictable. The people behind it may not know which well will blow but they will know that it will happen sooner or later. I doubt this is in serious dispute. Hence the Obama administration issuing 27 further licenses to drill the Gulf without the previously removed safeguards since the BP disaster. This is exactly what you do if you want these disasters to occur. Turn down the sound and watch the picture. Or focus ont he facts and disregard the narrative.

The people who ultimately control BP have their own separate agenda which I and others have pointed to.
And from that same article comes this warning which may well be part of that separate agenda-

A warning here: The removal of 2 cubic miles of oil from this deposit is setting us up for a sea floor collapse. We could see earthquakes, tsunami and worse.

All coming to you at very little cost to BP and their ultimate controllers. In fact, after collecting insurance, and jacking the price of oil up now and/or in the future, they'll make money on the deal.

But again, it's not ultimately about money, it's about control which they are exercising while, ironically, others are saying they are out of control.
They are, in fact:-
-inhibiting other countries' economies through high price and restricted access to oil,
-maximising their profits while doing so and
-moving ever closer to bringing down economic activity wherever and whenever they can
-getting their jollies by seeing the effects of 'their power' and feeling like 'Lords of the Universe' and
-all the while watching and laughing at everyone running around in ever decreasing circles


McJ's picture

Out of sight, out of mind

Did they deliberately blow the well? Or was it the result of greed (ie. cost cutting on safety measures etc., pushing through deregulation so they could or go after these monstrous under water oil reserves that they don't have the technology to safely exploit)?

BP has bought up one third of the world's supply of the chemical dispersant they are dumping into the gulf which they appear to be using to mask the scale and scope of the disaster. Is it an out of sight, out of mind strategy or are they deliberately poisoning the Gulf to compound the disaster? Are we looking at some kind of perverted planned population reduction or are they simply exploiting "the opportunity"?

"I suspect the people involved with this are taking the opportunity to wreak economic devastation so as to make ever more people dependent on the government and therefore ever more controllable."

And those same somebodies are no doubt taking the opportunity to make obscene profits from the disaster.
"Nalco Holding Co. has provided its entire inventory of one dispersant, Corexit 9500, to BP and the Coast Guard." ( Among the major shareholders of Nalco are Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway and Morgan Stanley (
Transocean has already collected 410 million in insurance.

It is hard to know what is going on here. And because the vast majority of us don't think like the psychopaths running this 'show' and can't imagine why they are making these decisions, we are left with our mouths open going WTF ARE THEY DOING! Grasping that these individuals may be under the influence of "darker forces...intent on killing all life on earth" is a big pill to swallow but I suspect you are on the right tract with that one James.

I left the following comment on NJT's previous post on the Gulf Oil Spill. It has some good links.

"It's almost like BP is looking at the problem as "how can we stop our precious oil from leaking"
rather than "how can we stop our precious ecosystems from becoming devastated"
Yeah, they are in crisis mode but only for saving their asses. The spill seems to be a secondary matter for them. When you think that the people running this company and the crisis response are most likely psychopaths and pathological liars, it's very scary. Are these people even capable of grasping the scale of this disaster? Do they care?

Transocean has already collected 410 million in insurance and is busy petitioning to cap it's liability for the disaster. (

BP CEO Tony Hayward doesn't seem to think it's much to worry about. "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume." He says they'll fix it, they just don't know when and acknowledges that BP was a bit "bumpy" getting going and they have made some "missteps". (

Meanwhile, there are reports the spill may be much, much larger then the officials are telling the public.
"Scientists looking at video of the leak, suggest that as many as 3.4 million gallons of oil could be leaking into the Gulf every day - 16 times more than the current 210,000-gallon-a-day estimate, according to the Times." (

"This floating super-bomb remains completely out of control, spewing hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf, spreading in directions that cannot be predicted, becoming exponentially worse by the second. It threatens to dwarf the entire Gulf of Mexico, the entire southern and southeastern coast of the United States and Mississippi River, and is poised to spread into all of the world’s oceans. Wildlife, human life, industries, economies and livelihoods, all potentially face permanent damage and destruction. It is even possible that the Gulf will be rendered impossible to navigate."
..." For weeks, BP, government officials, and the corporate media have been engaged in a massive cover-up, lying about the unspeakable actual scale of the disaster, and lying about its clean-up and containment efforts." (

"...what you see from the air on the surface of the water represents maybe just 20% of the volume of the various types of oil in that area. And we're talking an area the size of Maryland (10,000+ square miles) that is on the surface. The remaining 80% is under the surface; and all of it is highly toxic to the living organisms encountered.
All of this brings into serious question the volumes of oil rising. Every factor suggests massively higher numbers than what has been commonly reported.
...This is an out of control volcano of oil spewing up with between 20,000 and 50,000 psi behind it, from a reservoir nearly the size of the Gulf, with an estimated trillions of barrels of oil and gas tucked away." (

"Leaked report: Government fears Deepwater Horizon well could become unchecked gusher" (

On the nuclear bomb front...Russia's Komsomoloskaya Pravda, the best-selling Russian daily, is reporting that Russia has used nuclear blasts to plug oil leaks. (

And "even as the mega-volcano of toxic sludge relentlessly dwarfs more geography over the coming weeks and months, the empire’s leaders still refuse to stop.
The Obama administration has granted 27 new waivers to big oil companies since the BP explosion, allowing them to engage in yet more drilling and exploration, without proper environmental review---in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Kerry-Lieberman energy bill, pushed through Congress in recent days, establishes yet more offshore drilling around the country, along with “clean coal” (a fraud and myth, perpetrated by the coal industry, that Congress and the Obama administration continue to push)." (

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

out of sight is right

The way it looks to me, they blew the rig on purpose. See damning interview on right wing radio (transcript) included here:

Then they purposefully dragged their feet for weeks on end to insure that the disaster will be enormous, obviously mishandling the clean up REGARDLESS of their supposed difficulty stopping the leak. Two separate issues. Now that we know these other technologies have been developed for cleanup, never mind their pathetic low-tech suggestions about plugging the pipe with golf balls and shredded tires as if they're a bunch of ten year old boys at summer camp, what is the possible excuse for them not using these clean up technologies? NO EXCUSE. Sorry, this is just as huge as finding out about organ stealing. There's no excuse. I'm sure they will try to put one out there but seriously. Everything they've offered the public has been one version or another of bumbling idiocy. Just like in Nigeria, the oil companies engineers are masters who can figure out how to extract oil and maintain massive facilities in a swamp, but they can't figure out how to provide clean water to the local villagers. Too perplexing. So same here. They can drill a well at the bottom of the ocean but they don't know how to plug a leak? Uh huh sure. It's just total BS. Look at the engineering accomplishments throughout the world. Their excuses are simply not believable.

It goes much beyond greed. Greed alone can not explain it. They are intentionally causing death and destruction, going out of their way to cause death. Dragging their feet, mishandling, waiting for that plume to reach the current that will take it out of the Gulf. If you can get your reasoning that far, the next question is WHY? Because it's about death for them. They enjoy killing.

in plain sight

I think it is all in plain sight as so much is. It is just that so many people can't see it past the narrative that accompanies all this bullshit.
These companies know exactly what is available to them as you point out, AP. Therefore they know exactly what they are doing. The results have to be intentional.

I get what you are saying.

I get what you are saying. But I have to ask, why do they want to kill the gulf. What do they get out of it? I can understand that they stuffed up, made mistakes and are as greedy as hell. But doing the whole thing, from whoe to go, intentionally, Why?

to justify

Everything they do is to justify something else they want to do. They have an agenda. There are too many people to physically control so they have to control us psychologically. Events that plunge people into despair and depression are good for them. It makes us easier to control. Events that happen where we can't easily see what's going on are good for them. A crime scene under 5000 feet of water? What's not to like?

They get away with these things because we look and look and look for other explanations like human error, acts of God, greed, incompetence, corruption, etc. And they feed those. Except none of these things ever quite explains why they seem to *go out of their way* to make these deadly messes, to exacerbate the destruction.

See 911, see Katrina, see Haiti. It's always the same story. They regret that they didn't foresee this or that. They regret the human error. They regret that this organization didn't communicate with that organization. They regret that mistakes were made. And then the next tragedy happens, they repeat the mistakes, and we get the same excuses. Every tragedy is like the first time, they never learn a damn thing. And people accept that because they can't bring themselves to draw another conclusion, which is that they do these things on purpose to kill, to control resources, to plunge people into despair, and to control the rest.

We already have the mother nature / acts of God / human error explanations to go along with the more cynical greed / incompetence. But where does it all lead? The idea that this spill "changes everything" started weeks ago.

Yeah 911 changed everything too. We got the Patriot Act and a couple of wars based on lies out of that one.

Control is the goal

"Everything they do is to justify something else they want to do. They have an agenda. There are too many people to physically control so they have to control us psychologically." AP - James Downard in his Carnivals of Life and Death
affirms you - "In actuality, the most naive people refuse to understand that the material world is only a cover for a
perpetual spiritual battle for the minds of men. Control over the minds of men is the highest and greatest control,
alongside of which money, fame, and other powers are so many heaps of straw and ash. The control mechanism is a
hidden thing, a subtle thing, and wishful thinkers overlook it."
Imagine the Gulf of Mexico as an alchemical cauldron. Throw in some oil, chemicals and 11 ( significant number for these folks ) dead bodies and bubble bubble trouble your cowan minds. Strange stuff and it will probably only get more



You beat me to it, Dave. I could have saved my breath (or fingers). Needless to say, i agree entirely. Do you have a link to Downard, Dave? I'd like to read more.

There comes a point

There comes a point when you have to think that there is a purpose to all the killing and destruction going on in the world that is beyond simple greed and incompetence. Especially when you consider that the same small group of people (bankers principally) have control over it all or, at the least, could exercise control over it all, if they wanted. And, especially, again, when you consider that money is meaningless to them because they make all they need out of nothing.

They seek power but true power is creative and creativity celebrates life and allows it to be itself. These powermongers want control which is a very different thing. Control is better exercised through destruction. In fact, control over people and nature at this level is destruction. So that is what they do. If anyone was to look at what this small group over history has done without listening to the explanations, there is really only one conclusion that can be reached, in my opinion. And that is, as hard as it is to face, that they are at war with the rest of humanity and it is unrelenting.


James I believe I've seen the intro to his book at the Feral House ( publisher) website - have never found the whole
book on the net. I had the book handy and took the quote from it. It's a strange read but portions have stayed with me since reading it. They don't call them a Cult of Death for nothing.
All the best to you.


Downard II

Should also have mentioned Downard's great article- found at spots on the web -called King Kill 33
about the skullduggery surrounding the Kennedy assassination.
Gotta agree with you control is the what they're about.
So let's all make like monkey wrenches whenever we can and keep shining a light on their shadowy world !


Re: Downard 11

Thanks very much, Dave. I will go poke around for it!

make like monkey wrenches

That's it Dave. Shine the light, think our own thoughts, and don't comply with their murderous agenda. Resistance does not involve heroics if enough people do a little bit more. Resistance begins in the mind.

Many thanks

Thanks for such great answers to my Why?

Thanks, for my part

Thanks, for my part, Debbieanne. I've added to the post by way of a second update to further clarify (I hope!) the motivation.

A diversion or a Threat ?

Maybe this is a diversion to keep the activists busy and stop them seeing, writing and warning about something else they are up to. I can hear them saying "this will give the activists something to do for ages while we get on with..........and they won't notice till its too late".

Any ideas what they could be planning? Or it might be some kind of threat to Iran. Look what could happen to your oil, your environment if you don't do what we want.

re: diversion

Sally, you might be interested to read US Begins Massive Military Build Up around Iran over at Penny's.

If the US are going to 'do another Pearl Harbour' and sacrifice another 'mothball' fleet, you can bet that the USS Enterprise will be part of it as it is at the end of its life and due for mothballing. And, you guessed it, the Enterprise is part of that fleet!

US warships are sitting ducks in the Persian Gulf for Iranian missiles against which there is no defence; particularly, at such short range. To me, there's no excuse for having warships in the gulf at the outbreak of war. My guess is that it will be started by the firing of missiles from one of the Gulf states. It is exactly how everybody's friend and ally, israel, would go about it while we are looking else where; using a diversion and a patsy.

It's the 'scapegoat' thing all over again. One to be sacrificed and one to take the blame. Too easy.

admin's picture

Interesting analysis

But it seems to me if "they" wanted to hit Iran, they could have made up plenty excuses and done it years ago, when it seemed imminent in, what was it, 07 maybe? I mean they got away with it in Iraq, what's the difference? Is "the world" not going to let them get away with it again? Who's going to step in, China? Seems like it could be in their financial interest to let the US go plundering if they expect to capitalize on their investment in the dollar.
Are they just waiting for the right timing? Because I really don't see any reason why they would have had to hold back for the past 3 or 4 years, they can just put some water pipes on TV and claim they are mobile rocket launchers or some such...

attacking Iran

Russia is the big problem for the US and Europe elite. If the attack is blatant aggression on the part of US/israel, then Iran, Syria and Russia will retaliate immediately and they will have the European public on side. So when Russia cuts off gas to Europe, the European public will want the heads of their own politicians not the Russians. I could easily see Europeans walking away from their jobs in companies that enable and support the US military in any way.

Without the enabling co-operation of US/Britain and israel's allies, (European, Middle Eastern and Central Asian nations) they are dead in the water logistically. No supply lines (and they are very long ones), no war. No supplies, no armies - totally fucked. End of story. And hopefully, if it does come to war, this is how it plays out and then the end of this fucking zionist madness.

So, the loonies in Washington, London and Jerusalem, need a plausible (to some, at least) covering story and one that also hopefully causes some confusion in Russia to forestall their immediate response. That is my guess at what is in Notanotherfuckingyahoo's and Rahm Emmanuel's head at least. I don't like their chances either way. This time they won't be fighting someone who can't fight back. Remember Putin's immediate response to the Georgian attack?

Deja Vu

Thanks for that James. My history past and present is minimal.
So its all Deja Vu. A copy of a tick that was a copy of a trick is what we live, suffer and die for, and the lucky get some good bits in between.
What about the Mexico Border. Is this a tipping point or a slow progression.

It may be all threats of course. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was a market manipulation. Its only money but money for most is so short that it means life or death. I've been over to Penny's thanks. Great Blog.

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