Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe

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Interesting story I just read. I make no claims about the veracity of this article or its source. Frankly the link above the article titled “Dirty, Filthy, Christians” disturbs me a little, but you guys know me. I'm probably being overly sensitive. Anyway, here it is, copied and pasted from

US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States.

Most important to understand about this latest attack by North Korea against its South Korean enemy is that under the existing “laws of war” it was a permissible action as they remain in a state of war against each other due to South Korea’s refusal to sign the 1953 Armistice ending the Korean War.

To the attack itself, these reports continue, the North Korean “cargo vessel” Dai Hong Dan believed to be staffed by 17th Sniper Corps “suicide” troops left Cuba’s Empresa Terminales Mambisas de La Habana (Port of Havana) on April 18th whereupon it “severely deviated” from its intended course for Venezuela’s Puerto Cabello bringing it to within 209 kilometers (130 miles) of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform which was located 80 kilometers (50 miles) off the coast of the US State of Louisiana where it launched an SSC Sang-o Class Mini Submarine (Yugo class) estimated to have an operational range of 321 kilometers (200 miles).

On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes causing a massive explosion and resulting in 11 workers on this giant oil rig being killed outright. Barely 48 hours later, on April 22nd , this North Korean Mini Submarine committed its final atrocity by exploding itself directly beneath the Deepwater Horizon causing this $1 Billion oil rig to sink beneath the seas and marking 2010’s celebration of Earth Day with one of the largest environmental catastrophes our World has ever seen.

To the reason for North Korea attacking the Deepwater Horizon, these reports say, was to present US President Obama with an “impossible dilemma” prior to the opening of the United Nations Review Conference of the Parties to the Treat on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) set to begin May 3rd in New York.

This “impossible dilemma” facing Obama is indeed real as the decision he is faced with is either to allow the continuation of this massive oil leak catastrophe to continue for months, or immediately stop it by the only known and proven means possible, the detonation of a thermonuclear device.

Russian Navy atomic experts in these reports state that should Obama choose the “nuclear option” the most viable weapon at his disposal is the United States B83 (Mk-83) strategic thermonuclear bomb having a variable yield (Low Kiloton Range to 1,200 Kilotons) which with its 12 foot length and 18 inch diameter, and weighing just over 2,400 pounds, is readily able to be deployed and detonated by a remote controlled mini-sub.

Should Obama choose the “nuclear option” it appears that he would be supported by the International Court of Justice who on July 8, 1996 issued an advisory opinion on the use of nuclear weapons stating that they could not conclude definitively on these weapons use in “extreme circumstances” or “self defense”.

On the other hand, if Obama chooses the “nuclear option” it would leave the UN’s nuclear conference in shambles with every Nation in the World having oil rigs off their coasts demanding an equal right to atomic weapons to protect their environment from catastrophes too, including Iran.

To whatever decision Obama makes it remains a fact that with each passing hour this environmental catastrophe grows worse. And even though Obama has ordered military SWAT teams to protect other oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico from any further attack, and further ordered that all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico be immediately stopped, this massive oil spill has already reached the shores of America and with high waves and more bad weather forecast the likelihood of it being stopped from destroying thousands of miles of US coastland and wildlife appears unstoppable.

And not just to the environmental catastrophe that is unfolding the only devastation to be wrecked upon the United States and South Korea by this North Korean attack as the economic liabilities associated with this disaster are estimated by these Russian reports to be between $500 Billion to $1.5 Trillion, and which only a declaration of this disaster being an “act of war” would free some the World’s largest corporations from bankruptcy.

Important to note too in all of these events was that this was the second attack by North Korea on its South Korean enemy, and US ally, in a month as we had reported on in our March 28th report titled “Obama Orders ‘Immediate Stand-down’ After Deadly North Korean Attack” and which to date neither the Americans or South Korea have retaliated for and giving one senior North Korean party leader the courage to openly state that the North Korean military took “gratifying revenge” on South Korea.

And for those believing that things couldn’t get worse, they couldn’t be more mistaken as new reports coming from Japanese military sources are stating that North Korea is preparing for new launches of its 1,300 kilometer (807 miles) intermediate range ballistic “Rodong” missile which Russian Space Forces experts state is able to “deploy and detonate” an atomic electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device, and which if detonated high in the atmosphere could effectively destroy the American economy for years, if not decades, to come.

© May 1, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

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maybe this is a can of worms
blah, blah, blah.
others have confronted this same question.

anyway, I presume the paragraph about a NK Rodong missile crippling the US economy is bullshit, but you (I) never know... interesting nonetheless

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Here's a couple of links

Here's a couple of links from the Asia Times on the recent sinking of the South Korean Navy ship the Choenan which claimed the life of 46 sailors.
The Cheonan cover-up
Blame-game over war ship's sinking

"On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes causing a massive explosion and resulting in 11 workers on this giant oil rig being killed outright."

I can't find the article right now but I read recently that in South Korea there is speculation that it was North Korean Suicide Torpedoes (manned min subs) that attacked and sunk the Choenan.

Interesting twists and turns on the old blue marble....don't know about the Sorcha Faal thing. I have run across him/her before in my reading but couldn't be bothered at the time to try and figure out what was going on there. And I wouldn't trust what Jeff Rense has to say. However, these actors always seem to have access to 'interesting' information and there is varying degrees of truth in what they say. The difficulty is culling that truth from whatever spin they are putting on it. IMHO - for what it is worth.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Old fashioned cost cutting greed?

Old fashioned cost cutting greed?
In Australia last year a massive blowout caused a rig to catch on fire and spew thousands of gallons into the sea for ten weeks.

At a hearing into the accident, the federal U.S. Minerals Management Service faulted the work of Halliburton's cement workers for failing to properly pump cement into the well.

According to a 2007 study by the same Minerals Management Service, out of 39 rig blowouts they studied in the Gulf of Mexico between 1992 and 2006, cementing was a contributing factor in 18 of the incidents.

Fast forward to today. AP :

"In a statement, Halliburton said workers had finished a cementing operation 20 hours before the rig went up in flames. But the company said it was "premature and irresponsible to speculate" on what caused the disaster.

BP profit in the first quarter of 2010 : $5.6 billion

Cost of the acoustic switch to shut off rig blow-outs that BP has to use in the rest of the world but not in the US : $500,000.

It is all about him. Typical.

This spill that is now covering the shores and is going to kill massive amounts of wildlife, and destroy the ecosystem. Another dead zone we can chalk up to wunnerful capitalism.

11 people also died the day of the explosion. What the hell did they do? They took jobs that were supposed to offer a better life.

What did the people of Louisiana do? It seems they keep getting the brunt of the wrath of whomever decides those things.

But, let's look at what BP did, and also.......Didn't do. Ok kids?

They hired Halliburton.

The scrutiny on cementing will focus attention on Halliburton Co., the oilfield-services firm that was handling the cementing process on the rig, which burned and sank last week. The disaster, which killed 11, has left a gusher of oil streaming into the Gulf from a mile under the surface.

It's not the first time for Halliburton, either.

Halliburton also was the cementer on a well that suffered a big blowout last August in the Timor Sea, off Australia. The rig there caught fire and a well leaked tens of thousands of barrels of oil over 10 weeks before it was shut down. The investigation is continuing; Halliburton declined to comment on it.

This is the same company that constructed showers for the troops in Iraq that electrocuted them.

They decided to not put safeguards in that may or may not have stopped this tragedy. Because, Halliburtons best supporter had the safeguards deregulated.

Mike Papantonio, an environmental lawyer on the Ed Show just now: An 'acoustic switch' would have prevented this catastrophe - it's a failsafe that shuts the flow of oil off at the source - they cost only about half a million dollars each, and are required in off-shore drilling platforms in most of the world...except for the United States. This was one of the new deregulations devised by Dick Cheney during his secret meetings with the oil industry at the beginning of Bush's first term.

Lets also state that they still COULD have put the fail safes in. But to BP, a half million dollars is a gamble they are willing to take. Lives and the planet are secondary considerations.

BP is not doing all it can according to many. That may cut into the profits.

BP has a poor history of ignoring safety issues to begin with. There is a definite risk to work for them.

$87 MILLION in fines for "life threatening" safety issues? The cost of doing biz in BP world.

And that my friends is only a teeny tiny piece of what happened here.

The wingnuts who vote consistently against their own best interests and ours are denying that there is even an issue with this spill. It's nothing they say, it's a liberal conspiracy.....

One comment on that link is a really good example of what is wrong with some of us here in the "free" world.

Do you expect the New York Slimes to say any different? Their agenda is for America to stop using gasoline, and therefore stop using cars (the symbol of freedom in America). Then, we can all use government-subsidized mass transit, turning us into good little Socialists and also making us easier targets for terrorists, thus turning us into another Socialists’ wet dream, VICTIMS.

If a car is a symbol of your "freedom" then you are not free. You are just completely brainwashed by the car advertisements and the oil companies and a slave to corporations. Sad indeed.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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EU Times picks up story

US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig
I don't know anything about this publication (The EU Times) but it has published this story of Sorcha Faal's. Many of those commenting are adamant this is a hoax. Hmm - but why do it - cui bono?

One of the comments:
You say the report comes from the Russian Northern Fleet and provide a link to what one would expect to be the story on the fleet’s web page. However, it turns out to be only a Wikipedia article about the Northern Fleet.

That made me suspicious.

So I went to the web page of the Russian Northern Fleet and did a search for Korea. Any story telling about how North Korea blew up an oil rig would be on that page, I would assume.

I found no such story, and I arranged the hits according to date.

Here is the link. Try for yourself if you want:

On the other hand, one may think they published the story ONLY in Russian.

So I did a search on the Russian-language section of their site, using the Russian word for Korea (Kорея). The last article that contained the word Korea in Russian was written early in February. Nothing since the oil rig explosion.

Unless, I am mistaken, this report would therefore seem to be a hoax.

If anyone receiving this reads Russian, you are welcome to try to find such an article, but my tentative conclusion is that this is a hoax. One reason for publishing a hoax might be to throw off conservatives who suspect that a member of an environmental group blew up the rig.

Why would they do that?

Unless, of course, a member of an environmental group blew up the rig.

I can't imagine why an environmentalist (aka eco-terrorist) would blow up this rig and create an environmental disaster. That would be ridiculously counter productive doncha think?? but then what do I know about eco-terrorism? Maybe it is one of them 'war is peace' things the authoritarian mind set is always coming up with - like 'right to lifers' murdering abortion doctors.

I'm thinking...if I am BP or Halliburton...looking at the massive costs of cleanup and the inevitable lawsuits over damage...I might be welcoming 'terrorists/North Korea/??? blew it up' stories to muddy the waters of responsibility. Winkwink

About (The European Union Times)
European Union Times is an international newspaper based in Europe with operational branches in America and Canada. Our online edition of The European Union Times (also known as The EU Times) is constantly updated to bring you the top news stories from around the world. It is produced by a dedicated staff from the European Union and by contributors from all around the world. features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.

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Was the Gulf Oil Spill an

Was the Gulf Oil Spill an Act of War? You Betcha
"The Los Angeles Times subsequently reported that members of Congress have called on Halliburton "to provide all documents relating to 'the possibility or risk of an explosion or blowout at the Deepwater Horizon rig and the status, adequacy, quality, monitoring, and inspection of the cementing work' by May 7." A YouTube video (which is actually mostly audio) more bluntly asserts that "Halliburton Caused Oil Spill," and notes the fact -- confirmed by Halliburton's own press release -- that its employees had worked on the final cementing "approximately 20 hours prior to the incident." Interestingly, one commenter on the YouTube video notes how "that would conveniently explain the North Korean story; [Halliburton] may have leaked this story to the press to divert attention away from alleged negligence." Wouldn't that just be the ultimate? Halliburton spawns the calamity but pins it on North Korea, and then the nation goes to war whereby Halliburton "cleans up" through billions in war-servicing contracts. It's almost too perfect, and might be funny if it didn't seem so plausible."

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Interesting and very scary!

This afternoosn, a friend emailed me this excerpt from George Ure's (of Urban Survival and Half Past Human) weekend subscribers report. Very scary stuff! I guess the immediate question we need to answer is not 'how did this happen and whose fault is it?' but 'how do we stop it?'

There are already reports of Obama sending SWAT teams to the area and warnings about the toxic effects of the pungent smell wafting on shore in Louisiana.

Two of my daughters work for engineering firms and according to them the hows, whys and what to do's are the talk around the office. This is a snip from the Discover article I linked to above that underscores the serious technological difficulties in stopping this spill.

"Responders keep trying to stem the flow, but all the Coast Guard’s containment boom and controlled fires, and all of BP’s undersea robots, haven’t been able to stop the oil leak deep undersea. Underscoring how acute the situation has become, BP is soliciting ideas and techniques from four other major oil companies — Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell and Anadarko [The New York Times]. The military is trying to help BP, who’d leased the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, reach [it's] emergency shutoff valves. “To be frank, the offer of help from all quarters is welcome,” said David Nicholas, a BP spokesman [The New York Times]."


I thought you might enjoy this little excerpt from Urban Survival about the oil spill.
This could turn out to be a very seminal event.

The Oil Mess

12 days into the oil rig 'accident' events continue to evolve and weather is slowing down efforts to contain things, we have two interesting items to report that are not in the MSM yet...OK, three then.

1. While there are many reports on the 'net that the rig disaster was an attack by a North Korean mini-sub, and other such fanciful things, we have heard that a supply ship arrived just before the explosions and it was reported to be 'manned by all new people, nobody aboard was from the 'usual supply crew'. This purported industry source continues: there were a total of 14 explosions and these could have been cutting charges. Moreover, the shut off valve below the surface (5000 feet down) on the seabed is [no] longer controllable. Still, lots of disinfo and speculation scampering around the netosphere. While this is bad, it gets worse.

2. A reader who is an engineer of considerable experience says watch this one evolve carefully because it is destined to continue to grow and he shares this long (but worthy explanation why:

"Heard your mention of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico this morning, and you (and most everyone else except maybe George Noory) are totally missing the boat on how big and bad of a disaster this is".

First fact, the original estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean. Now they're saying 200,000 gallons a day. That's over a million gallons of crude oil a week!

I'm engineer with 25 years of experience. I've worked on some big projects with big machines. Maybe that's why this mess is so clear to me.

First, the BP platform was drilling for what they call deep oil. They go out where the ocean is about 5,000 feet deep and drill another 30,000 feet into the crust of the earth. This it right on the edge of what human technology can do. Well, this time they hit a pocket of oil at such high pressure that it burst all of their safety valves all the way up to the drilling rig and then caused the rig to explode and sink. Take a moment to grasp the import of that. The pressure behind this oil is so high that it destroyed the maximum effort of human science to contain it.

When the rig sank it flipped over and landed on top of the drill hole some 5,000 feet under the ocean.

Now they've got a hole in the ocean floor, 5,000 feet down with a wrecked oil drilling rig sitting on top of is spewing 200,000 barrels of oil a day into the ocean. Take a moment and consider that, will you!

First they have to get the oil rig off the hole to get at it in order to try to cap it. Do you know the level of effort it will take to move that wrecked oil rig, sitting under 5,000 feet of water? That operation alone would take years and hundreds of millions to accomplish. Then, how do you cap that hole in the muddy ocean floor? There just is no way. No way.

The only piece of human technology that might address this is a nuclear bomb. I'm not kidding. If they put a nuke down there in the right spot it might seal up the hole. Nothing short of that will work.

If we can't cap that hole that oil is going to destroy the oceans of the world. It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildlife. Are you starting to get the magnitude of this?

We're so used to our politicians creating false crises to forward their criminal agendas that we aren't recognizing that we're staring straight into possibly the greatest disaster mankind will ever see. Imagine what happens if that oil keeps flowing until it destroys all life in the oceans of this planet. Who knows how big of a reservoir of oil is down there.

Not to mention that the oceans are critical to maintaining the proper oxygen level in the atmosphere for human life.

We're humped. Unless God steps in and fixes this. No human can. You can be sure of that.

3. The third thing to bring attention to is the predictive linguistics discussion of the 'blue flue" in the latestShape of Things to Come report of what's ahead for the world's oceans. In particular, what strikes me is that while some of the focus is on the possibility of methane hydrate releases later in the year, the spelling in the report is 'flue' (and in upward conveyance, not 'flu' and is sickness per se).

"This [big clue methane related] incident then goes onto cause a [big stink] within TPTB [minion class] {ed note: most notably the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations}. Not only are humans and other life directly impacted by the large [clouds of drifting complex methane housing gas] but the mere [release] of the quantity to be seen causes the TPTB and their [minion class] to go [apeshit] trying to [locate (a believable) scenario] to explain the [blue flue events(s)].

I'll grant you that the methane and oil gurgling out of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) right now is not methanehydrate but rather compressed methane, but around here, that's close enough especially when the 'blue flue' to the surface has been destroyed., Curious how just a little spelling like this can tip us off that we've got something of a serious hit developing.

The latest trajectory map out of NOAA which should be updated over the weekend looks like a word: Grim...

We hear - again from people who are reliable sources, but who we won't name in order to keep them from getting fired, is that there are a couple of parishes (county equivalents) in Louisiana which are preparing evacuation plans because people are being made sick by the smell of the oil and gas being blown onshore.

Looking ahead to Sunday through Tuesday, we'd expect as this grows that there will be emergency operation centers set up and some moving of people to begin, which would then feed in to the Diaspora meta data layer of Cliff's work.

Not to be glum, but you can see most likely how this all starts to tie together?
We will be topping off our 'investment grade diesel reserves and getting our additional solar panels ordered this week, so as to hit the next level of energy independence before the global impacts come into focus over the next month or two.

You may wish to do so, as well...

Terrible way to score a bot hit, but that's how this stuff works, so now we need to deal with it.

Impacts at the Pump

If you look at a chart of oil prices, you'll see that although oil was down around $81.30 on Wednesday early in the session, it was up to $86 and change on Friday. This is a pretty heft move: On the order of 5.7% and if it continues, you can bet there will be follow-up at the gas pump.

If you click over to the Triple A fuel gauge report (a site you may wish to bookmark for future reference)you'll see that the price of fuel at the wholesale and crude levels have increased faster than retail so it may not be unreasonable to crank an addition several percent into the family budget for auto expenses over summer.


In point number three he is talking about information they are getting from a predictive linguistic project they have been running for some years. You can read about that at Half Past Human . I don't know a lot about it, and can't vouch for it but it is tres interesting. smiling
I'm not sure whether the engineer commenting is meaning gallons or barrels. At one point he says "the original estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean. Now they're saying 200,000 gallons a day." Then further down he says "spewing 200,000 barrels of oil". I think he is meaning barrels here and not gallons.

Ok so I googled and found out there are 42 gallons in a barrel of oil. So 5000 barrels a day x 42 gallons per barrel = 210,000 gallons per day. So, I think the engineer may be confused that the estimate of oil spilling per day has dramatically increased. It seems likely it is 5000 barrels per day or approx. 200,000 gallons a day and not 200,000 barrels a day.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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But scary is right

the world is changing before our eyes. What a difference over the course of my life, and how sad when I think about what my species has done in the name of "progress"-NJT

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a nuke seems like a bad idea to me

too many things could go wrong.
instead of a dome, I think they should try to put a huge steel funnel on top of it and channel that oil into a giant pipeline
[edit] upon further reading, that's essentially what the dome is... well i hope they get it to work, ASAP

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Yeah the nuke sounds like a

Yeah the nuke sounds like a bad idea to me as well. I wish he would had said more about why that might work. And his comment was interesting in light of the Sorcha Faal story. Perhaps there really is talk in Russia about 'the nuclear option' with this spill. smiling
I like your idea. I was actually wondering if there would be some way to capture the oil. sticking out tongue

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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capture the oil

yeah, i was reading about it somewhere just now, that's essentially what the dome is - they would capture the oil and pump it to the surface.

I think the nuke would work because it would seal off by breaking up or melting the rock which would then refreeze with the opening where the oil had been coming out now hopefully sealed shut, rather than blown apart 10X wider and that much harder to contain.

when there's a hole in the dyke, i don't know as i'd advise a stick of dynamite.
Sounds like they're on the right track but even in the best case at this point, it's a terrible disaster

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Ok, well that makes sense. I

Ok, well that makes sense. I was thinking they put the dome in place over the well head and then drill another hole away from that which would relieve the pressure under the dome. Seems to me a nuke would be a last ditch effort to stop this thing and has the potential to be catastrophic. Who knows what they will decide and it is scary to think that it is most likely psychopaths making the essential decisions here.
"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Picture of the backup switch mechanism


"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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According to this picture

According to this picture from the Times Picayne the wreckage of the oil rig is not sitting on top of the well head. So, assuming the picture is an accurate desciption of the situation, that is a piece of good news.
Also, BP's chairman says they are going to try and put a dome over it - hmm I wonder how that will work. (Maybe it will work in conjunction with a relief well they are planning to drill?) And that sounds to me like he is admitting that they are not going to be able to stop the flow of this thing using the shutoff valves. He also says it was failed equipment that caused the explosion.
"McKay said BP is "throwing every resource that we've got" to try to plug the well a mile (1.6 kilometers) beneath the sea."
He says he can't say when the well might be closed. But he says he believes a dome that could be placed over the well is expected to be deployed in six to eight days.


"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Engineers talking...

Engineers and other oil rig savvy people discussing causes and solutions in the comments under this picture of an ROV attempting to activate the blowout preventers. You might like some of this discussion NJT, there are some posters suggesting ideas a bit similar to yours. - not that I understand much of what they are saying smiling.
"HowAbout2010 says:
My Suggestion for arresting escape of oil to the environment:
Lower approximately 12 Ft Diameter X 100 Ft long cylinder over each leak source.
Make cutouts if and as appropriate at the lower end of cylinders.
Lower appropriate number of suction hoses or submersible pumps into the upper ends of the cylinders.
Pump the oil to surface collectors at a rate sufficient to prevent oil from escaping out of either the top or the bottom of the cylinders.

deepwater engineer says:
Howabout 2010 idea is not too far fetched. Most deepwater subsea pipelines use a suction pile to hold their subsea plets in place and as support for subsea manifolds. BP, Chevron and Shell all uses these on their other major projects. Its what holds their production rigs in place. I have seen some about 80-90 ft long and about 18-20 ft in diameter and they have two large valves on top of them already designed to be operated by ROVs....critical issue is they are not designed for a great deal of internal pressure just strong enough to withstand the suction pressure to pull them into the ocean floor and to resist bwall buckling from the pull of the chain from the subsea pipeline. The riser and junk in the well would have to be removed. Risk of open flow is probably too great. If too much pressure develops under it, it might just launch it since there will be a buoyancy effect with lighter than water oil under the pile. It could be used as a funnel for to a pipe with buoyancy to carry the oil to a series of oceangoing barges. smiling

some good links here -

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Sorcha Faal

Ummm ... doesn't anyone around here know about Sorcha Faal??? Sorcha Faal doesn't seem to exist ... well nobody seems to know who he/she is anyway. Probably disinfo merchant who has written loads of stories that turn out to be utter hogwash. Do a simple search on his/her name. Ye gods. Sometimes I wonder why we're in so much trouble.


Ummm ... doesn't anyone around here know about Sorcha Faal???

Ummm ... Yep! ... Check out the comments above yours. Unfortunately, we can't all be experts on every corner of the web. This is one of the advantages of a blogging community.

The site Half Past Human gets a mention in those same comments. I wonder if you would mind casting your discerning eye over that site and give us your opinion of it?

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Sorcha Faal not important

Well, I don't don't think the important question is whether or not anyone knows who Sorcha Faal is. What difference does it make if he/she is a 'known hoaxter'? Maybe he/she is just some nut case, eating cheetos in their pajamas, blogging in his mom's basement making up shit to entertain himself. Or maybe he/she is mentally ill and actually believes she is getting inside information out to the world. Or maybe he/she is a CIA or Mossad or Russion disinfo operative working from some cubicle spewing out critical bits of info into the blogoshpere. Or maybe he/she does have some inside information. What matters (imo) is this information gets picked up, spun and amplified by the more 'heavy weight' actors such as the Jeff Renses' and the Alex Jones/Prison Planet types. Even if they are debunking the story, they are at the same time giving it legs. Eventually, this get picks up by more 'reputable' news services and makes it's merry way into the public discourse. So now, there is a suspicion (a story) out there that North Korea may have been involved in blowing up this rig and this story has "plausibility' based on the speculation that NK 'terrorists' may have blown up the South Korean navy ship the Choenan using 'suicide torpedoes' (manned mini subs). The 'terrorists did it story' grows more legs and guys like Rush Limbaugh are now floating shit that suggest it was 'eco-terrorists' who blew up the rig. Then there is the info from George Ure that the oil industry may not have the technology to stop this thing and a nuclear bomb may need to be used to stop the leak, giving another twist to the original Sorcha Faal story.

This stuff spreads over the web like wildfire. A quick google search on any of this will show you that. Maybe it's all just part of the web experience or maybe there is a more sinister reason for it. Who knows? What we have now is information flying around the web that says terrorists may have been involved and the government may be considering using a nuclear bomb to stop the leak.

Just my stab in the dark here but... the 'terrorists/NK blew it up' part is a smoke screen to deflect attention and more importantly responsibility, away from 'big oil'. The nuclear bomb part may carry some truth and is being floated to soften up the public to the idea. Or perhaps it is some kind of 'nuclear' power play move by the Russians.

Again, who knows? And again, cui bono?

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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related articles

First there's this article, compliments of, about the sinking of the Korean ship. Seems like somebody's using a time-proven tactic to get a "hot war" going.

Then there's this from truthout about the oil explosion;

one of the platform workers has informed him that the BP well was apparently deeper than the 18,000 feet depth reported. BP failed to communicate that additional depth to Halliburton crews, who, therefore, poured in too small a cement cap for the additional pressure caused by the extra depth. So, it blew.

Which makes it all seem to me that this was a horrible accident brought on by humans behaving too arrogantly with very big tools and powerful forces. They dug very deep, encountered so much pressure it blew out their safety mechanisms, and now they're scrambling to get out of a situation they should have known could happen, but assumed wouldn't. And if anyone talks about holding them responsible we can all be sure the government will do everything in their power to get the oil companies back making money hand over fist again as soon as possible...

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Engineer has solution to clean up Gulf Oil Spill

An engineer named Nick Pozzi was able to successfully clean up a 700 million gallon oil spill in the gulf of Arabia, for the Saudi Arabian government in 1993/94. He and his business partner, Houston lawyer Jon King have tried contacting BP to offer their solution. Seems BP headquarters has no idea who these guys should talk to. Pozzi even talked to someone he used to work for at BP and the guy threatened to sue him for not going through the proper channels! They have subsequently submitted a proposal to the commander of the US Coast Guard who has promised to take it up the chain of command.
Makes you wonder who is running the show and if they are really interested in cleaning this mess up. I learned from my Canadian Face Book friends that the folks at BP are taking the weekend off to mull over what to do next. Do you think maybe one of them should give Nick a call??

The Secret, 700-Million-Gallon Oil Fix That Worked — and Might Save the Gulf
May 13, 2010 at 6:46AM by Mark Warren

There's a potential solution to the Gulf oil spill that neither BP, nor the federal government, nor anyone — save a couple intuitive engineers — seems willing to try. As The Politics Blog reported on Tuesday in an interview with former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister, the untapped solution involves using empty supertankers to suck the spill off the surface, treat and discharge the contaminated water, and either salvage or destroy the slick.

Hofmeister had been briefed on the strategy by a Houston-based environmental disaster expert named Nick Pozzi, who has used the same solution on several large spills during almost two decades of experience in the Middle East — who says that it could be deployed easily and should be, immediately, to protect the Gulf Coast. That it hasn't even been considered yet is, Pozzi thinks, owing to cost considerations, or because there's no clear chain of authority by which to get valuable ideas in the right hands. But with BP's latest four-pronged plan remaining unproven, and estimates of company liability already reaching the tens of billions of dollars (and counting), supertankers start to look like a bargain.

The suck-and-salvage technique was developed in desperation across the Arabian Gulf following a spill of mammoth proportions — 700 million gallons — that has until now gone unreported, as Saudi Arabia is a closed society, and its oil company, Saudi Aramco, remains owned by the House of Saud. But in 1993 and into '94, with four leaking tankers and two gushing wells, the royal family had an environmental disaster nearly sixty-five times the size of Exxon Valdez on its hands, and it desperately needed a solution.

Pozzi, an American engineer then in charge of Saudi Aramco's east-west pipeline in the technical support and maintenance services division, was part of a team given cart blanche to control the blowout. Pozzi had dealt with numerous spills over the years without using chemicals, and had tried dumping flour into the oil, then scooping the resulting tar balls from the surface. "You ever cooked with flour? Absorbent, right?" Pozzi says. Next, he'd dumped straw into the spills; also highly absorbent, but then you've got a lot of straw to clean up. This spill was going to require a much larger, more sustained solution. And fast.

That's when Pozzi and his team came up with the idea of having empty ships park near the Saudi spill and pull the oil off the water. This part of the operation went on for six months, with the mop-up operations lasting for several years more. Pozzi says that 85 percent of the spilled oil was recovered, and it is precisely this strategy that he wants to see deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Yesterday, I spoke to Pozzi and his business partner, longtime Houston lawyer Jon King, about their proposed solution, and the difficulties they've encountered trying to assist in the disaster, with both BP and the government. While BP is attempting its very difficult maneuvers to contain the gusher at the source, they say, nothing is being done to adequately address the slick itself. Dispersant is being used by the ton, some of the oil is being burned, and there have been other efforts, which taken together, Pozzi likens to "a flea on an elephant's ass." The two men have been trying to rally support since just after the rig blew up, without much success. This has been typical of their experience:

JON KING: Well, we went down to the BP headquarters in Houma, Louisiana, and we didn't have an appointment so they wouldn't let us in. Then I called the president of BP and I talked to his secretary and she put me in touch with somebody, but the somebody she put me in touch with didn't know who we should talk to. Nick contacted a gentleman that he used to work with at BP, and he threatened to sue Nick for not going through channels. And I said, "Great. I'd love BP to sue us for trying to help them. That would be wonderful."

NICK POZZI: Keep in mind that what supertankers typically do is they sit in the middle of the ocean waiting for all the traders to come up with the right price. When they feel that the price is right, the tankers that are full, they take off, and they can be anywhere in the world in a few days. Right now there are probably 25 supertankers, waiting for orders, full of oil. So all they got to do is come to Texas, in the Gulf, unload the oil, and then turn around and suck up all this other stuff and pump it onto shore into on-shore storage. It's not rocket science. It's so simple. It's a Robinson Crusoe fix, but it works.

This past Monday, Pozzi and King spoke with Captain Ed Stanton, who is commanding the United States Coast Guard for much of the affected coastline. Stanton requested a quick proposal in writing, and said he would "take it up the chain of command." Below is the proposal, to which Pozzi and King are still awaiting a response.

From: Jon King
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 2:05 PM
To: Captain Ed Stanton
Cc: Nick Pozzi
Subject: Procedures Developed thru Lessons Learned
Re: Salt Water Clean-Up
Importance: High

Dear Captain Stanton,

Per your request this morning, this is to confirm our conversation with yourself, Mr. Nick Pozzi, and I.

My colleague, Nick Pozzi, has worked for over 40 years in the energy industry the majority with Saudi Aramco in the Middle East. During that time, Nick's team was part of the first responders that successfully cleaned similar sized spills of sweet and sour crude with the best technology available from the late 1980's thru the 1990's when he retired.

The primary equipment that was used to remove the crude from the Arabian Gulf was Super Tankers. The Super Tankers were used to store everything, run thru on-shore three-phase separators and sent to on-shore tank farms for additional clean up using centrifuges. The more the oil spreads the more tankers will be needed. Nick would be willing to provide a conceptual non-technical drawing to visualize this process.

This process not only cleaned up the ocean but it saved the local environment, minimized shoreline damage, and recovered approximately 85% of the crude oil. (Nick may be required to get permission from Saudi Aramco thru the Houston, Texas office in Sugar Land to provide you with any further details as to what information he is allowed to disclose to you regarding the various projects that he worked on.)

Nick does not know what the appropriate channels are to effectuate this process but feels, if asked, the Saudi Government may be willing to assist as he believes, that with the right calls, tankers could be on the scene in 2 days.

Please feel free to call Nick or I, if you need any additional information or have any questions.


Jon King
Nick Pozzi

UPDATED (11:47 A.M.): After our initial conversations earlier this week, John Hofmeister talked about the Saudi spill and potential supertanker fix for the Gulf this morning on the Today show....(Video at link: )

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Hi McJ

hello or goodbye
I read the same article tonight, linked from a comment at RawStory. I thought about posting it but I've been lax. Thanks for picking up the slack smiling

It's almost like BP is looking at the problem as "how can we stop our precious oil from leaking"
rather than
"how can we stop our precious ecosystems from becoming devastated"

To quote Rush Limbaugh,
This is the free market at work, folks.

If the fish don't want a polluted ocean, they need to get jobs and vote with their dollars like the rest of us.

When you curtail and remove regulation, the result is environmental devastation.

I would laugh in the fucking face of capitalism, if it wasn't so tragically sad. And if it didn't still have its enormous boot on our collective necks.

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Hi Back NJT

hello or goodbye
Pretty quiet around here lately. Guess everyone's gone walkabout or something. Me...I'm busy trying to get my garden in. smiling

"It's almost like BP is looking at the problem as "how can we stop our precious oil from leaking"
rather than "how can we stop our precious ecosystems from becoming devastated"
Yeah, they are in crisis mode but only for saving their asses. The spill seems to be a secondary matter for them. When you think that the people running this company and the crisis response are most likely psychopaths and pathological liars, it's very scary. Are these people even capable of grasping the scale of this disaster? Do they care?

Transocean has already collected 410 million in insurance and is busy petitioning to cap it's liability for the disaster. (

BP CEO Tony Hayward doesn't seem to think it's much to worry about. "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume." He says they'll fix it, they just don't know when and acknowledges that BP was a bit "bumpy" getting going and they have made some "missteps". (

Meanwhile, there are reports the spill may be much, much larger then the officials are telling the public.
"Scientists looking at video of the leak, suggest that as many as 3.4 million gallons of oil could be leaking into the Gulf every day - 16 times more than the current 210,000-gallon-a-day estimate, according to the Times." (

"This floating super-bomb remains completely out of control, spewing hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf, spreading in directions that cannot be predicted, becoming exponentially worse by the second. It threatens to dwarf the entire Gulf of Mexico, the entire southern and southeastern coast of the United States and Mississippi River, and is poised to spread into all of the world’s oceans. Wildlife, human life, industries, economies and livelihoods, all potentially face permanent damage and destruction. It is even possible that the Gulf will be rendered impossible to navigate."
..." For weeks, BP, government officials, and the corporate media have been engaged in a massive cover-up, lying about the unspeakable actual scale of the disaster, and lying about its clean-up and containment efforts." (

"...what you see from the air on the surface of the water represents maybe just 20% of the volume of the various types of oil in that area. And we're talking an area the size of Maryland (10,000+ square miles) that is on the surface. The remaining 80% is under the surface; and all of it is highly toxic to the living organisms encountered.
All of this brings into serious question the volumes of oil rising. Every factor suggests massively higher numbers than what has been commonly reported.
...This is an out of control volcano of oil spewing up with between 20,000 and 50,000 psi behind it, from a reservoir nearly the size of the Gulf, with an estimated trillions of barrels of oil and gas tucked away." (

"Leaked report: Government fears Deepwater Horizon well could become unchecked gusher" (

On the nuclear bomb front...Russia's Komsomoloskaya Pravda, the best-selling Russian daily, is reporting that Russia has used nuclear blasts to plug oil leaks. (

And "even as the mega-volcano of toxic sludge relentlessly dwarfs more geography over the coming weeks and months, the empire’s leaders still refuse to stop.
The Obama administration has granted 27 new waivers to big oil companies since the BP explosion, allowing them to engage in yet more drilling and exploration, without proper environmental review---in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Kerry-Lieberman energy bill, pushed through Congress in recent days, establishes yet more offshore drilling around the country, along with “clean coal” (a fraud and myth, perpetrated by the coal industry, that Congress and the Obama administration continue to push)." (

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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