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This was how the Goldman Sachs HQ looked during Dubya's 2006 election campaign.

I remember being shocked at the brazen chutzpah of this late 2006 political endorsement from the neocons' favourite bankers. It was like the Batman beacon flashing across the sky of Gotham City, but this was no Hollywood movie.

For anyone who was paying attention, the truth was all too plain to see. Alas, those who knew what was going on were mostly applauding madly, queuing up for favours, and raking in the money. The rest of us could go f--- ourselves.


Pic here

If you cannot see it:

And the big O is not doing

And the big O is not doing anything that Mc Cain would have done differently, is he?

Big O

At least he hasn't attacked Iran yet. McCain would've done it in a week. And the noises about Goldman Sachs are promising, just like the noises about Gitmo were promising... So it goes, I am not expecting anything. Criticizing W is not endorsing O.

Sorry if souned like I was

Sorry if souned like I was critisising. I wasn't. Just wondering if it really does make any difference. Maybe they will have a big O for the elections later this year.

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ugh - Hi Ghandi

Sorry about the problem you had with the image Ghandi, I tried to figure this out last night when I got home but it wasn't simple (for me, anyway) -
[edit] turned out to be much easier after a few hours of sleep. The image thumbnail is here and the error message is gone party time!

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Yeah NJT

techno wiz party time!

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Thanks NJT

I just been thinking about this pic for the past week and since I am not blogging anymore I just had to post it SOMEWHERE!

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you're quite welcome

thank you for posting it here, always good to see you smiling

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