Lookout, Obama! The Peace Train Goes Sailing Around Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineuard is abuzz over a presidential visit for which locals are even sporting caps featuring an image of the presidential pooch. According to The Times of London, the presidential vacation comes at a time when Obama is also catching "a cold wave of unrest" from the right.

Out of the discussion, as always, are much more reality-based criticisms coming from the left. I do not expect the corporate media news to mention anti-war protests in conjunction with the presidential family's vacation -- or in any other fashion, for that matter. Nonetheless:

Cindy Sheehan is inviting other proponents of peace to join her for a sail! It's to be a "shipboard peace summit" and if you read anything about it at all, it'll probably be at some low-traffic blog or another.

I invite you to read the whole piece here and / or comment below.


Have Pen, Will Travail

Who do I have to apply to to get a contract to write one of these books?

Bob in Prague's picture

Nice idea!

Yachting around the Vineyard sure beats camping in a ditch in the tumbleweed. At least in that respect Abomina is a better preznit than duhbaya was...


What ever happened to not criticising your 'commander in chief' during war time.

Bob in Prague's picture

Nice try...

Nice try Debbieanne, but the hole in that argument is that all he has to do is pull the plug on the war machine, and it's no longer a time of war. Unfortunately, as Country Joe pointed out, "there's plenty of good money waiting to be made, supplying the army with the tools of the trade, so it's one, two, three..."

not criticizing your "commander in chief" during war time

The notion that it's unpatriotic to criticize the "commander in chief" during wartime is one of the reasons why presidents wage war: so that, instead of merely being "president" and subject to the laws and the congress and the courts, they can be "commander in chief" and claim untrammelled executive power for the duration of the war.

Now let's see if anyone can guess why they wage endless war.

Bob in Prague's picture

Could it be...

Could it be that they know the American public has the atttention span of a fruit fly?

It could!!

it could, indeed!

Bob in Prague's picture

Or might it be...

Or might it be the old magician's distraction schtick - you know, while your right hand is hurling nukes and catapulting propaganda no one notices that you've got your left hand in their wallets and your eyes and ears in their houses???

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