That'll Be The End Of That

I don't like clamping down here, but sometimes it is necessary.

Today I have deleted several comments and locked out a (former) user.

From now on new rules apply.

Irrelevant, offensive or otherwise inappropriate comments may be deleted at any time, with no explanation.

Commenters who persist in posting irrelevant, offensive or inappropriate comments may be locked out at any time, with no explanation.

That is all.


Fair enough.

Fair enough.

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The slow war

The slow war for 9/11 truth continues:

Totally O/T I know but I don't have the ambition for a new post at the moment.
good day everyone smiling

thanks, NJT

That's a great video they got there.

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you're welcome, i agree!

Although it's long been painfully obvious to anyone with eyes and a heart that no plane crashed at the pentagon, this evidence stands in the face of the argument that "hundreds or thousands of people saw the plane crash into the pentagon"
what may be true is that "hundreds or thousands of people saw the plane that allegedly crashed into the pentagon"
however nobody, it seems, witnessed the actual crash, because there was no actual crash; just a well-timed flyover combined with a very large explosion or possibly missile launched from that external generator building that was supposedly damaged by the plane.

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