Drowning In A Giant Cesspool I: Consultation

Hi. Can I help you?

I hope so, Doc! I really do.

What seems to be the problem?

I suffer from a recurring ... sensation ... that I'm drowning ...

That's not uncommon.

... in a giant cesspool!

Well, that is uncommon. Why do you say "a giant cesspool"?

Why don't you read the piece and find out ... and then comment below if you like:


It's Dark in there!

Winter, you sandbagger, you!
Nice dialogue. I felt I was right in there with you. The emotion, that is . . . not the cesspool.

I thought you were a bit rough on Messrs Ibbetson & Godlewski, though. You can't reasonably expect them to see what is the bleeding obvious to us when they are afflicted with having their heads up their arses. I mean, hey, it's Dark in there.

I wonder how many of these idiots end up with serious psychiatric problems to go with their future neck and back afflictions.

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nice one James

laughing out loud laughing out loud

Great write Winter - the humor helps the shit go down a little better. smiling

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Oh my! Very enjoyable read

Oh my! Very enjoyable read WP. Gawd those guys can write shit ok, but write truth, no way!

Repulsive Analogy WP

A Repulsive Analogy WP but less so than the actual truth and depth of the BS.

So if we don't have the MSM anymore (if we ever did) to advance truth and justice what can we do.

How can we compete with the MSM's incredibly cheap accesible giant cesspool. I still believe mass coverage with cheap or free DVD's could make a difference. The problem of course is money. Here's one of my helpful hints ha ha.

Standalone CD/DVD Duplicator 1:10 Built with Pioneer DVR-115D 16 Standalone CD/DVD Duplicator 1:10 Built with Pioneer 866.771 USD Modster-PC 20 Aug 16:02 Pioneer DVR-115D 20x DVD Burner.

You could maybe get these from China cheaper and can probably burn 30 or more DVD's per hour. I've seen machines that will burn 20 disks simultaneously with no coool down time and no need for a computer.

A group of volunteers could get together and burn 1000 dvds no problem. If we had 1000 groups buy one or more of these machines and they each duplicated 1000 dvds then we would have 1 million cheap DVD's. I was searching alibaba.com for cheap blank DVD's and found some from 5 cents US each. Minimum quantity 100 disks. Then you would need a simple but funky label and a clear cellophane jacket and its goodbye Youtube/ADL. You could give these away then ask people to sponsor printing more at say 50 cents each so that others can also get a free copy. Part of that 50 cents could go towards a public documentary making center with expertise and equipment. Im still afloat and paddling towards clearer water for now I hope.

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You Go Girl!

I love your optimism Sally and good on you for looking for solutions!!
I think the DVD's are a good idea considering most people are just too busy or too lazy to read. They will, however, find the time to plunk themselves in front of the old boob tube to watch a DVD.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Appreciate the optimism as well

What video(Drunk do you propose to put on the DVD?

And sorry to be the pessimist, but I'm just afraid the vast majority do not want to know the truth: that their standard of living is paid for with lives and suffering. That things are not as they seem and everything isn't going to be OK. Easier to tune out and watch some standard laugh-tracked sitcoms then get a harsh dose of reality.



I think it might go like this. That the vast majortiy like you say benefit from cheap slave labour goods and would actually be opposed to the end of this sort of thing. What they don't realise is that they believe in laws and equality for themselves but if this belief does not apply to others then they have a different belief and wish for the world and they will eventlually be subject to that belief themselves. Its like sexism really. Lots of men (?%) want democracy and freedom and think its a human right but dont think its a female right. This might mean those men don't think women are human. But the same pattern is repeated amoungst women. Many are looking after number 1 and dont care about other less fortunate women or people so the great values of freedom etc are not their real values. They are selfishly taking advantage of what their predecessors fought and died to get. At the same time they benefit from the "stuff everyone else" value system and they ignore those whos lives are being decimated for their gain as you say. They will loose the hard won inheritance of values and protective laws because it is not a real value system unless you want it for all.

Its a basic commandment.
Do Unto Others" and there are no exclusions for race or gender as far as I'm aware.

This is all so well stated,

This is all so well stated, Sally. Bravo. And full marks for persisting withthe DVDs. We should have a link to it on the sidebar.

I read the article linked by McJ. Appalling, indeed. The head psychiatrist was under instructions, i dare say. If he didn't have citizenship in NZ it would have been pretty easy to threaten and influence him. Same goes for the other psychiatrist in the story. A high percentage of these pricks are psychopaths.
I'd be quizzing the "family member" who made the initial complaint, too.

Claire Swinney was undone to some extent by her remaining belief that fundamentally the structures and professions in our society function for our (the average person) benefit. Ironically, that's the delusion.

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Have you heard about this Sally?

Have you heard about this Sally? Kinda scary when talking about distributing DVD's. sad

"Clare Swinney brought a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority pointing out that TVNZ’s claim that Osama bin Laden carried out the attacks of 9/11 was an outright lie. Shortly afterwards, she was threatened and then incarcerated in a psychiatric ward. Following a week of compulsory treatment, the head psychiatrist told a judge that she should remain in hospital, as her belief that 9/11 was an inside job was evidence she was “delusional.” The judge agreed. This is her extraordinary story:"

Held In A Psychiatric Ward & Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

By Clare Swinney, Member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth & Justice.

I was wrongly diagnosed as delusional by the psychiatric staff of Ward 7 at Northland Base Hospital in Whangarei hospital and held gainst my will for 11 days in mid-2006, because I maintained the attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated by criminal elements inside the US Administration.

...As well as poking a spanner in the works there, I had been distributing 9/11-truth DVDs to people in the New Zealand media and posting 9/11-related information on Internet newsgroups. While I knew I was courting danger, I continued to do so because I believed that doing nothing was ultimately more dangerous. "

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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wow thanks McJ

reading it now...

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It's a shocker!

It's a shocker!

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Yes I have heard it

I don't know her personally but think she comes from Whangarei where I was living for quite a while and I don't know who started distributing these videos first but it may have been me. She might have got one of mine as I encouraged people to copy and give them out. I think her father was a doctor at whangarei hospital but cannot be certain of any details. She finally got the medical staff to watch the videos and they then conveyed similar concerns to hers so her ordeal ended with recognition of her concerns.

If anyone had the nerve to start doing what I have encouraged in producing DVD's then it would need to be associated with large groups like Democracy now, Nurses unions and groups who could stick together and support each other. It would still be dangerous.

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Wow Sally

Wow Sally! That's pretty wild and I agree safety in numbers may be the ticket. Do be careful!!

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

makes your blood run very cold

I hadn't read her personal account before so thanx for posting that. I hope she learned about 911 from someone else which is most likely the case.

Things are quite bad here in NZ I'm afraid and might be just as bad in OZ.

I have been hassled by the Whangarei Police who used to follow me, pull me up and breath test me which was of course futile as I hardly ever drink and never drive at the same time. They accused me of taking drugs which is something I have never done in my life except for trying pot afew times eons ago. Theres more which I won't go into but nothing like Claire. I have been threatened with incaceration though by a social worker in an effort to shut me up about something unrelated.

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quite a story

i'd like to think that if I found myself in such a situation, I would lie to the guy asking the yes / no questions about whether or not I think the future is hopeless or anything where the simple yes / no answer is quite obviously going to point to the undesirable conclusion. It sounds like she felt she could qualify her truthful answers but the guy was probably just checking boxes on a form that then led to a numeric score that told them whether or not to hold her.
Not nearly as severe but possibly along the same lines, I once had to take a pre-employment evaluation where they posed questions like:

I have tried marijuana (true)(false)
I sometimes think about ways to steal things and get away with it (true)(false)
I think all judges can be bribed (true)(false)

There were dozens more questions, perhaps a hundred. Being young and naive, I answered as honestly as I could, even though in retrospect it's pretty clear what they were looking for.
They told me even though I was amply qualified, I couldn't have the job because I had failed the evaluation. I was pretty upset.
Only because I knew someone who pulled some strings with upper management and vouched for my integrity was I able to get the job. I guess I learned that honesty is not always the best policy.
A couple years later, I came home for college break and had the opportunity to take my old job back for a couple weeks. I found out new employees were making more per hour than I had been making, and asked management if I couldn't be bumped up to the rate that a brand new person would be paid. I was promised at the start that they would correct it and back pay me, but I never saw a penny of the difference. At the time I thought it ironic that they deemed me too unethical a few years earlier then proceeded to screw me out of a couple hundred bucks.

In the beginning I was awfully paranoid about my opinions and postings on 9/11 but as time wore on and people like Rosie and Charlie stuck their necks out, the worry vanished. But so too did much of my hope that 9/11 truth would break through to the mainstream and bring about major changes in American politics... At least it's led me to many deeper truths and older mysteries and some great educators and companions in the struggle to know the truth.


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This reminds me

This reminds me that I have been meaning to tell my girls that if for any reason they are detained by the police/border guards etc. they need to be very careful how they answer questions they may be asked about their mental health. I have read other horror stories about people who have been incarcerated "for their own safety" because they answered truthfully (in the affirmative) to questions such as: "Have you ever been depressed?" Have you ever thought of taking your own life?

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

tell them "never talk to the cops at all"

Nothing you could possibly say could possibly help you.

Anything you say could and will be used against you.

So if a cop wants answers, get a lawyer and zip your lip.

from The Distant Ocean: Never talk to any police officer under any circumstances

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Thanks WP, I have lost the

Thanks WP, I have lost the sound on the laptop I'm using so will have to watch this tomorrow when I can get to another computer.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Great Video WP / Thanx NJT

I'm certainly glad I watched that video and think it might help me one day. Pretty funny too. Thanx also NJT for sharing your experiemce. I guess I'm still quite green.

What on earth did I miss:?

What on earth did I miss:? That's what I get for mowing the grass and going shopping.

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Here's the short version.
Tsisageya made an offensive comment about Muslim men. James asked her to remove it. Sally challenged her to explain herself. She got defensive and snarky and didn't remove the comment so Winter did it for her.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Thanks. Silly person.

Thanks. Silly person.

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Thanks for that vid, Winter! Now I'm just trying to figure out how to shoehorn it into the constricts of the dialogue one must engage in with Customs agents when entering the U$. I dunno - I may never return, like old Charlie on the MTA...

you can answer the standard questions at Customs

It's ok to tell them where you were born and where you're going, and that you're not importing anything. Wink

Meanwhile on the bogus terror front

Terror Plot Emerges as Secret Service Game

" It was announced as a terror plot busted. German police had captured three young Muslim men in the small village Medebach-Oberschledor, some 450 km southwest of Berlin Sep. 4 in 2007. The police declared they had seized 730 kilograms of hydrogen peroxide, enough to make 550 kg of explosives.
The three men, and a fourth, who was captured a year later in Turkey, wanted to bomb U.S. military and other facilities in Germany, and to kill "as many U.S. soldiers as possible," one of the accused later confessed.

The four men told court their plans were in retaliation against the U.S. war on 'Islamic terrorism', especially the abuse of hundreds of Muslims detained at Guantanamo prison. German authorities and the media dubbed the four men 'the Sauerland group', in reference to the region where they were captured.

The Sauerland group were declared to be members of the Islamic Jihad Union, an alleged terrorist organisation based in Uzbekistan.

Almost two years later, the case is before the higher regional court in Duesseldorf, some 460 km southwest of Berlin, and should come to a close early 2010.

But now, the case has ceased to be "the serious terrorist threat" it was called. It is now a mysterious puzzle of secret service games, prosecutors' alarmism spread by the media, and basic failures of justice.

The supposedly dangerous group members have emerged as no more than some muddle-heads. They had no links whatsoever to international Islamic terror groups.

"No Islamic chief villain...in Pakistan or somewhere else influenced the group," says Hans Leyendecker, one of Germany's top investigative journalists. "Its members are dumb, narrow-minded young men who hate the U.S."

Moreover, the fifth member of the group, yet to be captured, has been described as a Turkish national known only as Mevlut K. He now appears as an informer of the Turkish national intelligence organisation (MIT, after its Turkish name). He was the key figure in the plot, according to confessions by other members of the Sauerland group.

"Without Mevlut, we would not have been able to go as far with the preparations as we did," Attila Selek, one of the accused, told the court. 'K' had procured 26 fuses for the bombs the group was supposed to make, Selek said. Only, the fuses were useless. German police investigations showed that all but two were too humid to work.

Fritz Gelowicz, another member of the terrorist group, said the four men were informed of K's links with the MIT. "We knew that Mevlut had links with several secret services," Gelowicz told the court. "We though that these links were good for us."

K apparently did not hide his links to the Turkish secret service. On at least one occasion K told the group they were being monitored by the German security agencies. "Then he told me he was stealing this information from secret services," Selek told the court.

Despite warnings that the German police were constantly informed of their actions, the four men continued their preparations until they were captured.

Numerous sources have confirmed that the German foreign intelligence service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) knew in 2004 that Mevlut K worked for the MIT. That year, the sources said, the MIT proposed to the BND that K be infiltrated into Islam movements in Germany. The BND reportedly rejected the Turkish plan.

Despite the confessions about K's involvement, German justice failed to order his capture for a long time. Mevlut K. is believed to be living in Turkey.

German authorities only issued an international warrant against Mevlut K. Aug. 13, several weeks after depositions by the other four members of the group had been widely circulated.

The Sauerland group could have been "an orchestration to make believe that a huge terrorist threat" was looming over U.S. military facilities in Germany, says Rene Hellig, leading commentator with the Neues Deutschland daily.

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray calls it a fake case orchestrated by Uzbek security services. .."

More Traitors? Kitty Pilgrim and Google

I know you all know but I didn't know.

Nothing is as it seems is it. Kitty Pilgrim member of The Council On Foreign Relations. Makes all that reporting on the horrors of E-Voting look pretty contrived. More sewage spewing from the MSM.jawdropping! They truly want us to adjust to the fact that we're screwd. I remember Big Dan talking about how he didn't trust Lou & Kitty Kat. I really didn't get it. Am writing I am a maroon 1 trillion times. If you believe that then there's no hope.

And companies are members i.e. Google is right in there along with Exon and Shell. wtf, eh
Its time to start a new search engine folks.

Scroogle Scraper

Thanks for that 86, I mean WP. I think they have enough already but smiling

Search Engines

Thanks for the "scaper", Winter. I din't know about that.

Sally, there's also Dogpile (unfortunate name!) which is a better search tool anyway
and Startpage Metasearch

I think it is best to start

I think it is best to start with the idea that, if anyone is getting consistant air time, they are "on the team". At least until you have cause to think otherwise.

I Like Startpage Metasearch James

Startpage Metasearch is easy on the eye and has a long explanation of just what it is they do. Dogpile is nicely designed but didn't say anything really about cookies etc. Ive changed my start page to SM. Will use both SM and Scraper for a while I think. Scraper is a bit grey but its a google search so I'll compare them for a while.
"if anyone is getting consistant air time, they are "on the team"
Just like presidential candidates etc etc......................................


Someone recommended Dogpile, Sally, (it might have been on Kennysideshow) and said at the time that it didn't keep logs but how do you know? Same goes with Startpage, I suppose, even though they say otherwise. But it's can't be worse than a search engine that you know does keep logs. And especially one that keeps the company that Google keeps. wink

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