Obama's Pakistan Campaign: Brilliant President Plus Smart Bombs Equal Humanitarian Success

It says:

"Of all the presidents in the history of our great nation, only Obama The Wonderful has managed to turn America's awesome firepower into a healing force."

But please don't slag me until you've read the whole piece! Wink



And the abyss between reality and how it's reported was exposed in all its ridiculous glory...!

I wonder what's left. I'm actually amazed there are still body counts being made. Beyond that, there is nothing to hold on to. The news has its own agenda - reporting a few dead Al Qaeda operatives a week, and all of this would go smoothly if by some strange twist of fate, other people reported them as alive. Of course this means nothing for us in the Western world who would never hear about this anyway.

The news is an airtight fantasy world where political needs come before facts. At this point, dead or alive, who cares? Up is down and down is up (the most extreme example would be your other article about "antisemitism" : "There is an endless array of pro-Palestinian websites, with huge budgets, rich with information ...It is a well-oiled machine.").

edit: btw it's great to have you back Winter! And I've been away too long....reading the Wall Street Journal piece reminded me of the raving lunacy of this parallel universe....

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Man, I get steamed about this drone issue. I can see a bunch of dim-witted video game addicts putting in their eight hours a day in central Florida guiding death and destruction down on nasty little brown people on the other side of the world. What a bunch of fucking cowards, what a bunch of monsters directing them! No wonder they love their drones - they can "fight" with white gloves on. Bully! Makes you proud to be an American, don't it?

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Welcome back, Winter..

When the government say they want to "win the hearts and minds" in the war on terror they mean it in the Mayan sense, where they actually take the hearts out of the terrorists they killed and sell it on the black market to the fat rush limbaugh types of the world.

And Obama is the only commander in chief who pretends war is a scrimmage. At least Bush tried to convey the immensity of the 'conflict', justifying his actions somewhat to the public. Obama doesn't even do that, he's hoping that people will read news as reality, if the NY Times says war is over, then war is over.

This is worse than 1984. This is 2009.

lost in translation

Here's a page to remember! (NOT!), and just for laughs I've mirrored it at my cold parking lot. ;-(

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