Anti-Semitism In Action: UK Lowers Terror Threat Level; Guardian Reports On The Change

Is anti-Semitism on the rise? You bet it is, and for good reason. It's well-funded.

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Yay, Winter! You've been sorely missed. Great to see you back, and another fine post. Thank you! The Israelis ought to understand that there is a basic human reflex that says if a little dog constantly runs away from people and cowers in corners in terror, eventually the wrong person is going to come along, get pissed off, and kick the cur. Perennial "victims" should make sure not to overdo it, lest it come true. Mind you, I'm certainly not a violent man, but have observed violent people all around with horror for years, and know full well that they're still here. Nor am I anti-Semitic - for Pete's sake, my son-in-law is a Palestinian, as Semitic as they come, and he and my daughter have two wonderful sons. In fact, there actually aren't all that many Semitic Israelis. If anything, Israel is acting anti-Semitically by trying to subject the Palestinians to genocide. No, I'm anti-Zionist, and have nothing to be sorry for, and I'm really sick and tired of ADL tactics, casting aspersions on all of us. Put that in your pipes and smoke it, ADLers! Anti-Semitic indeed!

Again, welcome back, Winter! I hope your hands are feeling better, and that you can comfortably listen to music these days.

Best wishes from Free Prague!

Thanks, Bob

I have sorely missed blogging, and it's good to be able to do a bit of it again. I am still struggling with multiple health issues, but not as badly as before, so perhaps I will be able to blog regularly in the near future.

You make a good point about the word "Semitic"; of course, it completes the circle of lies. The people who are trying to defend their atrocities by rejecting any criticism with cries of "anti-Semitism" are, on the whole, not Semitic, whereas the victims of their ongoing persecution are.

In the land of constant spin and endless deception, how could it be otherwise?

Terrorism VS Swine flu (vaccinations)

Whats a guy to do? immunity from screaming the word terrorism occurred.
Fear of new ideas needed to replace non working old ideas.
If they could use fear of peanut butter to control the masses they would.

I'm sorry, I think my brain

I'm sorry, I think my brain just exploded. wtf, eh

Comming out in cold weather

Brilliant article WP. Real shame this is reality though. Thanks for comming out in the cold weather you are experiencing i.e. ( health problems )

great piece

Happy to have found your blog, I just registered. You know they actually have government agencies that gather people to swarm message boards and popular blogs. They also have NGO's that are loosely attached and endorsed by the government to do the same. I wrote about this extensively several months ago, it boggles the mind the amount of money they spend on "charm offensives"

Google these: GIYUS, Megaphone and the JIDF for starters, sadly there are a great many more then these unfortunately.

it is truly amazing the effort they expend. What would they do with all that money if they ever had peace. Not sure we will ever know the answer to that question.

anyway, really enjoyed your post!

cheers from Ireland:)smiling

Does it matter at all that...

...terror alert levels are, by their very nature, useless for any purpose other than propaganda and fear-stoking? Honestly, does anyone with half a brain expect the terror alert levels to ever be reduced to say, "Hey, we're not even looking for terrorists today, so confident are we that no attack can happen?" There's not even a chance that they will EVER lowered to even, "Hey, an attack is possible but I doubt it" or "Hmmm, it might or might not happen." These levels may as well not even exist because no official with half a brain would ever announce such things publicly and risk having an attack happen while the level was so low or being accused of being "soft on terror" or "asleep at the switch".

So it follows that the only levels that really have any chance of ever being used are "OMFG, I'm friggin' scared" and "Holy !sht, we're all gonna die!" Logically, that means that "OMFG, I'm friggin' scared!" is the de facto lowest alert level. So we're always friggin scared except in those special moments when we're certain we're all gonna die.

Uh-oh. It looks like I answered my own question. If "OMFG, I'm friggin' scared" is the new lowest level, that means Britain really is slacking on terror. They've lowered the level to it's logical minimum. Those bastards!


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