Home Improvement, Post-9/11; Part II: Jackhammers? Who Needs 'Em?

"Why don't we just crash an airplane into them?"

You can read it all here and/or comment below.


Speaking of government lies

Speaking of government lies and propaganda, the latest Iran election charade reeks of US involvement, perhaps even Israeli.

We know that, as early as 2006, Cheney was sending in US special ops teams into Iran to destabilize the government.

Now, after the elections, the US is in solidarity with the freedom-yearning Iranians. Mind you, the Palestinians who elected their own government in a free and democratic elections in 2006, don't deserve US sympathies or support, it seems.

I suspect the latest debacle is yet another attempt at garnering world support for destabilizing that "oppressive dictatorial regime" in Iran.

Let freedom ring, from Twitter to Fox Noise.

911 in easy steps

Very funny!

911 is a keystone in the propaganda edifice. But this keystone has the weight of the slight hope and averted eyes of hundreds of millions of people on it. That makes it hard to budge. And that's frustrating because it really is as simple as you say it is.

How much better would it be to look the truth in the eye. You have to bite the bullet before the bullet bites you.

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Thanks for the laughs this morning Winter! I have tears streaming down my eyes. There may be a spot for you on the Late Night Comedy scene ala Stewart and Colbert.

"911 In Easy 'Steps' "....very good! wink

And Vadich:
"Let freedom ring, from Twitter to Fox Noise"

You guys made my morning!!

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Monty lives!

Yes Winter, your piece has a "Pythonesque" quality to it. High praise in my book.

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Great stuff, WP! I took the liberty of posting the text over at Prague.tv, in a long thread that goes way back, a thread that asks about how the BBC could have reported on an event that, it turned out, was about to happen. I've recently added a few comments on the finding of thermite in the dust, and so on, and I'm astonished that no one is commenting, except for a single troll (OK, he could just be a maroon), who was prompted into a spluttering attack by what he deems your irreverance and scorn for the victims (not sure how he arrived at that). Either the readership at that site has changed drastically since the last time I posted one of your rants there, or else people have become so benumbed by it all that they can no longer react. I surely hope it's the former.

Keep at it, brother. We need to awaken the sleeping people!

Re: Home improvement

As any Faux News viewer knows, if you want to pulverize concrete into dust, the most important ingredient is 19 Arabs with box-cutters. That's what you were missing. Of course it is true that kerosene melts structural steel, but you can't pulverize solid concrete without the 19 Arabs with box-cutters. Next time you need to demo some concrete, try that. Best of luck.

But seriously--loved the piece--still laughing.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy, 1962

Possible Home Improvement #3

How about a swimming pool for the back yard? We all know that if you crash a plane flown by Arabs into a meadow, you end up with a big hole and tiny pieces a scrap metal. Remove the scrap, add a little concrete and you have a new pool.

When the plane is flown by Arabs, the huge engines, tailpieces, cockpits never remain intact, but rather, dissolve into small, un-identifiable scrap pieces that are easily removed. If you have any other ethnic group flying the plane it will not work because the large pieces of engine, wing, and tail do not disintegrate into unidentifiable pieces.

possible? PROBABLE!!

That's a great idea, Cranky, and I think we could use some of the molten steel in our basement to heat the water in the pool. If only we could figure out how to get it there ...


That one made me smile Winter ( am grateful for a laugh right now smiling Very good indeed.

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and man they must be desperate if they are looking for contracting customers at the bottom of this thread! (no offense intended - this is a great thread, but for generating contracting leads? hahaha)

it's gotta be the worst spam ever ...

but hilarious, for all that! Wink

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